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Chapter One: Arthur Grey
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02-10-2019 06:00 AM

Arthur laid there in bed. Eyes wide open as he. He had woken up before his alarm clock could tell him to do so. He reached over to his nightstand and turned off his alarm before it could go off. Arthur grabbed his pack of cigarettes and took one out and lit it up. Take a drag from it. He laid back down in bed. It was 5:30 AM. He had to get ready for class. Arthur had been going to Cambridge University to become a Professor in medieval history. For as long as he could remember he loved that period in Earth's history. He loved it so much that he trained in the European Swordsmanship for years and he was exceptional in the art. Arthur grew up not knowing who his mother and father were. As far back as he could remember, it was only him. He didn't know of any family he had or where he even came from. He was told he was found as a baby in front of a foster care center and that was that. When he was younger, he did feel like he was abandoned but as he got older. He made his own way in the world. No need to keep wondering why he wasn't wanted. There was no point. It would only keep him from moving forwards. Maybe one day he will find out who his parents were but if it never happened, then so be it.

Arthur didn't have to go to work right away. Before going, Arthur went for a jog to get the blood pumping. For if you wanted to train the mind. You had to train the body. Having body and mind in sync was important if you want to be sharp and always ready for whatever the day threw at you. Once he was done with his morning job, he took a shower and got ready to make the drive to the University. Once there Arthur parked his car and got out. Before going in, the man enjoyed a cigarette. As he leaned on his car puffing away on his cancer stick. He wondered what the professor would be teaching today. It was true he was also his professor's assistant as he had to shadow one to become one himself. Arthur didn't mind it, as he could learn even more so. Taking the final drag from his cig, Arthur flicked the cigarette butt away and walked into the school but didn't go straight to the classroom just yet. He needed some coffee first. Once he had his cup of Joe. Arthur made his way to class and sat down in his own desk that was next to his professor's. That's when most of the students came in and filled up their seats and that's when the professor came in.

Professor Brighton Whiteford was an older gentleman in his late sixties. His hair white as snow, he had a long white beard that came half way down his chest. The man almost looked like a wizard. Whiteford stood behind his desk and looked around at the class and smiled. He too enjoyed medieval history, clearly since he was teaching it, but unlike other teachers, who just followed the curriculum and thus made the class boring as Hell. Professor Whiteford on the other hand, went above and beyond to teach his students. He always made class time fun. He was the cool teacher you always wanted.

"Good morning class. Today we won't be having the normal lessons. No, today I want you all to learn about the weapons used during the Medieval times. I hope you're all ready to learn. So let's get to it. Shall we?"

The morning class went on for a few hours, Professor Whiteford explained the different kinds of swords they would use. The short sword, the classic knight sword, also known as an arming sword, the long sword, which was a two handed sword and the less known Bastard sword that could be used for two hands or just one. It depended on your style. Soon the bell rung to let everyone know class was over. The students had a great time this morning. Arthur should did. He knew the all the types of weapons the professor spoke of but he still learned a lot more than he thought he would have and that was always a plus in his book. Arthur gathered his belongings and headed to the door but was stopped by his professor when he called out to him.

"Yes Professor Whiteford?" Arthur asked.

"My boy, come here. I have something I wish to ask."

So Arthur walked over to his teacher's desk and waited to see what he wanted.

"Arthur, I have been invited to a dig site of sorts. My friend, who works in the field of archaeology has discovered an old castle that hasn't been touched in many many years and I was wondering if you'd like to join me?"

Arthur's eyes lit up with excitement. He had never been to a dig site before. The knowledge he could uncover. That's what was fun about these kind of things. You can change the outlook on history from what we thought we knew.

"Really? Yes. I'd love to. When do we leave?"

"Haha, Good! We leave tomorrow morning. Meet me here at school around 7 A.M.. Pack for a few days."

"Alright. I'll be here at 7. Thank you for letting me go with you."

"Of course. You love medieval history just as much as I do. I thought since you are going to be a professor. You would want to get a hands on experience."

"Yes, yes I would. Thank you again. So much."

"It's quite alright. Now go enjoy your day. I'm going to lunch."

Arthur left the classroom with so much glee, He didn't know if you would be able to sleep tonight. This was better than Christmas to him or any other holiday. Fuck 'em! This was part of Earth's history, the possibilities could be endless. Arthur pretty much speed walked to his car. He had to get stuff ready for tomorrow. This was going to be a once in a life time event for him and he was going to make the most of it.

"So this my first match here in the XWF and it's a pretty big one if I say so myself. When I win, and yes I will win. I get a shot at the Hart Title. I'm a rookie and already on the right path but from what I can tell. It won't be easy and that's completely fine with me. Nothing is life you want ever comes easy. No, you have to work your ass off, you have to sweat and bleed for what you want. I've been on my own my whole life and I've always gotten my shit done. As of right now, there is one person standing in front of me, he or at least I think it's a he. Is none other than Sebasstian Dyke. Now I don't know why you chose to face me. Maybe you think since I'm a rookie, you could get an easy win. Hey I don't blame you for thinking that. I've never step foot in a wrestling ring but you've been here in the XWF for some time. You have some good wins under your belt. You've been a tag champion. So you can't be that shitty of a wrestler but you'd be a fool to think you'll have your hand in raised in victory. I'm not a wrestler but I am someone you shouldn't take lightly. Even if I know I'll come out with the W. I'm not going to underestimate you. One should never do so when it comes to a battle and this will be a battle for sure."

"So while I'm sure you'll joke around and crack gay jokes and tell us how much you love to suck off Peter Gilmour. Which we all know you do and that's fine. I'm not one to judge someone's fetish. While you're thinking this will go your way. I'll be ready for battle and I'll be ready to kick your ass. So get off your ass and steel yourself. For you are not prepared for this Warfare but do not let that stop you from trying. I at least want a fight from you. Don't make it boring. I can't have my first match to be a dud. At least when you lose. You won't go down like a bitch. Maybe you'll grow you balls back. Who knows? This is the XWF, anything can happen, anything but you winning our match but even someone like you can dream. See you on Warfare."

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