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XWF Classic: 2005
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03-10-2019 07:26 PM

FEB 17- Thursday Night Anarchy
Click Here!

FEB 27- Turning Point PPV
Click Here!

MAR 27- Devastation PPV
Click Here!

OCT 30- Autumn in Hell PPV
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The People’s G.O.A.T.

3x Universal Champion, 3x World Champion, 9x Xtreme Champion, 1x Hart Champion, 2x Phoenix Champion, 1x Women’s Champion (lol), 1x Federweight Champion, 1x Heavymetalweight Champion, 5x Tag Team Champion
(w/ Aidan Collins, Roxy Nova, Mia Sanchez, Big Shank, Drew Archyle/Robert Main)

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#4 on XWFs “Top 50” List
2009 Rookie of the Year
2009 Face of the Year
2010 Heel of the Year
8x Star of the Month
2x Star of the Year (2009/‘10)
2x Feud of the Year (2010/‘11 w/ Big Shank)
2017 High Stakes Winner
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06-02-2021 05:12 AM

The Best Of 2005 Recap Show
Click Here!

Main Event: T-Money, Kid Money, & Juggalo Vs Lee Stone, Christian Connolly, and Trent Gein. HellDome

Thursday Night Anarchy
July 7th, 2005

Click Here!

Main Event: Christian Connolly Vs Sewaside

Monday Night Massacre
October 10, 2005

Click Here!

Main Event: Vash Justice & Christian Connolly Vs Darkhan & Nick Nitro

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XWF Record - 190-79-9
XWF All Time Wins Record Holder
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Inaugural XWF IDL Champion
2x XWF Anarchy Champion
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1x and current UGWC World Champion
1x UGWC Conquest Champion
2x UGWC Cross-Hemisphere Champion
1x XWF Hart Champion
6x XWF X-Treme Champion
5x XWF Tag Team Champion
3x XWF World Champion
8x XWF Canadian Champion (Record for most Canadian Title reigns)
2x XWF United States Champion
1x XWF King of Anarchy
1x XWF King of Massacre
1x XWF Stable Champion
XWF Star Of The Month - May 2007
XWF Star Of The Month - July 2009
XWF Star Of The Month - December 2019
XWF Star Of The Month - December 2021
XWF Holiday Battle Royal Winner - 2007

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