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A message for the tag champs
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08-28-2018 11:33 AM

[/font][/color]this a message for the reigning xwf tag team champions.
You poor bastards, who would thunk it when your asses was put in a tag team match by the general manager and in twenty for hours and counting would have to defend the titles against a xtremist and a destroyer.
A team that could at any moment could not only put you in a coma in a hospital but could possibly end your career.
I mean what on gods green earth makes you homies think that you have what it takes to hang with the big boys when in mere days time your existence will be wiped off this planet called earth along with the titles that you are currently holding.
The very titles that you have no chance in hell of retaining, the very titles that we are going to take from you this warfare.
Like I said in my promo from yesterday, you putas only have two choices............
One, on one knee withnyour heads bowed down forfeiting the titles over to us, or two, as your music plays, walk your dumb asses through the curtains down the aisle through the ropes and just simply get your asses kicked into oblivion.
Either way me and Peter don't care what choice you choose, shine those tag titles up rreeaall nice for us as we are goin to take what is rightfully ours, the xwf tag team titles.
Oh and I wouldn't worry about ole tankypoo, I promise you that his ass won't be a bother, you two ain't going to last one damn bit anyway.
Champs, prepare for totall domination.

[Image: FSYLxSs.png]
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