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02-11-2019 08:17 PM

Lux is once again seen in his XWF accommodations, his company sponsored lifeline against homelessness. On another patio, miles from his last entry, he once again watches another day die. He's managed to buy himself a heavier jacket now, and a snug wool hat, so he can beat back the wintry Minnesota temperatures. An auburn sun burns bright as Icarus falls, and Lux's sword catches it's fiery demise as he holds his newly purchased sword up. The sun reflects back on his face, casting it in a heavenly glow, before he brings the blade down and rests it at his side.

Hello Cadryn. His breath escapes in billowing clouds. I'm one of those annoying people who will tell you I feel “alive” in the cold. She smirks a bit. There wasn't much opportunity to be cold where I came from, so it's actually kind of nice sitting out here. She looks a bit wistful for a moment before proceeding. Let me start off by saying you'll get no argument from me on your last point. I'm the poster child for “don't judge a book by it's cover”. The sticky point for you, however, is that you already have years of published content to be judged by.

I may be new, but that doesn't mean I don't know anything about you. Perhaps you thought that facing two newcomers would be a saving grace for you. I don't know. But for me, a lack of preparation usually means death, so not delving into your history would have been an unfathomable omission for me. You're an XWF mainstay Cadryn, but you haven't always used that time very constructively. The crown jewels of your career that you showed us are both well over a year old and occurred in a year in which you also spent a goodly portion of your time as a lickspittle supreme for XWF's ruling party, The Kings. I don't respect that. It's one thing to be an adherent of a worthy cause but, let's be honest, The Kings were anything but.

Now far be it from me to call you out on your record. I'm of a mind that a loss doesn't always have to be a bad thing. Losing is the best tutor there is. My own record stands the same as yours, split even. Hell, I lost to a 17 year old wrestling prodigy only to beat a grown man in 17 seconds two weeks later. Consistency, thy name is NOT Lux. But I'm not surprised. I have a steep climb to make before I can be as strong as I once was. But what I will challenge you on is....why are you even here?

Lux looks into the camera pointedly. He shakes his head a bit, checks on the sun to see that it is, indeed, still tripping the meridian, and returns his gaze. You were about to eat a bullet Cadryn. And you wanted us to know. So, here we have a suicidal man, who hasn't done much of anything in over a year. A man telling us he never planned to come back. But did nonetheless. Telling us we don't know what he's capable of. Again, I'll buy that on credit. Books. Covers. Etc. But I do know one thing you're capable of: wanting to die. Another pointed look at the camera. So again, I ask you. WHY ARE YOU HERE?

Do you know why? Can you tell us? What is your purpose Cadryn? Because if it's anything less than a complete reinvention of what you have allowed yourself to become then STAY HOME. I don't have the time or the inclination to walk through the paces with a man who doesn't even know why he's alive. Now, I won't judge whatever quiet desperation brought you to that date with darkness. But suffice it to say, I understand. Sort of. I've lost literally everything Cadryn. Everything. I watched myself be butchered. Everyone I have ever cared about is out of reach forever. But it never even occurred to me to do anything but fight to stay alive because I have so much to live for. My purpose is....well, suffice it to say, it's everything.

When I researched you, what I saw screamed to me “man without purpose”. You need to find what motivates you, Cadryn. You need to catch your fire. Another look away from the camera. I'm not just being altruistic here. I need you good and ready. I've been very public about the fact that I require decent competition. This isn't about just the winning for me. It's about preparation. Evolution. Lux looks back at us, slapping his chest for emphasis. I can't die! I need to obliterate everything left in me that is weak and hindering. And I can't do that without people who are on point to stand in my way! So if you can't be that person for me. If you're still struggling with whether or not you even want to be on this earth, much less in a ring, then go get yourself some therapy. Talk to your friend. Or to a lover. Get help. But above all? Stay home.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A Short Time Later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Lux steps out of the bathroom, clad in pajama pants and sans shirt as he towels off his moist head of hair. HELPER is resting on the bed, a power cord of sorts connecting him to a tablet propped up on a pillow. Tossing the towel into a nearby hamper, he considers the diminutive robot. Did you find me anything yet?

Oh I've got something! But it's good news and bad news! HELPER intones cheerfully, his sensor ears waggling as they typically do when he's feeling especially...helpful.

First of all, it's about time.

Hey! Do you know how many Corey SMITH'S I had to filter out before I found our guy?! HELPER replies with a mock hurt tone.

Despite herself, Lux finds herself wincing at the mention of her body's name. Anytime she transitioned to a new form, she tried not to humanize them but to mentally reduce them to tools, or a means to an end, and nothing more. But this body was different. No, DIFFICULT. This body had a consciousness not her own, and to have a hope of finding out why this body was so anomalous she was going to have to acknowledge Corey Smith's humanity. So why is it good news and bad?

Well, it's good news in the sense that I found him. Bad news in the sense that nothing I've found hints at why good ol' Corey is still taking up residence in your noggin.

So he IS from this era?

Oh yes. He's currently 7 years old and living in Sacramento California.

He's alive?! Oh Jesus.... Lux scowls. So not only does he not die for another 10 years, but now we have to worry about his parents seeing this face pop up on TV wondering why I look like an older version of their kid. Lux gets up off the bed and stops when she reaches a mirror, coming face to face with Corey's visage. His boyish features, with soulful dark eyes, subtly undulating hair, and scarcely a trace of beard stubble on his adolescent face.We have nothing definitive on him?

Well, I'm running a search on his parents to see if we get a hit on anything relevant that way. But so I'm sorry Lux.

She looks away from the mirror. It's ok HELPER. We can work on it some more tomorrow. Why don't you go ahead and shut down for the night.

You could have just asked me.

The foreign voice speaks aloud, and Lux's instincts pop off like a live wire. She tucks and rolls towards the bed, reaching underneath it for the sword, which she withdraws from it's sheath in one smooth motion. Brandishing it before her she half rises up from behind the bed. But what she finds is no enemy at all.

[Image: ba0849c6-49bd-481d-b3e3-cbfc321b6da9_800_420.jpeg]

Corey Smith, her body, is huddled in the corner. Thin legs pulled up to his chin, his face is downcast towards the floor. Corey's expression is stolid and contemplative. Something compels Lux to look down at herself, and what she sees draws out a gasp. She's somehow back in her own body. Her heart racing, she casts a look about the room. HELPER is not reacting to the proceedings at all. And the gentle snowfall just outside the glass door of her room seems to have paused mid-fall, creating an eerie scene in which time itself seems to have effectively stopped. Lux steels herself, and slowly walks around the bed. How are you still here? You're dead. Your body should be an empty shell.

Well I guess it's not! He snaps, dropping his earlier pretense. He looks up at her, but stays seated. I'm still here because I never died.

That's not possible. All of our hosts were cryogenically frozen corpses. Some of them, like yours, decades old, yes. But deceased.

And yet.....? Corey runs a hand through his hair, his eyes boring a hole through her. I'm telling you, I didn't die! I remember...bits and pieces. I remember.... He stops short, struggling through the memory. I remember getting sick....

Overdosing. Lux states cooly.

Yeah...overdosing. Corey sighs, and closes his eyes. I remember overdosing. I remember losing consciousness. But then, later, I remember hearing things. Hearing people. Hearing hospital sounds. I could hear my mom and dad talking to me, or about me....I..... He suddenly chortles out a sob, his eyes filling with tears. But I couldn't move! I couldn't talk or do anything. But I was alive! I could hear things all around me! But I was stuck! Corey shoots to his feet, his frustration taking hold. Do you know what that feels like? Huh? My body was a prison! It was like being in hell!

Lux cants her head, considering him. Even if what you say is true, that you were somehow still alive, still conscious, but trapped in your own body. Taking you at your word on all of that! At some point you would have been cryogenically frozen and reanimated many years later by a good friend of mine.....

Orlu! Corey spits out.

Lux's blood runs cold at this. Her mind lurches. He knows her name. How can he possibly.... She fights the thought off. Yes...Orlu. But every body we got was damaged or sick somehow, the people who were cryogenically frozen in the 20th and 21st centuries suffered some kind of major ailment or medical setback that she would have to correct to make the bodies suitable for our use, even if only temporarily. There is no way Orlu would have brought you back and patched you up without knowing you were still alive.

She knew. Corey's eyes take on an angry cast. I woke and looked at her, and she put me back under! I remember!

No....that' Lux shakes her head. None of this makes any sense....

Corey's hands coil at his sides. The only thing that doesn't make any sense here is you being in MY body!

You don't know what's at stake here!

Corey starts approaching her. Yes, I do! I've seen everything you've seen.

Lux marvels at him. Then you understand damn well why I'm in your body! Why I need it!

I don't care. I want you out of it. Corey simmers, now closing the distance with her to about a foot.

Lux laughs incredulously. Corey, I.....

Get out.

Stop it!

Get out.

Lux considers him, her anger rising, but he cuts her off before she can speak.


Lux stumbles back, dropping her sword and barely catching herself on the end of the bed before she topples to the floor. But Corey is on her, closing the gap again. He screams, and the sound cuts right through her, rends her inside and out. Agonizing pain blossoms within her, and she cries out but no sound comes out. And then, she descends into darkness.

[Image: tenor.gif]

[Image: 4lwPC93.png]
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