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Dissecting Dolls
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08-28-2018 11:35 PM


There is very very few occasions that I would give you credit for something that you have said but your last promo hit the nail right on the head. My back does hurt, but so does my ego. My back hurts because I have to make sure that the competition level in this company stays top-notch. With people like you and your Ambiguously lesbian partner floating around it is just so difficult to keep Talent within the upper echelon of the wrestling ranks. With people like you who lack any sort of skill and any sort of ability to do anything but bring everybody down that is around you, that takes a toll on my back you are damn right. My ego takes a little bit of a hit as well because here I am having two come out yet again and kick your head off your shoulders. How many times am I going to have to face you before you realize you just cannot hack it with people like me? How many times am I going to have to embarrass you on National Television before the booking department stops putting you through that? You see, I am sitting here as one of these times if not the top talent on this roster and here I am in a match against two scrubs for storyline purposes. You to have this coalition and this new found friendship and just because you decided to get beer balls one night and attack me from behind when I was just going about my business now all the sudden I have to lower myself to the mid card just to embarrass you once again. I should be facing the Robert Mains and the Engineers night in and night out but each one of you scrubs seems to pick a fight with me for whatever reason. Just because you were lying to the extreme title does not mean that you are extreme. All that means is that nobody has cared enough about that title to take it from you yet. You see when Jenny had it it was Public Enemy Number One everybody and their mother came out of the woodwork to try to take it from her because she commands that kind of attention. The fact that you have it and still have it simply shows that that title isn't top priority around here. In fact if you want me to prove that to you I will, because I will volunteer myself one last time, and do not think I am joking when I say last time, to show you just how terrible you really are if you want to give me a match for that title. Not only but I take it from you but I will leave you as an irrecognizable mess in the middle of that ring. Your face can't get much worse than it already is but trust me I will find a way to make you even uglier. You seem to have this newfound courage this newfound ability to talk a big talk but what you lack is the ability to walk that walk. It's the same old same old with you nothing has changed and nothing ever will. You set up some lackluster promo with Coney punchlines and no real substance and tell some stupid story that sounds like an illiterate 3rd grader is telling it and then try to talk like a meth head coming down. Your trash talk sounds like somebody who is trying to quit tobacco and is miserable for the first two weeks. All it is is you being salty but there is nothing to it. You do no research on your opponent and you just talk out of the side of your face. Consistently you come out with lackluster everything it's just so bad. Honestly at this point, like I said before, you would do us all a favor if you just quit. If you just hung up the boots and took the lesbian plaid shirt and stupid haircut away and just went somewhere. This business is not for everybody and you are proving time and time again that it is not for you. You are never going to be anything because you refuse to allow yourself to be anything. You should be kissing our ass in Empire, praying to the wrestling Gods above that we leave you alone, and we would, because you don't matter in the grand scheme of things. The fact that you consistently want to stick your nose in our business is what makes us have to discipline you every single time. I don't think you have ever scored a win over anybody affiliated with me and I don't think you ever will. I don't need to even fight in this match because I can let Tommy handle my light work, but I want to because I want to finally drive my point home that you are nothing and have always been nothing and will always be nothing. Nobody wants you here, cares about you being here, or needs you.

You are drawing this poor girl in and giving her a false sense of hope. You are giving her a reason to keep fighting because you need a reason to keep fighting. What you see in her is a possible 10th chance and what she sees in you is the possibility to LeapFrog. Do you really think she cares about you at all? You are nothing but a mentor to her she's already said that, and you were going to end up being one of those cliche movies with a student out does the teacher. The reason for that is because the teacher is complete garbage. Hot steaming garbage. You can rebuttal that all you want and you can post photos of me crying or whatever you want to do that's all fine and dandy but I am better than you by the light years and when we get into the ring that is proven. On the microphone that is proven. On the xwf airwaves that is proven. There was nothing you do that even comes remotely in the same universe as what I do. I am going to be the Universal Champion again and you are going to just continue to wallow in your own self-pity until somebody finally kills you off. You are too stubborn to commit suicide so maybe Empire is going to have to step in and do our due diligence. God I hate you. I hate you because you think you are the next big thing and every single time you come out you lose it seems like. Now if you were some young and up-and-coming rookie who had a lot of heart and just needed some work in the ring I would feel a little different, but whenever you step foot in the ring and that bell sounds, you look lole a retard running away from a swarm of bees. Arms flailing and all. So you want to claim that my ego hurts and that my back hurts, yes I would that they both do. That is the only thing I took away from your promo because about halfway through I felt like I had to take a massive dump. In fact I did take a massive dump. The funny thing about it is when I stood up and I wiped and I looked in that toilet I was impressed by that massive dump and that is more than I can ever say about you.


Drop the zero and get with the hero. Let Jenny mentor you. Let her be your Guiding Light, and look at everything she has done and try to replicate it. Just a short year ago she was accompanying me to the ring in short skirts now look at her. She is a multi-time champion and running a damn show, and flawlessly I may add. I understand that you hate me you called me every name in the book during your last promo. You are supposed to hate me because I am the bad guy. I am the best bad guy. I am the best in the world at what I do and what I do is be the bad guy. I am the guy who is going to take all of the hopes and of all of those bully young girls who feel different from the rest of society and crush them in my Palms when I pin you in the center of that ring. I am going to take all the hopes and dreams of every girl who is rooting for you and I'm going to make them into nightmares. Why? Well because I can and because it is fun. I said before you have to earn your stripes in this business you have to go through your ups and downs and I will be honest there are more Downs than UPS. Nobody comes into this business and as a star right away, other than me of course. I unfortunately had my Downs after I had my UPS. I was subjected to success too early and look where it got me. Now I am fighting to get that success back. How much better would it feel if you actually earned it? So go ahead, keep beating up on the undercard and keep winning matches that you're supposed to win. Nobody is going to fault you for losing this match because you are supposed to lose this match. You are supposed to lose to me and dramatic fashion and gone of the sympathy of everybody in that Arena when I eat will eyes you one two three.

Hate me all you want I could care less but just know that I have your best interest in mind. I want to see you succeed. The only way that you were going to succeed as staying out of my path. You chose this fight. You should have just let me do what I do and everything would be just fine and dandy but instead you chose to rebell and now I have to put you in your place.

You have a place here, believe it or not, but that place is and always will be below mine. You may be something someday, but don't shoot for the stars baby doll because as long as I am here, the particle board ceiling is even too high for you. The two of you had quite a cute promo together. It was like two besties. The connection, I felt it! A pure shame. To put all of your marbles in the Jessalyn Hart box......"

On the table in front of Chris were two dolls, and they appeared to be......mutilated.

Heads separated from bodies and limbs twisted into unnatural positions. Eyes gouged out, mouths replaced with stitches.

"Tommy is a dangerous man, but he can't do it alone. He is creepy, sure, and unpredictable, totally, but he just doesn't have the ability to do this himself. With me, Tommy can be the best for one match. Tommy can be top tier, upper echelon, he can be godly, even. The two of you are going to be too busy bringing each other down to ever be able to help each other get up. VV, your little motivational speech, your little rah-rah with the pom poms that you just made all of us suffer through, it means nothing. It is filler, fluff, propaganda. It is to make everyone watching turn off the TV and go about their unhealthy lives with a tingly feeling, and I don't mean in their feet from the diabetes. I mean with the warmth and happiness they feel when someone tells them what they want to hear. You are lying to them, and they are eating it up like a fat kid at lunch time. I just wish you weren't so pathetic."

He twists a leg off the doll, it snaps with a plastic like thud. He throws it aside.

"There really isn't much you can say at this point. The ball is in your court, and you can choose your own path. I just suggest you choose wisely. The path of Jessalyn is only going to lead you to pain and sadness....

Choose the path of chaos and be rewarded more than you could ever imagine."

He plunges a knife through the chest cavity of the dolls. The other one, he pops off the head and stares at it.

"Be something, VV, because if you choose to continue the way you have been your career will be one of two things. Done quicker than the women before you like Vanessa Navarro, Amber Dawn and Claire Lloyd, or have your entire career turn out to be just like Jessalyn's.....

....honestly, I dont know what's worse."

He uses his hand to swipe both dolls off the table, knocking them to the floor before laughing to himself and walking off the screen.

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