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First bitch of 2019
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01-11-2019 09:54 PM

Drezdin:Alrighty then folks.

Ill make this short and sweet and to the point.

You see its a new day, a new dawn, and litterally a brand spanking new year.

What happened in 2018 was a banner year for me, in fact i even dare say it was more along the lines of a lack luster 2018 for me.

I mean the only thing that i had ever achieved since I've joined this company was just last year, teaming up with peter fn gilmore to win the xwf tag team titles.

But even winning/ defending the xwf tag team titles ended up in a lack luster of a failure at the end of the year.

But as all of you are aware of, that what has happened so far in my lack luster of a faliure career including 2018, was is in the past.

Then, past, barried, no more, dead.

That was then this is now.

You see its a new day, new dawn, and litterally a brand spanking new year.

In 2019, nothing and i mean nothing will stop me from achieving the goals that i have set for this year.

2019 will be the year of the destroyer drezdin.

The destroyer drezdin you once knew from i first started out up till now is no more.

The drezdin you knew back then is gone, dead, and berried 1,000,000 feet into the cold, dark, dank, infested ground.

And i can promise all of you that if the spot light is not on me, if im not all about 2019 muchless the center of 2019, you can rest asure that I WILL make the spot light on me, that 2019 will be about me muchless be the center of 2019.

Speaking of again 2019..........

2019 will be the year that i the destroyer drezdin will not only achieve my goals, i will asend to the top by climbing the ladder being the first singles wrestler to capture the xwf tag ream titles.

Goal one of five.

But heres the thing folks, the wrinkle if you will.

in order to achieve my goals, in order to asend the ladder by climbing my way to the top, the first bitch of 2019 that i have to go through in my first match for it to happen is the miz.

In order to achieve my first goal of 2019 is i have to this mans ass.

And no i dont mean the i have my foot so far down my mouth open mouth insert foot wwe miz.

I mean the traglabyte poor bastard immitating wannabe xwf miz.

Thought i would never say this muchless had to say it, but heres a schumck that feel kinda sorry for.

I mean if you think about it, a person that for some worldly reason had chosen a gimmick like the wwe miz and try to make it the xwf version of the miz of his own, and try to use it to asend the top, and among other stupid reason why.

Dont get me wrong, i understand what hes trying to do, but if your trying to make a name for your self here in the xwf where its the land of operunity, i will promise you that not you will be eaten alive literally by others whos been longer then you, you will not last long here at all.

Secondly, what do you think the chances of him realizing that hes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over his head knowing that hes a gold fish in a ocean.

And thirdly, hopefully one would assume that he realizes for him 2019 will be the worst year of his career.

And it will aaaaallllllllll start with his first loss of the year at the hand thi s gorgeous handsome sexy three hundred and forty-five pound seven foot two giant.

Miz you sorry waste of unorganized grabastic piece of abphibious shit, how on earth will your ass survived the worst you ever went through against me when your ass wont last against through others who will do the same thing?

Miz good god almighty im so chumping at the bit to literally and utterly destroy your ass shen i get my hands on you.

And that when i do defeat you, aside the losses you will amass and mine, i hope that when the others do have to face you, i hope ive done enough that they dont have to do the same amount of work like i had to.

I cannot wait untill you get your ass kicked so much that its not so for me vanquishing you, that the xwf releases you.

And then when i get enough win and become the new, first, and only singles wrestler to become/hold the xwf tag team titles, i then can go onto goal number two.

Then, BE MY BITCH ASS HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Image: FSYLxSs.png]
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