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the deadline has passed
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02-13-2019 10:58 PM

For your after hours entertainment.

{Zach Scott's busty, blonde girlfriend, Natalie; walks into the room with a Valentines Day card for her "man angel."}

Zach: What is that? I'm your man angel.

Natalie: I got you a valentine, babe!

Zach: Let me see that shit. It says some nice shit. I don't care, this Valentine's Day is shit. Where are my truffles?

{Zach Scott gazes upon his disappointment of a gift and throws it against the kitchen wall.}

Natalie: Oh no! Your strawberry truffles are in the ca-

{Zach puts Natalie out like a light with his most impressive knee to the face where he runs off the wall with his educated feet.}
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