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Wednesday Night Warfare 8/29/2018
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(booed by casual fans; opportunistic; often plays dirty)

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08-30-2018 07:58 PM



From !!!

[Image: 3o3XXbl.jpg?1]

The Coliseo Amauta in Lima, Peru!!!

Warfare is LIVE in Peru, ladies and gentlemen!

The camera pans the crowd as Warfare comes to life!

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome as the XWF World Tour continues! I'm Pip Collins and with me tonight is not who you are all used to seeing.

The camera switches to ringside where Pip Collins stands on a chair next to XWF Warfare GM Jefferson Jackson!

Luca Arzegotti, unfortunately, could not be with us tonight... Therefore joining me in commentary tonight is none other than Warfare's own General Manager........ Jefferson Jackson!

There is mostly no reaction but for the most part boo's for the boss.

Thank you, Pip! It's great to be here and I'm glad to be part of some real XWF ringside non-stop action!

We've got quite a line-up tonight folks, including a Tag Team Title Match!

“Insect” by Die Warzau hits the speakers and Universal champion The Engineer appears on the ramp down to the ring. Many fans pop, some boo and some are too stoned to remember who this fuckin' guy is. No! Turn that shit off! This isn't about all that, off, off!

Looks like we're going to be joined by the Universal Champion, as well!

[red]We still got a commentary team? If you're there Luca, fuck you. Cut his mic. Cut the other guy's mic too.
Engy rolls into the ring. He gazes out at the unblinking throngs in attendance and speaks once more. So I bet y'all are just chomping at the bit to see me and Bobby Main fuck each other up, right? Ooooh, the tension in the air I WANTED to throwdown with Bobby. I did! Shit, I even dug up Madison's old bodyguard to attack him from behind and drug him when he inevitably came out here in response to my trash talk. Come on out here, Mercy. Madison's creepy masked freak of a bodyguard climbs out from under the ring, still wearing the scalpeled gloves she was so infamous for last time. Mercy slinks into the ring under the bottom rope and takes a position at Engy's side. The audience is now even more confused. And Engy looks annoyed again. [red]See?! I HAD PLANS FOR THIS! I wanted to get this feud for the ages off on the right/wrong foot. By humiliating and violating Robert Main. Good stuff, right? But you see, I'm not an idiot. Shit has gone down here since I took my sabbatical and a few old fossils, one of whom used to phone it in on commentary at that very seat right there, have decided to dust themselves off and play the whole “let's shake things up” card. Or in other words, we're being subjected to Kings 2.0. But for what they lack in innovation, they make up for, admittedly, in gravitas. So I changed my plans. I do NOT wish to go to war with Robert Main. Not yet. Not until it's prudent. Instead, I wish to offer Robert Main a deal. Now I was hoping to get Bobby out here in personon this shit Bobby, it's IMPORTANT. I propose that we put our battle for the ages on pause, and keep our enemies closer. Let's watch each other's backs until this threat is good and neutralized. We can even call it an alliance of convenience. Whatever title you wanna slap on it. And Bobby? Don't lie to me. I know this sounds good to you. You know how I know?

Because you want to take what's mine. And you don't want to just cash in some fuckin' briefcase and guarantee an asterisk next to your Universal title reigntta agree to this alliance. It's that simple.

Engy puts a hand to his forehead, making it look like he forgot something important.

Oh! Duh! Left something out. Something major! Yeah kids, the rest of you with a championship might want to listen here also. But uhhhhh...Morbid Angel? He's got a briefcase too.

Shhhhhh! SHHHHHH! He doesn't want anybody to know! But I know. Of course I do. Just like how I know he's no doubt looking to cash in on me, or somebody else....or ME. Bobby, you seeing the writing on the wall here? That glorified death metal meat cutter could jump your claim.

As for you Angel, sorry to blow up your spot. Actually, no I'm not. Just like I'm not sorry to say this to you, or Luca, or Shane.....


Because you know what? While you were fucked off to God knows where, Luca was sitting and collecting a paycheck while garbling generic commentary on Quaaludes, and Shane was letting OTHER PEOPLE run his company, I was here! I was here wracking up wins, turning heads, and main eventing. Me. And now you thinklike THAT hasn't been done a million times over?

I reiterate, for posterity, SUCK MY DICK.

Come cash your briefcase bitch. Come slap that asterisk on the start of your title reign. And come try to take this dick while you're at it. You'll be cuttin' for a while.

Engy tastefully honks his crotch.

And to the rest of you in the back? Maybe we can get some fucking VISION here and not let Kings 2.0 happen? I mean, I like a good dose of nostalgia as much as the rest of you do, but let's face it, that kinda sucked.

The Uni Champ laying it out there, aye, Pip?

A call out straight to Shane Carver, himself! This guy placed the target on his own back.

What do you mean?! There's two Mr. 24/7's walking around now and HE is the Universal Champion.... I think the guy had the target there before tonight, Mr. Collins.

Dillinger D'Marco and Random
- vs -
The Perfect Storm
(Rain & Snow)
Dillinger makes his return to Warfare to partner with Random as they faces off against Rain and Snow, the Perfect Storm, in a tag team match!!

"Daisy Dukes" by Chad Mac and Bubba Sparxxx hits and the colors of the arena begin to flash quickly and vibrantly, akin to a trance club. Snow rides out through the curtains on a ice blue and jet black BMX, reading "Ride The Storm" across the side. The xTron displays--

'Feel the Chill...
[b]...Go for the kill!!'

Black and blue lights flash around the scene, as Snow hops off the cycle beside the apron and retrieves her dead brothers decapitated head from a saddlebag... She wears a pair of acid wash jeans and a black tee reading "Your girl wants to trade your 'D' for my 'V'" in neon blue. She sprints down the ramp, slides under the bottom and hops on the middle rope, raising the Rains decapitated head high above her head for the crowd to see.

”I was wondering how this match was going to work with Rain’s untimely passing this past Saturday, but it looks like business as usual tonight, despite Rain not having a body… and being dead…”

”You know, for these two being brother and sister, I’ve never really seen the resemblance.”

Snow jumps off the ropes and marches to the center of the ring where Dillinger and Random are standing. Snow raises Rain’s head up and shoves it in the face of Random who jumps back in shock. She then raises it up to Dillinger’s face, but Dillinger is quick to swat the head out of her hand. Rains head spikes the mat and bounces under the ropes of his corner, resting just at the edge of the apron. Random steps through the ropes to the arpon as the ref calls for the bell!


Snow leans into Dillinger’s face talking some trash. Snow turns and walks towards her corner to retrieve Rain’s head. Random steps back through the ropes and grabs Dillinger before he can attack. He whispers something into his ear. Dillinger smirks as he nods in agreement. As Snow bends down he grab Rain’s head, Random uses his shapeshifting powers to turn himself into a viking battleaxe.

”Oh no, this can’t be good!”

As Snow turns around, she is met with Dillinger swinging the sharp end of the axe at her neck. With very little time to react, Snow has no choice but to embrace her fate.


Snows head lands across the ring as her limp body drops to the mat with Rain’s head still in her hands.


”Hey, now I see the resemblance!”

Dillinger tosses Random the axe to the side before mounting Snow’s body. Dillinger rips and pulls the head of Rain from her cold dead hands, and smushes it crudely atop her severed neck. He then covers “it” for the pin!





After the match, Dillinger walks over and retrieves Snow's head as Random removes her pants from her dead body. Dillinger then shoves Snows head into her own crotch, making sure to rub it in good.

"Is she eating out herself or her brother in this scenario?"

"Does it matter? Let's just go to commercial and get somebody to clean this mess up!"

The scene cuts to the parking lot where we see the bright headlights of a vehicle pulling into view. The vehicle pulls forward and cuts it’s wheels to the right revealing that it’s an old beat up white van. As it drives further into view we see the Baptist World Alliance logo printed in the side. The door swings open and Darren Zirado steps out, dressed in his Sunday’s finest. On the other side of the van a very large and muscular man that we’ve never met before steps out of the passenger side. He’s wearing dress slacks and a burgundy sport coat. The other man walks to the side of Zirado and the two of them begin their march into the building.

Darren Zirado is here and he brought a friend! We’ll be right back!

Back from commercial, the lights change to a golden hue as Jesus Freak begins to play throughout the arena.

The crowd goes mild… No you read that right, mild, as Darren Zirado and his large buddy walk out to the stage. Zirado and his friend don’t waste any time acknowledging the crowd reaction as they march to the ring with purpose. The larger man climbs into the ring first as Zirado waits on the outside. Once inside, he holds the middle and top ropes open for Zirado who climbs in while clutching his bible hard to his chest. The large man then grabs a microphone and hands it to Zirado.

Darren Zirado: ”I warned y’all I was coming!”

The crowd barely makes a murmur, but what reaction Darren does receive isn’t positive.

Darren Zirado: ”Ya know, that right there is why I’m here. Last week as I sat at home watching the show, I thought to myself, the XWF doesn’t have a soul. I watched as some of the most deplorable actions I have ever witnessed in my life transpired, and I thought to myself, this place would be better off if somebody came in and burned it all to the ground!”

The reaction for Zirado gets a little louder, but not any more positive than before.

Darren Zirado: ”Now however, as I look out into this sea of heathens and harlots…”

The eruption of jeers is enough to cut Darren off mid sentence. He pauses momentarily before deciding to yell over the jeers with his preaching voice.

Darren Zirado: ”As I look out into this sea of sin, I realize the XWF may not have a soul, but you all do… And it’s a dark, blackened, unloving soul. A soul that needs baptized in the fires of Christ Almighty!”

“What kind of man sits through the filth that we witnessed last week and continues to support this product?!”

“What kind of man encourages that level of ultra violence against his brother with both his money, and his cries of support?!”

“You people cheered as a man was castrated in this very ring. Furthermore, here you are again a week later, supporting this vile product with your hard earned cash. Cash that should be placed in the collection plate tomorrow morning, not spent to further the agenda of Satan’s agents of darkness!”

The crowd is now completely hostile. Trash is littering the ring and a “SUCK IT JESUS” chant breaks out.

Darren Zirado: ”In the words of our one true savior, forgive them lord, they no not what they do…”

“But you will!”

“You will all learn real quick, the error of your ways, because earlier today, I signed a contract to rejoin the XWF, and with my friend here, we are going to lead you lost sheep back to the light!”

Kim Anderson
- vs -
Elena Bellatrix
Newcomer Elena Bellatrix looks to bring home a win in her XWF debut when she faces off against Kim Anderson!! Anything goes in this good old fashion Xtreme Rules Match!!!

the following is scheduled for one fall and it is a Bombshell Division match. Introducing first from Toronto, Canada. She stands 5'3" 130lbs Kim...Anderson

Kim Anderson comes out to the music and makes her way tot he ring. Standing in the ring she paces as he awaits her opponent.

Her opponent, she is the XwfBombshell Championship #1 Contender. From Chicago, Illinois standing 5'5" at 125lbs Ellenaaaa Belllatrix

The song starts it's build-up at the start as a series of visuals flash across the screen with words appearing such as "DREAM", "Requiem", "HOPE", "SOLSTICE", interlaced with black and white shots of Elena before finally hitting the 1:00 mark of the song (when the guitars and drums kick in). When that hits, the word "NIGHTMARES" kick in as the video plays as normally with Elena making her entrance.

The two lock up in the ring as the bell rings each of them trying to get the advantage over the other. Its a back and forth struggle until Elena hip tosses Kim halfway across the ring. Her body makes a thus as it makes contact with the canvas. Bellatrix wastes no time as she moves towards Anderson. Unfortunately, Elena is met with a few quick jabs and an arm drag. Kim rolls to her feet and makes a move for Bellatrix.

She goes to mount Elena, she starts to throw punches from her position. Each one glancing off of the arms of Bellatrix. Elena bridges out of the mount and makes her way to her feet, Kim follows suit and is quickly met with a sling blade for her troubles. Elena quickly tries for the pin.



Kick out by Anderson, Bellatrix gets up from the prone position and takes a few steps back. Allowing Kim to get to her feet and connects with a devastating Dropkick. The impact knocks Anderson out of the ring and on to the mat. She smacks her head on the apron on the way out. Elena stands there as the ref begins to count.







Kim starts to stir a little as the ref continues to count. She rolls her body in at the count of eight. Elena rushes her and Anderson ducks and flips her over the top rope, but Elena catches her self and throws a wild punch at Anderson. She ducks and hit a wicked clothesline out of nowhere. Ellena's limp body falls to the outside. Kim unlike Elena rolls out behind her and continues the assault. Stomping her prone opponent on the back of her head and the base of her spine. Each stomp is expressed with a loud groan. the Crowd begins to get behind Anderson for a moment counting along with the assault




It was around this time she noticed the ref on the count of seven. She grabs Elena and rolls her back into the ring to finish her off. Anderson grabs Bellatrix and pulls her to her feet. Grabbing her hair and leaning her forward she places her leg on the back of her head and drops...

[size=xl]SINISTER KISS[/size]

Anderson rolls her up for the count.



The number one contender gets a shoulder up and rolls out from under Anderson. Kims follows suit again is caught by a few punches. Elena grabs Kim brings her to her feet and slings her to the nearby ropes. Anderson bounces off the ropes and is headed for Elena, mid-stride Elena grabs Kim falling to the mat....Sit Out Jawbreaker. Kim goes back reeling from it and cradling her jaw. Elena hops back to her feet and walks over to Kim stunned in the corner.

She grabs Anderson by the back of the head by the hair. Which she receives a warning for. She pulls Anderson to the center of the ring a goes to kick her. Anderson blocks it and throws a punch that connects, Elena stumbles and Anderson grabs her around the waists and tries to lift her for a German Suplex. Elena hooked Kim's leg with hers and blocks the attempt. She quickly begins an assault of elbows to either side of Kim's head and finally breaks free of the waist hold. Once free she turns to Anderson and...Smack!!!!

The impact echoes through the Coliseum as Elena's foot makes contact with Kim's head off the Standing Inzigui.The Chants of ...

Holy-shit, Holy-Shit, Holy-Shit

Ring through the Coliseum as they cheer on the match. Elena now tries the same kick and makes it stick. She grabs Kim, places her head between her head and grabs her arms pulling them behind her back. Jumping in the air while driving Kim's head into the mat...


As Anderson's limp body lands Elena rolls her over and sits on her chest hands pressing her face down.




Winner - Elena Bellatrix

Tommy Wish & Chris Chaos
- vs -
Jessalyn Hart & VV
Current Xtreme Champion Jessalyn Hart will teams up with newcomer VV to take on former Uni Champ, Chris Chaos and former Xtreme Champ, Tommy Wish!!

Xtreme Title Rules apply! If Jessalyn Hart is pinned she loses the title!!!

“This match is a tag team match set to one fall.. making their way to the ring… THE MIDNIGHT DOLLS, Jessalyn Hart AND VITA!”

The dou are coming out with fanfare, and we see them gives some high fives to the fans. Even seeing Jessalyn giving a fan a hug. Then both of them climbs to the ring, and they pose for the crowd.

“And their opponents tonight… he hails from Florida and clocks in at 240 pounds… CHRIS CHAOS!”

The words [shadow=white]"FOLLOW ME"[/shadow] show up on the X-Tron screen as smoke billows at the entrance. Blue and white lights flicker. At the 10 second mark, he steps through the smoke wearing his jacket (Rated R Edge trench coat). Looking to both sides of the crowd. He walks slowly to the ring until he gets about 3/4 of the way down, then jogs and slides into the ring (edge style)...When he gets into the ring he gets up on the far turnbuckle and gets up on it, throwing both arms up.

“And his partner, who hails from Baltimore Maryland… TOMMY WISH!”

As his theme plays… Tommy is nowhere in sight.

“Hold up, where is Tommy now?”

“He’s probably to conflicted to team with Chaos, since he’s in love.”

“Fuck that shit, here’s TOMMY!”

Tommy then comes out with a sheep like mask with his hoodie on. He stands there looking at this opposition. Then he climbs to the ropes, and takes the mask off and points at Jessalyn. as the theme cuts off.

As the bell rings, we see Chaos and Vita start first in the ring. Chaos locks up Vita and pushes her to the corner, he does a repeated Forearm Smash to her jaw. Then he Whips her the ropes and he hits a Big Boot. He drags her by his hair to his corner and tags in Tommy.

Then both of them do a double Suplex, and Tommy stomps on Vita. He then taunts at Jessalyn, and he lifts up Vita and hits a punch toward her gut, and hits a Side Suplex. He turns her over to her back and does some mounted punches.

“Damn Tommy is going in on Vita.”

“Oh yes he is…”

Jessalyn breaks it off, and she got caught by the ref and sent her back to the corner. Tommy then tries to go towards Jessalyn side, but Vita does a roll up on Tommy.



Tommy kicks out with quickness, and shakes his head at her negatively. Tommy gets on his feet, and she whips him to the ropes and hits Drop Toe Hold. Then she stomps on his right arm, and she tags in Jessalyn.

“Now we’re getting ready.”

Jessalyn continues to stomp on him, then she does a Standing Moonsault which Tommy rolls over from. Tommy gets on his feet, and he grabs her by the hair and smashes her face in the top turnbuckle. Chaos tags him in the shoulder, and both does a Mudhole Stomp to Jessalyn.

Chaos lifts her up to and hits a Headbutt. He strikes her with another Headbutt, then she attempts to do a Short-Arm Clothesline, but she ducks his arm and does a backflip High Kick to Chaos head.

As Chaos stumbles in the ring, she does a Transition Grapple into a Knee to the Back. She then gets onto the springbroad, but Tommy pushes her headfirst into the ring.

“Tommy is really trying to hurt Jessalyn.”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

Chaos uses this opportunity to choke her on the mat, and the ref breaks it after three. Choas then lifts her up over his head and hits a Gorilla Press. Chaos then goes to the corner awaiting to hit a spear, but Tommy tags his shoulder.

Chaos then gets pissed, and both have an argument on who tagged who. Jessalyn got up, and she charges Tommy with a…


Then she holds him in the pinning position..




Tommy kicksout with the quickness. Then he sits on the corner, calling a “time out” as the ref wasn’t having it. Jessalyn goes to the corner, but she gets greeted with a punch to her ovaries.

“That should be a Disqualification, JJ!”

“This whole match one long forgone conclusion of a DQ, Pip”

As she kneels on the ground trying to tag in Vita, Tommy rides on her back, and locks in a Camel Clutch in Vita’s veiw. Tommy was spouting verbal insults toward her as he locked in tighter. Jessalyn manages to reach to ropes, but he wasn’t going to break the hold.

After the ref counted to two, Tommy breaks it and goes to Chaos corner. Jessalyn struggles to get to Vita, and the fans are in anticipation of the tag.

“Jessalyn has to do it, she’s getting hurt heavily in this match.”

“She can take in the ovaries, she’s not hurt.”

Vita finally gets tagged in, and she does some Dropkicks on Tommy. Tommy fails like a fish, and gets up to eat another Dropkick by Vita. Then Vita goes to Chaos and hits a ANOTHER Dropkick that made Choas hit the floor.

Vita then hits a Tilt A Whirl Suplex on Tommy, and he crawls to the corner to tag in Chaos, which connects. Then Chaos Double Axe Handle to her head, which she falls on the mat to. He then circles around her like a predator, and gets on top of her.

He then does some Mounted Punches on Vita, and Jessalyn tries to intervene, but Tommy decks her with a Forearm Smash to the jaw. The ref catches him, and enforced him to be back in his corner.

Tommy goes back to the corner, as Chaos turns her over to her belly and locks in a Cross Face.

“Will Vita tap out, JJ?”

“Probably Not, those punches looked safe.”

Choas breaks the hold off, and picks her up to hit a Spike Pile Driver. Chaos then tags in Tommy, and we see Choas tuning up the band as Vita gets to her feet..

“This match might be over…”


But as dizzy as VV was.... She ducks!! Chaos follows through as Jessalyn pulls the top rope!! Chaos falls over the top to the outside!!!

Tommy Wish enters the ring after the tag and walks right into.......


What the hell was that?!

What a move! The Xtreme Champion holds the cover!!




Winner - The Midnight Dolls

Chaos, from the outside, looks astonished at what had just happened! The Midnight Dolls celebrate in the ring as Chaos treks around the outside of the ring the disappears under the ring!

Hey,l where'd he go?

Chaos emerges and slides into the ring bearing a chair in his hands. VV turns around and he cracks her in the skull with it!!

Hey! That's coming out of your pay, pal!

Ow! My God! He just bent that thing over VV's head!

Without missing a beat, as Jessalyn turns around she takes one to the dome as well. The official has been calls for the bell over and over again....

As the bell rings, Chaos grabs a mic. He is panting after the exertion of the match and sees the carnage in front of him. He grins....

"Tommy, their all yours."

He rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp as the derranged Wish stays in the ring, looking over his victims

After the bell had rung, we see Tommy rolling outside of the ring. He snatches a mic from Tig O Bitties, and a Kendo Stick from under the Apron. He climbs to the ring, and speaks to everyone in the ring.

“I…Fucked… Up…”

“I…Fucked… UP…”

Then the fan are turning it into him in unison. Everyone in the ring looks at the crowd as they say it in their native tongue.

“Hace….Mierda…. a… ARRIBA!!”

Tommy strikes Vita in the head with the stick until she had a black eye. Then he turns to Jessalyn and waves his stick at her, he attempted to strike her, but throws it outside. He picks up the mic again to speak.

“You kept telling me that no one is safe, you even wanted to complicate things by dropping that I wanted to Epar the lady of X-Treme division, and yes it was intentional. I wanted the attention from you. I would even catch a stray bullet in these streets for you.”

Then the fans are starting to go against his words to Jessalyn.

“I fucked up by not letting you put your body on me in that hallway from a month ago. I fucked up for not finishing my ode to you…”

“I…Fucking.. LOVE…YOU!”

Tommy extends arms out, as Chaos looks puzzled. Jessalyn tries to go for the hug…


Tommy kicks her gut, and places her in a Piledriver position!

JESS-A-DRIVER (Cradle Piledriver)

Tommy then kneels on the mat, and he plants a kiss on her lips. Then Tommy speaks on the mic with a devilish smile to her.

“I am going to make your life a living hell, you won’t see me around these parts. You’re going to embrace my wraith of lust and hate. I hope you and Vita can dethrone Bx3, because it looks like its going to be a uphill battle to not come out of this ring… paralyzed from the neck down.”

Tommy theme plays, and he walks out of the ring with the fan throwinging garbage at him. Then the next segment happens.

- vs -
Azrael Erebus
These two met in a triple threat match a few weeks back... Now let's see how they fair ONE ON ONE!!! Jack has a chance to get one back as Azrael steps forward with the challenge!!!

The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

A Perfect Circle's "The Doomed" rings from the speakers as smoke fills the entrance ramp. One by one, the lights begin to switch off at the command of the drums, slowly engulfing the arena in darkness. Once the drums take a brief reprieve, a lone back light shines on the entryway, revealing a silhouette of a man wielding two daggers. When the percussion returns, All the lights illuminate the building once more, revealing JACK staring straight at the ring.

He walks to the ring slowly and unafraid, keeping his unwrapped eye facing forward all the while. Not once does he face the audience, some of whom offer and immediately retract their hands. He rolls through the bottom rope and heads towards his respective corner, waiting patiently for the bell to ring.

Poised and focused and ready to go, JACK makes his way to the ring.

You can see the intensity in his eyes Pip! Fully focused, on nothing will throw him off that focus either.

And now in almost the same fashion, Azrael does the same, walking to the ring with nothing but pure focus.

And much like JACK, Azrael Erebus is walking to the ring with nothing but pure focus as well!

You can see it in his eyes! Both these guys have intensity which will make this one hell of a match.

And the bell rings as both men circle each other as quickly as they can but Azrael gets the upper hand taking JACK down with a BIG TIME SPEAR sending him off his feet. JACK's back just drives into the canvas absolutely brutally as Azrael immediately attempts to the hook the leg!




And JACK kicks out but Azrael is far from finished with the situation as he lifts JACK up off his feet as Azrael lays JACK down once again with a stellar big boot, planting him down, dazing JACK definitely.

And for this whole match so far, Azrael is firmly in charge at the driver's seat.

You can say that again Pip! Azrael is not giving JACK an inch of breathing room. Not a single inch, at all.

Almost immediately after the big boot Azrael pulls JACK in and wait a second...he sets him...AND CONNECTS WITH THE DARKEST LIGHT! THE CROSS RHODES! ALREADY! THE COVER!




And just like that this match is already over!


Damon Tyler
- vs -
Robbie Bourbon
Newcomer Damon Tyler looks to continue turning heads when he takes on a former Uni Champ, Robbie Bourbon!! Does Damon Tyler have what it takes to take the big man down? Or will Robbie Robbie-Bomb the new competition?

”The following match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, hailing from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, “The Pittsburgh Prodigal Son”, The Television Champion, DAAAAA-MON TYLEEEEER!”

Damon Tyler walks to the ring to a good ovation. At the bottom of the ramp he takes a running start and slides under the bottom rope. Once in the ring, he jumps to his feet and throws his arms up as he walks around the ring checking out the crowd.

”And his opponent, currently residing in Washington D.C., “The Man Of The People”, and your former president of the United States Of America, ROOOOOBIE BOURBOOOOOON!”

The opening chords to I Wanna Riot permeate throughout the air as Robbie's music starts to play throughout the arena, the lights performing a sweet strobe show as the vocals cut the air. Across the X-Tron, we see the exact same thing as what is traditionally used as Robbie Bourbon's banner on the XWF website, and as the baseline ramps up, Robbie steps out. He raises his arms to 45 degree angles while the X-Tron shows clips of Robbie standing on top of the Elimination Chamber followed by the massive dive through the top onto Trax, Robbie forcing Vinnie Lane to sign his contract mid-match, Robbie Bourbon scoring a pinfall against Chris Chaos, and Robbie delivering the final blow to Barney Green's career by way of Robbiebomb onto the hood of the car. Robbie Bourbon pinning James Raven and hoisting the XWF Universal Championship belt high with both hands. Robbie starts to calmly walk down to the ring, taking his time to get there. He climbs the ring steps, stands on the apron, and turns his back to the ring, and raises his arms at 45 degree angles while jawing to the crowd, which is singing along to Nobody Speak. Robbie then enters the ring and points at the referee, jawing at him. He then spins, hops on the second turnbuckle, and raises his arms at 45 degree angles again.


Robbie and Damon walk towards each other, meeting in the center of the ring. Robbie looks overly confident with a cocky grin on his face he dares Damon Tyler to take the first shot.

”Robbie Bourbon is trying to get into the head of Damon Tyler.”

Tyler pushes closer, getting right up in Robbies face and begins talking trash. Robbie looks to the side as Damon bully’s him back a few steps.

”It looks like Damon Tyler has the same idea Pip.”

”Yeah, and he seems to be succeeding!”

Robbie finally has enough and rears back to throw a big haymaker, but Tyler ducks it and dips behind Robbie. Robbie turns around to face Tyler and is met with a kick to the mid section.

Written In Static!


Bourbon manages to pull himself up to a sitting position, but is still groggy from the Impaler DDT.

”He isn’t done yet, the kids going for it right off the bat!”

Tyler hits the ropes and rebounds with a running bicycle knee strike!


Tyler drops for the pin and hooks the leg!





”The kid knows how to turn heads, and he obviously has the talent to do it. I’m interested in seeing where he goes from here!’



BX3 ©
(Bilbo Brommer & Sebasstian Dyke)
- vs -
Peter Gilmour & Drezdin
A fight broke out last week that took Warfare to new heights! After their Colombian Cartel Parking Lot Brawl, the heated fight couldn't be stopped! Gilly and Drezdin fought all over the place and eventually ran into the Tag Team Champions..... WHERE ALL KINDS OF HELL BROKE LOOSE!!

Finally, after Warfare went off the air and the fight continued, Warfare GM Jefferson Jackson made the decision to have THIS MATCH NEXT WARFARE!!!!! TITLES ON THE LINE!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is our MAIN EVENT and is for the XWF Tag Team Championship!

The arena goes completely black for a moment, then the lights start to pulsate as the music starts to blare through the PA system. As soon as the pyro goes off the lights turn on, the people in the arena turn silent, the people are at awe and shock on how massive he is. He starts walking down the ramp, he yells out...IT'S GO TIME!, then he stops at the end of the ramp to take a deep breath.

Introducing first, the challengers! Weighing 335 pounds..... Drezdin!

He approaches the ring, then he grabs the rope ring rope gets unto the ring aparon goes over the top rope then walks towards the middle of the ring. He raises his left hand as the pyro goes off.

The lights in the arena dim, then go to full black. We then hear the eerie sounds of a bell being tolled and then an explosion of fire emitting from the entrance ramp. The beginning of DADDYS FALLEN ANGEL by IN THIS MOMENT begins as the heavy guitar riffs kick in and red strobes dance around the stage. As soon as the verse kicks in, we see Peter Gilmour and his wife Maria Brink come out to the ramp.

And his tag team partner.... From the City of Angels... Peter Gilmour!!!!

They smile at each other before going down the ramp hand in hand. Peter bobs his head to the song. They get in the ring together and Peter gets on the turnbuckle and throws up an "X" sign as pyro goes off above the ring. Peter hops down and kisses Maria.

With Peters music blaring through the PA system. Peter and drezdin stop and look around as the fans chant DREZMOUR repeatedly. Drezdin begins to speak.

Drezdin: Peter...ladies and gentlemen...I'm goin to make this short and sweet for I won't waste any more time.

Champs I know your asses are back there, listen to me very carefully cause I'm goin to say this once and once only.

The amount of shit that you guys are in, it's not so much that it's deep, smellier, and thicker, it's that you two guys have only two choices.......
One, with your heads bowing down, on one knee, forfeit the titles over knowing that you don't stand a chance much less will live.

Or two, with your music playing, walk your asses through the curtains, down the aisle, through the ropes of course with the titles in tow, get your asses kick like unorganized pieces of shits.

Either way we don't care which you choose, those tag titles are coming home to us.

Why? Because they belong to us.

So come down here and prepare to get killed and loose those tag titles.
Oh and by the way, I'm warning the both of you two that if I was the both I might wanna show other wise we will find your asses and drag it.

Big words from the big man Drezdin! I'm love it!

And their opponents.....

Sebasstian Dyke and Bilbo Brommer Blumpkinz make their way out from the back.

The XWF Tag Team Champions... The team of Sebasstian Dyke and Bilbo Brommer Blumpkinz...... BX3!!

Sebasstian walks to the ring sulking like a little girl and Bilbo follows. They reach the ring and the Grezdin waits until the bell rings before both attacking! Drezdin cracks Bilbo in the face with a big boot sending him flying from the apron and Gilly sends Dyke into the ropes! Drezdin turns around, grabs Dyke on his way back, lifts him close to ten feet in the air and Gilly catches them with a GILLY CUTTER!!!!



It doesn't look like Gilly can believe it either as he takes the cover for the.....




Winners and NEW XWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS - Peter Gilmour & Drezdin! GREZDIN!

Peter Gilmour is a six time XWF Tag Team Champion!

As the new champs are handed their titles. The lights go out and strobe lights begin each one more specific than the last. Suddenly the X-tron kicks on...

Toixxify by Cyborg Chase starts playing through the speakers and Jessalyn and VV walk out. Jessalyn holding her X-treme title in one hand and a mic in the other.

Well, congrats guys. I really am very proud of you. Being able to do all that you have done. Unfortunately, you guys are not gonna have that feel good feeling for long. With " Perfect Storm" on leave I have no other choice but to make my announcement now.

Jessalyn and VV make their way down to the ring and climb up the stairs and get into the ring.

As you know this title comes with some perks. One of with is I get tag title shots after a certain amount of time. That amount of time was met as of Saturday. So here I stand in front of you to announce, that VV and I are cashing in my tag title shot on you two. Next Warfare it's us versus you for the tag titles in an Extreme Rules Match. That is of course if you are man enough to accept my challenge. We will be waiting for your answer.

Jessalyn drops the mic and walks back the ramp with VV at her side.

Quite a statement by the Midnight Dolls tonight, folks! Ending Warfare with a challenge straight to the Tag Team Champions! What do you think about all this Mr. GM?


Hey? Where'd he go?!

The camera pans back to ringside where Pip Collins stands alone, shrugging to the camera, with JJ no where to be seen as the show comes to a close.

[Image: ZPrmNMt.png]

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Post: #2
08-30-2018 08:29 PM

The scene picks up where Tommy watches the final moments of Warfare in the locker room TV. As he gazed upon Jessalyn's proclamation for internet tag straps. He turns off the TV and looks into the camera, as he does a "clap" for them.

[Image: latest?cb=20150828142720]

"Fans, you know what just happened... Midnight Dolls defeated me and Chaos in that ring tonight. I am not even upset about that, it just the fact that I ended up taking that fall against my mutual beneficiary love/hate friend Jessalyn. You've seen my promos, I decked in the fashionable T-Shirt I gave to Sayors.

I congratulate her and Vita for going after that tag title shot. It takes guts to come out and proclaim that in Peru. Also, congrats to that fucking Glimour and his over shooting partner, Drezdin. I hope they lose them straps to the Dolls in the near future.

But anyways, for her to hit me with a Death Awaits You... was something to behold. I felt my heart racing out of fear I might gain a orgasm bliss... sue me. I don't regret taking that L in that dirty ring tonight. I had a plan set in motion...

That plan when Chaos let me have my way with them afterwards was fucking awesome. I felt like kid in a candy shop, beating away the Dolls in a humble situation. Jessalyn, I know you are trying to fly back to America with Vita, but I want to let you know something.

You're Still on my hit list.

But i'll back off for now so you and your little sidekick have time to bask in your win streak. Because down the road, i'll Bastardize you and Vita BACK to obscurity."

Tommy takes the TV and smashes it on the floor, then he looks at the Camera and he tries to snatch it to destroy it, but the feed cuts off.
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08-30-2018 09:32 PM

The Brothers Blackwater stroll out, utterly amused.

"Oh crap. Tommy Wish's hit list."

"Now that's a list I never want to be on."

"Totally. I'm getting the chills at the mere mention of it."

The brothers then break out into instant laughter.

"Hey Wish. Way to be a total creep and a pussy at the same time."

"I don't know Raph, I think he might mean business. I kind of want to see where this is all going."

"You know, I'm impressed Ezra... you said all of that and with a straight face, no less.

"Thanks. Think Tommy Wish, will believe that I'm being sincere?"

"He might. Then again, he might not. Although, I don't think sarcasm is a part of his limited vocabulary. Or his poor comprehension skills. Assuming those exist at all. Either way, I'm really looking forward to the possibility of you getting a spot on his (whispers) shit list."

(shudders)"Oh no... anything but that."

"Personally, I'm hoping to secure a spot for all three of us on that list."

"A boy can dream."


[Image: XJOUFYM.gif]

Donovan Blackwater
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08-30-2018 09:47 PM

The scene opens to a shot of Maria Brink and Peter Gilmour in their locker room with the man himself DREZDIN after they destroyed BX3 and became the NEW XWF Tag Team Champions. Peter in turn becomes the first man in XWF history to hold the titles 4 different times with 3 different partners. (1 time was by himself dont forget)

They are seen celebrating a rather EASY victory. They are all smiles but Maria silences them both.

Maria: Boys! Great job on winning the titles but we got bigger problems to worry about. You saw what happened after the match. Those two hussies Vita and Jessalyn Hart challenged us to a tag match on the next WARFARE. Now you both saw what they did to Chris Chaos and Tommy Wish. They are dangerous. I want the both of you to destroy them like you did to those two homos. Got it?

Peter: Don't worry my love. Me and the man will take those two whores.. TO THE XTREME and keep these belts. And maybe I'll pin Jessalyn and become a 14 time Xtreme Champion. I need more gold around this sexy waist anyways. So consider their challenge.. ACCEPTED!

The demonic trio begin to laugh wickedly as the scene begins to FADE TO BLACK!

[Image: uUIaYG6.png]


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08-30-2018 10:14 PM

"Oh wow. It's Peter Gilmour."

"Quiet fool. You don't want to engage him. He's far too demonic for us. I mean, just look at all those wicked grins and sadistic winks, those three are sharing with one another. We're not prepared for that kind of pure evil."

"Relax. If we stay completely still, he won't see us."

"He's not a T-Rex."

"Well then I'm out of ideas."

"I suppose there's only one thing left to do then."

The brothers then point and laugh at Gilmour.

[Image: XJOUFYM.gif]

Donovan Blackwater
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08-30-2018 11:02 PM

Peter looks at the good brothers laughing at him and just stares at them.

He then gives them the bird and walks away with his title around his shoulder

[Image: uUIaYG6.png]


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08-31-2018 11:12 AM

"I think we upset, Peter."

"And now he's taking his metaphorical ball back and going home."

"Awww... that's it slugger. Walk it off. I'm sure your mother's got dinner on the table waiting for you anyhow."

"Hold on, this definitely needs some background music."

Donovan whips out his cell phone and cues up a fitting song for Peter Gilmour.


"Hits ya right in the feels, it does."

"Don't be upset Peter, we still love you."

The trio then erupt into laughter.

[Image: XJOUFYM.gif]

Donovan Blackwater
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08-31-2018 11:55 AM

Black water, do you even know who the hell he is?

And Peter the 6x champ, ignore.him

[Image: FSYLxSs.png]
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08-31-2018 01:07 PM

"Why does he have to say our last name all weird like that?"

"Black water."

"Yeah... there's no pause in our last name. It's Blackwater. One word. Also, which one of us is he referring to, when he says 'ignore him.'?"

"Yeah that's fucking weird. Haha! Maybe he sees all three of us as one single person?"


"Super fucking creepy."

"Nah. He has to be talking about specifically one of us."

"Yeah but which one of us is he talking about?"

"Fuck it. I'm settling this shit. Yo dude. Which one of us are you telling Peter, to ignore?"

"Way to be direct, Raph."

"Did you ever know that you're my hero?"

"You're everything I wish I could be."

"I could fly higher than an eagle... for you are the wind beneath my wings."

"You make it really hard for me to be seen in public with you guys sometimes."


"Hurtful, Raph. Really hurtful."

"Yeah well, the truth hurts sometimes, fellas."


[Image: XJOUFYM.gif]

Donovan Blackwater
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08-31-2018 11:11 PM


[Image: uUIaYG6.png]


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09-01-2018 10:52 AM

"Peter Gilmour - what he lacks in smarts, looks, grace and charm, he makes up for in girth, odor, repetitive one-liners and sadistic winks. That's Peter Gilmour, everyone. The man that never backs down from a challenge... especially, when that challenge involves an all you can eat buffet. Yes, Peter Gilmour. A true man's man... just ask his boyfriend, Maria Brink. Hey, hang on a second though, who doesn't enjoy a little cock every now and again? Once again may I direct you to the burly, unshaven and slouching, Maria Brink. Quite the trooper he is, standing by his man even though Peter's half inch cock hasn't satisfied him in... well, ever. Call it love, insanity, secretly being asexual or do what I'm about to do and call the police cause Peter, clearly kidnapped that man and he's now suffering from stockholm syndrome. Then again, that's not the only thing Maria's suffering from, am I right, Peter? I bet you got the VD Clinic on speed dial. It goes #1 - VD Clinic, #2 - Veterinarian... also for Maria, despite him not owning a pet... don't ask, #3 - Domino's Pizza, #4 - Chris Chaos, don't worry buddy I'm sure he'll pick up one day and finally, #5 - 911, yes Peter had to put 911 on his speed dial cause dialing three numbers that never change, was too much for him to remember. All right, I think that about covers Peter Gilmour. Like a size triple XL t-shirt, snugly fits over his fuzzy belly as a gross, sweaty, stain covered, second skin might. While some larger men get lint collected in their belly buttons, Peter pulls out whole balls of cotton. Guess we all know why he's never once gone black. Haha... okay, on that slight hint of racism, I'm done here for the moment. You all have been a fabulous audience. Remember, to tip your waitresses and never stop reaching for the stars, cause you might get lucky like Peter Gilmour and one might drag you along with them to momentary fame and fortune."

[Image: tumblr_lre8lwoIw81qlgcedo1_500.gif]

[Image: XJOUFYM.gif]

Donovan Blackwater
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