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Washed Ashore
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02-11-2019 01:04 AM

“I refuse to believe I’ve dug a hole so deep, I’ve practically buried myself alive.
As the tides wash ashore, the pain I’ll endure, will have me questioning if I’m meant to survive.
I hear a distant rumble, as the mountains echo with thunder, the oncoming storm has arrived..
My time now concluded, the judgment, well suited, I bow my head for the very last time..”

A few days ago..

As I stood on the shore with my head bowed in prayer, I could only begin to question how it all came to this in the first place. Regret, redemption, anger, hatred, all feelings I’ve felt before, but why are they so abundantly clarifying at this very moment?

The end is on the horizon and I do my best to fight back the tears.

As I placed the barrel in my mouth I begin to imagine a world where I hadn’t completely obliterated my life. A world where I was still a successful entertainer, a loving husband, and a great friend.


All of it, fiction.

Everything I thought I was, had ever been, and would become is all in the past now. A shell of the man I used to be is all that remains in this world.

I pushed the barrel further down my throat choking myself on the steel.

The smell of metal and gunpowder seeps into my nostrils as I struggle to breath.


I think to myself as I place my finger through the opening and gently against the trigger of the Glock 45 I purchased for this momentous occasion.

It won’t be long now.

Will I feel anything?

I think to myself as my body begins to shake from the lack of oxygen.

Scared, I begin to slowly engage the trig…

Suddenly a familiar voice can be heard


I quickly spin around removing the gun from my mouth and lowering it to my side.

Come on, man. You truly are an idiot if you think that THIS is the way out of it all.

Once again I hear the voice, yet I can see nothing or anyone around me

Gravy? Is that you..?

Of course it’s me, you idiot. Nobody else gives a shit about you, especially since..well, you know..

Unfortunately I knew all too well what he was hinting towards. In the past few months my life has taken a dramatic turn for the worst if you haven’t been able to tell. Situations and escalations that have landed me on this beach, praying for a way to right my wrongs and finding no other way out than what I have shown before you..

Where the hell are you, there isn’t anyone here..

Check your phone, stupid.

I quickly pull my phone from my pocket. A famaliar number graces my screen, with a call timer approaching 13 minutes..

I must have answered his call and didn’t realize, or I called him and forgot about it, either way, he seemingly has perfect timing on chiming in.

Well, seeing as you’ve been there for a few minutes, you seem to know exactly where I stand and what my intentions truly are. What is the point in delaying the inevitable? I’m long for this world now..

You. Are. An. Idiot.

Ah, Micheal Graves. My best friend, my partner, everything I’ve ever loved about a man that wasn’t Derek. It’s been months since we’ve made contact with one another, how could he possibly known what I was planning? Coincidence? Who knows. But, I’d be lying if I said a small part of me wasn’t happy that he intervened when he did.

No. You’re an idiot..

Shut up. Listen, I can’t talk long, I’m going to run out of service. Just know that you shouldn’t even consider this an option, and that some of us still give a damn about you, shithead. Especially N…

The call ends abruptly.

Especially who?!

I belted out at the top of my lungs, but the line was dead..

Present Day..

I never pictured myself coming back. I never imagined that I would once again grace the stage of the XWF. But, alas, here I am, ya’ll.

My name is Cadryn Leslie Tiberius, yes, I have a female middle name, please make fun of it like every other scrub that has been laid down by hand.

You don’t know me.


You have no idea what I am capable of, and I know that sounds cliche’. But let’s be honest here, it’s the truth.

Let me shed some light on the situation for you boys, k?



Spoiler :
Both men continue to scale the side of the cage. Slowly but surely, Cadryn finally reaches the very top with Robert Main just a few rungs below him!

Cadryn straddles the top of the cage and takes a breather. Main is well on his way as well, just a couple feet away now. As Cadryn tries to swing his leg around to the other side, Main reaches up and prevents it! Cadryn shakes vigerously trying to break the hold, but cannot! Main manages to use Cadryn and the cage to reach the top as well!

Cadryn reaches out with quick punch combo and lands each one across Omega's face! He takes it like the champ that he is and exchanges those for some of his own. He keeps his balance by quickly reaching down onto the top of the cage as he reaches his feet. Main swings again, but Cadryn quickly ducks it and reaches his feet! He jumps up in the air and wraps his legs around Main's head and goes for a hurrcanrana off the cage into the ring!

Cadryn swings his body down, but Main wraps his foot around one of the top rungs to prevent falling to his demise all of those feet up in the air! He pulls Cadryn back up and slams him down hard with a powerbomb on the small catwalk they were standing on! He bounces off hard and rolls off the side.......

To the outside!!!!

Cadryn falls from the triple cage, like it was in slow motion..... He falls.... Falls.... Falls...... Until his body smacks hard on the outside of the ring!

The bell rings as Cadryn lies motionless on the bottom. Main still stands on top of the cage looking down with a satisfied look, even after costing himself the match!!

The bell rings several times over and over as EMT's make their way down the ramp with a gurney.

Buh Gawd! No! Buh Gawd! Cadryn just shattered into a thousand pieces!

The EMT's all gather around Cadryn, who is bruised and battered, his arm twisted and mangled grossly around his back. They slowly load him up and exit him up the ramp and backstage.

The winner of this match…


That was me, taking the current Universal Champion, Robert Main, to his limits and overcoming all odds to win the match and the Hart title for the first time in my career.


Spoiler :
Cadryn makes his way back into the ring, again breaking the count. Gilmour stirs, climbing up onto the apron and into the ring. The two trade right hands, but a punch seems to hurt Gilmour’s hand even worse. Cadryn takes the moment, picking Gilmour up onto his shoulders! Gilmour quickly fights out of it, slipping down and dropping to the floor. Cadryn sees this, and looks to connect with a Superkick. Gilmour attempts to block, causing Cadryn to wait. When Gilmour looks up, he eats one fully!

The Road Less Traveled!

Gilmour falls to the mat, as Cadryn slips back into the ring. The two men take a breather, both starting to look tired as the match goes on.

Gilmour gets back up, after a few moments, and slowly gets back to his feet. Cadryn gets back up, he slams a forearm into the back of Gilmour. Gilmour winces, as Cadryn gets him up to his feet. With the champ in front of him, Cadryn’s face turns to stone, and levels him with another Uppercut! Gilmour falls to the canvas, as Cadryn looks to go to the top rope! The crowd cheers him on, as he slowly makes his climb. Cadryn gets to the outside, but Gilmour quickly shoots up! He rushes to the ropes, grabbing Cadryn! He starts to pull Cadryn up, trying to set him up for a Superplex! Cadryn slips through his legs, getting back into the ring! He grabs Gilmour’s head, trapping it against the turnbuckle! With nowhere to go Cadryn connects with another Superkick, the smack echoing throughout the arena! Gilmour stumbles out of the corner. Cadryn scoops him up and hits From Dusk Till Dawn and follows through for the pin!





That was me besting XWF legend Peter Gilmour to win the Hart title for the second time that year.

Those are two examples of my superiority, but let’s be honest I’ve had my fair share of losses as well.

You’re probably asking yourself what the point of showing you all that old footage was, right?

Truthfully, there was no point. Those are just two moments that I’m proud of and will continue to show them off any time I get the chance.

Before you even point it out, it’s in the past, it has nothing to do with our match, yada, yada, etc.

I know.

For now, that’s where we shall end.

A word of advice: Never judge a book by its cover..


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