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PlaceMarker Reunion - Part 2
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05-07-2019 11:59 PM

I stared at my older brother Reese, in total disbelief. Maybe some shock as well. This was a man that I hadn't seen since I was twenty-two, despite our relation. Much like Brian, I hadn't had contact with him in years. Though he might be my brother by blood, we didn't communicate or keep in touch. Yet, there was a definite defining difference; between Brian and Reese, one laced in pure, unadulterated hatred. Based on our last encounter, anyway. Similar to Brian, the last time I saw my brother, he was behind bars. With the exception that Reese had a habit of frequenting jail cells. Almost like taking vacations and building up frequent flyer points, without the fun memories or rewards. However, the last time I saw Brian Storm, I was nineteen and we were both locked up, it happened right before the man in the black suit offered me a way out of my situation and I joined the Order. Opposed to the last time that I saw Reese. Which occurred after I had already spent a couple years, living as a loyal servant to "Them" and by all definition, had become a living weapon.

Reese despised the fact that I was free, when he was locked away, serving time. Assuming that I sold him out, he cursed my name and swore vengeance. Then I walked away and basically left him to rot. In all honesty, I don't know why I went to visit him? Maybe because I was searching for a link to the life I once had? Perhaps it was guilt? Who's to say? One thing is for certain, the experience ripped me away from any weakness or connection that could jeopardize me, in any way, shape or form. It taught me to quite literally, amputate myself from society and my past. Sorta in the way that a limb might be separated from a body. I became a ghost. A shadow. The unknown stranger, blowing through town like a tumbleweed. People didn't get to know the real me and I had zero qualms with keepin' it that way.

Till Lila came along and Azrael aided in severing my ties with the Order. Per my selfish request of wanting a chance at having a normal life. Away from the fire and chaos. Something I didn't realize that I secretly craved or even wanted to try and have, until Lila entered my life. You get so used to livin' a certain way and it becomes comfortable, no matter how fucked up it is and then, that's all you know. Then something comes along and shatters the foundation of all that and your eyes are opened to the possibility of a new existence, one that you never thought you were capable of havin' and it alters your perception. It makes you want to change and gives ya the hope for a different path. That's what Lila did for me. All because I had to make the choice of taking that alternate road or cutting her outta my life for her own safety.

By that point, my brother Reese, had already become a casualty. A faded memory and nothing more. He loathed me for my freedom but he had no way of knowing the truth behind it. There wasn't a way for him to understand the reality of the situation and even if he knew the real reason that I managed to escape the fate of prison while he was stuck behind bars, he wouldn't understand. For awhile I did keep tabs on him and he did accomplish leaving the joint. Only to get thrown right back in, rinse and repeat. Even though, I turned my back on him, I always made it a random priority to check up on his state of affairs. For a spell and then over time, that faded as well. Eventually I simply assumed he was either in jail or fixin' to return, unbeknownst to him, of course. He was always wrapped up in some dumb shit. It was inevitable that he'd return to jail. Sure. The location of the prison might've changed but a cell was always a cell. And he was usually in one.

After I broke free from the Order, I still never bothered to find him. It had been so long and a lot of time had passed. It just seemed pointless and honestly, I didn't want to face what I left behind. To see the man that he became. As messed up as it seems, in my mind he was already dead. A phantom of my past, another skeleton, shakin' and clattering chains away, in that closet o' mine. I never once thought, for even a second, that the closet door would burst open and he would come lookin' for me. Which seems rather stupid on my part, considering I'm not that untraceable figure, looming outta sight anymore. No, I have ties and connections, that could be very easily tracked. A hunt for me, wouldn't even be Where's Waldo worthy, at this point. Reese must have caught a glimpse of me on the TV and now, he was here to settle a score. To pay me back for all the shit that he suffered through, while I enjoyed "freedom" and he sat in a cell. If he only knew the accuracy of that tale, that my true freedom didn't start until less than a year ago.

Who am I kiddin'?

He'd probably still want to put a bullet in my head.

"Reese, what the fuck?!?! Put the gun down."

"You pointed a gun at me first."

"You fell from the ceiling."

"I thought it gave me the element of surprise. Figured you wouldn't want to see me otherwise. Based on our last encounter."


I lowered my weapon. Then Reese did the same in kind.

"So you're not here for some kind of payback? You aren't here to kill me?"

"No! Of course not! You're my brother. Who kills their fuckin' brother?!?! Yeah, it was a dick move to ditch me and never once even attempt to locate me or reach out but as time progressed, I grew to understand why you did that and I don't blame you. No bullshit, it made me take a hard look in the mirror and that's when I decided to make a real effort to change my ways."

He put the pistol away and fired up a cigarette. Taking a long, hearty pull from it as he continued his explanation.

"Long story short, I was released several months ago and started working on doing precisely that. I got an honest job, in a diner and even secured an apartment. Really turned my life around. For the better. I mean, it isn't all fuckin' wine and roses, there are days I wanna seriously strangle the life out of some people... which I don't do, cause my goal is staying far away from a prison cell. Still it's a definite step up from being the scumbag that I used to be. So far it's paid off too. This legit life I'm leading. Cops don't roll on my ass, even nearly as half as they used to, based solely on suspicion alone."

Smoke seeped from his nostrils as he smirked and chuckled softly to himself.

"Anyways, I seen you on the television the other day, my little brother the professional wrestler and I thought I'd look you up, to make amends. I was a pretty shitty fuckin' older brother. Christ on a cracker, look at you though. A mechanic, with your own shop. Wrestling on television. You did good kid, I'm proud of ya. Honest to god truth. I'm sorry I wasn't around to see the formulation of all this but I want to change things between us. I hated the way our relationship went sour and all because of my shit choices and bad attitude. And I sincerely apologize for all that. From the bottom of my heart, I am sorry. If you let me, I wanna be a part of your life and get to know the man that you've become. That is... if you'll let me? Lord knows I don't need to be granted any favors."

Expectation radiated from his eyes. What could I say, he was my older brother, I couldn't reject his request.

"Hells fuckin' yeah, I accept your request, ya shithead."

Walking over to him, I tossed my Colt 45 aside and shook his hand. The type of handshake where you pull someone in for a hug. A real hug. This was my brother, after all. Still, even with this being a good moment, I couldn't shake the suspicion that something might be off. That there must be a darker element at play. Please let me be wrong about this.

[Image: SaQE9CV.gif]

"Wow. Your last promotional video taught me a lot about you, Big D. You were a janitor and you're a fan of the worst pizza in the world! Domino's? A corporate franchise, situated all over the globe, that creates basically cardboard drenched in vomit and soaked in feces, that they pretend is pizza. Fucking disgusting. Everyone knows you don't get pizza from places like that. Just like everybody knows, the best pizza comes from Chicago. From places like Sarpino's. Real pizzerias. Where the pizza isn't pulled out of a garbage can and the ingredients aren't yanked outta some dude's asshole. Not only do you have a terrible taste in teammates, your pizza providers are just as fuckin' shitty. Is there any decision that you make that isn't awful?"

"The fact that you're retarded and used to be a janitor, really takes the cake though."

"Fuckin' highlarious."

"Yeah, never compare us again. You and me, we're not equals. We don't even exist in the same realm. See, you're a dumbfuck, that can't pick a team for shit, who is horrendous at wrestling and fails at life. While I'm the guy that busts skulls and throws boot parties. I am a mechanic by choice, fixin' vehicles is a passion of mine. You on the other hand, had to become a janitor because you had no other option. The state mandated your career and gave you a work permit."

"Don't get me wrong, I didn't grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth. There was a time when I had to take the job that I could get but at the same time, I wasn't a mentally handicapped buffoon, stumbling around. Drooling, giggling to myself and picking my nose. My job took skills, you cleaned toilets and stuttered at the folks that made the unfortunate mistake of entering the bathroom, while you were inside, mopping the floors and listening to children's sing-a-long tapes on your Fisher Price radio/recorder. Now, I have a shop, a place that's all mine and I'm my own boss, on top of being the most fierce, volatile component in the company. And you... well, you're a punchline to a joke that never stops being funny."

"When it comes to you vs me, you lose. In every possible way. No doubt or question about it. Most of all, when it pertains to a fight. There isn't a snowcone's chance in hell, you even come close to beatin' me. In the scenario of a fight, you will always lose. End of story. Come tomorrow night. You will find that out first hand."

[Image: yWoYfQX.png]
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