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05-13-2019 08:06 AM

This RP is a continuation of Game Of Fuckin' Thrones

(A sharp pain underneath the eyes and all across the forehead.

That is what woke up Centurion following his booze filled Game of Thrones spying expedition. Centurion had promised he was done with vodka martinis after waking up in too many unfamiliar places. From Havana to Singapore and many cities and towns in between, Centurion had a habit of drinking too much and waking up the next day, usually in a strange bed with a strange woman. It’s why he had to calm down in his later years.

And yet, here he is, waking up in a strange room with a hangover the size of the Democratic Presidential Primary. Luckily – or, perhaps, unluckily – he wakes up alone. His Daenerys Targaryen cosplay from the night before is hung up in the closet next to the bed. Centurion slowly opens his eyes, as painful as it might be, to scan his surroundings. The room is incredible – a large, king size bed with plenty of space and a large window with the blind closed. The room is also a side room – a sliding wooden door leads into another living area, meaning this must be a suite.)

Centurion: ….ughggnghhgg

(Centurion lets out a guttural moan as he rubs his eyes and forehead. He tosses the covers off of him to reveal him wearing a pair of silk pajamas, with the logo of the Ocean Casino embroidered on them. So, he’s still in the hotel he was at last night. That’s a positive sign.

Small memories of last night flash in his head – the first martini, followed by the second. Yelling at someone who thought he was an ambassador. Chatting up a woman dressed in Arya Stark battle armor. Corned beef sandwiches – several of them. None of the memories are connected, but they’re all there.

Centurion slowly crawls out of bed, allowing his feet to touch the floor. His body is stiff, and he is afraid to move to quickly, out of fear he may vomit on the floor. He slowly stands out of the bed and walks out to the living room portion of the suite.

The first thing Centurion does is dart his eyes around the room, making sure he is truly alone – after decades in the spotlight, and with all the mistakes he has made in his past, you can never be too careful. Instead of seeing another person, though, he sees an immaculate room, with a large dining table, a window that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, marble countertops, and a 60 inch flat screen high definition television. It’s the kind of room you don’t just reserve – you need to know someone to get such accommodations.

Sitting on the table in the middle of the room is a tray. Centurion walks up to it to see a variety of different breakfast foods – sausage, bacon, eggs, fruits – as well as a container of orange juice and a pot of coffee. Now Centurion is concerned – while it is totally on brand to reserve a hotel room, he wouldn’t have the cognitive function with how drunk he was to order a breakfast this elaborate. Centurion pours himself a cup of coffee anyway, because without it, he is likely not to function for the rest of the day.

Sitting next to the tray is an envelope, with just the word “Andy” written on it. A confused and still hungover opens it up between sips of coffee. Inside is a letter.)

Enjoy your stay at the beautiful Ocean Casino and Hotel. I know you wouldn’t be able to afford this place on your own, so I have taken care of the bill for you. Stay as long as you’d like, on me. It’s the least I could do for taking everything from you.

You don’t need to sneak around to parties and hire investigators to find out about me. I’ll tell you everything you need to know. After the Board of Directors removed you as president of Centurion Enterprises, we decided that we needed to move forward without the stench of previous troubles weighing us down. I was named President of the Board, and we hired Patrick Millsaps to be our new CEO. We sold off all the terrible assets that you brought in, eliminated the shareholders, and now operate a company at a massive profit. Come to find out, when you keep your morals at home, you can make a lot of money.

I hope you do well in your new wrestling gig, but I know better. You’re a beat up, broken man who is emotionally unstable and whose ego is gets in the way of reality. You’re going to die out there. This isn’t a prediction, it’s a fact. You’re going to die, broke and alone, just like you always feared. And I would apologize for my role in that, but I won’t. What happened to you was inevitable – I was just the first to get there.

I look forward to hearing from your lawyers. I assure you whatever move you try to pull will be unsuccessful, but I welcome the thought of you further digging yourself into financial ruin paying for lawyers while we casually laugh at the prospect. Maybe we’ll end up taking your gym away from you, too. It’s one of the last things we haven’t taken from you. That and your mansion, though we’ll own that, too, once the bank puts it up for sheriff sale.

Take care! All the best to you. Be sure to visit Nikita now that you’re back in town.

George Latimore
Centurion Enterprises

(Centurion tosses the letter down in disgust before picking up his coffee and walking over to the window. The memories of last night come back to his head – seeing George, seeing Millsaps, conversing with Walter. His worst fears have come true – the takeover of his company happened within his own ranks. The rug was pulled out from underneath him by people who had been planning this all along. Centurion’s emotional breakdown was the perfect opportunity. This wasn’t people holding on to the company until he could return – this was a complete hostile takeover of his entire life, and some simple legal maneuvering isn’t going to turn this around.

Centurion looks out into the Atlantic Ocean, remembering all that he built – his casino, his training company, his empire – and all that has crumbled around him. There was a time when he was the most powerful businessman in Atlantic City – even Donald Trump would respect Centurion and what he accomplished. Yet, his personal demons and his reckless behavior has caused him to lose it all.

He takes another sip of his coffee. Surprisingly, Centurion seems at peace with all that he has learned. This is his penance. In order to move forward with his life, he must make amends to all the people he has lost, and take down all the people who have caused him to become what he had become. He pulls out his phone. He is about to make a phone call – a phone call he never thought he would make again, and one that might be met with profanity violence, but one he must make anyway.

It’s 1 PM in London.)

------Try to make a bad memory over and over------


That’s how old Dolly Waters was when Michael Graves assaulted her after a match and kidnapped her by throwing her in the back of a van, never to be seen again. This is after months of Michael Graves, stalking and threatening Dolly Waters, leading to a brutal match at March Madness, where Dolly decimated Michael Graves, seemingly eliminating him from her life and from the XWF in general.

The next week – one fucking week after that show of brutality, where Dolly Waters bared her soul to the universe and finally put away one of the darkest chapters of her life, Destiny Graves shows up, demands the XWF not only resign the Dark Warrior, but give him a pay raise. She has a contract, she has lawyers, she has everything to make this deal a reality. So the XWF top brass, the spineless cowards they are, resign Michael Graves.

And now, Dolly is gone…and Destiny Graves is to blame.

I’ve heard it from everyone – from the XWF management, to fans, to Destiny herself – saying that I shouldn’t blame her for Michael’s actions. Destiny “didn’t know” about Dolly Waters, so she claims. She was just trying to help out her former brother-in-law, and didn’t know that he had become a psychopath in recent years.


There are many reasons to believe that Destiny Graves not only knew what would happen, but brought back Michael Graves SPECIFICALLY to take out Dolly Waters. Let’s go over the evidence, shall we?

Exhibit A: The idea that Destiny didn’t know that Michael was a crazed lunatic immediately collapses when you realize that Michael Graves has ALWAYS been a crazed lunatic. So was her ex-husband, Sean Graves. The entire Graves clan has been nothing more than crazed lunatics. Michael’s actions aren’t something new. He pulled shit like this back in 2006. The only difference is that his victim is a little girl, and there weren’t a ton of them around back then. If there were, I GUARENTEE this would have happened before.

Exhibit B: Destiny started fighting for Michael’s contract almost the day after March Madness, which means she had to know he was gone from the XWF following his clash with Dolly. My guess is Michael knew he was going to lose his match, and called Destiny the night before to ensure that, when everything went down, she would have his back.

Exhibit C, and perhaps the most damning evidence: Three days after Dolly Waters was taken, which was three days after Destiny Graves put our her phony “I’m so sorry and saddened by what happened” statement, she found herself in a title match. It was her second match back in the company, and she was already fighting for the Television Title. In the wake of March Madness, Gamer Girl was gone, Vita Valenteen was beat up, and Sarah Lacklan had hibernated to Anarchy. Only one woman remained at the top of the card, and that was Dolly Waters; however, if someone were to eliminate her, say, someone who was stalking her for months, then the XWF would need to search for new, credible women wrestlers, and hey, it just so happens that Destiny Graves is back, so let’s toss her into the main event.

It’s just all too convenient. Destiny is basically trying to sell us on the idea that’s she’s a complete idiot – that she did no research, didn’t bother to watch a single minute of XWF programing before advocating for Michael Graves, and was fighting for his reinstatement simply because they share a last name and no other reason.

Keep in mind, this all comes on the heels of Destiny BRAGGING about being the “Queen Of The Graves”, and how much better than everyone else she is. Even prior to Michael Graves’ actions and Destiny’s fake apology, Destiny was acting like a total bitch. By the way, how is that “Queen Of The Graves” thing doing for you, Destiny? I noticed you haven’t been as loud and obnoxious since Dolly has been taken. A little ashamed of the moniker? Or do you just want to lay low for a while and hope no one notices? I guarantee, if Destiny is still in the XWF in a few months time, she will be back on her bullshit, talking about how she’s the “Queen” and how people need to bow down to her. Given how short term the memories are of people who follow this business, it will work, and the memory of Dolly Waters will fade.

What I did to Destiny on Savage pales in comparison to whatever Dolly Waters is going through right now, and that is perhaps the most upsetting part of this whole ordeal. A human being was taken on live television, and not only has the XWF brass done nothing to find her or punish those responsible, but they wanted to sit down with ME and talk about MY actions. It’s almost like I’m being punished for shining a light on the horrible mismanagement of this place for the past several years. If this was still the Shane Carver years, I’d be booked in a “Burning Pile Of Shit And Cum” match or whatever other sick fantasy he would dream up that week.

Instead, we have a Buried Alive match, a match Destiny asked for, which is poetic. I said weeks ago that there wasn’t a member of the Graves family that I haven’t buried, and this time, I get to literally put one in the ground. I have to admit, I kind of wish this was Michael, but I know him – as much as he talks about being a “Dark Lord” and how awesome he thinks he is, he’s absolute shit, and he knows it. I’ve beaten him so many times, it’s almost laughable. I’ve done the same to Sean Graves, too – the man that everyone thought was a future champion. Come to think of it, the only Graves I haven’t decimated in my time in the XWF is actually Destiny, but that’s for a good reason – I was always above her. While she was battling in opening matches, I was in main events, and there was no reason for our paths to cross.

Things have changed…and that’s unfortunate for Destiny.

Every match I’ve wrestled so far in my comeback, I’ve done so for myself. I needed to go out there and prove, not only to the fans, but to myself that I am still that superstar that I was 18 years ago. It’s been therapeutic to me – win or lose, getting back in that ring was something I needed to do.

This match isn’t for me. This is about Dolly Waters, and any other superstar who has been victimized in the XWF with zero repercussions. I’m tired of trying to defend my involvement in this business. I’m tired of lacing up my boots every day and going to work for a company that may or may not have my back if something happened to me. Most importantly, I’m tired of this wrestling company not being about wrestling.

The Queen of the Graves is going to find out what it’s like to sleep in one at War Games, as she meets her…


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