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Information regarding next warfare after PPV
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02-27-2019 12:10 PM

Okay guys. I just want to keep you all in the loop. With next Warfare being the last Warfare before the March Madness Pay Per View on the 31st March.

The next Warfare after the Pay Per View will be 17th April so I will be opening an opt in booking thread for that Warfare on 27th March - 4 days out from the PPV - It will be open for 4 days until the actual date of the PPV so we can post the card and give you all 10 days to promo before we get back into the bi weekly grind.

I know 4 days may not be enough to decide if you wish to opt in but we need to keep moving. That is why i thought I would give you all a heads up. We will deal with numbers closer to the time.
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