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A Funeral and a meeting in the park
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02-12-2019 07:29 PM

Date: 2/11/2019
Time: 10:00 AM (CST)
Place: First Baptist Church of Arlington

A large decorated sanctuary stands before you. Rows of pews filled with hundreds of the mourning. The song you're hearing is a classic gospel hymn How great thou art? played by an attractive young lady wearing a sophisticated black dress and a white pearl necklace.

The sound of the piano is soothing, yet so sad.

Directly in front of you stands a casket (steel grey with dark blue trim) containing the body of John Lewis. It is adorned by beautiful flowers, and other memorial trinkets.

As the song comes to an end the Associate Pastor of Pastoral Ministries Dr. Josh Stowe takes his place behind the podium.

JS: "Please rise, whilst the family files in."

The crowd rises in unison as the doors of the church open and several men, women, and children walk teary eyed down the aisle.

Another small heartbreak for the mourners when John's widow Lucia and his two children file in followed by his Mother and Father.

JB ALAN reaches out to give Mr. Lewis a reassuring pat on his back as he goes by. ALEJANDRO RIVERA is also in attendance sitting next to his close friend. The family exchange teary smiles with him as well.

They stand in silence as the rest of the family files into the church.

When all are seated the Pastor once again makes his way to the podium.

"Let's start out in prayer.

Today, Lord we have come to mourn the passing of our brother John.
We pray that you allow him to rise up into the heaven's and walk beside you.
In this time of grief we pray that you lift up his family, his friends, and all those he's touched.


He swallows hard before pulling his glasses on. The reading of the obituary is almost to much. The pastor stops to maintain his composure a few times, but gets to the end of the eulogy.

Dr. Stowe takes a seat clearing his throat, and dabbing at his eyes with a handkerchief from his breast pocket

A young man wearing a black long sleeved dress shirt with matching slacks steps behind the podium his guitar in hand. The name in the program states 'Paulo Lewis'. He takes a deep breath gulping a little before looking out at his Aunt. He closes his eyes with resolve then begins to play the opening notes to Bridge over troubled Water - Simon and Garfunkle's version.

As he sings several people in the audience lean forward undoubtedly giving into tears. ALEJANDRO RIVERA hugs JB ALAN attempting to console his friend, but soon breaks down himself...

"...and pain is all around
like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down."

Paulo continues to sing hardly able to contain his emotions. He finishes the song and lays his guitar in the stand before making his way down to John's Mother hugging her.

Seeing that moment is enough to melt the coldest of hearts.

The Pastor swiftly makes his way to the podium puffy eyed. The crowd looks at him understanding.

John had grown up in this church after all.

He looks down at his podium then back up surveying the crowd.

"John was a good man."

He starts out giving his message.

"I remember him as a little boy telling John Sr. over there about how he was going to be a fighter just like Ken Shamrock!"

He nor John Sr. can't help, but to laugh over that silly little memory.

"..and even though we thought he was just telling the tales of a seven year old boy. He grew up and did what he said he would. Yes, my friends he became a fighter and between you and I...he was even better than Ken Shamrock."

He allows a watery grin towards the audience who mutter in agreement.

", but unfortunately our Brother John's life was cut short by a young man who was lost and couldn't be saved"

The Godly pastor looks away averting his eyes from the crowd saddened by John and also the eternal damnation of that young, misguided man.

"It reminds me of a story..."

The rest of the the Pastor's monologue came as a Sunday sermon would. It was motivating, inspiring, more tears came to the eyes of his friends and family, but somehow their hearts were lifted. By the time John Sr. got up to sing 'Amazing Grace' in honor of his son the sniffles and sobs could still be heard, but they were lighter, more joyful, they would all leave here missing John Lewis. Yet, their hearts were going to heal and the pastor reminded them so.


ALEJANDRO RIVERA and JB ALAN have finally made it out of the church. The services had lasted two hours and JB broke down once again when they walked around and viewed JOHN'S body. It was hard for ALEJANDRO to because he did enjoy JOHN LEWIS as a competitor, but did not know him. JB did though, and those two were friends. It's a little known fact that PANTERA is an emotional guy.

JB had forced PANTERA to stay in the fellowship hall as JOHN'S family visited with them. It was an interesting conversation, but most interesting was when Lucia, John's widow, had pulled ALEJANDRO aside. She had given him words of motivation regarding what happened last night in South Dakota. PANTERA did not wish to discuss that part.

As they stood alone by PANTERA'S Ford Focus taking in the bitter, yet refreshing wintery cold. He felt on edge. JB wanted to tell him something, but hadn't mentioned it, and ALEJANDRO hadn't bothered to ask, but it was killing him inside.

AR: "Did you see they gave me an x-treme title match next week in Minnesota?"

PANTERA asked his friend grinning widely.

JB nodded his head letting a short smile cross his own features.

JB: "I noticed that."

He said, his expression changing to a mild concern.

JB: "Don't you think you're stretching yourself a little thin? ...Going back and forth from New Zealand and the states?"

He added noting the look on PANTERA'S face.

PANTERA shrugged, trying to find an answer.

AR: "Give me a minute."

He tells JB as his telephone rings. Saved by the bell.

AR (on phone): "Oh you're here in Arlington right now? Yeah sure I can meet. Where at?"

ALEJANDRO playfully punches JB on the shoulder before getting in his car and peeling out of the parking lot.

Richard Greene Linear Park - 1:45pm

SS: "Hey ALEJANDRO. Thank you for meeting me on such short notice."

ALEJANDRO nods his head with a smile, taking the hand STEVE has offered.

SS: "I wanted to catch you before you left for New Zealand. What a great opportunity for you!"

ALEJANDRO nods once more taking a seat on a park bench inviting STEVE to sit as well.

AR: "It is a great opportunity yes. It must be my good looks."

ALEJANDRO snickers making himself comfortable.

AR: "So Steve what do you know about this girl...VITA VALENTEEN?"

STEVE ponders this unusual question.

SS: "There's really not much I could tell you ALEJANDRO. She's only been with the company a short time."

ALEJANDRO nods his head in response pursing his lips.

AR: "So I read that she's only been contracted here in XWF since January 4th of this year. She already won the X-Treme title. She's defended it, so far as I can tell, against TOMMY WISH, and LUX. Plus those countless other people who tried to take advantage of the 24/7 rule."

STEVE nods his head.

AR: "it's a wonderful way to start a promising career, but what she has to realize Steve is it's just a start.

He pauses to look over at STEVE who's still politely nodding his head.

AR: "To her misfortune STEVE she has taken to much offense to my behavior and challenged me to a match."

ALEJANDRO looks forward again a glint evident in his eye.

AR: "...The little girl she has to understand those several opponents she's kicked out from and that she submitted...and pinned we're not me. "I understand that she'll say 'ALEJANDRO you lost in 17 seconds. ALEJANDRO I defended my title all these times.' Little girl. They weren't me..."

He looks back over at STEVE prompting him to speak.

SS: " mentioned the 17 second defeat to LUX. With such a rookie mistake..."

ALEJANDRO slowly, and in the most polite way possible covers STEVE'S mouth with a smile.

AR: "Let me continue please. The loss to LUX is in the past. I look at the future."

ALEJANDRO sticks his arm out pointing his index finger towards the treeline.

AR: "The future is a bright one for me. In New Zealand on Wednesday night I'm going to twice beat DREZDIN and shut his mouth for what he's said about JOHN LEWIS and Mejico. He will no longer have anything to say about my people because he will continue being the curtain jerker while I continue let the LUX incident be in the past and we'll look to our futures."

He looks confused and rather uneasy as ALEJANDRO eyes him with contempt, but dives into another question.

SS: So, not looking past DREZDIN, we're you surprised to see you challenging VITA VALENTEEN for the title?"

ALEJANDRO smiles politely at STEVE, but once again looks towards the treeline.

AR: "No STEVE. I say this because she did extend an open challenge to anybody, and I did take her up on the challenge. She's a stupid, little girl who does not know any better than to do that."

STEVE contemplates the answer while fumbling in his pocket.

AR: "It's not so difficult to understand her thinking. She has a lot of people saying 'VITA, you're nothing, you won't ever succeed. They tell her it was a fluke that she beat LUX and that TOMMY WISH was not a real challenge."

He pauses and accepts the offer of a breath mint from STEVE.

AR: "So, what's the best thing for her to do? She went ahead and said 'I'll fight anybody' she gave no restrictions. I commend her bravery. It doesn't mean I won't take her title."

ALEJANDRO closes his eyes dreaming of the moment.

AR: "I don't have personal issues toward the little girl, so I will feel bad about what I must do, but I like prestige and to have my name in XWF's title history forever is very prestigious. You see Steve...I plan on having the X-Treme title, the Hart title, the Television title, then the Universal title. My name will be on all of those list and I will be considered a legend of this XWF generation just like my good friend James Raven."

ALEJANDRO grins over at STEVE again who returns his smile.

AR: ", but as for now I'm going to leave you for I must be at DFW Airport by 3:00 for my 4:30 flight. You'll wish me luck and when I come back. We'll talk again."

STEVE and ALEJANDRO stand up, shake hands, then walk off in opposite directions.

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