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Nothing Left of BX3
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08-28-2018 11:49 PM

ooc: These are my real friends Francesca and Luis of Decembers Fall. Check them out on youtube and on Please buy there two new cds right now! tell them Peter Gilmour told u so. :P

We open the scene to a black backdrop with the XWF WARFARE logo adorning it. It's only a few short hours away from the next EPIC edition of WARFARE which emanates from Lima, Peru. Coming into the shot is none other than the KING of Xtreme Peter F'n Gilmour. Peter is wearing a black shirt and pants as his hair is still perfectly spiked. Peter has his head down and then begins to chuckle then burst out with wicked laughter. His mood has changed over the past few days so this may be a good thing. Let's hear what the man has to say.

Peter: You may be asking why I'm laughing so much. Well, it's a few short hours away from WARFARE and the so called TAG CHAMPS have yet to be heard from. I wonder why. I guess it's because me and Drezdin are so damn awesome that they couldn't bother to cut a promo. They're probably both dead which would make this match we're having null and void. I mean we all saw one of them die on Savage: Perfection this past week so I think it's safe to say that BX3 is officially DEAD! Which in turn means that me and Drezdin are your NEW XWF Tag Team Champions which in turn is historic for me and the XWF. Why you may ask? Well with this tag title win, it makes me a record setting 6 time Tag Team Champion. I believe I have been tag champ 4 times in the XWF give or take a reign or two.

Now don't say I told you assholes so. But I told you so. BX3 was a disgrace as champs and tomorrow night, Vincent Lane, I'm talking to you, should come down to the ring with the XWF Tag belts and hand them over to me and Drezdin. And then rip up the contracts of Bilbo and Sebastian Dyke since they failed to appear on the show. And to think I was going to have to work a little bit harder than usual to gain the titles knowing me and Drezdin hate each other. But over the past few days and listening to his promos, I found a brand new respect for the man.

Yeah, he said I was an asshole to him back in the day and he says overall I'm a real asshole to men and women. Heh, can you blame me? It's in my blood. I am after all PURE ITALIAN. We don't give a shit about anybody but ourselves. And we are great lovers. Right ladies? I digress.

But tomorrow night, it will be a celebration as me and Drezdin, the unlikeliest of partners will become the new tag champs and we are going to rule the tag team division with a mighty hand. I know there will be tough challenges ahead for us, but we'll work together and do whatever it takes to retain those belts we just won. And my mission to once again become Universal Champion will not stop as well.

So as we roll into Lima tomorrow, I might as well wear my nice suit, pants and tie because I won't have to do any work since BX3 won't show up. And even if they crawl out of their graves, we'll put them back in them rather easily.

So tomorrow night, I invite all my great fans to the party of the year as me and Drezdin become the NEW XWF Tag Team Champions! And to BX3.. it was nice knowing you two faggots. Tell Ghost Tank to show up to our party because we'll bury him right next to you two pussies.

It will be so nice to have gold back around my sexy waist. I'll get to fuck my sexy wife some more and admire my sexy face in the belt's reflection. And like my good friends Francesca and Luis sang, there will be "NOTHING LEFT" of them.

See you all tomorrow night at our coronation. Until then.. SUCK MY FUCKIN' DICK!

Peter laughs some more as he heads off screen and then scene begins to FADE TO BLACK!


[Image: uUIaYG6.png]


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