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WARFARE Results 01/30/2019
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01-30-2019 04:59 PM

Live from the Adelaide Entertainment Center in Adelaide, South Australia

Wednesday Night Warfare


Robbie Bourbon
Dolly Waters
Winner will get a shot at Hart Championship Next Warfare

"Do you bleed? You will.' hits the Arena's Sound System

The opening sample from Get In The Van plays as the lights slowly strobe at 2 second intervals. The XTron displays static, which slowly gives way to the word "MOTHERFUCKER" and the crowd starts to go ballistic. Slowly walking out onto the entrance ramp is Robbie Bourbon. He stops, surveys the whole of the arena, raises his fists at 45 degree angles, and continues his deliberate plod towards the ring. Robbie climbs the steps, then climbs the nearest ring post half way and raises his fists at 45 degree angles. The lights go back to normal and the music stops. The XWF Universe in attendance, becoming hooligans, all chant in unison:


Dolly Water's music hits and Dolly walks out onto the stage, and down the ramp, and jumps into the ring, ready to take on Robbie.

Once the bell had rung, Dolly and Robbie lock up, and Robbie grabs Dolly’s hair and slams her on the mat. The ref warns Robbie, but pays it no mind as he lifts her up her feet, and slaps her a few times. Then he Whips her to the ropes, and hits a stiff Big Boot to Dolly. As Dolly was on the mat, Ronnie Garvin Stomps her. But Dolly grabs Robbie’s leg, and gets on her feet to Dragon Screw his leg.

Dolly then starts working on his left leg by stomping on it, then she does a Single Leg Lock to Robbie. But Robbie overpowers it, and she landed on the mat face first. Robbie then turns her back, and starts to Choke Dolly. He does it again, then breaks it off by four from the ref. Robbie drags her to the corner, and goes to the opposite corner. He taunts the crowd..


Robbie drags Dolly in the middle and goes for the cover…



Dolly manages to kickout at Two, while Robbie looked befuddled. Robbie then picks her up again, but Dolly punches his gut, then low kick’s his left leg a few times. As Robbie was kneeling on his left leg, she then does a few Multiple Strike Combos. Then she follows up with a RUNNING WATERS.

Dolly goes to the top rope….


Dolly then immediately goes to cover Robbie…




ROBBIE tosses her up in the air to the outside of the ring. Robbie then slowly gets on his feet, and follows her to the outside. Robbie then lifts Dolly in a Scoop Slam position, and drops her throat near the barricades. As Dolly was trying to recover, Robbie then picks her up and slides her body into the ring.

Robbie then signals for his finisher.

Robbie locks Dolly in..


We see Dolly almost passing out of the claw. The ref does the hand job, at least three times; but by the third count. Dolly balls her fist, and she slowly gets up and elbows Robbie in the gut to break free. She rolls to his back and plants him with a Backstabber. She then goes to the apron, as soon Robbie gets on his feet, she plants him with a Springboard Crossbody. Robbie gets on feet again, and she spears him.

Robbie then stumbles on his feet, as she attempt to hit a Running Waters, but Robbie manages to duck. Then he eye rakes her, and hits a Double Underhook Suplex. Robbie then motions his hand in the air, as Dolly struggles to get on her feet. As soon she’s up, Robbie grabs her throat to hit the EMC Sqaured.

Dolly kicks him in the dick, and she Small Packaged him…




Robbie kicksout as Dolly looked annoyed she can’t bring this man down. She then attempt to hit the Hart Lock on Robbie, but Eye Rakes her. Dolly is holding her eyes, and Robbie gets up and kicks her in the gut. He places her in the Powerbomb position…



Dolly holds hooks Robbie's head and uses his own momentum to spike him into the mat with a DDT!

Dolly rolls into the corner and rubs the tears from her eyes from the eye rake.

Robbie begins to stir as he pulls himself up to a knee.

Dolly fires out of the corner like a rocket!


Robbie looks to be out cold!

Dolly covers!




Winner - Dolly Waters!

Broken Oswald Autem Sephttis
Winner will get a shot at Hart Championship next Warfare

Suddenly the arena lights go red and "Angels Fall" by Breaking Benjamin blares out of the P.A System. After about 40 seconds The Scull Meister finally steps out on to stage, his XWF Universal Championship over his shoulder. He looks around at the XWF Galaxy in attendence and smirks. The chorus of boos fill the arena in disapproval of Skull, he shrugs it off and slowly walks down the ramp, ignoring them. He stops at the bottom of the ramp and smirks once again at the crowd. He then raises his XWF Universal Championship in the air as the boos become louder. He walks up the steps and walks along the ring apron. He turns to look at the fans whilst slowly moving both hands from his face to the floor, gesturing "A look at me" type taunt, before raising the title once again. Scully enters through the middle rope and into the ring. Skull walks over to the far turn buckle and climbs to the top. He holds his hands in the air, making sure the title is there for everyone to see and then does his "Look at me" taunt. The Scully Meister spins himself round and chills on the turnbuckle with his arms folded, his title put over his shoulder. His music fades out.

'Savior' by Rise Against starts playing on the Arena's sound system, and Equinox comes from the stage to the ring, and gets inside and waits.

'Moonlight Sonata' plays and Alysia is on the stage off to the side, near the rampway, with the audio system connected so her playing could be heard. As the song hits its first more frantic notes, Oswald walks out from the back, arms out wide, as the crowd begins to chant "DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!" and he moves his arms, swaying to the music. He makes his way to his wife, giving her a kiss as she plays, before making his way to the ring, swiping his right hand across the air in a horizontal fashion, joining the crowd in their chants. He then jumps up to the apron, and moves through the middle of the ropes, resuming the cutting of the air and chanting with the crowd. Finally, he waits for the match to begin, and during that time, he takes off his Hellraiser Warrior's cassock.


Oswald and Equinox shoot Scully across the ring. Scully ducks underneath the attempted double clothesline. He bounces off the ropes and flies through the air, connecting knocking both men to the mat with a double clothesline of his own. All three men jump to their feet, but Scully makes it up first. Oswald charges in with a sloppy punch, but Scully blocks it and hammers him back to the mat with a big right hand! Equinox moves in next, ducking a punch from Scully and positioning himself behind him. Equinox wraps his arms around the waist of Scully and snaps back for a suplex, but Scully locks his leg around Equinox’s and blocks the attempt!

Scully fires off with a back elbow that dazes Equinox, but he manages to keep hold of Scully. Scully then fires back with another elbow, this one breaks Equinox’s grip! Oswald is back to his feet and rushes in with a clothesline attempt, but Scully ducks it and hits Cross Rhodes on Oswald! Scully is quick to make the cover!




Equinox breaks the pin!

Scully jumps to his feet as Equinox moves in. Equinox connects with a right hand that staggers Scully, but Scully is quick to recover and fires back with a right of his own, followed by another, and another! Equinox is backed into the corner! Scully lifts him up into a seated position on the top turnbuckle. He climbs up to the second and hooks Equinox’s head before tossing his arm over his shoulder. Scully steps up to the top top…


Equinox crashes into the already fallen Broken Oswald!

As the two men lay in a heap, Scully springs to action and hops onto the top rope!

Scully surveys the situation and plays to the fans before finally leaping off of the top rope…


He then hooks both legs!





Donovan Blackwater
Sebastian Duke
Winner will receive a shot at the Universal Championship next month

'Bad Kharma' by Ida Maria hits the Arena Sound system, All three brothers emerge, with Donovan in the lead. Pausing briefly, the brothers look around at the exuberant crowd, with immense entertainment. Sharing an amused glance to one another as the fans scream. From there they walk in unison to the ring, occasionally separating to approach a random fan that's losing their mind. Clearly, enjoying the effect they have on the crowd, the Brothers Blackwater continue onward. Once they reach the ring, two of the brothers hold up the bottom rope, as the intended participant for the fight slides into the ring. Donovan then takes his place in the squared circle and looks across the ring at Sebastian Duke.

Sebastian Duke's music hits and he walks down the ramp and gets into the ring.


Sebastian Duke and Donovan Blackwater slowly start to circle one another, sizing each other up like two starving dogs getting to ready to fight over scraps. They playfully paw at one another looking for the slightest opening before finally locking up with one another in a collar and elbow tie up. They jockey for position with Duke eventually powering the smaller Donovan back into the corner. Referee Mika Hunt calls for the break as Donovan’s leg intertwines with the bottom ring rope. Duke breaks just before the count of five but steps away after a hard open palm slap across the cheek of Blackwater!

Donovan comes charging out of the corner with something to prove after the disrespectful slap heard around the arena! They lock up once again with a collar and elbow tie up. After a brief stalemate, the result is the same. Duke uses his size advantage to back Donovan into a favorable position. He pushes Donovan so his back is against the ropes. Duke lets go of Donovan and catches him off guard with a forearm to the chin. He grabs Donovan by his arm and sends across the ring with an irish whip. Donovan bounces back off the ropes and is immediately flattened by a stiff shoulder to the sternum!

Duke stalks his opponent who has turned to all fours. He gets within an arms reach when he’s surprised by a drop toe hold that trips him up and bounces his head off of the canvas like a basketball. Donovan quickly kip-ups while Duke staggers to his feet while pressing down on the right side of his face. He blindly swings and misses a lariat. Donovan counts with a stiff mule kick to the gut that doubles Mike Duke over. Donovan runs and bounces off the ropes, on the rebound he tries for a clothesline of his own. Duke ducked and countered with a german suplex that folds Owen up like an accordion.

Duke rises to his feet and feels his face. Angered by his quick slip up, he turns his attention to a fallen Donovan. He stomps away at all of Donovan’s extremities. Donovan crawls his way to the ropes, hoping for a break in the onslaught. Duke continues stomping away. He drives his knee across the back, pushing Donovan’s throat down on the bottom rope. Mika Hunt warns Duke to break and begins counting when there’s no immediate action. Duke finally steps off right before the count of five and staggers backwards with his hands held up. Donovan thrashes around on the mat coughing and holding his throat.

Duke panders to the crowd, indulging in the heat he’s receiving. He reaches down and grabs Donovan by his head, lifting him off the mat. Donovan shocks him, catching him off guard with a small package roll up. The referee quickly slides into a position to make the count.



Duke kicks out in the nick of time. He gets to his feet first and drives his knee into the midsection of Donovan. Donovan doubles over then gets flipped to the ground with a snapmare takedown. Duke follows that with a strong kick to the spine. He then runs, bounces off the ropes and catches Donovan with a big boot to the head. Duke quickly mounts Donovan and rains down with right hands, once again paying no heed to the referees warnings and breaking just before the count of five…

Donovan makes his way to one of the corners of the rings. He pulls himself up to his feet with the aid of the ropes. Duke takes off with Donovan facing the turnbuckle and nails an avalanche splash! Duke grabs the ropes and extends his foot to Donovan’s neck. Duke pulls on the ropes applying pressure to the corner choke as Donovan struggles to breath. Duke releases before the five count and waits as Donovan staggers out of the corner. Duke quickly sends Donovan to the mat with a guillotine. Duke turns his attention to the corner and climbs the ropes. He sits perched on the top rope as Donovan starts to stir around. He rises to his feet only to be leveled by a diving clothesline! Duke wastes no time and attempts a pinfall.




Donovan barely gets his shoulder off the mat before Mika Hunt’s hand comes down for a third time. Duke nods his head and makes his way to the outside of the ring. He stands on the apron and grabs the top rope. He launches himself over the ropes like a missile, trying for a flying forearm, but Donovan counters with a drop kick that creates a high impact mid-air collision!

Both competitors rise to their feet at relatively the same time. Donovan notices that Duke has his back to him and quickly grabs a rear waist lock. Duke quickly scurries to the ropes and hooks his arms to the top rope, preventing any offense from Donovan. Mika Hunt steps in to break the two men apart and with his attention occupied, Duke sneaks in a low blow, lifting his leg between Donovans legs and striking him hard enough in the groin to send him stumbling backwards. Duke turns and seizes the opening, leveling Donovan with an enziguri kick that looks to have knocked him out cold on his back. Duke hops back to the top rope of the nearest turnbuckle leaps off nailing Donovan with another diving clothesline! Duke tries for the cover!




Sebastian Duke is growing more agitated as the match moves forward. He’s becoming visibly frustrated as he begins jawing with the referee about the speed of the count. He lifts Donovan up and whips him towards the opposing ropes. On the rebound Duke connects with a snap powerslam, but Donovan manages to hook Duke’s head and uses the moentum to drive him to the mat with a tornado DDT! The building erupts as they sense a change in the momentum. Both wrestlers are back down on the mat and Mika Hunt begins his ten count. At the seven mark Donovan and Duke begin to stir.

With both men staggering to their feet in the middle of the ring they begin to exchange blows. Duke throws some elbow strikes as Donovan chops away at the knee with low side kicks. With the inability to put any significant weight down on his left leg his elbow strikes lose any power behind them. Donovan turns to right hands which are being thrown unmatched. He backs Duke into the corner and whips him across the ring. He follows pursuit which Duke is privy to. He tries to surprise Donovan with a clothesline but Donovan ducks and rebounds off the ropes connecting with a big spear that levels Duke!

Duke rolls out of the ring, underneath the ropes, trying to buy a few moments of time to slow down Donovans pace. He exchanges words with some of the fans in the front row while Donovan stands against the opposite ropes. He sprints towards Duke, leaps over the top rope and collides with Duke who had just turned his attention back towards the ring. Both men are out at ring side, forcing Mika Hunt to start counting them out…

Mika Hunt reaches SIX when Owen Donovan climbs to his feet. He rolls in and out of the ring to break up the referees count. He lifts all two-hundred-and-ninety pounds of dead weight that is Sebastian Duke and rolls him back into the ring. Donovan measures up Duke as he finds his way to his feet. He rushes in for another spear, but Duke catches him and counters it with a sidewalk slam! Mika Hunt checks on both wrestlers before once again utilizing a ten count.

At the count of seven both athletes find their bearings and manage their way to their feet. Duke grabs Donovan by the back of the head before rocking him backwards with a European uppercut. The thud from Duke’s bicep smacking Donovans chest sends echoes throughout the first few rows. Donovan counters by grabbing Duke with two hands, shoving his head down while driving a knee upwards. Duke falls backwards and goes down to one knee while checking his face, his fingers coated by blood which came from a bloody nose. Duke drives forward with his shoulder in the midsection of Donovan Blackwater. He takes a step back and tries to drive his shoulder into Donovan’s gut again, who’s leaning against the turnbuckles. Donovan jumps over Duke and rolls him up with a sunset flip! The referee slides in for the count.



Duke manages to kick Donovan in the face, breaking out of the pinfall!

Duke and Donovan both rise up from the canvass simultaneously. Out of nowhere Duke tries for a guillotine which gets ducked. Donovan grabs him by his shoulder and spins him around, lifting Duke on his shoulders with a fireman's carry. Duke wiggles free before Donovan could follow through. Duke shoves Donovan from behind and he goes chest first into the turnbuckle. Duke drops to the mat and pulls Donovan down with him by way of a school boy roll up. Donovan kicks free before the referee could even count to one.

Both men pop up to their feet. In one fluid movement, Donovan ducks a clothesline, hooks Duke by his head, and spins him to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker!

Donovan seems proud of himself as he climbs back to his feet. He shows off for the crowd for a moment before turning his attention back to Duke. Donovan grabs Duke’s hair with both hands and pulls him up to a seated position. Duke fires off with a right hand that catches Donovan off guard. Donovan staggers back into the ropes. Duke climbs to his feet and pushes forward. Donovan springs out from the ropes with a right hand, but Duke catches it and whips him into the corner. Donovan hits hard and leans against the turnbuckle. Duke rushes in with a clothesline that lifts Donovan off his feet! Duke backs off as Donovan staggers out of the corner. Duke lifts him up to his shoulder and marches back into the corner, dropping Donovan face first into the top turnbuckle! Duke rubs his hands together waiting as Donovan stumbles out of the corner. Duke wraps his meaty fingers around his throat. Donovan’s eyes bulge out of his head as he knows what's next…


Donovan lay motionless in the center of the ring as Duke begins stomping the mat and taunting him to get up. Donovan begins to stir. He’s struggling to get back to a vertical position. Duke backs off into the corner. Donovan is up to a knee. Duke stomps the mat again and yells for him to get up. Donovan pushes up to his feet. He’s off balance, but he’s up. Duke charges out of the corner intent on making Donovan’s small victory a short one.


The clothesline flips Donovan inside out!

Duke with the cover!





Match #4:
Peter F'N Gilmour
Mastermind ©


The lights in the arena dim, then go to full black. We then hear the eerie sounds of a bell being tolled and then an explosion of fire emitting from the entrance ramp. The beginning of DADDYS FALLEN ANGEL by IN THIS MOMENT begins as the heavy guitar riffs kick in and red strobes dance around the stage. As soon as the verse kicks in, we see Peter Gilmour and his wife Maria Brink come out to the ramp. They smile at each other before going down the ramp hand in hand. Peter bobs his head to the song. They get in the ring together and Peter gets on the turnbuckle and throws up an "X" sign as pyro goes off above the ring. Peter hops down and kisses Maria as they wait his next victim.

The lights go out, and when they come back on, Mastermind is seen on top of the top right hand corner of the ring, and acknowledges the crowd before climbing back down.

There is zero hesitation between these two monster, megastar, marvels of the ring, they immediately fly into fucking action. Practically knocking the ref over in the process! He signals for the bell frantically, to which the official bell ringer quickly complies and this match for The Television Championship... BEGINS!

Peter Gilmour comes in like a straight up beast. With a Big Boot right to Mastermind's midsection. Mastermind doubles over. Coughing and wheezing from the air being knocked out of him. Peter then cracks him in the back with a Double Axe Handle. Mastermind crashes into the canvas, face first and Peter adds even more insult to injury, when he stomps on the back of Mastermind's skull with his boot. After which, he grabs Mastermind up by his head and pulls him to his feet. Backhanding him; twice, in the face, Peter tosses Mastermind off to the ropes. Mastermind flies across the ring. He bounces off of the ropes. Comes soaring back towards Peter and Gilmour takes him down with a short arm Clothesline. Mastermind slams backwards into the mat, almost like he was hit with a solid steel beam and stares up, wide eyed and slightly dazed.

Slightly cocky now, due to his quick fire success, thus far in the match, Peter begins to prance about, with his arms raised. The crowd eats this up and screams for their King of Fuckin' X-Treme. This encourages Peter, so he does a little twirl, arms still raised up high. He is smiling and kicking up his feet. Sort of like he's doing a little jig. Adding in another twirl and a shimmy with both of his hands. Then he runs to the ropes, bounces off and flies towards the other side, where he bounces off again. Only to come zooming back to where Mastermind lay on the canvas. Peter jumps up, lifts his leg. Oh... but his Leg Drop does not connect. Mastermind rolled out of the way, just in the nick of time. Peter hits only canvas with that move.

On his feet now, Mastermind spins around and catches Peter, right in the face with a Roundhouse Kick. Just as Peter was attempting to rise from the canvas. Causing Gilmour to flop backwards. Elbow Drop! To the sternum! Peter surges on the mat in agony and Mastermind hops up to his feet. Pulling Gilmour up, he throws Peter off towards the ring post, where Gilmour collides chest first. Now Peter is gasping for air. The wind slammed right out of him. Here comes Mastermind though, right after him with a Spear! This time even harder. Peter smashes into the ring post again. Spittle and a slight bit of vomit spurts from Gilmour's mouth as he drapes over the ring post, arms spread out while he simply hangs there for a moment. While he is at this disadvantage, The Master of Minds quickly raises a few knees to Peter's kidneys and lower sides before delivering a Belly to Back Suplex! Mastermind goes for the cover!




Both men get to their feet at the same time. Trading lefts and rights. With neither really getting the upper hand, till Mastermind switches things up and catches Peter with a Dropkick. Gilmour flies backwards and flops onto the canvas. Mastermind hurries towards him and attempts a Fist Drop to Peter's face but Gilmour moves out of the way. Swiftly moving with immense agility and dexterity, Peter manages to catch Mastermind with a Leg Sweep. Mastermind slams into the mat and Gilmour wastes not a single second. He yanks Mastermind up from the mat and puts him down with a Falcon Arrow! It's Peter's turn to make the cover now!




Once again. Both of these men rise, simultaneously. Once more, they meet with the same amount of heart and tenacity as before. Trading savage blows. Neither willing to yield or give the other even an inch or a second's worth of time to recover. Most of all, neither are willing to allow even a moment of weakness to be seen. The gleam in their eyes is of pure hate and absolute aggression. Finally, after what seems like an eternity of evenly matched punches and kicks, with neither man getting the advantage of the situation. Peter slaps himself in the face and screams. Eyes ablaze, he hits Mastermind with a Yakuza Kick! Followed by an immediate Leg Drop! Ripping Mastermind off the canvas, he executes a perfect Fireman's Carry! Ending it on an outstretched knee! Mastermind slumps in a crumpled heap on the canvas and Gilmour hooks the leg!




Peter punches the canvas and roars like a lion in the zoo! Rising up a tad but still staying hunched over, he runs and tackles Mastermind, Linebacker style! Shoulder aligning perfectly with Mastermind's ribs, an audible crunch can be heard as he yelps out in pain. Mastermind's head slams into the ring post on the opposite side of the ring before he goes down. Hard. After this occurs, Peter shoves himself off the canvas and lunges toward Mastermind. Ripping Mastermind from the canvas he cuts him down again with a GILMOUR CUTTER! Holy Shit! Oh the irony! This could be it! Gilmour covers!





The Master of Minds kicks the fuck out!

Peter is losing his mind now. His eyes are wild. He is pulling his own hair. Damn near yanking it straight out of his skull. All the while, shaking his head and screaming. He looks insane. Out of his mind with utter bewilderment. How is this happening??? He clearly has no idea and it is making him go nuts. No joke. It seriously looks like the man has become unhinged. Mastermind, gets up, shaking his head to clear the cobwebs, he runs at Peter and hits him with an Enziguri. Following this he pulls Peter from the canvas and then uses a Hip Toss, to fling Gilmour off to the ropes. Gilmour smacks into them. Bounces off. Flies back and is greeted with an RKO! Gilmour collides with the mat, Mastermind lifts him to his feet, once more and plants him down with a Gutwrench Elevated Neckbreaker! From there, he mounts Peter, from behind and places the Mind Sleeper! Yanking Peter backward, he locks in the Sleeperhold, super tight. At first Peter tries to fight it off but Mastermind's sheer might and determination is too much. Peter begins to look glossy eyed and dazed. Fading quickly. With zero hope in sight for this move not to take effect. Gilmour's head keeps slumping. His eyes start closing. Still somehow he manages to pop them open, whilst slapping back at Mastermind in desperate attempts to stop the submission move.

Suddenly, from the side of the ring Maria Brink, starts singing. She is like a siren, on the banks of a rocky shore, beckoning a sailor to his death. Except instead of drawing her beloved to doom, it seems to take a very, different effect. Peter's eyes pop open. Wide. Wider than a normal human. Till they look like they're going to bulge right out of his skull. Something about Maria's voice and her sweet serenade, appears to take hold of Gilmour. Causing him to summon strength that almost seems damn near impossible, he rises to his feet, with Mastermind still connected to him. With Mastermind still attached, Peter rushes straight towards a ring post, spins around and slams his back right into it. Thus breaking the hold and injuring Mastermind's spine. Gilmour stumbles forward a tad, shaking his head about, frantically. Blinking in an over-exaggerated manner as he breathes heavily and pants. Tongue hanging from his open mouth, he coughs, spits and shakes his head again. From there he turns around and once again Peter and Mastermind are face to face. Oh and Maria stops singing.

Gilmour screams at Mastermind to bring it and he is happy to oblige. Mastermind throws a fierce right that staggers Gilmour, but Gilly shakes it off and gets right back in Masterminds face. Mastermind, surprised, throws another big right hand that once again staggers Gilmour. Gilmour again shakes it off and charges back into the face of Mastermind. He yells, ”IS THAT ALL YOU’VE GOT!” Mastermind looks out to the crowd, a little annoyed, he then throws another huge shot with his right hand and just like the previous two times, it staggers Gilly, but this time Mastermind doesn’t let up. He rushes in and catches Gilmour with a running bulldog, spiking his face into the mat. He then comes down hard with a big elbow to the small of the back, followed by another, and another! Mastermind jumps back to his feet and graves Gilmour by his. He then drags him towards the center of the ring and locks in the Mind Controller!



Gilly manages to power out of the hold and fight him off! Gilmour crawls to the ropes as Mastermind recovers. Gilly uses the ropes like a ladder to pull himself up to his feet. He turns around and..


Mastermind again grabs the legs and locks in the Mind Controller!

The official slides in to check on Gilly.

Mastermind rears back and applies pressure to the hold.

Gilmour tries to fight through the pain, but he has nowhere to go and no way out. He’s left with only one option, submit!


Match #5
Zane Norrison ©
For The Hart Championship

"Orion" by metalica starts bkaring through the pa system and Drezdin walks down the ramp in his ring gear doing the worst impression of the rock known to human kind as the fans chanting his name.

A hush falls over the crowd as the arena darkens. From there, an eerie fog slowly starts to roll in, sweeping across the entire stadium. Anxiety rises and an uncomfortable murmur stirs throughout the audience. A high pitched squeak, followed by static emits from the speakers, turning into the opening of Surfin' Dead by the Cramps. Gradually, a row of lime green lights, begin to illuminate a path from the stage entrance, all the way to the ring. Their radiance burning on either side of the walkway. Then as Lux Interior's haunting vocals kick in, Zane Norrison appears. And the crowd loses their fuckin' minds! With a smirk, Zane looks out on the crowd, momentarily basking in their zombie appreciation, before he begins to make his way to the ring. Walking slowly, he continues down the ramp, turning his focus; occasionally, to either side as he regards the crowd. When he arrives at the ring, he slides under the bottom rope and swiftly pops to his feet. Climbing the ropes, he perches atop a ring post and casts his eyes towards the entrance as he awaits his opponent while the audience continues to show their love.


Zane and Drezdin slowly walk toward each other to the center of the ring. Zane looks over Drezdin, sizing him up. In return, Drezdin looks at Zane with a cocky smirk on his face, showing no intimidation. The two then slowly circle each other before Drezdin makes the first move and shoves Zane back a few steps. Not backing down, Zane shoves him back but barely budged him a step. Zane tries again to push the big man back but only moves him a step. Drezdin then laughs and swings a hard right lariat at Zane and connects with his forehead, sending him to the floor with a thud.

Zane rolls away and gets to his feet as Drezdin stares him down with that cockiness still in his eye. Drezdin waves for him to come get some and the two slowly walk toward the center of the ring. This time Drezdin raises his hand in the air and looks Zane in the eye, daring him to lock hands and have a battle of strength. Zane looks over the arena and swallows hard before raising his hand as well. As the two slowly pursue the others hand with theirs, Zane catches Drezdin off guard with a hard kick to the stomach. Drezdin quickly bends over as Zane kicks him in the stomach again, trying to knock the breath out of the big man. Zane then slams a his elbow in the back of Drezdin before grabbing his head and delivering a huge knee to his face. Drezdin takes a few steps back from the pain as Zane keeps a close eye on him.

Zane runs at Drezdin only to get lunged at again. Zane ducks and runs to the other side of the ring and bounces off the ropes. Before he can turn around, Drezdin gets kicked in the back of the knee with a dropkick. Zane delivers a series of kicks to Drezdin’s leg until he breaks him down and drops him to one knee. With momentum on his side, Zane closes in and hits Drezdin with a reverses neck breaker. As the big body hits the canvas, it sends a loud thud throughout the building as the fans erupt in cheers, fueling Zane as he quickly gets back to his feet.

While he’s down. Zane stomps on the legs of Drezdin and then drops a hard knee to his inner thigh. Drezdin fights through the agony and manages to get up before getting attacked anymore. Barely on his feet, Drezdin gets rushed by Zane with a series of punches to the head. After getting a few good shots in, Zane winds up with a big one and swings with all his might. Drezdin ducks the punch and throws an elbow into the stomach of Zane, knocking him back a few steps. Drezdin then kicks Zane in the stomach and follows up with a hard forearm smash across his back, sending him to the canvas face first.

Drezdin grabs Zane by the back of the head and jerks him to his feet. He then throws Zane to the ropes and upon his return, Drezdin drives him into the canvas with a huge powerslam. The sounds cuts through the noise of the crowd like a hot knife through butter. Drezdin climbs to his feet, pushing himself up with his hand around Zane’s throat, choking the life out of him. The ref breaks the hold and pushes Drezdin back only to get shoved aside as Drezdin moves back in on the fallen Zane. Drezdin rolls Zane over with his foot as he kicks Zane in the side until he’s completely turned over. Opening up his back for attack, Drezdin drops two back to back knee drops to his lower back before pulling him up to his feet again but this time by the hair. Drezdin slings him across the ring and pulls out a few strands of hair in the process. Wasting no time, Drezdin picks him up once more and lifts his body up and carries him to the corner only to sidewalk slam Zane into the turnbuckle.

Zane falls to the mat, head first after getting broken against the turnbuckle. Drezdin still doesn’t let up and drags him to the center of the ring by the hair. The ref tries to get Drezdin to release the hair only to get ignored. After yelling for a moment at Drezdin, Collins convinces him to release the hair. Drezdin laughs it off and then picks Zane up by the back of the head and lifts him up once more only to drop him again but this time a Samoan drop in the center of the ring. Drezdin then drops to the canvas and begins to work on Zane with a few various holds, wearing him down for about five minutes.

Drezdin then gets back up and drags Zane with him. Drezdin hammers at him with a couple of closed fists to the head before grabbing him by the arm and slinging Zane to the ropes behind him. Drezdin swings with a hard right hook but misses as Zane ducks. Drezdin quickly turns around and lunges forward with a clothesline as Zane bounces back off the ropes again but misses once more as Zane dodges another big hit. Slower to turn around this time, Drezdin gets hit with a flying crossbody after Zane bounces off the ropes for a third time. Zane bounces and hits the mat but only manages to knock Drezdin back a few steps and against the ropes. Zane bursts himself up and moves in on Drezdin only to catch a big boot to the face. Drezdin then grabs Zane by the back of the head and pants and throws him into the corner, slamming his shoulder against the turnbuckle.

Zane leans over the middle rope, halfway hanging outside of the ring trying to catch his breath. The Trite watches on from the opposite corner and preys on him like a hawk, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Zane begins to work himself out of the turnbuckle and manages to stand on his two feet with his back toward the center of the ring. He leans against the corner and holds his shoulder in pain. Slowly turning around, Zane continues to look down at the mat with pain written all over his face. In the blink of an eye, Drezdin runs towards him…

Drezdin slams into Zane with powerful spear, nearly knocking him out of his boots. The Trite crushes Zanes body with his own as he sandwiches Zane into the corner. Zane grabs on to the ropes to hold himself up but Drezdin takes advantage to his open midsection and grabs on to the middle ropes himself and begins slamming into his midsection with a series of hard shoulder thrusts. Not letting up, the ref is forced to move in and break the hold. Drezdin pulls back and nods to the ref but then delivers one more hard shoulder thrust that knocks the air out of Zane. Drezdin then gets to his feet and pushes back on Zane as he creates space between the two and obeys the ref as Zane falls to the floor.

As Zane sits in the corner, fighting through the pain, Drezdin quickly moves back in on him and slams his knee into his face. Zane’s head slings back and slams against the turnbuckle. Drezdin then grabs him by the arm and jerks him to his feet. With brute strength, Drezdin lifts Zane into the air and nails him with a military press. With Zane down, face first to the mat, Drezdin grabs both of his arms and pulls him backwards. Drezdin holds him up for a moment stretching Zane’s body as he looks over the crowd and places his foot behind his head. In the blink of an eye, Drezdin drives his foot down on the back of Zane’s head, stomping it into the canvas.

Drezdin turns Zane over to his back and then drops down to both knees. He looks over the arena for a moment before covering Zane as the ref drops for the count.




Zane somehow found the wherewithal to kick out!

Drezdin calls for the fans to cheer as Zane groggily drags himself back up to his feet. Drezdin bounces off of the ropes, seemingly setting Zane up for a boot to the face, only to have Zane grab him and roll Drezdin up for the cover.





The crowd gives a standing ovation as DREZDIN rises to his feet disappointment on his face for his coming up short in his bid for the Hart title. He raises his arms though and the fans give a bigger pop.

'Cult of personality by Living Colour' suddenly blasts out over the speakers. The fans cheer a bit more as DREZDIN turns towards the entryway with an incredulous look on his face.

ROBERT PEARSELL and JOHN LEWIS make their way down to the ring and LEWIS climbs in leaving ROBERT PEARSELL at ringside.

Without hesitation on either end DREZDIN and LEWIS meet in the center of the ring and shake hands before LEWIS initiates the common MMA fight pose; which DREZDIN obliges.

The match is set for the Febuary 13th edition of Warfare DREZDIN will welcome JOHN LEWIS to the famed XWF.

Griffin MacAlister
Robert The Omega Main ©
For the Universal Championship

"These Two Boots Of Mine" by The Bruisers hits the Arena’s Sound System, Griffin emerges from the entrance; eyes set straight ahead, he marches to the ring,without much attention or emotion shown towards the crowd. He walks straight into the ring without stopping, to take a look at the outside, and waits for his opponent.

'Broken Dreams' by Sharman's Harvest hits the Arena's sound system and Robert walks through the curtains after the instrumental “I make them for you”! He then looks to the crowd to his left and then right rolling his shoulders. He smiles shaking his head and slowly walks down the ramp. He stops at the ring steps looking to the crowd once more before slamming his hands on the ring steps entering the ring.

The bell rings and the two men stand at opposite corners, slowly edging closer to one another as the raucous crowd erupts into dueling chants for Griffin and Robert. The two meet in the middle of the ring, mouth some inaudible insults to one another, and something that Griffin says really get's Robert's blood boiling causing the reigning Universal Champion to shove his challenger to the ground.

Griffin, looks a little stunned at first, but then smiles up at Robert who responds with a pair of middle fingers Griffin, and then a strong stomp right to the face!

And the battle is finally underway!

Robert kicks Griffin again in the face, busting his mouth open, and sending the challenger's head lashing hard against the mat. Robert Main briefly sends his arms up to the crowd who pour down on him with applause, the champion then hits the ropes, gains some running momentum and leaps into the air over top of Griffin, crashing down on him with a pointed elbow drop to the throat.

Robert now has Griffin mounted and his crashing down on his already busted open mouth with a series of stiff fist strikes. Griffin tries maneuvering out from under the champion, but Main is too quick and stays on top of him rolling over now to Griffin's backside and locking in a sleeper hold.

Griffin is fading fast! This match appears to be over before it even started!

The ref lifts Griffin's hand once, it falls to the mat.

The ref lifts it again, and it falls again!!

This is it! If Griffin can't respond the match will be over!

He lifts the hand!



Griffin's arm is shaking, his eyes open and he starts gaining some strength! Griffin sends a back elbow to Main's ribs, this causes the champion to shift out of the way a bit, but also loosens his hold some and Griffin wraps his arms around Main's head. The two men get up to a standing postion and Griffin drops down on his rear, sending Main's chin cracking against Griffin's head.

Main flies back and stumbles between the middle rope, and tries regaining his footing on the apron, but a reinvigorated Griffin is on the attack! Grffin blasts Main right in the face with a running mule kick sending the champion crashing down to the floor. Griffin smiles and wipes away a bit of the blood from his mouth and makes his way to the top turnbuckle.

Griffin looks down to Main who is starting to stir, a look of disgust grows on the challenger's faces as he dives off of the rope. Griffin catches Main with a diving codebreaker! And as the two hit the floor he locks in a modified triangle!


The champion is reeling, locked in the hold and appears unable to get out! Squirming around and screaming in pain! Main's face is turning blue!

But the ref has started his count!



Griffin is not relenting the hold!


Even though Griffin has to beat Main in the ring to win the title!













The fans boo loudly as Main and Griffin start to stir to their feet, not totally aware of what's happened.


But suddenly at the entrance ramp we see XWF Owner Loverboy Vinnie Lane!

"whoa whoa whoa dude!"

Vinnie Lane marches down the entrance ramp at a quick clip, waving his hand in the air.

"This isn't how main event Universal Title matches are going to be ending in the XWF ever again! This match is going to be restarted, and we're getting a real winner! No count out, no DQ, no cheating these fans out of their money! Griff... Bobby... BACK IN THE RING!"


Griffin and Main both slide under the bottom rope at the same time and the ref rings the bell again. The crowd is going ape shit! The two waste no time colliding in the center of the ring, trading stiff fist shots to the head. In just the little time these two have brawled thus far, they've already done a great deal of damage to one another!

Griffin gets a hold of Main's arm and whips him into the corner, then follows up by running up and smashing the champ's head with a step up enziguri! The crack of Griffin's boot against Main's skull is so loud it almost silences the crowd. But as Main starts to fall out of the corner, with a dazed look on his face, he grabs Griffin somehow and plant hims on his neck with a quick snap suplex!

Both men stay down for a moment, but it's Main back up to his feet first, he picks the challenger back up crushes him with an exploder suplex into the turn buckle! Main backs up and starts sizing up his opponent. As Griffin stands and starts to stumble his way out of the corner, Main comes running in with a gutting spear!

Main covers Griffin!




Griffin get's a shoulder up, and he isn't out yet! He rams a thumb directly into Robert Main's eye and sends a knee strike up into the champions groin! This buy's Griffin some time, and with the champion down in the ring, Griffin makes a slow climb to the top turnbuckle again. He's looking to put this match away!

But Main scrambles to his feet and rushes Griffin! He jumps onto the top turnbuckle, striking Griffin in the face with a palm smash and now has him in a suplex position. Main using his awesome strength, powers Griffin onto his shoulders and....



But Robert Main suffered a great deal of damage during that move as well, and after precious time wasted, the champion is finally able to drape an arm over the challenger on the floor. The ref heads outside to count the fall!






Main groggily tries to pull himself back up to his feet. There is zero movement on the part of Griffin. Main leans against the apron holding the back of his head as he tries to collect himself. Griffin finally starts to stir. Main grabs a handful of hair and pulls Griffin up to a knee. Griffin fires off with an elbow to the midsection that stunns Main. He throws another, and this time Main releases his grip and backs off. Griffin pushes forward and wraps his arm around Mains head spiking him into the floor with a DDT! Griffin pushes up and circles Main before laying into him with a stomp to the chest, followed by another, and another! Main rolls over to his stomach as Griffin looks on. Robert pushes himself up from the floor as Griffin smiles, seeing his opening. He leaps into the air and comes crashing down with a curb stomp!

But Main rolls out of the way and springs to his feet. Griffin is off balance as he quickly turns to face an oncoming Robert Main. Main kicks him in the gut, doubling Griffin over. He then lifts him up for a powerbomb and runs towards the ring, slamming Griffin into the ringpost!

Robert jumps down on top of Griffin and wraps his legs around his left arm. He then ties up the right arm under his own.

Alpha Omega!!!

The referee gets into position to check on Griffin. He’s asked if he wishes to submit, but there is no response. He ask again, but still no response. The ref hops to his feet and calls for the bell before demanding that Robert Main break the hold!

Winner and STILL Universal Champion - ROBERT MAIN!!!

Robert Main struggles to get back to his feet. It’s evident that the defense against Griffin McAlister as taken a toll on him. Main uses the ring apron to pull himself up to his feet. He stops there for a moment, looking out to the screaming crowd. Main cracks a slight smile and rolls into the ring where the referee is waiting with the Universal and Tag Team Championships. Main stumbles over to him and takes his titles. He drapes the Tag Title over his shoulder before the referee raises his hand in victory.


A huge explosion engulfs the stage.

Robert Main and the official jump, at first startled, then confused.

What in the hell is going on?

Two figures appear in the fire.

They walk casually through the flames until finally emerging on the other side.

[Image: jobber23.jpg]


The pair stare at the Universal Champion. Robert points to his Tag belt and yells something at the duo. Job Ber Tree steps forward and motions a belt around his waist as the show credits pop up on the lower left hand corner of the screen.

Special thanks to Dolly Waters, John Black, and The Brothers Blackwater for helping with match writing duties.

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01-30-2019 09:42 PM

DAMNIT! I had Mastermind beat.. but I took him to his limit.. great match

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01-30-2019 10:40 PM

Swell show.

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01-31-2019 08:59 AM

"I am not one to usually say I was wrong. Nor do I relish saying it. I really, really don't. Like I... REALLY, REALLY... don't ever, at all, enjoy saying it. However, despite that, I am not so pride filled and arrogant, that I can't admit it when it is well warranted. Duke defeated me, fair and square and has given me quite a bit to think about, in the process. With that being said, you're right Duke, I am that into you, how about I take you out this Saturday, for a date? C'mon. Whaddya say? Some dinner, maybe a movie, we'll see what happens. Play it by ear. No pressure but you might want to bust out your 'good underwear'. If you know what I'm sayin'. Wink wink, nudge nudge."

Donovan smiles broadly and instantly starts cracking up. Shaking his head a tad, he gradually composes himself.

"Nah. I'm just fucking with you. I'm not interested in you, Duke. Come on. What the fuck? I'm straight and you're the butler from the Addams family. That would never work out. Every time I came over to your place, you'd greet me at the door and say... 'You raaaang.' And I'd be like Duke, what are you doing, you live alone. Also what am I doing here? I'm straight. Catch ya later. I'm going home to fuck my girlfriend. As I leave, I still look back and do the 'call me' signal though. Haha! I kid. Or do I? Hah! No. I do."

A chuckle.

"Anyway, in all seriousness. That was an epic fight and I was wrong, you are one helluva fighter, Duke. For that you have my respect. It was fun. Don't you think? I sure do. We should do it again sometime. Maybe make it even more interesting and add on a stipulation. I'm thinking... buried alive. Just a thought. You can get back to me on that. Alright, with that being said, I think it's about time I hit that old dusty trail, sort of like Smoking Bob does every morning... at the crack of dawn, when he leaves his ranch and sets out into the city, on a wagon pulled by his trusty steed, Bullseye."

"Donovan Blackwater out."


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