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PlaceMarker Invasion Pt-1: When war comes a callin'
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08-28-2018 11:59 PM

"Are you certain that he'll actually show up this time?"

Azrael heard the question posed to Abigail from across the restaurant. Ordinarily, he would make his appearance known, in an almost instantaneous fashion. Stepping out of nowhere and everywhere, all at once. However, tonight called for a far more, standard approach. After all, Azrael was meeting Abigail's boyfriend for the first time, he didn't want to startle the man half to death. Assuming that he was the type to take fright to a guy showing up out of thin air. Azrael wasn't certain, so the spaceman decided to take the safe route and make a standard entrance. A part of him almost considered donning his human facade for the evening but Abigail assured him, that her boyfriend was well aware of who he was and where he hailed from. Still, that didn't stop him from taking some precautions, her gentleman caller was human. And an accountant, from what Azrael remembered. No matter how keen this fellow was to the idea of aliens existing, there were still limitations to what might be acceptable, in the terms of what's understood verses what's experienced. So Azrael took the long way round... so to speak. Appearing outside of le Lion d'Ambre - an exclusive french restaurant that has existed in New York since the early 1900's, he entered the establishment, spoke briefly with the host and continued onward to the dining area. Where he was met with the sound of uncertainty.

"I have a good feeling that he'll show up."

Abigail had already spotted the spaceman, sauntering towards the table. For a brief moment, their eyes met as a slight smirk, accented Azrael's face.

"I have a good feeling about that happening as well."

Approaching the table, Azrael was met with a warm, smile from Abigail as her boyfriend rose from the table with an instant handshake. A gesture that Azrael accepted, looking the man over in the process. He was tall, with dark, very neatly groomed hair and eyes that seemed to wield a joke that had yet to be told. Exquisitely dressed, in every sense of the word, this accountant was clearly, well off in the terms of finances. Still, there was something more to this man, than meets the eye. Something different. Just beyond the surface of what the normal eye, could or would, perceive. Azrael couldn't quite put his finger on what it was and at the same time, he felt like it should be glaringly obvious. In that precise instant, he sensed that this man wasn't human. Not completely, anyway. However, if this man wasn't human, then what was he? These days, there were so many options, that would suffice as an answer. What exactly was this accountant's secret and why did he have to keep it hidden? Presumably, even from Abigail?

"Donovan Blackwater. It's a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance, Mr. Erebus."

"Mr. Erebus. Wow. I have honestly never been called that in my entire life. Please, no formalities needed, Azrael works just fine."

Both men took a seat at the table and almost as if on cue, the waiter arrived. Without even looking at the menu, Azrael ordered the Confit de canard with a glass of Roussanne. He also wasn't even a little surprised, when Donovan ordered for himself and Abigail. Ratatouille paired with New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Ratatouille. It was the safe choice to make, when introducing a girl like Abigail, to french cuisine. Not to say that she didn't have a cultured palate but knowing her, meant understanding in the wide world of food, baby steps was the way to go. Props to Donovan for getting that. He paid attention. Although, individuals with secrets, usually did. As the waiter hustled to the kitchen, Azrael decided to momentarily put aside his suspicions and take the evening for what it was, a shared meal and a chance to make a new friend. He would do this for Abbie. Besides, Donovan gave him zero reasons, to do otherwise.

"Apologies for the abrupt cancellation of our previous plans. I was involved in a situation that required my full attention and I couldn't pull myself away."

His words were earnest. Sincere.

"No worries. I am curious though, did it involve saving the world... or wrestling?"

"Neither. I was actually helping a friend, with a personal dilemma."

"That's noble. Abigail told me you can't seem to turn your back, on someone in need."

"There's an added incentive when that someone is dating my daughter."

"I bet. So was your mission a success? Did you manage to help your daughter's boyfriend?"

"I would say that I aided in alleviating the burden that he was facing, now the rest is up to him."

"I feel like you answered my question but I still have no idea, what you even really did for this man. I'm also fairly certain that you did that on purpose."

"What can I say, I respect the right to privacy. It's not my story to fully tell."

"Just another day in the life of the cryptic spaceman."

"Something like that."

Azrael chuckled.

"I told you that you couldn't get him to admit what happened."

"And one day you'll thank me for my silence."

"Probably not a good thing to say in front of my boyfriend."

"Hey, my brother basically told you that I was a whore in college, I call it even."

It was at this very moment, a duo of waiters brought the food and wine, to the table. Everything looked amazing and quite frankly, couldn't have come at a better time. The spaceman was undoubtedly brilliant but at the same time, he could be completely daft. He knew this, all too well. And one day you'll thank me for my silence. What was he thinking when he said that out loud? He only hoped the awkwardness of his comment would be completely erased by the food. Unfortunately, the universe had other plans because at the exact second that the waiters poured the wine and placed the food on the table, the doors to the restaurant blew off their hinges. Literally, exploded inward. A combination of wood, glass and scraps of metal, shattering to bits. Totally torn asunder. Then as the frightened patrons gasped in a combined mixture of shock and horror, a trio of monsters entered the scene.

[Image: bh6zBel.jpg]

Clearly the source of the blast, these horrible creatures were no strangers to the spaceman. For he had encountered them, many moons ago on his homeworld, Ozuul. Once when his entire family was taken from him as a small child and then, a countless stream of other occurrences, when he took part in the great war. Defeating them in battle, he became the savior of his home planet and the liberator of his kind. Seeing them; here and now, on earth, made Azrael's blood boil. An intense rage burned inside him. Hotter than any sun's blaze. It rose up like a fiery inferno, radiating within his very gaze. The flames of the spaceman's fury.

"Oh you've made a terrible call in judgement, haven't you?"

Azrael stood up from the table, his eyes never leaving the trio as they marched into the room. Guns drawn. Full on battle formation.

"You can leave right now and live, or you can stay and die, it's really up to you. Though, personally, I'm very partial to the whole you dying option."

Another explosion rocked the restaurant as an entire wall, towards the back of the establishment was taken down. Fragments of wood and plaster erupted into the building, with a dazzling paroxysm of lasers. The dining room broke into immediate disarray, chaos and mass hysteria. Screams of panic, amidst the smoke and settling dust. Azrael had no patience for this. Raising his hand, he sent an intense burst of fire at the set of mutants by the front door. Swiftly searing them where they stood, the abominations shrieked as the scent of burning flesh, wafted from their forms. This did not stop Azrael though, with his hand still raised in the air, he released a continuous onslaught of flames. Utterly, incinerating the monsters, beyond ash.

Yet the freaks in the back had other plans. Taking aim at Azrael, they fired their weapons, set at full strength. Remarkably, it was at this precise instant, that a curious event took place. The laser blasts crashed into what could only be described as an invisible wall. Or a force field. Turning around quickly, Azrael witnessed the incredible, invisible force, reverse. Shifting from a force field, into a force wave. That tossed the vile monsters through the hole in the wall, like they were mere rag dolls. Startled, Abigail looked back at Donovan, who simply shrugged as the spaceman stepped past him. However, not before placing a pat, on Donovan's back. A sign of appreciation, when there wasn't time for words. When Azrael made it outside, the abnormal, freaks with potato shaped heads, were on the run. Back to a ship that sat in wait for them. They were leaving but Azrael knew, that they would be back. It was in their nature. They could do no less.

"What the fuck were those things?"

Abigail asked as her and Donovan, joined the spaceman outside.



"A hostile alien race that once attempted to enslave my homeworld. They failed."

"I see. They seem to be on the move. Fleeing, perhaps? Is that it then, are they leaving? For good?"

"They're leaving, for now. This isn't over though. Not by a long shot. Which means, I have to prepare."

"Prepare? For what?"


"JACK! Here we are at last! Ready to face each other in battle. The last time we were in a similar situation, we had another participant in the little dance that we shared. Now, it's just the two of us and I have to say, I am absolutely thrilled. I can finally devote all of my attention solely on you. Don't you feel special? You should. It's not everyday that I specifically go out of my way to declare a challenge against someone. I did that for you though, JACK. Why did I do that? Well, it's simple really, I didn't get to pin you. Oh I was about to though. Rest assured that was my intention. Unfortunately, that was taken away from me, by Joachim Bright. He's lucky he gives good head, or I might actually be pissed. Though, who am I kidding, I could never be pissed at him. Yet, that's totally irrelevant, to the matter at hand. What's important is this, there's no one that's going to get in my way, this time. Nothing will stop me from beating the crap out of you and taking what's mine. That pin. The happy ending at the end of the three count. It will be mine JACK. Oh most assuredly, it will be mine. Maybe I shouldn't be relishing this notion, so much. Considering the fact that, you're on some sort of mission, to save the world. Technically, we should be on the same side. Heck, I've lost track of how many times I've saved the Earth. So it would make sense for us to work together. However, there's something about it, that just doesn't sit right with me. There's a part of me that thinks, this new side to you is fake. Phony. A guise or a mask that you chose to momentarily wear. It's only a matter of time, before you revert back into the mummy, that you once were. Rather than stay the mummy that you're pretending to be today. I'm usually pretty good about predicting these things and hey, when that happens and it will happen, maybe Pest will start hanging out with you again. The child molester, not the uneducated, black gentlemen. Anyways, the point is this, I see through you JACK. You're utterly, transparent. And come Wednesday, you'll wish that was more than a metaphor, when I pin you. At long fucking last."

[Image: dvipIs7.png]

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