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Battered but not broken - Focusing on War Games - RP #1 of 2
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05-16-2019 01:16 AM


We are back in 1997 and having to sit down and talk to a 'Mental Skills' therapist, Mastermind has to find a way to trust him with his past issues in order to move forward with his training under Outback Jack and get back to wrestling again.

And now the continuation:


"I'll ask the question again," said David, 'the mental skills' therapist, quietly "Tell me why you know what happened in the past wasn't your fault?"

David saw Mastermind swallow hard. He was going to let him in, trust him.

"Because," started Mastermind quietly and with him trying to beat back tears from forming "It wasn't my fault that she died."

David quietly tried to find some information of what Mastermind was talking about. His family history in the front of the file. But David knew that he needed to make a reply in order for Mastermind to keep trusting him.

"Of course it wasn't your fault, no one should put that on you."

David found the information which sprung out at him.

Mastermind's Notes Said:'M's early life was rocked by tragedy when at age 9 he lost his mother to cancer and from that moment on him and his siblings had it tough when their father started drinking and made life tough.

"Well someone put it all on me," said Mastermind looking down at the floor "The moment she died was the moment I got blamed every single day for her death."

David sat there feeling quite stunned. He had a couple of ways to go but it just felt so insensitive. But he had to get Mastermind out of the thinking that he was the one responsible for his mothers death, in order for him to carry on with his life and also continue his career and until he did that he would only continue to blame himself which would result in injuries and more concussions, and continuing to be stepped on by those who saw him as weak.

David decided to go the uncomfortable route as it was obvious that 'M' had kept his emotions over the last 14 years in check, and mow he didn't really know how to realise those emotions.

"You're talking about your mothers death?"

Mastermind nodded.

"She died when you were 9?"

Mastermind looked up and tried to look out of the window. He eventually nodded.

"How did she die?"

"You know, it's there in your notes."

"I'd like for you to tell me, please."

Mastermind looked at David, and then at his watch.

"We are almost out of time. It's almost lunch time."

That was a classic deflection technique. David checked his watch, and decided to fight the deflection with a challenge.

David sat forward and met Mastermind's eyes "I feel we are at an important stage so if you like to have lunch now then by all means go for it. Just know you still have two hours after lunch to go but I have decided to use the whole afternoon as it's very important to me that you tackle this."

David saw Mastermind think about what he just heard, and could see him deflate. He had to meet this head on which really didnt want to do and fought the last 14 years to avoid. He was trapped.

"I'm hungry," said Mastermind standing up, avoiding the challenge "I guess I'll see you after lunch."

David watched Mastermind leave the room.

Mastermind was seated by himself having something to eat, staring into space, when Zana, Outback Jack's daughter walked up and sat down beside him.

"Good news on the injury 'M', not as bad as first thought," said Zana

Mastermind looked at Zana "I'm sorry, what was that?"

"Dad told me your injury was only worth a couple of weeks on the sidelines, not as bad as first thought."

"Oh yeah that's true," said Mastermind semi smiling and then staring off into space again

"Geez 'M' what's up you?" asked Zana "You look like someone who lost his place. Two weeks will fly by and you can start training again."

Mastermind just nodded in agreement.

"What's wrong with you?"

"I wish I can get in a car and just drive."

"What's stopping you?"

"A promise I made to your father. A promise I made to myself, and a promise I made to get better."

"What's really going on?"

Mastermind looked at Zana,

"I have to confront my past which I have spent the past 14 years bottling up."

Zana sat back "That's deep."

"You can say that again," said Mastermind semi smiling

"I take it Dad's getting you to see David, the 'mental' therapist, I take it?"


"He's very good 'M', I'm sure there's a good reason if he wants you to explore your past."

"There is. I'm just worried that it will open something that I can't keep at bay."

"You've been holding onto something you say for 14 years? It's only natural you won't be able to hold anything back. But hey I'm no therapist."

Unbeknownst to Mastermind and Zana, David had been keeping a watchful eye on them from a distance, but he was trying to come up with a plan for after lunch. But Mastermind conversing with Zana had him intrigued.

"McKay," came Outback Jack's voice behind him "Is it okay to sit down?"

"By all means," replied David clearing a space

Outback Jack sat down and looked in the direction that David had been looking in.

"How's that going?"

"Jack, you of all people know I can't discuss my clients with you being patient confidentiality and all that."

"I know that. I have read his file. Just tell me if he's a hard nut to cut like I think he is?"

"All I will say is it's taking some time but we are getting some where. I'm just preparing for when the dam breaks."

"That's to do with issues about his mother's death, and his father's issues?"

David looked at Outback Jack with an exasperation look on his face.

"Okay okay," smiled Outback Jack "You know me I like to get involved in all my clients information to make sure they get the best training and care possible."

"I know Jack, I know. In relation to your question, yes. I just need to give him a small push in the right direction."

"I see," replied Outback Jack

"No, not by your help either."

Outback Jack smiled "Don't worry McKay, all he needs is a kind father figure that he can relate to, in order to push him in the right direction."

David couldn't stop Outback Jack even if he tried hard to do so. He had to let him do his Outback Jack thing.

Mastermind was feeling much more relaxed after being around Zana.

"Zana," came Outback Jack's voice from behind them "May I speak to 'M' for a few minutes."

Zana looked behind her "Sure thing, Dad," and then she looked back at Mastermind "If you still feel the need for a drive later, I'll take you."

Mastermind smiled "Sure we will see,"

Zana stood up, gave her father a kiss and walked away. Outback Jack sat down.

"Do you feel boxed in?" asked Outback Jack

"A little bit. It was a challenging morning and its going to be a worse afternoon!"

"Do you want to talk about it?"

Mastermind sat forward "According to my new 'shrink', sorry 'mental' therapist, in order to move forwards, I need to let go of my past."

"Most times that is the best thing in order to be stronger. I'm sure he feels that once you have done that, nothing will hold you back."

"I know I have to. But the emotional baggage will be very hard to deal with."

"Do you want to talk to your girlfriend back home before you start your afternoon session?"

"I haven't told her my past yet."\\

"Do you care for her?"

"Yes of course,"

"Then you need to talk to her before you go into your next session," said Outback Jack passing Mastermind his cell phone "Then you'll be in a better head space. Trust me."

Mastermind looked at the phone and then at Outback Jack, and nodded.

"And don't forget if and when your session brings back unpleasant memories, we are all here for you to talk to."

Mastermind nodded again.

Mastermind stepped outside the back of the cafeteria and looked at the farmland and the open space. He breathed in the air and looked at the phone in his hand.

He dialed Maria's number that he saved in his memory.

"Maria Swift here,"

"Hi Maria, it's 'M'."

"Hey 'M' what a nice surprise. I thought you could only email?"

"That's correct but I needed to hear your voice."

"It's only been less than 48 hours," laughed Maria but then her voice sounded more concerned "This isn't your phone number. 'M' what's going on? What's wrong? Talk to me."

Mastermind sighed "I pushed myself too hard, and ended up tearing my hamstring but I was lucky it was only a grade one tear which means I need to keep off my leg."

"That has to hurt, lucky it was a minor tear."

"Yeah lucky."

"So what aren't you telling me?"

Mastermind sighed again.

"Please 'M' let me in."

"In order for me to stay here and to find out why I keep getting injured and keep getting concussions I have to attend 'mental' therapy."

"That's got to be a good thing," replied Maria

"It should be yes but all my troubles revert back to my childhood."

"Oh,' replied Maria knowing that she could never get Mastermind to speak of his past and his family

"I just fear once I get past the point of no return then....."

"You'll be exposed," finished off Maria




"It sounds like now is your time to meet your past head on so you can move on and become the wrestler that you so want to become. So if it's hard push through. I know you can do this."

"Thank you. I have to go."

"Please just call me back only to tell me you're alright."

"I will.... bye."


Mastermind hung up. He knew Maria was right. He had been avoidin[color=#FFD700]g this for far too long, so basically his had been winning. Now was the time to meet it head on.

David was in his office trying to keep busy as Mastermind was late. Suddenly the door opened and in walked the man in question.

"Mr 'M' are you okay?"

"Sorry I was just returning something to Outback Jack," said Mastermind heading to the couch. "Ready when you are."

"Okay," said David walking over to his chair "You seem at eased with this now?"

"I need to confront it head on, and to do that it needs to be done now before I have second thoughts and scare myself off of doing this........"

To be continued

11TH MAY 2019

Mastermind grits his teeth and sprints towards Zane while he's distracted but.....



The pop-up powerbomb knocks the wind out of Mastermind and leaves him crumpled on the mat, Zane goes woozy and falls back too. The ref raises his arms.









Zane stirs.


Zane is crawling up to his feet!


Mastermind stirs.


Zane is up!!!!


Mastermind lifts himself




Zane is stunned as his theme plays and is handed the Xtreme Title by the ref. He raises his hands in victory as Mastermind looks to the lights his hands over his eyes, he flops them back down on the ground. He sits and glares at Zane celebrating, he huffs and rolls out of the ring leaving Zane to his celebration

The camera fades in to Mastermind's locker room straight after his Main Event match with Zane Norrison, in which he lost his X-treme title to.

The locker room was a mess, everything had been thrown all over the room, like tables, chairs, lockers, clothes, bags. Its as if someone had a fit of rage.

The camera finds Mastermind sitting cross-legged on the floor in the middle of room, rocking back and forth. It was obvious he had been sedated.

Mastermind's aides were on hand to sedate him.

He started babbling.

"Why oh why do I have to lose twice in a row to him?"

"He's a fake zombie for crying out loud."

"I fought so hard to win the belt, I lose on the 1st defense."

"I successfully defended 31 pin attempts."
"How dare he....."

One of his aides handed him a cell phone. He took it.


Maria responded "You've had your 15 minutes worth of tantrums, but now it's time for you to get off of your ass, pull yourself together and get your head in the game for War Games. There is no way you should be letting your team down. Do you hear me?"

"Yes ma'am,"


The camera fades in to cabin of Mastermind's private jet. He is looking way different when we last saw him, after his loss at Saturday Night Savage. He stares at the camera with immense focus and concentration.

"That's the story of my life since I have been a part of the XWF especially in the my first stint when I was on the wrong side of losses but as the song goes whenever i get knocked down I always, and I state, ALWAYS, get up again. You are never ever going to keep me down.

"So I had a bad outcome last Saturday night, I lost my x-treme titlez and I wasn't able to stand at the 10 count for the last man standing match. But like always I get up and dust myself off and I am ready to go again.

"So I am on my way to Moscow, Russia where I am taking part in my second ever War Games. I was captain the first time around and other Loverboy Vinnie Lane and Gator on my team as well as a couple of others and my team still lost. But my focus this time around is not on a loss but a win.

"So let's talk about my team first shall we. TEAM NOTORIOUS. Captained by Notorious Ned Kay.

"He has been so impressive in his early days of joining the XWF that he earned himself a couple of title opportunities including the big one, a universal title shot, which didn't go his way.

"Ned, let me say this, there's not too many people that I take a liking to, or even trust. I'm not normally a team player as I prefer to focus on myself. But you chose me first and because I have been impressed by your early work effort I'll tell you this.

"I will give you my 100 percent gurantee that I will give my all for the match, to you and the team, and i will do everything possible that if I do get knocked down, I won't get eliminated, I will keep getting up and keep on going.

"THADDEUS DUKE, all I know about you, is that if you do decide to show, that you will be 100 percent committed to our cause, and we need that kind of attitude if we are to win. But if we don't get you at your best, then I'll be really disappointed in and with you. It's that simple.

"EDWARD, from what I know about you so far is that you are a bit of an enigma, and that's good coming from me. I know you'll give everything that you can give and so much more. I'm happy that Ned when he had the chance to select you, he did so without hesitation. I'd rather have you on the team than opposing us.

"LUNA HIGHTOWER. I unfortunately don't know much about you, but what I do know, is you have a habbit of doing very little. That won't cut on a team of individuals who like to do a lot. So either you get on board very quickly or you stand aside and let the rest of us do our jobs. It's that simple.

"I'm sorry to sound so crass, actually I'm not. I just know when it comes to team events like War Games, there's no place for stragglers or those whp don't pull their weight because the rest of the team suffers when this happens, and it's not fair on those who actually give a damn.

"Anyway, let's move on to our opposition, TEAM BIG D."

Mastermind started to smirk his infamous smirk before he started chuckling. He stopped and looked back into the camera, trying not to smile.

TEAM BIG D, BIG D how the hell did you come up with such a rabble of a team. I mean great job getting SARAH LACHLAN, she's the Queen of the XWF as we all know. She's your biggest coup, and I'm pretty sure that inside she will be spewing about how much of a rabble the rest of the team. She alone could keep your team in the match, as the rest of her team mates easily get eliminated.

"BIG D, in my eyes, you stuffed up on picking the rest of your team and because of that, you will be the one to suffer the fall out, if not at first, eventually you will succumb. It'll be as simple as that.

"PETER GILMOUR, you and i have a small history which is amazing so to speak. Individually I am unbeaten against you, while in a team situation you are unbeaten against mr, which is amazing. We both know that you aren't the cause of that,because you tend to let your team mates do all of the work. It's true. You are a fat, lazy, son of a bitch. You make your team think you do the work but more fool you.

"Last and certainly least, the two most laziest if not least caring a team should have to have. BEARDED WAR PIG and RAIN. I'm just fucking glad you two losers aren't on my team because like Sarah, I wouldbe spitting tacks the moment your names would be selected. I think that's all of the time and the words that I need to waste on the both of you.

"Team Notorious, this match is ours for the taking. Let's do this,"

Mastermind smiles one last time before diverting his attention to looking out of the cabin window. The camera fades out.

OVERALL - 39 Wins 58 Losses 8 Technicals 1 Draw
COMEBACK RECORD 2018/2019 - 14 Wins 15 Losses 1 Draw
4TH YEAR RECORD 2019 - 8 Wins 1 Draw 13 Losses
3RD YEAR RECORD 2018 - 6 Wins 2 Losses
2ND YEAR RECORD 2015 - 1 Wins 9 Losses 2 Technicals
1ST YEAR RECORD 2014 - 24 Wins 34 Losses 6 Technicals

November 2014 Star Of The Month

Former Three Time X-Treme Champion
Former Television Champion - 129 Days (Just the 4th TV Champion to break 100 days, and now 2nd on the all time list)
Former Two Time Ark of the Covenant Champion
Lost in the 1st Round of the Woodstock Open - Wrestlestock 2019


Check out back page for victories and losses

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