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I'm Feeling Way Too Damn Fuckin Good
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03-12-2019 11:09 PM

We start the scene with a shot of our fearless GOD and ICON of Xtreme, Peter Gilmour sitting on some stairs inside the arena in New Zealand as we are hours away from another WARFARE episode. Peter will take on Tony Santos in a matchup of old veterans. Will Peter get back on the winning track or will Tony derail him once again? Find out tomorrow night on Warfare.

Peter sits on the stairs in a white wifebeater and black jeans. His hair is slick black and flows down his sexy body. Peter looks down then back up at the camera before he begins to talk to us.

Peter: Well Tony, you seem pumped up for our match tomorrow night eh? It's just too damn bad you're not going to win. Why? Because I'm feeling way to fuckin' good right now. I'm ready to beat someone's ass tomorrow night and it begins with you and we'll just see how the rest of the night pans out.

I've heard what you've said in your promos and it doesn't faze me bro. You're nothing to me Tony. You're not even in my league. Your only claim to fame is a TV Title and a mini run with the Xtreme belt back in 2014 I believe. I was a star back in early 2013 and into 2014. I won titles, kicked some ass and started my legacy as the Xtreme Icon.

But that's the past. What have YOU done since Tony? You went under a rock and left the XWF then by some grace of God himself, you crawl out from under that rock and already you get a match. But sadly it was with me, a man who's pissed the fuck off. Poor you eh?

You make fun of my win/loss record but like I said what have YOU done lately? Sure, my win/loss record isn't great but I still work hard every damn week to get better. I am the most consistent member of this roster. Ask anyone. I have done everything there is to do here in the XWF, well, except win that damn TV Title, but I digress. I am a LEGEND here and future Hall of Famer. I'm still on the XWF top 50 for crying out loud. Where are you? Oh right, you're not relevant enough to be on there.

Oh did I strike a chord with you Tony? Yeah, I said it. YOU ARE IRRELEVANT! You think you can waltz back into the XWF and think that you're going to beat me? PUH-LEAZE! The day that happens is the day Justin Beiber actually has balls because we all know he's a bitch. But I digress.

You mock my catchphrase. Heh, bad move buddy. I tell all my opponents to suck my SUPER DICK. I don't mean it literally because my wife Maria does that for me on a daily basis.

Speaking of her, I talked to her the other night and she's resting up in her little commode in Las Vegas still writing her next masterpiece called "MOTHER". I hope to see her soon but I got to let her do her own thing for a while. But don't worry I got my plans in order. Just don't tell her ok? Heh..

Tony, you can mock my catchphrase ,think I'm fat, I'm full of myself, whatever you like. The fact is, I'm going to whip your old ass all over that ring and put your name on my list of has beens I've beaten. You're just a speed bump on my road of destruction and I'll roll over you easily.

You talk about the conspiracies going around here and why every time I'm in the ring something bad happens. It's true, I should be Universal Champion 5 times over or at least have gold around my waist. But the assholes in XWF management feel the need to fuck me over every single week and I've had enough. I have other options so I could leave here anytime I wanted and the XWF will lose it's cash cow. It's ratings will plummet and the XWF will be no more. 20 years it's been I think that the XWF has been around. I've been around for almost a decade here in the XWF. I've had a great run here. I fought tons of legends here like James Raven, Andy Centurion Cortinovis, the Ryan Brothers, Sebastian Duke. I've teamed with great partners like the nefarious Brother McBride, Poppa Feder and Unknown Soldier. Hell I even beat the owner of this fuckin' fed Vincent Lane! And don't forget I AM A JOHN BROWN GUY! He brought me in back in 2010 and then again in 2012 I believe. My memory isn't so good so bear with me.

But for all those years, I've been picked on, ridiculed, made fun of, had my managers and those I've fucked and loved leave me. I then married Maria Brink who later was abducted by Frodo and given AIDS. Thankfully, I found a cure for that and she's healthy as a bee. But I digress.

It all ends tomorrow night Tony. The conspiracies against me will all end. Tomorrow night, the XWF gets taken to the Xtreme and nobody is safe. Not even the commentators! You're just another fuckin' victim Tony. I'm gonna carve you up and leave a giant blood stain in the middle of that very ring.

I'll agree with you on one thing Tony. We both have our flaws but we learn from them and move on. Maybe I haven't but those will end tomorrow night. I eagerly await to face you in that ring. As I said before, I am going to rip you to shreds and put you back in the nursing home where you belong. You're no match for me Tony. but bring your best because I will do the same.

But when the dust settles, I will be the one with my hand raised in victory and I will move on with my career whether it be here in the XWF or somewhere else. Tomorrow night Tony Santos, you meet your end. You meet your maker and you meat your DEATHSTRIKE! I'll be happy to break your fuckin' neck into many pieces and put you out of wrestling for good.

Tony Santos, see you in the ring tomorrow night. And after I beat you, I will tell you to SUCK.. MY.. DICK! See you soon.. BITCH!

Peter smiles wickedly as he gets up and walks out of the shot. The scene then begins to FADE TO BLACK!


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