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After Savage (brother & sister united by love)
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04-30-2019, 08:22 AM

Rain and Snow are locked out of the arena, standing beside the front door, Rain weeping into his palms as Snow screams at the top of her lungs. They hear everything from the clash between Luna and BigD to Centy's closing moment of the show. Rain falls to his knees, realizing they've racked up another loss, and Snow is absolutely losing her shit. The Perfect Storm are beside themselves..... when SUDDENLY;

[Image: tumblr_inline_pkkh9wSdDt1t71qx3_1280.gif]

Static slices through the screen as the scene devolves into nothingness. Bizzare, almost-satanic sounds emit from the speakers, as muffled voices carry through the tv sets of those watching at home, and through the speakers in the building... The screen returns and a spotlight suddenly flashes on in the middle of the ring, where we find two figures, apparently Rain and Snow, bound and gagged, bags tied over their heads, wrapped to two chairs, back to back. The four 'anonymous' figures circle around them holding steel chairs...

[Image: 1037740.jpg]

The apparent 'leader' speaks into a microphone;

[Image: snow-nonymous_zpspckfw6wr.jpg]

? : Hello XWF... we are here. We are legion, and we are ready to finally make the impact we have spoken of, the impact the XWF so desperately needs. My name..... is.....


The figure reaches to their face and removes their mask to reveal--

[Image: snow%20reveal_zpskaqmuzql.png]

"....Sarah, FUCKING, Gordon, and I've had enough of all yer bullshit, from the fans to the wrasslers in the back to all them suit-an'-tie wearin' tools above the glass ceilin'. The Snow Storm has finally, TRULY arrived an' I'm 'onna blow you all over intah the next fuckin' ice age!!!! But... I ain't alone, no sir. Boys, remove them masks...."

The anonymous ones do as they're told, and we find first of all, Rain's lover, Tony Santiani...

[Image: 259fxjm.jpg]

And, the other two reveal themselves to be XWF icons, Cyren and Egyptian Snow Pharaoh!!! The four figures stand tall, glancing up toward the static-filled screen. The voices and sounds continue to grow louder... before they cut out completely in one moment, as the static dissipates into a vision of the leader of this crew.... Broken Hart;

[Image: broken_hart_zpsfy7ianam.png]

BH: Thank you, Snow, for the lovely introduction. XWF Galaxy.... the change... is HERE!!! I've had enough, we've had enough, and now?? All of you will pay. We've been called jokes, myself and my little sister Snow, and now we have the numbers to carry out our master plan. You are all a flock of sheep, cheering for who you're told to cheer for, booing those you're told to jeer. You buy the action figures, you watch the pay-per-views, wasting your money on the dreck that the XWF has become. A once proud company has dwindled into a poor man's parody. XWF... YOU are the 'joke'. Not me. Not us.

"Broken Hart" lifts his hand to pull his mask off, but in one quick second the screen cuts off as do the lights. A moment later, they return, and a fifth figure stands in the middle of the ring...

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

Rain: We are now the biggest threat to the lockerroom... Snow.... if you would?

Snow procures a blade from her pocket, before slicing Tony's throat, causing a river of blood to pour down upon the canvas. She then stabs the Italian Stallion in the heart before shoving his carcass down to the canvas. A sick, demented smirk flashes on both her and her brother's face... Snow turns her eye to Cyren and ESP, who flee from the ring, afraid they could be next. Snow hands the blade to her big bro, as he lays Tony out upon the mat, stretching his arms to his sides, Tony appearing as if he's laid out on a crucifix. Rain carves through his now ex-lover's chest with the blade, producing a huge, crimson 'X'... blood trickling down Santiani's body. Rain stands alongside his sister, the two gazing out at the shocked stadium...


Rain: The Perfect Storm is here. We're queer...

Snow: ...get used to it. BAM!!!

The lights once again cut out. They return, and Tony is stapled, barbed-wired, and tethered to a cross, standing straight up in the center of the ring thanks to it being burried in a giant pile of rat bodies. The Perfect Storm have gone psycho.... which may just be what they needed all along...


.....the camera returns, this time with Rain and Snow wearing all black, gothic style outfits, the camera closed in on their upper-bodies, as they gaze lovingly into eachother's eyes, brother and sister.... they begin to kiss passionately, as a few words appear on screen in blood red;

'love conquers all.....xwf? we will be the death of you. end transmission'


[Image: Dahvie-vanity-botdf-crew-31823997_zpsgzuqvwx0.gif]

iAm fluid... my gender, my sexuality, my personality...
as fluid as the drops of water pouring down upon us from the heavens above

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