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PlaceMarker Confessions of an Abomination Pt - 2: A New Type of Darkness
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05-10-2019 11:59 PM

"Well that was interesting."

"Wasn't it just so..."

I joked as Frankie and I walked down a random street on our journey back from dinner with my parents. Which went unexpectedly well. With all things considered. My mom was friendly and charming, while my dad was funny and they both appeared to adore Frankie. In a way it almost seemed like they were putting on a performance for her that they equally contributed effort toward. It was sorta amusing. From my perspective. Mostly because I remember their reactions to other females I had been "involved" with in the past, back when I was still living at home and it was completely different.

Friendly, charming and funny would have never been used to describe it. No. Annoyed, judgmental and rude, would have been far more appropriate. Then again, those were different times and the girl wasn't Frankie Styles. I haven't known her that long but the extent of the time that I have, I noticed that few disliked her. I know she certainly captivated me but my past never screamed that I was picky, when it came to the ladies. Still, even I had to admit, there was something different about her. Something special. That's probably why I was so reluctant to tell her the truth, why I was so scared of rejection, she was one of the good ones. A keeper, if you will.

There was one point during dinner, after it had become incredibly obvious that my parents thought that Frankie and I were a couple. Frankie had excused herself to go to the bathroom and my mom joined her, when my dad gave me this look. He kinda raised his eyebrows and it appeared almost like he was saying "Dayum!" but without actually vocalizing the word. I didn't know how to respond so I simply emulated his actions. Which caused him to bust out laughing and in turn, made me crack up. It was odd but definitely not a bad moment. In fact, one might see it as almost bonding in a way, without saying anything at all.

Then when dinner was over and I fetched my parents a cab, to take them back to their hotel. After my dad helped my mom into the backseat, he turned to me and gave me the thumbs up sign before he got into the cab, himself. It was funny. I honestly don't remember the last time that I got along with my father that well, in one solid evening. When our interactions didn't lead into some type of argument or dispute. It was nice. And all because I asked Frankie to join us for dinner. Clearly that had to be the reason because I sure as fuck couldn't derive any other explanation for it.

Now, Frankie and I walked the streets back home, though at this point I wasn't sure who's home we were going to together or if we were parting ways. We lived close enough to one another, where all three options were viable. Personally, I knew which outcome that I preferred but without telling her my secret, that didn't seem to be the wisest of choices.

"I like your parents. They're fairly entertaining. I'm glad that you invited me to dinner with them."

"They certainly have their moments."

Cocking an eyebrow, I smiled in her direction.

"That wasn't the original plan though. They sort of showed up unexpectedly. I couldn't just order them to leave. So I had to roll with things and come up with a new agenda for the evening."

"Oh yeah? What was the original plan?"

Frankie hurried ahead a bit and side stepped in front of me, turning around to face me, she stopped in her tracks. Thus halting my trajectory forward.

"I dunno. Stuff. Different stuff than what happened tonight."

"Different stuff, like what?"

"Hanging out in a more relaxed setting. Without my parents sitting, right there. Dinner. Maybe we would watch something and have a couple of beers."

"Cool. Sounds like a plan. Lets do it. We already got dinner, so that's taken care of. Come on. I'll race you back to your place."

And just like that she took off running. Which got me to start running right after her. Ordinarily, if this had been an actual race, my zombie speed and stamina would have played a big part but I let her win cause that's what you do in this sort of scenario, isn't it? Probably not if your name is Peter Gilmour, he more than likely would have tried his best to win, lost and then, told the girl to suck his dick. Just once I wish I could see things through his eyes. Like if they made a V.R that did that or something. One can only imagine the horrors.

When Frankie reached my apartment, she held her arms up and spun around like she was Rocky, after he ran up all those steps. It was cute and I could have kissed her, right there. Instead I merely opened the door. Once we were inside of my apartment, I hit the fridge and retrieved two beers. Only to turn around and get pushed against my refrigerator before Frankie kissed me. Both beers were immediately introduced to the floor. Beer and glass went everywhere. I didn't care. My arms went around her and that kiss turned into the most savage, carnal make out session, that I've taken part in... in a long while. We're talking three years long. Somehow she wound up on the kitchen table, her legs wrapped around me, clothes were flying off, it was insane but damn if it wasn't fucking good.

Unfortunately, during all this intensity, all this loss of inhibition coupled with the fact that I hadn't eaten. I mean, I ate but not in the sense that a zombie requires its sustenance. Anyway, I felt something switch inside and I knew, that zombie rage had taken over. It was pretty undeniable, for the simple fact that the hunger to smash Frankie's skull open and devour her brains, overpowered my need to fuck her.

However something strange occurred. Normally when this type of thing kicks off. I can't control it but this time, I stopped myself and backed away, before I could do her any harm. Promptly turning from her, so she couldn't see my eyes. They get fairly freakish when this occurs. The pupils expand over the irises and the sclerae turns red. It has frightened me when I've observed my eyes in that state, I can't imagine what witnessing them would do to Frankie, especially after what we were just doing, only moments prior.

"What the hell, Zane?"

Frankie spun me around and I shut my eyes, almost instantly.

"What's happening? What's wrong? Christ. Open your eyes."

That's when she smacked me. With a sigh, I slowly opened my eyes and when I did, she gasped. Hand over her mouth, full on look of shock, gasped. I braced myself for what I assumed would come next. The rejection, fear, screaming, utter repulsion, maybe even a little hate. All were plausible possibilities. Instead, she lowered her hand and came in closer. This would usually be described as testing your luck, putting your face up close to a zombie gone rage mode. Yet I managed to keep the beast at bay. It was truly astonishing.

"It isn't an act, is it?"

I shook my head vigorously - no. Frankie grinned and then kissed me hard. Once again my level of restraint was uncanny to say the least. And somehow things picked up, right where they left off. Despite the fact that the cage door was wide open and the monster had free roam. Except this time, rather than taking over, with me along for the ride, I used it and ultimately obtained an extremely different outcome. One that did not see me destroying her skull and consuming the soft innards. Had Frankie Styles help me gain the power to control my dark demon? Based on the conclusion of everything, I'd say she did.

Oh and sex while in zombie rage mode... is like nothing I have ever experienced or could even rightly explain. That is all.

[Image: LojF5Xh.png]

"Well, Mastermind, the hour draws near. Soon we will meet in that ring and then there will be no escape. Without a doubt, you are going to get a chance to come, face to face, with an abomination. Again. Except this time things are going to go a lot differently than before. This time I will not be denied the satisfaction of my release. Thanks to someone very close to me, I think I've managed a sense of control. So even if management figures out how to drug me, in attempt to subside the monster that dwells within, it won't matter."

"I know I said that I would stop myself from ripping you to shreds, from savagely tearing you apart to the degree, where the damage that I inflict upon you, might be life threatening. But I changed my mind. Something happened when my rage side and the docile part of me, came to an internal agreement... an arrangement, if you will with each other and they coexisted as a single entity. It's like we merged. Became one. Even now, I can feel that other part of myself, with me. Almost like its standing beside me, in a way."

"It's strange yet at the same time, it feels precisely as it should be. I feel whole. Complete. No more Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. We're united. At last. I could probably release the darker side of me, right here and now and shift back, at will. It's revolutionary. Liberating. I feel like a brand new Zane and you know what, this new version is just as eager to play as the old one."

"You say that you're going to come at me with the same ferocity as me. Well, I call your bluff, Mastermind. I'm going to prove to you and everyone else, why you don't tempt an abomination to show its true self. Why you don't provoke and tempt a creature like me. You may get exactly what you ask for and then some. The only trouble is that once you lure it out, you can't get rid of it."

"You won't be able to beg for mercy because I will not grant you it. And this is me that's saying this. The normal, tame, calm, chill Zane. Imagine how brutal things will become when the monster is uncaged. If you don't have somebody on standby to take the shot, when things get too extreme and the balance of your life hangs on by a matter of a few threads yet I still keep going like I'm determined to slash those strands and end your life, you're a damn fool."

"Oh wait. That was already established."

"Ha! I hope you at least wrote out a will. Don't worry though, I'll remember to say 'hi' to the wife and kids at your wake."

"Rest well tonight, Mastermind. I can't wait to see you in pieces tomorrow."

[Image: zGSq9K8.png]

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