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The Extended Hand of Love
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03-14-2019 01:17 PM

Late in the evening, a human figure is looking on as a forest fire is within a few yards of consuming him up. People are running scared -- some on fire -- trying to find safety in the middle of nowhere. Another person tries to run by the figure watching everything burn, but is stopped by a kick to the stomach.

"You're going the wrong way."

The runner is holding his stomach in pain, looks at the man's feet and see's an empty gasoline can and a blowtorch. He looks up while coughing, trying to catch his breath. The one standing looks down at him.

"Follow the light."

The runner gets up and looks around at a possible solution to get by. The man standing reveals a shotgun he's been holding tightly by his side to the runner.

"If you go towards the darkness, it'll be much worse."

The man slowly turns and faces the screams. He slowly starts to walk towards the fire as the man standing laughs.

Eli wakes up.

"The cleansing."

The area was finally at rest from the several weeks from the rain. Sitting in the middle of two-hundred acres of grass, dirt, and trees was a small house that barely stood. The chipped blue paint and broken windows told the story of its abandonment. The broken pieces of wood that held the home together were ready for someone to pull out like the Jenga game.

A few yards away was a lake that was overflowing thanks to the weeks of the downpour and soaking the surrounding area. Today, the sun finally decided to come out.

A teapot whistles from within the home. Eli is walking outside and looks into the sky, feeling the warmth hit his face. A man walks out of nowhere and stands beside him.

[Image: Ly8ctjJ.jpg]

"All those people. All those screams."

"I did what had to be done, daddy."

"No, son. You had to kill 'em, but you didn't have to make 'em suffer. That was just for your personal damn enjoyment."

"I showed them mercy. If I killed them instantly, they would have no opportunity to ask for forgiveness and remember the wrongs. I just gave them a chance to collect their memories one more time and make things right."

"Your job is to speak the truth and cut off the limbs that aren't producing. Settin' folks on fire ain't your job. That's his..."

"It's ours."

"You're gonna have to remember those voices."

"I know... and to my ears, it's a beautiful symphony that no other could have made."

"If you say so, son."

"I did what you never could. I will forever be the one people know in the unknown. You'll be Eli James III. Just a marking on a tombstone."

"Tombstone? Who said I was dead?"

Eli turns to his father and his smile goes away. Eli James III gives a laugh, similar to what you would hear from a smoker. The son walks closer and the two look at each other face-to-face.

"And what does that mean?... Daddy."

"We can't reveal a secret too early. Just wait."

The father is gone again. Eli James IV squints his eyes and a smile comes back. He tells himself to go get some fresh lemonade. He walks back into his house and fills up a glass of his freshly squeezed lemonade. Then, he removes the teapot off the hot stove and goes outside to his rocking chair that's on the porch.

"The messenger is often the focus when the message should be what's in the light. Even then, only the author truly knows what that message is because we like to share our take on everything. It's why we have different political stances, and within those are further divisions. The heart of the message just fades off like paint on a building. What once was vibrant, fresh, and new is now old, rusty, and dead.

Take for instance the old story, 'The Three Little Pigs.' Is it about the pigs... the wolf... or the houses? Depending on who you ask, you'll get different answers. And those answers may or may not be one of those options... they may go more in-depth. People love to add their take on stories. They may say 'the pigs represent...' or the 'wolf represents.' Sometimes we complicate the simple, and we simplify the complicated.

XWF is another house.

Everyone that's here is just a little pig...

You ran from one place to another, then just happened to end up here. You want championships. You want to prove to the other little pigs you're the best. But the truth is, pigs are filthy animals. They can be difficult to catch unless they end up in a place they can't escape.

Ya see... rushing after a pig will just spook it. You'll make trapping it more difficult. You need to move slow, be calm, and have a bag of goodies for them to chow on. Guide him to the container and the work is done.

In the story... the wolf chased them from two containers that could easily be destroyed. They get to the place that's sturdy. In fiction, the good little pigs beat the old wolf. In reality, the pigs are cornered... but so is the wolf.

The hunter comes in and removes the wolf. And then the hunter removes the pigs.

I burned this place once before. Some little pigs were removed. So were some wolves. There's a few that remain, not because the hunter failed in his job. The hunter let some go just to keep the hunt fun.

Eli looks at his hands and rubs on the scars that were left from his earlier time in the XWF.

"The sacrifice I made for you all... you have no idea what was done. But now I'm here... for a purpose to be carried out. Sarah Lacklan... little girl little girl.... let me in. Hehehe...

Truly, Sarah.. how can a person who loses concentration on a thought within seconds be trusted with a deeper group of thoughts over time? Would you allow a forgetful individual to hide your money? Would you allow an individual that suffers from short-term memory loss to remind you of an important date? So why would someone with sense take Sarah Lacklan's entire talk against someone as true?

Heh. I heard the words you said about me, Sarah, but to be honest I'm worried about your health. Ya see... a person with short-term memory loss could be the beginning of something worse like Alzheimer's and other kinds of dementia. This means you're just starting on a long road of suffering and pain, which means no one here is going to give much care to you. They'll laugh and you'll wonder why. They'll remind you of things that could be true or lie, but you wouldn't know the difference.

But it may not be one of those extremes.

Your problems could be due to stress. Maybe you're stressed that you're facing a man you think you know, but deep down it's a mystery. And that, Sarah, stresses you out not knowing the person.

It could be due to depression. You like to party. So you sit there and drink your problems away, trying to cover up your depression.

It could be anxiety. Perhaps you're just too nervous when you saw my name appear.

I can help restore your mind to wholeness. You won't forget the name of the tournament. In fact, you'll have the common sense to go to the books to see the name instead of trying to use your troubled mind to think of it from your bad memory. Now I know you said this was due to a bad online experience with the people that handle the paperwork. But if you put your bad memory on others or this 'experience' you speak of, then what happens when you lose? Who will you blame? The people who handle the paperwork? The general managers? The owners? The ones who don't exist except within your own mind? You'll be able to remember where your train of thought was and not have to take a second to wonder where you were in your speech. In case you don't recall what I'm talking about, I'll replay it for ya darlin'...

Replay:"I get to go into the second round of this March Madness tournament. At least, I THINK that is what its called? I’m not 100% sure"......

"Wait. Wait. Hold on. My wife is dancing up a storm. One sec…

Good GOD I have the hottest wife on the planet.

Now, where was I?"

"I can help you. I'm able and willing to fix the brokenness that has divided you for some time. I can make you whole again. You just have to ask, Sarah. But like so many others, I tend to sit on the side that you won't accept my offer. You'll ignore the fact you have an issue, play it off on something or someone else, and try your best to fix yourself.

You may think I'm like the other 581 different people you've seen or heard about... heh. But unlike them, everything I've said has come to pass. In everything you tried to say about me, you are just like the others you claim I'm like...

Go through the history books about what's known about me. Of course, you may just blame misinformation on those who handle the paperwork much like your confusion over the tournament name. Regardless, over the many years I've been around, people have come and gone. They all think they are the ones to call out my bluff or end my reign. They all say I'm like this preacher or this gimmick. They try to fit me in their finite mind. Heh. Well, do you know what happened to them, Sarah? They're gone. In fact, many names have faded off and will never be heard from again. Do you know what name is remembered? Eli James.

People came just to hear me talk and try to shut me up. They lost the war. They believed lies and appeared in the limelight to try to take all the glory for themselves. The light went out on their face. Their voices went mute. And from the shadows... was the speaker of truth, who pointed the glory to the only one that deserves it. I handed over championships. I laid my shoulders on the matt. I have proven that a win... a loss... a title... means nothing to me. The only thing that matters is the message I speak and that all will hear. Judgment has come to this place once and many felt the wrath. Only a few still remain, including the one that said it was coming.

Just by you placing me in a mix of goth and MTV shows your ignorance of who I am. But again, I get your confusion. You're just an incomplete individual who needs proper guidance and a fix.

Eli takes another sip of his lemonade and wipes his beard.

"You may misunderstand some of the things I'm trying to say. Everyone has their own language where it's easier to grasp a hold of what's being shared, so perhaps I should speak your language.

SARAH... you MAY THINK I'm a China REMAKE or CLONE of an original IDEA that was MADE from SOMEWHERE ELSE... hehe...

But perhaps everything you've already seen pointed at the one you see now.

I think it's funny you said..."

Replay:"Listen, I KNOW that people like YOU assume that EVERY person from the south looks like that, but I happen to know someone who is literally from the mountains of Arkansas, and while he certainly SOUNDS as uneducated as you, he actually reads the same books that I do! AND listens to Beethoven!

"You do realize I'm from the south, right? You do realize it's people outside the south that usually make those assumptions about us southern folk, don't ya? Why would I think my own kind is uneducated? It seems you're making the assumption because who I am and where I'm from that I'm uneducated... the same thing you think I'm doing?

My dear Sarah, you're mind is shot. You're not making much sense, which I've already explained why.

Go on and think I'm uneducated... and tell me how I'm a mix of this and that. It's nothing I haven't heard before and I'll probably hear it again in my next fight. When people don't know the truth, they go to the little kid inside themselves and try to make sense of it all. Ya' name call. Ya' call me crazy. Ya' call me a hillbilly. I'm not intelligent. I'm trying to be a scary man in the dark like a horror film.

No. I'm just Eli James. I'm a man you can't understand. I'm the one person you'll never be able to label correctly because there are too many layers. You can't even grasp what I reveal, so how can you grasp what I haven't revealed?"

He takes a picture off his table that's Sarah.

"Go on and focus on a trophy and winning tournaments. If that's what 'you do,' then I wonder if you don't win... is that what 'you do'? Let me share some advice... don't put all your energy and focus in on something temporary that's never an absolute truth. If ya do, then you will absolutely fail. Find a purpose that goes outside the championships everyone tries to seek out. All it takes is a strong cleanse to end anyone's reign at the top of the mountain. Everyone falls at some point.

The only thing that will matter in the end is the truth. And that is an absolute that will stand the test of time. Just ask the other champions who are.... 'still around'. See ya soon, my dear Sarah."

[Image: N1KpZEA.jpg]

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