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Active Roster Taken Pic Bases
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03-11-2019 04:46 PM

NOTE: Entrance music and finisher(s) will be added at some point.

All duplicate pic bases made before this rule are exempt

- Oldest to newest members -

"Loverboy" Vinnie Lane - Jani Lane
Theo Pryce - Tom Hiddleston
Jackson Jefferson - Eric Bischoff
Arnold "Chubby" Fletcher - Penn Jillette
Smoking Bob Williams - Sorrel Brooke as Boss Hogg
Atticus Black - Patrick Stewart

ALUMNI (Alphabetical, incomplete)

"Chronic" Chris Page - Chris Jericho

"Dark Warrior" Michael Graves - Mortis / Vampiro / Danzig

Cardyn Tiberius - Kevin Bacon

Doctor Louis D'Ville - Anthony Hopkins

Eli James - Bray Wyatt

Famine of the Vile - Rob Zombie

Game Girl / Game Boy - Ramona Flowers / Scott Pilgrim (Scott Pilgrim series)

Gator - Deadpool / Joe Gilgun

James Raven - Ryan Reynolds

Jim Caedus - "Hangman" Adam Page

John Madison - Joachim Phoenix

John Samuels - Idris Elba

K Money - Chino XL

Luca Arzegotti - Lil' Peep

Mark Flynn - Daniel Bryan

Morbid Angel - Glen Benton

Robbie Bourbon - Raiden (King of Fighters)

Roxy Cotton - Ivy Ferguson

Scorpio - Sting (Surfer)

Sean Graves - Michael Easton

Sebastian Duke - The Undertaker (Ministry of Darkness)

Shane Carver - (Crow) Sting

Sid Feder - Dan Spivey

Steve Davids - Jason Mamoa

The Engineer - Dutch Hutchinson

Trax - D'Angelo Dinero

Unknown Soldier - Per Yngve Ohlin AKA Dead

Weapon: Ashen / Judas Iscariot - Johnny Depp (Once Upon A Time In Mexico)

ACTIVE ROSTER (Oldest to Newest)


Peter Gilmour - Kevin Owens (But sometimes Adam Cole)

Tony Santos - Mike Hrancia

John Black - MF Doom

Tommy Wish - Raven (ECW and WCW era)

Drew Archyle - Dean Ambrose

Drezdin - Hollywood Hogan (nWo)

Thaddeus Duke - Tom Holland

Mingermind - Undertaker (American Badass)

Azrael Erebus - Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy series)

Griffin MacAlister - Norman Reedus

The Brothers Blackwater
- Donovan - Andrew Scott
- Raphael - Cameron Monaghan
- Ezra - Matthew Gray Gubler

Robert "The Omega" Main - Ryan Hurst

Zane Norrison - Andy Biersack

Vita Valenteen - Portia Perez

Lux - Benjamin Wadsworth / Grimes

Mastermind - Undertaker (Modern Era)

Dolly Waters - Chloe Grace Moretz

Sarah Lacklan - Dakota Fanning

"Notorious" Ned Kaye - AJ Styles

Centurion - Tom Cruise

Big D - John Cena

Bearded War Pig - Himself

Noah Jackson - Chuck Taylor

Brian Storm - Roy "Big Country" Nelson

Maxine - Nicole Bass

"Big Beautiful" Bobbi London - Rebel Wilson

Fuzz - Eminem

'The Amazing' Ashley Ackles - Facebrooke / Steph De Lander

Valerie Sky - Rosemary

Rebel Star - Sky Ferreira

Steve Justice - The Messiah (XPW)

Mercury - Nicholas Hoult

Jason Rayne - Randy Orton

Elias York - Samuel Barnett

"Box Office" Brian O'Haire - ???

"The Destructive Beast" Kieran Overton - Kevin Owens

Cambyses - Cagatay Ulusoy

Liam Roberts - Yungblud

Jim Jimson - ???

Boris - Boris (Youtube)

[Image: V3i33MC.png]
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