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02-09-2019 12:54 AM

"You know you don't exactly have to watch me while I'm doing this."

Nathaniel's words summoned a smirk across my face, from where I'm lounging in a brown leather armchair stationed in Azrael's laboratory. The thing is ancient, a chair that was more than likely constructed sometime in the 1920's but still very comfortable and in immaculate condition. It sits directly across from where Nathaniel is working at a long metal table. Containing a box of slides and a microscope as well as a few other devices meant to test and study dna. With the exception of the microscope, I haven't the foggiest notion, what the other devices are... or even what their individual specific functions were meant to do, beyond knowing that they're used in dna research. A few look like they were made by Azrael though. My legs are tossed over the left armrest while I'm severely slouched down, with my back resting in-between the right armrest and the back of the chair. Cellphone in hand and eyes glued to it. Did I mention this chair is super comfy? I have a feeling it was my dad's favorite. Just a weird intuition. Kinda hard to explain. I can picture it being his "thinking chair" or something to that effect. The concept is precisely weird enough to be accurate. Note to self: If I get to ever speak to him... correction, when I talk to him again, ask about the chair. Also expect to be given an explanation that I wouldn't have fathomed in a million years.

"I'm not watching you."

A laugh.

"That would be creepy. Besides my eyes aren't even directed at you. I don't trust you though, so I opted to take on guard duty."

"Guard duty."

He said that clearly amused at the concept.

"Okay. Whatever makes you feel safe."

This caused me to shoot a brief glance his way.

"Oh I feel perfectly safe. I just don't trust you and that means you don't get to tinker around with dna samples in Azrael's laboratory unsupervised."

As I uttered the last part of that sentence, I totally fuck up on the game of Tetris that I had been playing for the last twenty minutes. With an annoyed huff, I closed the game and leaned my head back.

"Seems like a waste of time, unless there really is nothing better you could be devoting your attention and energy towards.

"Yeah, you're right. All I got going on today is Nazi guarding duty. Lucky you."

"I'm sure Azrael would be very proud."

"Don't do that. I know for some out of this world, inexplicable reason, the two of you are friends but that doesn't give you the right to speak in his stead."

"Forgive me for being out of line with my words, that was not my intention. I simply assumed this was a waste of your time. That it could be spent towards more productive things. You have a job and a family, no? Beyond your brothers?"

"Yes, I have a job. I'm a freelance accountant and financial consultant. That means I make my own hours."

I knew what he was doing, he was trying to make small talk, it was annoying. Could also be a tactic to get me to lower my guard. Nice try Nazi but no cigar. My father may have trusted you but I am not my father.

"In other words my schedule is wide open as long as you're doing research here. So no worries. You're not taking me away from anything or anyone."


Tilting my head in his direction, I cocked an eyebrow in inquiry.


"There's no one else that might need you around? No one besides your brothers?"

Sigh. My phone grabbed my attention again but I'm not really doing anything important on it, only dicking around on the internet, so I don't have to look at Nathaniel. It gave me the exact amount of distraction that I needed to influence the tone in my voice. Looks like Vinnie Lane and Roxy released another sex tape. That's gotta be like the fortieth one they've done. I bet Drezdin owns them all. Zane Norrison put out a promo. Nice. That guy's pretty chill. I met him. Turns out zombies are cooler than werewolves. Vita Valenteen got photographed outside of a plastic surgeon's office. Hah! Can someone say boob job "research"? Oooo... and Peter Gilmour was arrested for attacking an employee in a grocery store. Apparently they were out of On-Cor Chicken Parmesan.

"There are others. I have a girlfriend and a son. They just don't need me around all the fucking time. Besides Abigail knows that I'm working with my brothers to get my father back."

Half truth. Yes she knows I'm working with my brothers to get my father back. The exact details involved are left out though. For instance she doesn't know that we enlisted the aid of a swastika loving, white supremacist or that I'm on guard duty during the time that he's conducting his research in my father's lab.

"Abigail Monroe?"

Of course he knows who she is he was goosestepping around the XWF when she made her debut, as well as a little while afterwards. Not so much lately but he definitely made his presence well enough known when he was a more commonplace sight, for her to be aware of him too. Fuck. Why did I use her name? I swung my legs around and sat up in the chair, in a more proper sort of position. Giving my phone one last look before I shoved it into my pocket. No calls or texts from Abbie :(

"Yes. Abigail Monroe is my girlfriend."

For now. With all these secrets and lies piling up, probably not for long. Ugh. Shut up, Donovan. So she didn't try and contact you, she probably assumes you're busy. Actually busy doing important things. Not babysitting a Nazi.


The eye roll to end all eye rolls.

"Now what's interesting?"

"These two samples."


Not sure what I expected him to say but oddly enough, I didn't predict that it would be something actually related to research. The entire reason he was even here in the first place.

"What did you think I meant?"

"I don't know."

"Well do you want to know?"

"Uh... sure?"

Nathaniel rolled his swivel chair away from the table as I rose from my seat and walked over.

"Have a look."

A momentary look of unease crossed my face as I first directed my focus towards him, before I cautiously took a look through the microscope that he had been meticulously using as he switched between slides. I don't know what had me so weirded out. There was nothing that put me on particular edge about Nathaniel. At all. I hated the guy. No doubt. If I had a shit list, he'd take the number one spot. But it's not like I was scared or worried about this kraut eating, wienerschnitzel. I wasn't. If he ever tried anything, even in the slightest, I would put him through a wall. Here in the lab would be the best place for that too. Since the walls were made of stone. So if it wasn't that, it had to be the Abigail thing that had me off. She just never went this long without communicating to me in some way or form. Holy crap. I think I might be whipped. Huh? Never thought that sort of thing would happen. I wonder if its noticeable to anyone else?

"What am I looking at?"

My tone and stance became a bit more relaxed because I forced them to be. Can't have the Nazi picking up on anything off. Last thing I needed was relationship advice from Hitler's wannabe replacement.

"That's a slide of your father's dna."

"How did you get that? That wasn't in the box of slides that I gave you."

"I know. I figured you wouldn't have that available, so I brought that with me in order to have something to compare the other samples with."

Creepy. How did he get that?

"Creepy. How did you get that?"

"Your father supplied it willingly. For something we were working on in the past."

"Still creepy."

"It's a good thing that he did, otherwise I wouldn't have something to use to compare the other samples with."

"There's always Satellite. He's... somewhere?"

"And you're talking to me about things being creepy?"

"It wasn't my call. He's lending his assistance to the cause, much like everyone else is doing."

"For how long?"

"I don't know. Until my dad is back? Maybe? Can you get to the reason why I'm looking through this microscope?"

"Certainly. As I said that's a slide of your father's dna. The majority of the slides that I compared to his slide, only held partial similarities. Some of these similar occurrences in the cellular structure and integrity of the dna appeared greater, while there were a few examples that seemed to be lesser than the others. However there was one sample that really stood out."

While he stated the last part, he switched out the slide in the microscope.

"That's Rocket's slide. It's a perfect match. I could lay both slides up to one another and they would be exactly parallel."

"So that means..."

I stood up feeling a mixture of shock and reassurance. I knew I recognized him.

"Rocket is Azrael Erebus."


"If that's the case, how do we get Azrael back? Is there a way to do that or is he stuck as Rocket forever?"

"That I don't know. When do I get to meet her?"


"The sooner that happens, the sooner I might have more answers for you. I have a question of my own though."


"Satellite is lending his services and he wasn't able to figure out the same thing that I did just now? I'm sorry but I find that extremely hard to believe. Impossible actually."

"Yeah. Me too. I'm sure there's an explanation though."

"There is?"

"There had better be."


"Donovan Blackwater will face Dolly Waters!"

"I really feel like the stipulation of our match should have been slated for something far more epic than what it's currently set for though. Especially, knowing that you fought on a two hundred foot scaffolding, while Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah, battled it out beneath you."

"Eh... whatever, still should be fun."

"Check this out, I've been pondering this aspect, for like twenty minutes or so. Since I made that promise to actually put forth some real effort, I realized that there's no way I can walk out of that ring after our match, without garnering some controversy. If I lose then that means I lost to a little girl. Again. However, if I win I'll be that asshole, who beat up an adorable fifteen year old girl and took away her title shot. There's no way for me to really "win" here. One way or another, people are going to talk. A lot of shit."

"That's when I came to the conclusion. Literally right now as I was explaining all of that to you. I decided."

"Fuck it."

"No matter what happens at least I'll never be as big of a douchbag as James Raven. Didn't that guy cripple you and put you into a coma or something? Just to be clear, I may have gotten the details kind of smudged on what really happened but I don't think so... yeah, I'm fairly certain that's an accurate description of what went down. This comes from a very reliable source too, my memory of hearing you say it in a promo that I watched while I was high as fuck. Also, I may have fallen asleep during that promo, still even with that being the case, I think my recollection of the event in question is legit. I also feel like this settles everything that I stated before and completely eliminates the possibility for any and all gossip that will follow our match..."

"When I beat you and earn that shot at the TV title."

"Haha! Come on! You had to see that one coming a mile away!"

"Of course I'm claiming the victory in this match. You can't really believe that the events from our last encounter will repeat. I gave you my word that I was going to put forth effort in this fight. Even after, I revealed that really meant that I'd be putting the training wheels on as well, there's no way any other outcome will happen. But if you remember, I did say I'd pin you quick, the next time we met up in the ring to do battle. So really, I'll simply be living up to my word."

"Because I'm a nice guy, I'll put on my surprised face when it happens. Then, immediately following that, I'll act like I don't know how a wrestling match works. Whaaat? I won? Pinning my opponent for a three count means that I win? Really? Now I get a shot at the TV Title? From there, it'll turn into pure excitement. Oh wow! Golly gee! That's incredible!"

"Straight up Oscar worthy acting right there."

"In truth Dolly, all jokes and teasing aside, I'm looking forward to this match. You might be young but you were kicking the crap out of grown men, since you were twelve. That is a fact. That's also something that I can't say myself and I have powers. Christ. You took out Robbie Bourbon. That's insane. The guy is at least a good five hundred pounds. I know. I faced him too. His fist was the size of my head. It alone weighed eighty pounds. I could tell. Plus I looked it up on a site that has the weight of all of Robbie Bourbon's body parts. Strange website. Not sure why it exists. And you took that behemoth down. Once again, that is something that I cannot state myself. For I lost my match with Bourbon. Just barely. It was close but sadly that cigar was out of reach for ol' Donovan Blackwater."

"It ain't ova though. No ways. Not by a long shot. That guy is going to stomp his way back into the XWF, like King Hippo in Punch Out and I'll be ready. Next time he'll be the one eating canvas and I'll be standing tall over him. Much like I'll be standing tall, when I claim the win on Savage. With the exception that it won't be like I'm standing next to a beached fucking whale."

"Anyway, I think that about covers it, all that's left is what happens in the ring tomorrow night."

"See you there, Dolly Waters."

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