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Peruvian Pounding: X-Treme Food Fetish
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08-28-2018 05:13 AM


Dirty Willy is standing next to a well dressed midget, formally known to the world as Dookie Johnson. One of the nastiest, smuttiest, and depraved porn stars gone porn director, who even had a very small stint in the XWF. Both men watch a production crew filming a mocha-chocolate big boobed local penny whore stroking a old donkey to completion. Into a jug. The naked and very DIRTY local porn skank begins pouring the almost completely filled jug of chunkier donkey baby gravy on her face and naked breasticles. Dirty raises an eyebrow and then his eyes begin to glow as if a very bright light bulb went off in his head.

Dookie my man, I know you flew me here, and it was a huge favor. I have one more favor to ask of yah.

No, I won't give your meth head mother a job!

Fuck you! Fuckin Dwarf! No, I need a little of that donkey spunk. It's time to turn Jessalyn Hart into a DIRTY gal.

I'm NOT even going to ask. No problem, you sick bastard.

Dookie Johnson takes a step forward before the local girl pours out the whole jug.



Dirty Willy's best friend in the whole wide world, is scanning a street of Peru with his new PANASONIC HC-V770 Full HD Camcorder. Suddenly, he stops scanning once his lens makes contact on Jessalyn Hart X-Treme Champion. She strolls through the market place with her championship belt resting on her left shoulder. Ms. Hart stops at a food vendor, the same one that Dirty Willy had make a "special" bowl of Mazamorra morad con arroz con leche.

[Image: W3eSS9z.png]

The vendor pushes the 'specially' made Peruvian dish on her like an American car salesman. She takes a little bite to test the flavor at first, not realizing something wasn't quite right. As her stomach grows she scoops a larger bite. Seconds after she places the Peruvian soup in her mouth, she begins to gag like she just deepthroated a donkey dick. Dirty Willy jumps out from behind the food cart with a empty jug that use to contain Donkey sperm.

Damn Girl. I didn't know you had a food fetish.

Dirty Willy wastes no time and smashes the jug over the top of her head. Clay pieces shatter to the floor below them as he head crashes to the clay road in a puddle of her own puke. Dirty Willy then kicks Jessalyn in the ribs so hard she rolls over onto her back. He then proceeds to place a boot on her breasts with a smirk on his face. A referee comes out of nowhere and begins the count.



[Image: zELKntB.jpg]
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Darius Xavier (08-28-2018)
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08-28-2018 08:36 AM

Kick out. I was hoping some one try and pin me soon. I was getting bored

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