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Greggo [manager for hire / will try to help you win]
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01-15-2013 08:10 PM

Greggo is not an actual competitor but he will manage you if you need a manager. A manager can RP once on your behalf and that RP will help boost your own work for that week/match by a small amount. The actual boost only kicks in if you're NOT the favorite to win that match. If you're the favorite to win then a manager's RP won't actually boost your score BUT he can still get involved during the match and help you during the show. Greggo on rare occasions may also accept tag team matches if somebody specifically wants him as their partner. He'll also manage a tag team if they need him.

In-Ring Name: Greggo

Wrestler's Real Name (if applicable): Greggo

New to XWF or a returning roster member?: Claims to be a former CCWF Universal Champion

Hometown: He'll never tell

Personality: Squirmy and touchy-feely but also pretty sick in the head. He's not overbearing at all and normally will seem timid... until you realize his hand is on your thigh, or notice him chewing a goat liver.

Alignment (heel/face/tweener): Look under my avatar!

Physical Build Description: Not very built. Doesn't work out in any traditional sense that XWF would recognize as legitimate training. Animal products are used in certain rituals.

Ring Attire: Casual dress of any kind. Sweat pants or ripped jeans.... nothing... whatever works.

Out Of Ring/Casual Attire: Same as above, except even more likely to be the "nothing" option.

Ethnicity: Possibly some Spanish and he claims there is African American in his blood...

Pic Base: [Image: ilzhw2.jpg]

Wrestling Style: Grungy and dirty. Sometimes slimy.

Strengths: Affectionate, loving, caring

Weaknesses: Can be possessive, selfish, and downright creepy

Entrance Theme Music: Halloween III by The Bleeding Light

Entrance Description: Halloween III plays over the speakers as Greggo makes his way through the crowd, occasionally stopping to make out with or grope various people in the audience; both male and female.

Top 15-20 Commonly Used, Standard Moves: All the moves of Disco Inferno, Kwee Wee, Norman Smiley, and he tries to do Ryback moves but usually isn't strong enough

Trademark Move: Testicle Tuner
Description: A targeting of the groin with inanimate objects

Primary Finisher: SEX
Description: Greggo starts dry humping the opponent and tries to have sex with them

Secondary Finisher if applicable: Ode To The Father
Description: Small Package Rollup Pin

Favorite Weapon if any: Sex

Additional notes: If you want Greggo in your corner, let Shane Carver know. Greggo will do his best to help you win your match, including possible interference and/or distractions!

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