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08-30-2018 07:38 PM

Dirty Willy is standing outside a hotel in Peru with a smile on his face a Anderson AR-15 with a paintball upper receiver and a beanbag launcher attached to the barrel slung on his back. He is smoking a joint and sipping on a fifth of Captain Morgan. With over half the bottle gone already, D.W. is feeling pretty goofy and free. His left leg raises in the air like the pirate from the commercials. Blowing smoke from his nose after he takes a deep inhale from his stick of devil's cabbage.

Suddenly, out walks his target and her little teeny bop friend. Dirty Willy almost falls over as he quickly collects his balance. Tossing his joint to the side D.W. takes a huge gulp from the bottle. Screwing the cap back on he tosses the bottle to the side and unslings his rifle. Shouldering the buttstock and collecting proper cheek weld. As if he is a predator stalking his prey Dirty Willy glides toward Jessalyn Hart and VV. Making it within firing range he screams out.

Howdy, heard ya'll ladies love paint parties!

Dirty Willy begins to unleash a sporadic burst of twelve paintball rounds into the chests of the Midnight Dolls with a depraved smile. As he sweeps closer the screams of agony from the two ladies of XWF begin to chub him up a little. Licking his chops like a starving dog, Dirty Willy begins to rapid fire the remaining eight-teen rounds of the first mag before kneeling and reloading. VV has already fallen to one knee as Jessalyn being an X-treme Bitch presses forward in pain while she can.

D.W. is too smooth and fast as he reloads a full mag and unloads every single round into the chest and head of Jessalyn as he makes it within five meters of his prey who somehow is miraculously standing tall still. Dirty Willy's second empty mag hits the floor Jessalyn charges in like a pissed off wolverine. Not realizing it is exactly what the hunter was hoping would occur. As she draws close, within four feet. D.W. drops to a knee and quickly launches a bean bag into her stomach at almost point blank range. Dirty Willy tosses his rifle and quickly cradles Jessalyn up in the air before slamming her face first backwards into the concrete curb next to them. Simultaneously a heater with a beater, up armored, Astro Van rolls up tossing a referee out the sliding door.

Dirty Willy covers the X-treme Champion. The referee shook up makes the count a little slow.



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08-31-2018 12:09 AM

Kick out

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2x Tag Team Champion W/ Vita Valentine
1xExtreme Champion
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