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A Play on Words, I can do that too
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Previously, Mastermind's wife, Maria, went into labor, and then had the two girls, their names are Louise Nicole, and Bernadette Mary.

Maria was still asleep a few hours after giving birth, and her mother Louise had stayed back with her to help her with the girls. Mastermind had gone home to collect his and Maria's two two year old boys Vinnie and Jacob.

Louise was holding one baby, and the other baby was asleep in the cot.

"Hey Look boys, it's Grandma," smiled Mastermind "And she's holding your new sister."

Vinnie and Jacob ran over to Louise.

"Grandma, Grandma," said Vinnie excitedly

"There are my boys," whispered Louise quietly "We need to be quiet, your new sister is asleep, come take a look."

Vinnie and Jacob clambered around their ground mother for a closer look.

"Say hello to Louise Nicole," smiled Louise

"Hello Louise Nicole," said both Vinnie and Jacob together

Mastermind smiled and walked over to where his wife, Maria was sleeping. He bent down and gave her a kiss. She opened her eyes.

"Hey there," smiled Mastermind

"Hey there," replied Maria

"Look who I brought,"

Mastermind stood to the side. Maria looked over at the kids.

"Hey boys," smiled Maria weakly

"Hi mummy," said both Vinnie and Jacob together

"Come over here and meet your sister Bernadette," said Mastermind looking down at the cot

The boys clambered away from their grandmother and walked over to the cot.

"She's sleeping," said Maria "So say hi quietly."

"Hello Bernadette," said both Vinnie and Jacob together

"When can you come home Mummy?" asked Jacob

"Tomorrow sweet heart with the boys. I just need my rest tonight."

"You both are big brothers now," said Mastermind "So you need to look after your sisters very well."

"Yes Daddy," smiled both Vinnie and Jacob




The cameras fade in to the locker room of Mastermind a few hours before Saturday Night Savage is about to start.

Mastermind is seen sitting on a chair smirking away, looking at his Television Title.

"There's only one particular sound byte I want to focus on from Donovan Blackwater's previous promo. Play it please."

Replay: Then when all is said and done and you're laying on the canvas, staring up at the lights, dazed, beaten and confused, I will exit that ring... the brand new TV champion. Thus becoming Mr. Saturday Night. It has a nice ring to it. Don't you think? Donovan Blackwater - Mr. Saturday Night. Almost seems tailor made, like a fine suit. And as such I will wear it with perfection."

Mastermind starts laughing. He gets up and starts walking around, and starts laughing some more. He walks back to the chair and lean on it. Then he stands up straight and starts clapping.

"Well done on you coming up with that saying all by yourself Donovan. You must be very proud of yourself to be able to play on words. What was it? When you beat me.... No... no... that's IF..... you beat me...... you will become Mr Saturday Night. Donovan Black - Mr Saturday Night. Then you go on to say seems tailor made for you, as if it was a play on words from Savage GM Taylor Mayde.

"And you want to wear it with Perfection. As if we haven't seen enough of Saturday Night Perfection. Well that's just awesome of you to only focus on wanting to just be Donovan Blackwater - Mr Saturday Night."

Mastermind holds up the television belt.

"It seems you want to focus on mediocrity by being Mr Saturday Night. I can tell you I AM MR TELEVISION. In my 100 plus days as Television Champion, I have proven to be one of the best. At the moment just the third best. But while you are aiming for mediocrity, I am aiming for far more to be a star. I am MR TELEVISION, the star of Saturday Night Savage, plus also Wednesday Night Warfare, and also the star of Pay Per Views.

"I can focus on more than you can. You are just limited, and I will prove that when Saturday Night Savage starts.

"And as for Job Ber Wan, you are no one in this match, and I will prove that too. The both of you can try what ever you want, you aren't getting anything this from me.

"Mr Saturday Night. What a joke. You're the joke Donovan. And I will oh so prove it."

Mastermind walks away and the camera fades out.
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