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Shoot 1: In The Ring
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03-12-2019 07:13 PM

The camera's come on as XWF crews are putting together the Warfare set in New Zealand, prepping for the pyro and graphics test run before the biggest event to ever happen in that spitball of a country goes live.

Chris Chaos is standing in the ring with a mircophone, wearing a pair of jeans and an XWF Tee Shirt with the letters struck through. Underneath the crossed out letters it said CHAOS in bold, with wings on the C and the S.

Sunglasses atop his head and pumas on his feet he brings the mic to his mouth.

"I am here today to say this because they won't let me say it on the real show. No, no no no if I tried this at Warfare they would bring down the censorship hammer, cut my mic, go to commercial, have me escorted out, you name it. They don't want to hear the truth Jim, and I am pretty sure you don't either. For those of you at home who do, get your DVR's ready because this is about to be XWF history."

*clears throat*

"Jim, I have to say that I am disappointed in you. Pure and simple, not mad, not upset with, no ill will, just disappointed in you. I brought to light how badly you were treated on the broadcast the night you transformed into a pre-pubsecsent girl in front of all of our eyes, but it runs deeper than that. Oh so much deeper. The snakes are out, and they are hissing. They smell prey, but their prey doesn't even notice them.

Jim, I wasn't wrong about the smack talk after you left. I was there, I heard it, I participated in it. Jim Caedus went from champion to punchline in the blink of an eye and nobody cared. They don't like you, Jim, they never did. They may lick your ass in the ring, but you better believe they can't stand you outside of it. They don't like you because they can't control you.....or at least, they couldn't. They want to micromanage and pull the strings, they want their puppets, and you weren't one. It's all politics here, Jim. Play their game and they will give you the world. Go against them, even once, and your a pariah for the remainder of your time here. Just look at how they treat their most loyal, the Gilmour's, The Drezdin's. Look at how they treat the ones who have given them everything they have, even if that everything isn't all that good. They treat them like crap because they feel they are bigger than the roster. Bigger than you, Jim, and bigger than me. There is no love here, only dictation. It took me a while to see it--too long honestly---but now that I see it I am sick to my stomach from it.

But, I'll live.

What makes me even sicker is the fact that you are playing right into their hands. You are a part of their game, eating out of their palm, and its nauseating. Jim, you don't believe me, walk right into Vinnie's office, talk to his mail-order bride who seems to be more tits than brains, and ask her what the end game is. I bet she can't tell you.....

....or at least, she won't.

Do you want to be a pawn, or be a star? You are going to blend right back into the APEX ranks and "fall in" like a good little foot soldier, but there is no way you can get ahead. Main has you brainwashed. You aren't his brother, his pal, his chum, his're barely his associate. You're his insurance policy. You are hired strictly to keep me away from winning the Universal Title for second time and once you do just that, life will go back to normal.

Just what is "normal"?

It's Jim Caedus bowing down to a man he helped to make and being the only member of the only stable left WITHOUT gold. Do you really think Main will give you a title shot? No. He will keep telling you how you guys are family and how important you are, all while rubbing his dick on the title he doesn't deserve to have playing cards with Darius and Vinnie while talking about how dumb you are. That is how life works around here, Jim. I am the wrench in their system, I am the kink in the armor. They don't want me as their champion, hell I don't even think they want me on the roster anymore. You're like the end of a bread loaf, Jim. Everyone touches you but nobody wants you. Join the club.

It has been a tumultuous week or so for you, hasn't it? You came out firing on all cylinders and looked to be back and better than ever, but the tides have turned. The table has flipped. The cards have been shuffled. Jim, you were exposed as a cry baby bitch but I think what hurt more than that to you was the idea that your friend isn't really your friend.

Isn't it?

You think I am dumb, Jim? I hear ramblings, I hear whispers. I know things. You were planning on checking out SEE, the new upstart company that has signed some high level and some mid level former XWF stars as of late. My girlfriend, Jenny, being one of them. You were pondering the idea because XWF has run stale, and maybe you could do a champion there--because lets face it they are still getting their feet under them and there is nobody on that roster that is on your level--AND you could stay here and be a roleplayer. The world was good for Jim. But, your friend Main ran and told, didn't he? He told XWF brass about the idea and they shut it down. I don't know what was said to you, and I don't care. I just know that you were out the door but they reeled you back in.........with what promise? Stardom? There's none to have. A title shot? Dolly will get one before you do. More money? Vinnie can barely keep his cable on. What was it Jim? What did they promise you? Was it a sloppy BJ?
[OOC: Paragraph Disqualified for being very clearly OOC. Be thankful it was just this paragraph.

Come on, be honest, it was a sloppy BJ wasn't it?

They know you are unstable. They can promise you the world, Jim, but when have they ever given you what you wanted? Hell the REASON you held the Universal Title when you did was because you CASHED IN on Gabe Reno. They shut down Colton Kato when he didn't do what they wanted, and they allowed you to cash in your briefcase and steal a title. They told you it would be all roses, but in the long run it was simple dandelions. Weeds. So Jim, the ball is in your court. I know you are going to stay here, but I do caution you to watch your back. I do caution you to be careful. I know you won't. Just like I know you won't just lay down and let me win this match, you'll make me earn it.

Just know this.

If you win, Jim, if you defeat me the 5th time and block me from the Universal Title shot I deserve because of some bullshit politics, then you won't have to deal with Chris Chaos anymore. If you beat me Jim, I am done in the XWF. Where will I go? Who knows. But you won't have to worry about me anymore.

However, if you drop this match to me, and Chris Chaos finally gets his redemption, and goes on to the Pay Per View to beat Robert Main. Chris Chaos becomes the Universal Champion and Jim Caedus is left to figure out where his real loyalty lies.

Key words. Loyalty. Lies.

It's a win-win for me, Jim, but I guess its time to find out if its a win-win to you.

Welcome to hell.

Chris drops the mic, static echoing through the arena as the screen goes black.

[Image: SdjAVp2.gif]
[Image: hU0hF09.gif]
[Image: hU0hF09.gif]
[Image: hU0hF09.gif]
[Image: hU0hF09.gif]
[Image: hU0hF09.gif]
[Image: hU0hF09.gif]
[Image: hU0hF09.gif]
[Image: hU0hF09.gif]
[Image: BZw0uN5.gif]

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