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Stupid is, what stupid does!
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02-09-2019 03:59 PM

Wednesday Night Warfare
30th of January 2019...

Equinox crashes into the already fallen Broken Oswald!

As the two men lay in a heap, I sprang into action, ready ro finish of the pile of Turd in front of me. I looked around at the fans who were amazed at how determined I was. "Don't be so surprised", I mumbled. I hopped onto the top turn buckle!

I looked down at my opponents, both of them still laid out. I made sure they were in the correct position one more time, and I played to the fans before finally leaping off of the top rope…


I landed hard on both of them. I felt the air spew from their crippled bodies. I then hooked both legs as I counted along with the referee by nodding to each count!




I quickly removed myself from the pinning predictument and rose to my feet to receive some appreciation from the fans. My theme music already blaring. They enjoyed the beating I just dished out, not on one but two opponents. There were still the fans who disapproved but I didn't care. I just earnt my shot at the Hart Championship. I already knew Dolly Waters would also be involved after she emerged the winner against Robbie Bourbon. I stood on the turn buckle, taunting the fans, pretty proud of myself right now. I jumped down and my name is announced on the microphone for everyone to hear.

"Here is your winner..... Scully."

I smirked as I left the ring, walking with a swagger and tagging a couple of fans on the way up the ramp..I turnt back one more time and raised my arms in the air to receive some love. I exited the curtain and into the backstage area where my brother's, my two best friends were waiting for me. Alfie and Matty aka Curtista embraced my not so sweaty body with a hug. A group hug to be precise. My personal cameraman, Alfie had it rolling and my personal interviewer, Curtista had microphone in hand.


"Congratulations, Scully on a well deserved but effortless victory. That was easier than you thought, right?"

"I knew victory was mine before I even entered the squared circle. I had mentally owned both Broken Oswald and Equinox so bad that they didn't even bother to drop a single promo. Why? Cuz I had owned them without even trying. Then I smashed both their faces in the middle of the ring..."

The camera zooms in on my gorgeous face.

"Equinox, I considered your offer of forming some kind of alliance, tag-team. After that showing by yourself, you can go swivel!"

"Consider yourself told, Equinox!"

Me, Curtista and Alfie chuckle.

"So Scully one of your opponents has already been put into the Triple Threat match for the XWF Hart Championship on the next Warfare. That woman is Dolly Waters. Would you like to say anything about her?"

For a moment, I thought about it... I shook my head.

"Nah.... I'll save it..."

"Wise decision. And who do you think will win in the XWF Hart Championship match later between the champion Zane Norrison and the challenger, Drezdin?"

"Not Dredzin!"
I said sarcastically as I smirked. "To be honest, I don't care. It doesn't make a difference to me, whatsoever. I will beat anyone who tries to stop Scully becoming the NEW Xtreme Wrestling Federation Hart Champion and that's a fact!"

"Thank you for your precious time. Now let's get some fucking grub!"

"Ya damn right!"

"Young, Dumb and Full of Cum... My first victim is... Dolly Waters! Bravo... Bravo.. Dolly Waters, you certainly have proven to everyone, that you're just like your dad. That's not a compliment by the way, it's tragic. I always thought there was something more about you than you're ever so annoying, drunken, drugged up, old man. But how wrong was I? As a famous fictional character once said, Stupid is, what stupid does!
Muddy is someone who I have teamed with in the past, on more than one occasion and he was just as unreliable as tag-team partner as he was a father to you. We were both in the Black Hand with Mr. Peodo himself, Pest and of course, Morbid. He was going to become a member of Paragon, although I warned Finn otherwise but hey, Paragon is history too. I will no longer waste my time on people who waste their own. I wash my hands off Finn and so called, Paragon because Finn couldn't live up to the hype!

And Dolly, I am going to destroy you, just like your father destroyed your childhood and your virginity! You and Muddy are so similar beyond belief, your hygiene has a lot to be desired. I know I've fought you before Dolly, I remember having you in a pinning predictument and the stench of rotten mackerel from between your legs was revolting. This time I will be prepared, i will wear a gas mask to save me from breathing that in again!

You question why me and Zane haven't dropped a promo yet? Well, you've now got a promo from the current XWF Hart Champion and by the end of this promo, you would've received the best one yet, from yours truly.
But like you pointed out, Dolly, you are a stupid idiot! You said yourself, there's still time, plenty of it to drop promos and shit. I don't exactly need to do alot, to own some, anorexic, genital wart infested, crackwhore like yourself.. No.. It's a natural reaction for me to burn a bitch like you! Not only that but your first promo? Well talk about whining, jeez. You spent the whole time crying, the XWF is trash, they can't even put the correct date on the website. Oh, I hate the Xtreme Wrestling Federation but yet I'm still here, hanging around like a bad smell, literally. That you are, Miss. Waters. A bad, odour and I will be the guy to get rid of that smell. Talking about the fans deserving better? Do they deserve to see some complainer get an opportunity at the XWF Hart Championship? If Vinnie Lane had any balls, he would've removed your lame self from this Triple Threat match. Yes, you earnt it, like I also did but for you be so distasteful towards the company that made you? Well... Okay. Who cares?! Hahahaha.

You question me for questioning myself, if I want to wrestle? Hey, my body was been involved in a fatal collision, which took the life of the cab driver who was simply, just doing his job. Your body has been involved in plenty of poundings and not just the ones where you get physically thrown around the ring! Sorry if I needed to recover and wasn't sure if returning is what I wanted? Wait...I take that apology back. I don't need to say sorry to some worthless, wench who has no respect for anyone, not even their self! I don't even owe you an explanation. It's my choice, my life and my right to do as I please! You want me to drop one of my amazing freestyle raps? I'll wrap you in barb wire and put your badly, beaten body up on my outside wall. How's that? I'm not going hit you with one of diss tracks, I'm beating you verbally as it is!

The phenom, Dolly Waters.. Another opponent who stole a gimmick or in this case, a title. A nickname. Shame on you, Miss. Original. Stealing nicknames from The Undertaker. Wow... Great thinking there, by the way. Dumb, smelly, Cunt!

Zane Norrison, let me just state the obvious, you are the current Xtreme Wrestling Federation Hart Champion and yeah.. That's all I know about you! Oh and you're into cannibalism? Hunger strikes, bite some fellow wrestlers. Yum yum! You spoke of my name with respect, unlike the ignorant Dolly Waters and many others in this damn company, you acknowledged my accomplishments. You know of me, you're concentrating on the task in hand where Dolly fails to look at me as a threat.. More fool her. And you know what I have achieved in my past. Let's face it Zane, if you look more into it, you will be able to see that I am one of the best tag-team partners, a partner could ever ask for. Everyone I have teamed with, knows that and no, this isn't me suggesting we team up, no. This is just me informing you, giving you some Free information. You see Zane, you get a thumbs up for showing me respect, for simply not being stupid like Dolly here. Dolly wants to ignore the fact that I took the XWF Universal Championship from Vinnie Lane, then that's her downfall. Sure, she can concentrate on the negative side of my career because she's too scared to admit that I am actually a threat. You, however accept that your XWF Hart title reign WILL BE coming to an unfortunate end!

Zane, if you did your homework then you would've knew more about me. You need to know MORE about Scully! You need to know what i can do and that I will do ANYTHING, to become the NEW Xtreme Hart Champion. If I wasn't in a generous mood, you would live in ignorance too and I wouldn't be feeding you this information. If you look in the record books you will see out of twenty-one Universal Champions, I am ranked at number five for holding the companies biggest title for one hundred and twenty days. Impressive right? Yes, to my despair, I did lose the title to Peter Gilmour of all people, in the only time he's EVER won the damn thing. To this day, that is stuck on me. But it's okay, Dolly called it 'Unforgivable' just as unforgivable as the stench in her lady department. It is what it is.

The XWF Xtreme Championship, I defeated Michael McBride to win the title, defended it successfully in the rematch. I beat all comers in their 24/7 pin attempts. I wasn't gonna go down easy, in fact I didn't want to go down at all. For 57 days I successfully held on to that title until I took my eye of the ball and again, was embarrassed when I was pinned by Broken Oswald. My title reign ended to another loser. But who looked like a loser on the last Warfare? That same, Broken Oswald when I absolutely annihilated him and Equinox to earn this title shot at you.. Zane! Number nine out of ninety-five Xtreme Champions. I know you're impressed right? You've already jizzed in your pants.

I'm ready to take the XWF Hart Championship and make another long ass, record! Da End, Scully Has Spoken!"

"Da End, Scully Has Spoken"
Former XWF Universal Champion
Former XWF Xtreme Champion
Former 3 x XWF Tag-Team Champion ~
1 x w/Robbie Bourbon & 1 x w/Chris Macbeth &
1 x w/Maverick
Former 2 x XWF HMW Champion

July 2016 Superstar of the Month

Everyone in the list below has lost to Scully or just been Scullanated and never returned to the XWF!☠

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