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PlaceMarker Training Day... Raph and Van Style
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03-12-2019 11:58 PM

"Damn Donovan! I knew you were Mr. Fancy Pants but a pedicure?"

Raphael's words come as a shock to Donovan, causing him to shoot a glance down to his feet. Which were bare. Seeing that Raphael was already barefoot in the ring, Donovan obviously felt the need to follow suit. Why wear shoes when your training buddy chose not too? Although as soon as Donovan's attention is drawn away, that's when Raph steals the opportunity to strike. With a roundhouse kick that sends Donovan flying across the ring!

"What the hell, Raphael?!?!"

"What? Were you waiting for a bell? Gotta learn to think on your toes little brother."

"Little brother???"

Getting to his feet, Donovan releases an annoyed huff.

"I was born two seconds after you."

"Still makes you younger than me."


Eye roll to end all eye rolls. Donovan joins his brother in the center of the ring.

"Hey don't get mad at me cause you let yourself get distracted by my question."

"I couldn't help it, your question caught me off guard. It got me curious as to what would make you ask such a thing, so I looked at my feet."

First a right hook and then a left jab, Raph blocks both attempts.

"Uh-huh. Sounds like a guilty conscience to me. So exactly how long have you been getting pedicures?"

"Fuck off. I don't get pedicures."

Knee lift to the ribs. Raphael avoids contact again and swiftly takes Donovan down with a leg sweep.

"Don't sweat it. You're metro-sexual, I get it. You use three types of hair products, moisturize and get mani-pedis. It's cool."

Kip up. Donovan is back to his feet.

"Please. I only do two out of three of those things. And getting pedicures isn't one of them."

Quick combo. A right, then a left, with an immediate knee strike.

"Meh. There's still time. I'm sure you'll come around to getting those eventually."

While Raphael blocks everything that was delivered, Donovan mixes things up afterwards and fakes an attempt for another right hook but really goes left, this time he manages to catch Raph. Following it up with a right jab and a side russian legsweep. Zero hesitation, Donovan places Raphael into an ankle lock.

"Ambitious. I like it."

Raphael shifts his body on the canvas, putting his weight onto his hands, he pushes up into almost a handstand position, actually lifting Donovan off of the canvas a little in the process. Enough to cause Donovan to become startled and loosen his grip. Then with his free foot, Raphael pivots his body, thrusts and manages to kick his brother in the head. A maneuver that requires both strength, strenuous stretching and dexterity. That paid off in the end because now Raphael was free from the hold.

"Unfortunately, you don't have the proper strength, backing your moves."

A slight smirk, Raphael rises.

"You do outweigh me by forty three poun..."

Taken down by a spear from Raphael. Donovan's back crashes into the ring post and Raphael lifts him into an instant Gorilla Press. The thunderous noise of Donovan's body hitting the canvas can be heard echoing throughout the empty gym.

"Fuck me!"

Half groaning, half laughing Donovan looks up at his brother, who stares down at him on the canvas and flicks his wrist. Raphael flies across the ring and hits the ropes. Another kip up, Donovan stands ready and in wait for when Raphael bounces off the ropes and returns to him. Soaring right into a clothesline, Raphael stumbles back but does not fall. Still he doesn't expect Donovan to follow that up with a drop kick either. Raphael collides with the canvas and within seconds, Donovan is back to his feet, but not for long. For as soon as he stands, he delivers a standing senton. Executed with perfection. It connects with epic results. A figure four leg lock, shortly comes after this.

"You dick! You used your powers!"

"It was never specified that I couldn't do that."

Laughter fills Donovan's voice as he pulls the hold tighter.

"Oh, so it's like that, huh?"

An instant tap from Raph, both brothers get to their feet at the same time. Just as soon as they do, Raphael transforms into solid steel.

"Fine by me. Lets really do this then."

This forces a nervous chuckle from Donovan as he slightly backs up and raises his hands in front of himself.

"Hey now, lets not get carried away here. We're training to face humans, remember?"

"You started it."

There wasn't time for a response, Raphael immediately hits Donovan with a spear. That's twice he's done that now. Once again, Donovan's back crashes into the ring post, except this time, a powerbomb treads on the heels of that move. Then an elbow drop subsequently occurs, that leaves Donovan completely winded afterwards. Instant force field in place, blocking any more hits from Raphael, Donovan gets up slowly, fighting to breathe he sends his brother careening off to the ropes. However, on this occasion, when he returns to Donovan, he's flying back as a solid steel bulldozer. Luckily, Donovan regained his ability to intake air normally, so he's ready with a head scissors takedown. Amplified with his force powers, Donovan is able to bring Raphael directly to the canvas. With ease. If Donovan crashing to the canvas was thunderous before, Raphael hitting it, while in full steel mode, was damn near deafening. Like a tank smashing directly into the canvas of a wrestling ring. It was really a wonder how the ring didn't cave in when that happened.

"Come on! Raph! This is ridiculous!"

Total error on Donovan's part to stop and attempt that plea. He would soon come to realize this, when Raphael regains an upright vertical position and punches him dead in the face. This wasn't a normal human punch. It did not yield a normal human result either. Donovan flies across the ring, hits the ropes and springs back, towards a stiff arm clothesline. Which he avoids with a duck and a roll, yet still manages to catch a backhanded punch, when he pops up to his feet. A punch that collapses him to the canvas from its sheer impact. Holding his jaw, Donovan winces as he very apparently resets it back into place.

"Oh fuck this shit."

He spits out two teeth.

"You wanna play. Fine. Lets play."

With a hand raised, Donovan gingerly rises while maintaining a force field and then, he punches straight down into the canvas. The wave of force projects outward from that punch so strongly, it not only sends Raphael flying from the ring, it also topples over all the gym equipment that's surrounding the ring as well. Soaring like a torpedo, Raphael soon discovers himself smashing through a wall. In a heap of wall debris and dust, laying flat on his back on the other side, he starts to laugh.

"Shit! You straight up nuclear blasted me without the radiation!"

Still laughing, Raphael picks himself off of the floor, knocking the bits of wood and plaster fragments away. Transitioning back to flesh, he tussles a hand through his own hair in order to remove the dust that had infiltrated it, when he returned to his normal form. By this point Donovan was walking towards him with a smirk.

"To be fair you did dislocate my jaw and knock out two teeth."

"Nice. Same two as before?"

"Sorta. Still the top row, this time on the other side though."

Donovan flashes a smile briefly, revealing two very visibly missing teeth on the top row.

"You know I'd kill you if I didn't know these things would grow back."

"You can get teeth put back. All you have to do is put them in a cup of milk and go to the dentist."

The words make Donovan snicker as he shakes his head.

"You're such an asshat."

"Still wanna train?"

"Oh absolutely. Only I suggest that from now on, we use our powers intermittently."


With that both brothers walk back to the ring, still somewhat chuckling at the chaos that was caused in the wake of their training session, thus far.

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