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Kid Kool presents -- Shove-It: World War 4!!!
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03-13-2019 03:59 PM

Hello kool katz, it's me, the Federweight champ of the world, the koolest brah in the business today, Kid Kool!! ^_^ I'm issuing a challenge to anyone brave enough to be involved with my very own show, Shove-It: World War 4!! It would involve four rings, with a cage surrounding each and a fifth on top. Four people would be locked inside each of the bottom four cages, the rings' ropes being different colors to represent that group's victory stipulaion, based on what sort of wrestler they are.

The red roped ring would be for hardcore brawlers and would contain weapons along the cage walls, with the wrestlers needing to pin their opponent for the 5 count. The yellow roped ring would be for technical wrestlers, and would require a submission for each elimination. The blue roped ring would be reserved for power wrestlers and would require them to knock their foe out for the ten count. And the green roped ring would be for high-flyers, and would require them to hit their finisher and then take a mic from the ref and see if the opponent quits.

Each group of four would fight under elimination rules, and when the match comes down to the final four [one from each cage, of course], they would each use a ladder to climb up and out of their particular cage, onto the roof and they would meet inside a final cage, with four Elimination Chamber style pods inside, with each containing the men/women who were last elminated. When all eight are in this cage, eliminations would begin; pinfall, submission, ko, anything goes. This cage would contain tables, ladders, and chairs. When the match comes down to the final four, the first person to climb up through the cage roof and grab the 24/7 briefcase suspended above would win.

There would perhaps be two matches on this card. Before the World War 4 match, there could be a special attraction match. An over the top battle royal featuring both XWF legends and famous celebs. This would only take place if we get a few XWF mega-stars to be involved, like James Raven or Centurion for example. This match would simply be for bragging rights. I'm hoping that at least nineteen of you sign up for WW4... it'll rock. ^_^

ooc note: hoping it'd be fine for me to enter myself into the WW4 match.
I'll be writing all of it except the ending, which I'll hand off to an unbiased judge.

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03-13-2019 04:03 PM

So this isn't a thing.

We are not doing Shove Its at the moment. We will make an announcement when we allow them again but in the meantime, no shove its. Period.

EDIT: For future reference, you also need permission to host a shove it and it needs to be agreed upon by staff first. Once you have the approval, then you can host one. Just to clarify, asking to host one and not having a reply saying 'no' does not equal 'yes, you can.'

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