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Junkyard Dog
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02-09-2019 02:25 PM

::::::Continued From Drew’s Out Of A Chopper And Through The Woods To Locksley's House We Go::::::

Can you honestly believe we made it out of there alive? Who digs pits in the ground with sharp ass branches sticking up out of the ground?

Uh…. Someone who doesn’t want to be found and yeah, I can Bob I was our guide. I’m basically just like bear Grills on Adderall.. Plus I’m way better looking.

Robert and Drew step out of the dense forest halting at a twelve-foot-high chain-link fence topped with barbed-wire loops. Robert sighs reaching out snatching the fence in his hand giving it a few good shakes. In theory, the fence stood as a deterrent to the predators that live in the forest - packs of wild dogs, cougars, bears whatever lived in New Zealand, but mostly the two-legged. Robert shook the fence again leering over his shoulder at Drew

Can anything be easy? Locksley is getting his ass kicked after all the hell we have put ourselves through. Hand me some more of that beef jerky.

Drew hands Robert a hand full as Robert takes a few steps back observing the junkyard through the fence Robert catch sight of a square of wasteland cars, trucks, old school bused stacked as high as the eyes could behold. Everything of any value had been stripped away and only the rusting carcasses remained, heaped one on top of the other, waiting to be fed into the crusher.

So, up and over?

Drew nods.

Robert begins his ascension one foot after the other reaching the top of the fence. He rubbernecks for a moment before taking off his leather jacket draping it over the razor wire. Robert then shakes his head climbing over. He climbs about halfway down the fence before dropping to the ground shattering some intact glass with his snakeskin cowboy boots. Robert pops some more beef jerky observing as Drew did the same thing.

Let’s find this dick and take him down. This is the point of no return. Are you sure this is where he is supposed to be?

Bob, not only is this the place. Supposedly this is his place of operation.

Drew & Robert were walking at a leisurely pace when Drew speaks up

This place reminds me of home.. Bob, you remember that junkyard outside Las Vegas?

Robert raises his eyebrows nodding keeping his eyes peeled.

There was a girl everyone used to call her the throw rug.

The throw rug? Get the fuck out of here man.. This is a joke.

Hand to God..

Why did everyone call her the throw rug?

Well Robert it was because she was flat, dirty and you could lay her down anywhere. My type of woman.. I did by the way… A few times

Okay, I just ate some jerky. Did you give attention to what JOB BER TREE called you man? I know you touched on it a bit. Most of the world didn’t concentrate on it. But to call you a henchman? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Tell me when I ever required a bodyguard or aid in anything that I have ever done in life. Same goes for you bro. Everything that we have ever accomplished, we’ve done so scratching and clawing our way to it. Wait…. No…. We did it patronizing and being nefarious, swindling each downtrodden person we have ever come across. Drew you and I might be the most money-grubbing, gold-digging, unscrupulous people I have ever come across. Too & Tree seem to think we are mercenaries.

We both have kicked every ass in every encounter all on our own. There is no outside interference, no one is out there poking around while you and I are dropkicking fuckers in the face. Taking names and putting boots to asses week after week. If these two knew half of what they were trying to present maybe they would make some freaking sense. It’s plane to see these two-lack gumption in a grand way. JOB BER TOO, that one does all the investigation behind the scene. I’d hate to break it to um but if they had any astuteness between the two of them and used one ounce of brainpower they’d quickly realize their research department is inadequate. Great job TOO laying the groundwork against APEX. Perhaps Too should sit down and reexamine the situation their in. Fucked ring a bell?

These two are nothing more than a Mickey Mouse operation at best. Trolling through a warehouse like some dick in a distribution center. If this is as interesting as they can make it, we just need to fast forward to Warfare and put these insufficient lowlifes out of their misery. It’s IQ lowering trying to sit and gawk at the tube watching these people who are trying to walk and chew bubble gum at the same time. Getting a colonoscopy would have more pleasure behind it. Their promos are unacceptable coming up short in every way imaginable. Nothing like trying to establish an argument by throw shit like monkeys in a zoo, they too hope something sticks. What don’t they get…? Here in APEX were like John Gotti. Were Teflon. You had better come at us with something more than feeble assumptions. It better be concrete because if it isn’t and all you have are preposterous presumptions. We’ll break you in half every fucking time no questions asked! Yet these two dunderheads believe they are going to walk out as Tag Team Champions. I’d be amazed if they made it down to the ring without fucking up. They can’t cut it. If I could SNAP them out of existence I’d do it.

Oh, I know this is nothing more than a big piece of Kentucky round steak.

What the hell is that?

Bologna! To sit back and think that we are overlooking them is absurd as their shit shack promos. I mean thanks for showing us your tits!

The two of them believe we are not focused on this match. Here we are with a mountain of things to say, if the two of them doesn’t see that we are taking aim at them what more can we do? We’ve already zeroed in, we’ve been pouring it on. These two are nothing more than a small blip on a very big radar. Once Warfare passes the blip will cease. Then these two underprivileged debacles calling themselves wrestlers said something even more empty-headed. After this match were going to be handing out dunce caps for sure. Maybe we can hand out DUM-DUM suckers. No… That would cost a fortune. The bag would be empty before we even walked through the curtains. They want to go after you Drew who just got out of a nine-month coma, about competing more? How pea-brained are these two? Here I am defending every two weeks and you every month. Neither one of us take easy matches. If these two can manage to stay awake long enough in the ring on Warfare they’ll see what an easy match looks like at their expense.

Then they took it someplace I didn’t expect.. They said I was going to let you down Drew

Robert stops dead in his tracks staring at the ground

Here in APEX united we stand divided we fall and disjoined is something that we have never been. The only thing that is going to happen on Warfare is Too & Tree will crash and burn.

The junkyard was where all the kids loved to play, never knowing what they just might find. They climbed into those piled high rusty cars like they were bunk beds sometimes they even slept while the rain railed against the cracked windshields and metal work. Robert turns a corner made of junk cars, as a Rottweiler stares him down. Robert quickly freezes into position unsure of what to do. He slowly backs up as the Rottweiler shows his teeth and begins barking.

[Image: giphy.gif]

SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSShhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. Jesus Christ nothing like an alarm sounding that we are here. Oh, shit! RUN!

Robert takes off in a dead sprint running past Drew who doesn’t move. He just watches as Robert runs by climbing up onto a stack of junk cars. As the Rottweiler turns the corner she stops staring at Drew.

Harley? Is that you? Come here, girl!

Wait you know this dog..? How in the…

It’s a long story, one I’ll get into later. Right now what’s important is we find Locksley take him down and get him to the Mob. So, this whole thing can be put behind us, and they don’t murder us. That’s a very important part of this equation.

Robert jumps down from the stack of cars he climbed on as the Rottweiler growls approaching him and Drew.


Bob come on now. That right there is terrible talk. She can help us if you’d stop being a major dickweed.

Did you just call me a dickweed?

I did.

Drew bends down patting her head as she licks his face a few times.

Bob, I’ve got an idea. Do you have any beef jerky?

Yeah a whole unopened bag why?

Give it to me. Harley is starving she needs to eat.

That’s your idea and no this shit is too good to feed to a dog. Not happening!

Bob come on look at her.

Robert glances down at both Drew and Harley both giving him puppy eyes. Robert refuses shaking his head and crossing his arms. Robert ganders off into the distance for a moment then back at the duo still staring at him.

You really going to let her starve?

Ah…… The bleeding hearts of the world unite.. Here damn it. We’re getting more of this shit.

Robert tosses Drew the jerky.

You can’t get any more Bob.. That stuff is only sold in Australia were in New Zealand now. Harley loves it though look at her go.


Okay… Bob…

Jesus… What now?

What’s with the attitude suddenly Bob? Give a guy a break every now and then huh? I’ve saved your life so many times over the past few hours I’ve lost count.

Robert points his index finger at Drew

Saved my life? Every situation we have been in. Is because of you dick lick. You gave the dog my jerky. Now, what’s the idea? If it involves me jumping out of anything or getting killed I’m out.

Drew unzips his backpack pulling the mask Robert attained from Locksley during their sewer skirmish. Robert takes a step back covering his mouth.

Jesus! You’ve been carrying that thing around with you? It’s made of human flesh and hair. Drew you nearly barfed when I slapped it down on the table at the pizza place. Where you drugged me I might add.

Drew holds the mask up by the hair in front of his face and begins moving the mouth with two fingers while making a scary voice.

What’s wrong Robert? Are you afraid?

Stop that shit.. It’s just weird. That was a person. Give the sorry son of a bitch a shred of respect. Locksley killed a sorry fuck and skinned them. He wears their faces man it’s just sick.

Drew continues dangling the mask talking through it in a creepy voice while moving the lips manually.

Okay, we use Harley here.. I let her sniff the mask.. She picks up the scent and tracks this fool down.. Done! Hands washed of this mess someone got us into.

Mess you got us into.. But it’s a great idea will it work though is the question?

Of course it will I’m like the dog whisper.

You are going to get the two of us slaughtered.

Drew presses on holding the mask up to his face now leering through it at Robert. Our hero’s stand there motionless observing one another when Drew sticks his tongue through the mask at Robert. Drew keeps his tongue out through the mask for a good 30 seconds while Robert wears a grimace on his face.

How’d that thing taste?

Like chicken. You want a go?

Robert waves Drew off.

I’m good man.

You sure Bobby?

Positive let the fucking dog smell the mask.

::::::To Be Continued::::::

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