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Wednesday Warfare: Bi-Weekly Show Sarah Lacklan
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Low Effort
TITLE - Universal Champion

XWF FanBase:
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02-19-2019 11:45 PM


In-Ring Name: Sarah Lacklan

Wrestler's Real Name: Sarah Selena Grey-Lacklan

Nickname: The Blood Princess, the Firestarter, Rule 63 Thanos

New to XWF or a returning roster member?: New

Wrestler Date of Birth: 1/1/98

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 145 lbs

Hometown: Born and raised in Maine, now residing in Hollywood Hills, CA

Personality: Conflicted Cultist

Looks Description: Short albino

Ethnicity: New England Caucasian

Pic Base, if any: Dakota Fanning

[Image: GS066MQ.png]

In-Ring Appearance: The "Main Event Sar" outfit includes a green and red top which featuring a glittering phoenix, short red and green shorts, heavy black knee braces,and heeled boots. She wears a long robe of varying colors to the ring which typically features feathers along the collar and wrists, with her notable robes being a red and green affair with tall peacock feathers (seen below), a black and silver robe lined with raven feathers, and a white and gold robe with faux pigeon feathers. Wears thick contact lenses when wrestling.

[Image: KKvN9Rsm.jpg]

Out of Ring Appearance: Sarah is typically seen wearing clothing of her own design, often inspired by the turn of the 20th century. Red and black dresses, hats, parasols, veils over her face, and far too much makeup.

~Jewelry~ She is often adorned with jewelry, including a silver net in her hair, large earrings, dazzled finger armor, and a diamond-encrusted spider that hangs from her navel (a cherished gift from Kenzi)

~Tattoos~ Right shoulder is dominated by a well-shadowed white mask filled with cracks and purple eyes (her father's mask, inked to commemorate her first win in 2017); Left shoulder features a cross inside of a sunburst (the symbol for the Path of the Light Church, inked to commemorate her first World Championship in 2019); the date of her wedding day (8-26-17) in an "intimate" location

[Image: WMhr4kIm.jpg]

Strengths: 2nd generation wrestler, intelligent, manipulative, vicious kicks, tag team specialist

Weaknesses: Physically weak in comparison to most wrestlers, severe trust issues, arrogant to a fault

Interesting Facts:

Is both a terrible and talented driver
Handwriting is naturally Comic Sans
Super duper blind without her glasses
Trained in singing, ballet, piano, and painting
Competed in cheer and swim in school
Loves children
Has many animals but is particularly known for her love of pigeons, bunnies, and spiders
Experienced horse-rider
Advocate for cancer research
Over-plans things to the point of minutiae
Talented with spreadsheets and slideshow software
Hosted a podcast called "PrincessTwilightSexyFang" from ages 12-21 which documented much of her athletic and artistic pursuits
Talented in mimicry and can perform surprisingly accurate impressions of her peers
Proud member and supporter of the "Free the Nipple" Movement
A notorious note-taker, she is constantly writing in a book or on a legal pad about her observations of people, places, and situations. Those close to her know that her "Relationship Notebook" about Kenzi is several volumes long
A talented seamstress, she designs and sews most of her own clothes
Has been known to wake up "bored"
Interested in linguistics and etymology
Insists words be pronounced "correctly." Over emphasizes the H after W, you can hear the apostrophe in Hawai'i, etc
Her favorite book is Les Miserables
Fluent in French
Once outswam a helicopter


"Eyes on ME!"
"Oh...and ANOTHER thing!"
"I won't stop until I'm legend."
"Speaking as a (literally anything) Expert..."
"Let me tell you about (literally anyone)..."
"Mind the Flames"
"First of all..."

Entrance Theme Music:"Moonlight Sonata (3rd Movement)" performed by Eric Calderone




The lights go out as a red spotlight shines down on the entrance ramp as a metal version of the Moonlight Sonata plays. Sarah calmly walks out onto the ramp and stops, taking the time to look at the crowd. As the guitars play, she slowly walks down the ramp, careful to avoid the touch of any fans, with an arrogant sneer on her face. As she approaches the ring steps, she carefully climbs them before entering the ring. She then climbs onto the closest turnbuckle and sits on top of it, waiting for the match to proceed.

5 or More Commonly Used, Standard Moves:

Sarah is a Super Junior who focuses on kicks and grounding opponents with joint submissions, particularly focusing on the arm to set up her Pigeonwing submission. When fighting, Sarah focuses on reversals and counter moves, rarely going on the offense until she has been able to wear down an opponent or capitalize on a mistake. Her strikes are vicious, typically looking to attack joints to counter offense. She very rarely climbs or runs the ropes, instead preferring to keep everyone grounded.


Open hand palm strikes
Snap kicks
High kicks
Muay Tai clinch knees
Elbows from the mount on the ground
Knee strikes in the corner


Snap vertical suplex
Brain buster
Drop toe
Arm wringer/snap


Fujiwara arm bar
Triangle choke
Knee bar
Leg scissor body lock
Finger breakers

Combo moves

Arm drag into arm locks
Dropkick to knee followed by several stomps
Around the world stomp - Starting at an opponent's head, she stomps all around there body; i.e. head, shoulder, stomach, leg, knee, then up the other side
Bearhug headbutts - Adapted from her step-mother, she holds the opponent in a bearhug and slams her head into them repeatedly
Snapmare -> Kick to back -> Penalty Kick

Trademark Move(s):

1) The Mark of Cain - A Shining Wizard knee strike, an homage to her father

[Image: xsffWJR.gif]

2) Supergirl Punch - Typically the only time she uses a closed fist, the move is inspired by the first time she and Kenzi got arrested when she knocked out a police officer.

[Image: 0SWgPmw.gif]

3). Arm Breaker - Sarah twists an arm that has been worked on, brings it up to her shoulder, and then slams the elbow the wrong way across her shoulder in an attempt to hyperextend it.

[Image: l2F7gR0.gif]

Finishing Move(s):

1) The Abyss - Reverse DDT.

[Image: Fxbg2Q5.gif]

2) The Pigeonwing - A Crossface Chicken Wing with Grapevine

[Image: Bus6B4k.gif]

3) Poison Mist - Another homage to her father, she spews red mist in an attempt to blind or choke an opponent.

[Image: reuBGQX.gif]

Favorite Hardcore Attacks/Spots: Sarah abhors using weapons in matches, considering them to be "garbage" and hardcore matches to be "garbage matches." However, she is adept at using the environment to her advantage, including removing turnbuckle pads, using the ring steps, removing floor pads, and throwing people into security barriers.

XWF Bio: Sarah joined the XWF as a competitor in the King of the Ring tournament in 2019. She was able to defeat Donovan Blackwater, Eli James, Lux, and Dolly Waters on her way to the crown. She then led Team Big D into a War Games victory, as both a survivor and Team MVP, won the newly activated Anarchy Championship at Leap of Faith, and then was joined by spouse Kenzi Grey-Lacklan in the 2019 Tag Tournament where they won both the tournament and the Tag Team Championships at Relentless. After being defeated for the titles by the Sick Cunts, she left the company after pledging herself "exclusive" to a rival organization. However, six months later, her "freelancer" spirit took over and she again hit the road, including returning to the XWF to compete at Leap of Faith and to assist Ruby Debauchy on Anarchy. She won the 24/7 Briefcase in the Leap of Faith Rafters Match and then cashed in on Shawn Warstein at the end of the show, successfully winning the Universal Championship.

Full Bio: Sarah is a full-time wrestler who is usually seen in the company of her spouse, Kenzi Grey-Lacklan. The daughter of journeyman wrestler and founder of the Path of the Light Church, the departed Jean-Paul Lacklan, Sarah is a second generation wrestler currently in her third year of competition. Sharing her father's free spirit, she considers herself a freelancer, and delights in traveling the world to fight in tournaments and experience as much of the wrestling world as she can. Along with actively wrestling, Sarah has expressed an interest in learning to run wrestling shows as a groundwork for a future promotion, as well as supporting her wife's non-wrestling Hollywood career.

While Sarah spent the majority of her career vlogging her life on the PrincessTwilightSexyFang podcast, she has become quiet and distrustful of others after the revelation that her best friend, Angie Vaughn, was secretly an unknown sister. Since that time, she has pushed away all of her friends, outside of Kenzi, and has become more aggressive and angry in everyday life. Much of the "fun" that exuded from Sarah has taken a backseat to the anger she holds for Angie, and much of her time seems to be taken up by thinking about ways to permanently injure her sister. Recently, it has been noted that she has often been seen in the company her step-mother Aveline Lacklan, former UGWC wrestler and the leader of the Path of the Light Church.

Current Record: 126-60-9


Empire Pro Tag Team (w/ Kenzi Grey-Lacklan)
UGWC Cooperative (w/ Kenzi Grey-Lacklan)
UGWC Cross-Hemisphere
XWA 24/7 Hardcore
XWF Federweight (x3)
XWF Anarchy Heavyweight
XWF Tag Team (w/ Kenzi Grey-Lacklan)
UGWC World Heavyweight
DTW Eternal Warfare
APW Hardcore
Revo1 World Champion
XWF Universal
XWF 24/7 Briefcase

Tournament victories:

UGWC WrestleStock '17
XWF King of the Ring '19
XWF War Games Survivor (MVP) '19
UGWC Oultast '19
XWF Tag Team Tournament '19 (w/ Kenzi Grey-Lacklan)
Trinity Revival '20
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Low Effort
TITLE - Universal Champion

XWF FanBase:
The 'cool' kliq fans

(booed by casual fans; opportunistic; often plays dirty while setting the trends)

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07-29-2020 07:45 PM

XWF Record



Universal (Current, 0 defenses)
Tag Team (w/ Kenzi Grey, 1 defense)
Anarchy (2 defenses)

Tournament Victories

March Madness '19
Tag Team '19

Other Accolades

War Games Survivor '19
24/7 Briefcase Holder
Federweight Champion (x3)
Newcomer of the Year Award ('19)

Match and Promo history:

Date Show Opponent Outcome Promo(s) Word Count
3/9/19 Savage Donovan Blackwater Win Driving Miss Craxy
Of Gods and Men
3/16/19 Savage Eli James Win Take a rap, fellows, find her an empty lap, fellows
Oh, FFS. You're THAT guy?!
3/31/19 March Madness Lux (Semifinals)
Dolly Waters (Finals)
#FuckDolly...sober, this time...
A Day in the Life
Of Shitty Takes and Bluffs
Cool Comics Presents
"I am a PERFECT driver!"
*20 Panel Comic*
4/18/19 Anarchy R. L. Edgar Win Presidential Hashtag 1000
5/2/19 Anarchy Kuda Win Shine 1000
5/16/19 Anarchy Ruby Draw Inspiration 1000
5/26/19 War Games w/ Team Big D Win (MVP) On The Subject of War
Of Workouts, Video Games, and Fanny Packs
5/30/19 Anarchy Vita Valenteen Win Survivors 1000
6/8/19 Savage Robbie Bourbon vs. Barney Green Loss KILL YOUR DARLINGS
6/13/19 Anarchy Mastermind Win Blood Sport Princess 1000
6/27/19 Anarchy Hootie the Owl Win BOW! Chicka BOW BOW BOW! 1000
7/11/19 Anarchy Mini Morbid Win Marketing Genius 1000
7/13/19 Savage Hanari Carnes Win Scavenger Hunt
To scratch the surface - but never look deeper in - the fate of losers
7/28/19 Leap of Faith The Drezdin Open Win For the Love of Shoes, Part I: The Drezdin $50k Open
For the Love of Shoes, Part II
7/28/19 Leap of Faith Noah Jackson Win Rule 63 Thanos 1000
8/15/19 Anarchy Vita Valenteen Win Upchuck 1000
8/29/19 Anarchy Zane Norrison Win 2319
8/31/19 Savage w/ Kenzi vs. Noah Jackson/Fuzz Win First!
Of Strawberries and Marshmallows
9/14/19 Savage w/ Kenzi vs. Slater/Famine of the Vile Win DSSS
Ga(y)la: Of Tryhards and Clowns
9/27/19 Relentless Vita Valenteen Win Mixed Media
9/29/19 Relentless w/ Kenzi vs. Hanari Carnes/Steve Justice Win Relentless Be Careful 2997
10/17/19 Anarchy Zane Norrison Draw The Pigeons Come Home to Roost - Interlude
10/19/19 Savage Griffin MacAlister Win Three Questions
10/31/19 Anarchy BigD vs. Noah vs. Mastermind Loss Clever Girl
11/15/19 Anarchy Ruby Loss Rest
12/1/19 Lethal Lottery Ruby Loss Inevitable
12/14/19 Savage w/ Kenzi vs. Big D/Ned Kaye Win 8.5%
On the Subject of ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
12/28/19 Savage Fuzz Loss Manifest Destiny: A Prelude
Dear Sir
1/27/20 CuntFest w/ Kenzi vs. Fuzz/Noah Loss Planet of the Cunts, Part I
Planet of the Cunts, Part IV
6/25/19 Anarchy w/ Ruby vs. the THUGS Win #TeamSaRuby, Part I
7/23/20 Anarchy Jenny Myst Win “WHY IS THERE AN ALLIGATOR?!”
7/26/20 Leap of Faith Leap of Faith Rafter Match Win Mahalo
Best. 23rd. Birthday. Party. Ever.
”Buraddo Purinsesu!”
7/26/20 Leap of Faith Fuzz (24/7 Briefcase Cash-In) Win Secret Promo #1, linked within LoF #2: Bonjour
Secret Promo #2, linked within LoF #3: Sayonara
Secret Promo #3, on the CD Board: CoolTube Presents
8/19/20 Warfare Peter Gilmour (Universal Championship) "Give it to me, Peter!"
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