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08-28-2018 11:17 AM

"Greetings and salutations, XWF! My name is Dillinger D'Marco and you're here with me now."

"After spending two years in the Realm of Madness. Fucking trapped, with no hope or prospects of a release, I am back."

"Oh well, gee whiz Mr. D'Marco, didn't you say that there wasn't any hope or prospects of a release? What the fuck are you doing back if that was the case? It seems like you just contradicted the crap outta yourself, right there."

"Y'know what, you're right, those are two conflicting points. It also happens that they're completely true. I thought I was doomed to eternal imprisonment but then, something happened. Something changed. I found a way to make a connection with the outside world. A link to someone that showed incredible promise, in the feat of extricating me from a fate of infinite insanity. Lucky me. That someone is the XWF's very own Bombshell champion - Nyx Nephthys."

"Imagine that. Small fuckin' world, huh?"

"Nyx Nephthys is essentially, my liberator."

"My hero."

"I couldn't have escaped the Realm of Madness, without her help and it's a good thing that she came along when she did. Before any lasting damage took effect. I mean, walking around with a blood lust is one thing but could you picture what I might be like if I was crazy too? That's some scary stuff, right there. Fortunately, I remain the immaculate image of perfect, mental health. I defy anyone to prove otherwise."

"Anyways, after Nyx rescued me from the Realm of Madness, I discovered myself in a state of being homeless. That's right. I'm an inter-dimensional, demi-god that just got back from the Realm of Madness and I had no place to live. Apparently, when you go missing for two years and the piece of property that you once owned is revealed to be a haven for murder, the state takes it away. So the mansion that my fake grandfather left to me, well it was auctioned off to the highest bidder. Although, I'm stuck in the Realm of Madness when all of this goes down, so I can't really do anything about it, one way or another."

"I'm not sure what came of any investigation either, or if there even was one. Though I imagine this is the sort of shit that doesn't get easily swept under the rug. There must have been some type of inspection or analysis involved. Be that as it may, I can't rightly say anything regarding the matter with absolute certainty, since I wasn't around when all of this would have taken place. All I know is that I haven't been arrested... yet. Knock on wood. Nor have I been questioned, about any of it. I'm merely rendered momentarily homeless. An unpleasant realization but far from the world coming to an end."

"Once again, Nyx does me a solid and lets me crash at her place. It was an easier adjustment than I anticipated and per her advice, I have found myself employed with the X-treme Wrestling Federation, once again. Cause why the fuck not? I need a source of income and there's not an awful lot of places that will hire someone like me. Even if I don't talk about the obvious high-lights of my existence; thus far, there's still that rich and vibrant aspect of my history, where I spent the majority of my life within the confines of a mental hospital, to really shine a 'positive light' on my candidacy for employment."

"Patient #0093247 - former resident of Golden Vale Sanatorium, treated by the highly educated yet painfully droll, Dr. Marvin Kirschbaum. That was me for a good chunk of my life. When you're a kid that's found at the site of a brutal, double murder and the victims are supposedly, your parents and there's no one willing to step forward and claim guardianship, they tend to make you a ward of the state and lock you up. On account of being psychologically traumatized, emotionally damaged and in need of intense, rigorous therapy. And if your doctor secretly thinks that you killed your parents, you're even more screwed... eh, I mean... you're looking at even more treatments and time, added onto your sentence... um, hospitalization. However, without proper evidence supporting such a theory, a state funded mental hospital is only willing to keep you locked away, until you're a legal adult. Then you're free to go."

"Take that Dr. Marvin Kirschbaum."

"I'm fairly certain he's dead now."

"Still, any decent background check, will reveal that I was locked up for an extended stint of my life. After that's uncovered, folks don't want to hire you. Weird, right? Not the XWF though. Vinnie Lane knows all about my past. All the murders, mayhem and madness and he still welcomes me back with open arms. What a guy, right? Stand-up fella, if you ask me. He even booked me for the next edition of Warfare. There's only one fuckin' problem. Half of the opposition, that I'm due to face in my return match is dead! Rain was decapitated on Savage Saturday Night. Then to add on a bit of over-kill, his remains were thrown into a vat of acid. Rain lost his head and got dipped. Like this was Roger Rabbit and Shane Carver was Judge Doom. He even has a gang of goons, fitting of being the hench-weasels. Just don't laugh yourselves to death, guys."

"So now, Random and I have to face, Snow. Just Snow. Our tag team match has either become a handicap match or a triple threat. Regardless of what's decided, I'm going to kill Snow. That is a definite promise. What she lacks in utter talent and significance, she'll make up for in death, when I use the Heart of Darkness to stab her and steal her life essence, in order to recharge it. Can't rip through the fabric of reality without it and it needs energy to function. That energy comes from the life essence of a living creature."

"As you can all plainly see, the solution to this conundrum is remarkably simple. I have to kill Snow. Snow's death will provide a great service, not only to me but to others as well, because her demise will prevent someone else's tragic end. Her sacrifice will mean more than her entire life was worth. In that, this shall be her one, shining achievement. The first, last and only, act of importance, that she will ever be connected to in her entire existence, is her death. These words might seem harsh but they are also the truth. I'm a murderer... maybe even a monster but at least, I'm honest. How many of you can say the same?"

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