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The King of Harts
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02-10-2019 03:42 PM

It has been nearly twenty years since the controversal death of Owen Hart. Owen was held aloft in the rafters of Kemper Arena in Kansas City some 80 feet above the ring in a harness. He was as high as you can go in the darkened arena, where he had watched the previous hardcore match. He prepared for his entrance.

He now played the Blue Blazer, a buffoonish super hero who exhorted children to Say their prayers, eat their vitamins and drink their milk. In previous events he had been lowered to the ring, flapping his arms comically before clumsily dismounting. Owen was saddled with this gimmick for two reasons. One is that he had played this character in 1980s although the silly promos were a new wrinkle. The second was that he had refused or expressed reluctance to participate in some of the prurient storylines that dominated the attitude era.

Owen Hart aka Blue Blazer was going to become the WWF/E Intercontinental Champion the night he died. He was scheduled to face the champion Godfather in singles competition. Owen was going to lower himself from the rafters and when he close to the ring, fall flat on his face for comedy effect. Owen did fall.... However, not in the way that was intended. He had already performed a variation of the stunt at an earlier date. With the standard (safer) full harness and slow release clip the stunt took too long to disengage and, it was decided by all involved, made for ‘bad television’. For the PPV ‘Over The Edge’ where the fatal accident occurred, it was decided that the stunt would be done using a ‘nautical clip’ which was “designed expressly for the quick release of a sailboat mast.” It is alleged that several stunt coordinators were asked to test it, and all but one refused, declaring it “crazy.”

Owen made his way up and into a precarious position above the ring in a harness. He climbed a rickety ladder in section 221 in a hat and sunglasses to hide his identity from fans. To reach the staging area from which he would be lowered, Owen navigated a series of 90 degrees turns on a precarious catwalk just beneath the roof of the arena. The stunt coordinators on the cat walk heard the distinct click and looked in horror as he plunged at 45 mph towards the ring, rotating in a clockwise direction as he fell. Owen hit the ropes, not on the turnbuckle but a few feet down. His left side struck first. His arm was shattered by the impact at the elbow and his body was then thrown several feet by the taut ropes.

He landed, bounced, made a single effort to sit up- an act compared to an exhausted man attempting a final ab crunch and drowned in his own blood. It was 20 minutes between the fall and Owen being evacuated to the nearby hospital. He was declared dead at 8:12pm, just 13 minutes after entering the hospital and within 40 minutes of hitting ring. Cause of death: Internal bleeding from blunt force trauma

R.I.P Owen Hart -
May 7th, 1965 - May 23rd, 1999

Miami, Florida
Scully's Home

Scully was home alone, he had the house to himself after Natalie had taken little Aston to her mother's. He had a few hours to spare and after a morning workout, decided he would watch one of his favourite wrestling DVD's. He had just finished watching the three disc blue ray set, which is called Owen: Hart of Gold. Obviously Scully didn't watch ALL three discs in one go, considering it's over 6hours long but he watched the first disc at least. It was clear that this documentary of one Scully's all-time favourite wrestlers, touched him. Skull stared at the T.V for a moment as a tear streamed down his right eye. Skull decides to set up his iPad to video record himself from his home for XWF footage. Skull looks into the camera and picks up a glass from the table, he takes a drink of the iced water before him.

"Hello XWF Galaxy. I need no introduction and you may ask what this is in aid of? After all, I recently destroyed my opponents verbally in one promo and what do I have in-store now? A freestyle rap? Some retarded statement? Let's just get this off my chest... I acted retarded on more than one occasion, I am a tremendous actor but Dolly Waters? Well, unfortunately for her, she is naturally retarded. It was just how she was born, not her fault but I do feel sorry for the other retards in the world, who have her as a 'Retarded Role model.'
Anyway I'm going to take this time to talk about one of my favourite wrestlers to EVER step foot in the ring. That man is Owen Hart. Why? You may ask? Why not? This is relevant because of the title that is up for grabs on Wednesday Night Warfare. This is relevant because I remember that not only does the XWF Hart Championship, in tribute of the Hart Family. But mainly, I remember it being in honour of Owen Hart. The late, great, Owen Hart. The King of Harts. The Black Hart. The Rocket. It would be honour for me, Scully to win it and I will!

So call this a review if you will, I enjoyed watching the The doc about Owens life and tragic death. It is a warm tribute to Owen with plenty of footage of the man himself, both in the ring and out. It flashes through his life and career in double quick time so there's no dwelling on controversies or more significant events. That's what's expected these days so it doesn't feel like too much of a disappointment anymore. There's plenty of relevant contributions from various Hart family members (including Bret obviously) alongside many WWF superstars of Owens era who are keen to share their stories and impressions of him. That becomes the real feel of the doc in the end, it's about him as a man and the impact he had on those around him.

The bonus stories extend and elaborate on these thoughts and range from amusing to touching and back again. The matches are a mix of well known classics, other solid PPV outings and a few other little rarities.

I believe they could've added a lot more content on disc one alone, after all Owen was the guy who everyone loved. He liked to rib you so to speak and not give you an uppercut to your ribs but simply play a prank on you. That was who he was, a fun-loving, family guy who loved to have a good time. I was about four years old when I started watching wrestling, or took more notice anyway. My daddio used to watch it, so we'd sit together on the sofa, crisps in hand and watch it as father and son. I also used to watch it with my mates too. One of mates, Perry was an avid Bret fan, me however, it was Owen for me. Pez was my mate who lived on the same street as myself, just a couple of doors down, in fact, more of a neighbour. We used to wr esstle on the front lawn and play with the figures in there toy ring. The memories. We still keep in touch to this day.

Anyway, the moment, I real liked Owen and become a fan of his? I ultimately loved the time Owen turned heel thus attacking Bret Hart at the Royal Rumble. What a moment. Don't get me wrong I have played them back to refresh my memory, the internet is big place. The rivarly was amazing and the matches they had against each other. I knew what it was like considering me and brother were always fighting... Anyway I recall staying up on a Sunday Night. I stayed at Perry's and that's what we did when a pay-per-view was live. It didn't come on till 1am in the UK so our parents would tell us that if we wanted to watch it, we'd still have to go to school. I was only nine at the time, Perry was in year above. We had to go to sleep at about 8.30-9, set our alarm fo just before 1am then watch the show. Stay up and then go school. I always remember by Monday night, I was in bed early. Normally, I would just watch raw the next day.

May 23rd 1999, Over the Edge live on T.V.... We was getting into this pay-per-view. We had just watched a Hardcore match between Hard-core Holly and Al Snow I believe? Anyway, the next thing a promo was aired for the upcoming intercontinental title between Godafther and the Blue Blazer aka Owen Hart. I was sure about Owens new character and it wasn't until I grew up a bit, maybe teenager years, that I found out Owen wasn't keen on it either.

Most of the crowd missed the impact because the arena was darkened for his video promo. He fell during the segment just before his video was shown and Jim Ross first alluded to the issue when he said “We have big problems out here”.

I seen after that Some in the audience thought it was mannequin that had been thrown. I recall JR repeatedly telling the audience at home, it wasn't a stunt and it was real etc.. I was in shock, me and Perry looked at one another, not sure what was happening. I was a bit more naive than Pez and he said himself, it didnt look good. Owens death was announced on T.V. Both J.R and Jerry Lawler looked shaken. I was surprised the event continued and I know I didn't really pay attention to the rest of it, that was for sure.

It's a good job, it wasn't seen live on T.V as I can't imagine how scarred I would've been. It took me a while to convince my parents to even watch wrestling again after that. When I went to school the next day, a few kids were talking about it. It was the subject of the day.

Hold on, AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND. You will see a title change.
So on Wednesday Night, I will dedicate my FIRST EVER XWF Hart Championship victory to Owen. To the guy that really got me in to wrestling to begin with. I also dedicate this championship win to the cab driver who unfortunately past in the crash I was in.. This is for you Kyle and your family. Skull will walk in a challenger and walk out.... The New Xtreme Wrestling Federation Hart Champion!
Da End, Scully Has Spoken!"

Skull smirks into IPad and ends the live video. He gets up from the sofa and makes his way through the hall way and into the kitchen. No woman making him a sandwich? He shrugs. Into the garage where he has his Home Gym. He takes his T-shirt off to reveal his naked upper body. It was time to have another work out. Skull puts on some classic Cult on the Bluetooth speaker, using his mobile phone. It sure as hell beat listening to Natalies cheesy music whenever she was on a cleaning mission....

"Da End, Scully Has Spoken"
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