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03-14-2019 11:10 PM

After weeks of seclusion Jessalyn had finally convinced Gaea that it was time to go after Cortessa.Although hesitant, Gaea gave in and took Jessalyn to the one person who would know how to go about such a thing. They entered a noisy smoke filled Jazz bar on bourbon street and walked towards the back. There she found the answers she had been looking for and a whole lot of questions.

So this one wants to go kill Cortessa by herself. Do you have any advice for her

Jessalyn hears a faintly familiar laugh. The Black chair swung around and faced them at the doorway. She couldn't believe her eyes.

So you wanna go to war with The Council?

Mezian? You're Alive?

Mezian sat in the black leather chair. It was him, the same hair although maybe a little more grey. The same eyes, the same cocky overconfident smile. It was him after all of this time of fighting all alone and trying to keep her head above water and her body above ground. She finally had the one person that she thought could help her. She moves around the desk to the right side standing next to Mezian.

I have missed you so much...

Mezian smiled and began to speak but was cut off by a right hook. The impact twisted his head violently and sent the chair that is now obviously on wheels back a few inches.

You FUCKING son of a bitch!! I mourned for you for weeks. I thought I was crazy when I saw you in Peru and in Australia. You have been alive this entire time and you haven't said a goddamn word to me. The Ravens are falling apart, Cortessa has killed The Grand mentor and possibly hundreds of more Ravens. All of this, All of this happens and you were alive the entire fucking time? What in the fuck were you thinking why would you let this happen? How could you let this happen? Answer me Mezian answer me now.

Mezian Leaned forward and spit out a small amount of blood and maybe even a tooth. He leaned back into the chair pulled it back towards Jessalyn using his feet and stood up. Now face to face with Jessalyn he smiles.

Because it needed to be this way. The Ravens needed to collapse. Cortessa needed to try and take control of the Ravens. She is and always will be a loyalist to Micheal and the Council. She has been a loyalist of his since the start. I let her into the Sanctum in New York and let her become part of all of this because I knew she would betray us.

Now, with that being said I did not foresee the events that led to Emanuel's death nor did I ever think that she could have got Azriel out of hell. Lucy and I will need to have a talk about that. I didn't plan on any of that and I sure as hell didn't plan on Abigail going missing.
But first thing is first we need to throw a little gas on this fire we have going on here. I will send out a message to the other mentors in the Ravens and tell them to disband and regroup when it is time. We will go completely off the grid. If we are to defeat The council and the Consortium we will need...

Jessalyn holds up her hand to interrupt Mezian

We? What the fuck do you mean we? I don't want to fight The Council or The Consortium. I want to drive my blade through Cortessa's neck and watch her die. This whole trip was about me wanting to fight Cortessa, not getting ringed into you dumb war with Micheal and his goons.

I am done fighting that war all it has gotten me is dead or missing friends and a trip to rehab. I am not an Angel or a Seraphim. I don't care if I am a Daughter of Dyonysis, I am still just flesh and bones human. All I want is my revenge and to help run a Sanctum of Ravens in my own little corner of the world.

Hmph...You honestly think that what I want and what you aren't somehow intermingled. You think that you are just walk up kill one of the oldest Seraphim and not get some sort of backlash for The Consortium or The Council. You really are not prepared for this life, are you?

No, No I wasn't. I had to take care of your crippled ass for months and then I get pulled into this stupid never-ending pissing contest between you and some crippled angel. Then you go and die on me and leave me to try and hold together everything. I had to be a leader, something I was not ready nor prepared for. But, goddamn it, I tried. I made sure every one of my people made it home to their loved ones. I made sure that we completed every op we had with no collateral damage of civilian casualties.

I ran a 300 person Sanctum with little to no problem, not because I wanted to but because I had no other choice. So don't talk to me like I the same nieve girl you met at OVW. I am a better person than you, I am a better mentor than you and I am a better Raven than you were or ever will be. Hell, I am a better wrestler than you will or ever will be. So before you come at me with that I am the First Son of the Creator bullshit. I want you to know that the only reason I came to you is that Gaea brought me here. If I had known I would be dealing with this bullshit again I would have taken my chances hunting her down solo.

You know what Mez, Fuck you and everything you stand for. I don't need this shit. I'll be at the sanctum when you come back home Gaea.

Jessalyn stormed towards the door and left. As the door slammed behind her Mezian and Gaea could hear her screaming at people to get out of her way, even over the music playing in the bar.


Gaea had come back from the bar, she entered the catacombs and saw Azoth and Aliza standing in the front room in shock as Jessalyn sat there and repeatedly punched the wall. A mixture of blood and mortar ran down the wall. Jessalyn seemed unphased by what was going on. She seemed focused and very angry.

What the hell is going on here? Why is she punching the wall like that?

Gaea looked up at Azoth seeing the black eye that he had most likely from trying to stop Jessalyn from hurting herself.

We tried to stop her, but she punched me in the eye and Aliza in the mouth.

Gaea looked to the left of her to see that Aliza had a swollen lip and a small stream of blood coming from her mouth

She broke her hand twenty minutes into doing this and taught Aliza a healing incantation to fix her hand. Then proceeded to punch her in the face for not doing it right. I am guessing she didn't take meeting Mezian well?

That is an understatement.

Jessalyn continued to punch the wall as the three looked on

How long?

Jessalyn blurted out as she punched the wall

How long has he been alive Gaea?

He...He...Uhh...He never was really dead.

Jessalyn let out a scream as she punched the wall one last time
That motherfucker has been alive this entire time? You knew this and didn't tell me? How am I supposed to trust you with my life if you are going to keep this kind of things from me?

It was never the right time Jess. I could never find the right time to tell you.

So what had to happen did there have to be a certain number of deaths for you to tell me? Did I have to fail a certain number of times, Did I have to almost die a certain number of times? When was the right time to tell me that the only person that I actually gave a fuck about wasn't actually dead Gaea? Huh? when was the right time?

There wasn't a right time Jess I am sorry...

I don't want your sorry Gaea. And if you would excuse me I have a traitorous bitch to hunt down and kill

Jessalyn wrapped up her hand and began to make her way out fo the catacomb. She grabbed a bag she had packed for the trip along the way out.

Jessalyn, she will kill you if you try to face her alone.

At least I will have died for a cause I believe in and not some stupid plan.

I think that the worst part about the idea of closure is that you never really find it. I think that you give yourself this false sense of accomplishment. Like you had done something good, and something positive. In actuality, you had just moved on from a really shitty situation to another really shitty situation. That's how it normally works right?

You go through this really tragic or terrible thing and work to find some sort of peace and solace just to have all of it torn down by the next shitty thing that happens to you. That is how I am feeling right now at this moment of my career. I have had a shitty thing after shitty thing happen to me lately.

VV and I won the titles, we were on fucking cloud nine and then just like that. It was all downhill. We first get beat by some nobodies named the Job Bers. Then, we have to face Apex and we lose our titles in that match. After that I come back from a break and challenge for the Television title and get beat by a walking, talking Mexican stereotype. I mean I have been pretty low on the totem pole that is life but this is pretty goddamn low.

But, sometimes you're given a chance to somehow make all of that "closure" actually count for something. I was given a call about a tourney the company is having. They had an odd amount of people and they needed someone to fill-in. So, of course, I hopped at the chance. I mean a chance to face the likes of Mastermind, Eli James or even Dolly Waters? Who would past that up. Hell, I would have even taken a match against VV, I love that girl to death and I am so proud of what she has done. I would relish the chance to go toe to toe with someone I consider a close friend.

But no, I get Game Girl. Who the fuck is this broad? I mean I might not know every person in the company but, Jesus Christ! How the fuck are we supposed to take them seriously? It doesn't matter I guess. I am being given a chance at something big here guys and I am going to fight my way through to the end. If that means I have to step on Game Girl like some Koopa Troopa to get to the next round then okay I am game. So Let me know what you have to say GG, I'd like to understand you better. I really hate having to fight someone I know nothing about. I mean I have had my fair share of late night Video Game bingeing but you dearest have taken it to a new LEVEL...ah you see what I did there? Anywho I see you soon.


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