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Volume 1, Chapter 9 - Temple Of Malice
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08-27-2018 08:31 AM

"And the saddest part I realize,
The absence of truth behind your eyes..."


The Temple Of Malice. That proverbial place has so many words, so many ways and definitely so many possible applications. Various people have a large and wide variety of names they can and will apply to this very topic. For some they could refer it to as a place of destruction and a place of chaos. It was a place where they could truly release and hone their darkest and most macabre thoughts that they would normally be definitely reserving on a typical basis. For others it's a place where they still wouldn't release those thoughts, and they would still harness them ever so tightly, in fear of the end result on what it would ultimately become if those darkened thoughts and mental wave-lengths were ever to come apparent and overall, end up seeing the light of day. And finally for people like Damon Tyler, he preferred a more artistic approach and view of the situation. Something to him, that spoke of a definite, rather soulful-esque nature. Something that could definitely in his eyes, fully showcase and utilize a definite, strong, artistic spirit. And it's because of that reason, it because of that philosophy, that Damon Tyler would refer to it as his own unique, personal "Temple Of Malice".

In Damon's mind, the "Temple Of Malice" is in own personal, internal, mental, citadel where he can express every single malicious thought that he possibly has brewing and burning inside of him. Whether they are thoughts of chaos, havoc, destruction or bloodthirst...every single thought and like from one standpoint to the other, every mental thought process that had the ability to carry emotions and thoughts of brutalized, extreme, violence or just the mere destruction and damage that he was hopeful of instilling and inflicting on all of his various other opponents, Damon's demons and the very same demons that will swarm and take shape, circling around his mind would transport him mentally, to a place that he referred to as his own personal, "Temple Of Malice". A place where he can fully revitalize himself to a place of inner destruction, hellfire and malefic chaos where he'll go ahead, stand tall, and tear the world asunder. That was his place of solstice and his place of sanctity...well, at the very least, it's the place where he'd see himself heading to before every single, match, he needed to compete in.


[Image: MP3.jpg]

Lima, Peru and in particular, the historic place called "Machu Picchu", an outstanding landmark of beautiful nature. An absolutely, wonderfully, picturesque goldmine of sanctity, and beauty. At night, it painted an even more glorious backdrop. A true natural wonder of sanctity, solstice and mental color. The city of Lima, Peru would also be hosting the XWF's upcoming edition of Warfare, but before that, before all of that, Damon found himself standing at the top of the magnificent structure that was indeed called and referred to as Machu Picchu, as he stood high above, XWF Television Championship slung on his shoulder, as he's taking in all of the sights, and finally getting his mental state of mind in the exact position that he wanted it to be before he went ahead and expressed his thoughts.

“There's something quite serene about taking your physical and mental state to a place or a port of total relaxation isn't there? A place where your soul and brain attempt to be freed from whatever cascading and carcass feeding demons decide to erupt themselves in your wake. Attempt to distance yourself from the chaos, the carnal destruction as you stand top of this mighty, proverbial pedestal, just merely praying and hoping to yourself that someway and also somehow that you were lucky and were able to escape from as you sit there and attempt pry your hands and body away from the feeding and absolutely catastrophical abyss that dares and attempts to swallow you whole.”

“As it preys and preys and feeds and feeds, you'll do any single thing in your power to escape it. Every single thing in your power to release yourself from it but no matter how hard you try and no matter how hard you attempt to fucking push all of that away, it clings on. It hangs on. It sinks it's dark, demented fangs into your as you flail around for a hope or grasp of sanity but you can't win. For crying out loud, you never will. It will keep sinking you and drawing you back to that place of aggression. Back to that place of destruction. Back to that place where the harbingers of chaos reign nothing but sheer terror and utter catalysmic intentions as you lie there sinking and drifting in your own personal temple of malice.

“Because unlike others, I revel in that temple. I cherish that temple. Every single element that temple has for me, I hold tight and I embrace with full and wide open arms. The voices that swarm inside that temple are nothing short of grandeur and salvation. Those voices of utter aggression, the sounds I here in my mind of nothing short of complete and total chaos and animalistic destruction...all of that for me? Is simply pure...fucking...bliss.. So here I stand, a top the marvelled Machu Picchu, here I stand tall, still your reigning XWF Television Championship, and here I ultimately prepare myself for my match this coming Wednesday night on Warfare up against none other than a former XWF Universal Champion himself. Ronnie...Fucking...Bourbon.

The camera angles around now as Damon, clutching on to his championship belt, takes several steps forward – getting a deeper and more insightful look onto the night sky that surrounds him as well as gaining perhaps a bit more of a deeper path and perspective, tapping into hits personal “temple of malice”, suppose to speak.

So Robbie, Robbie, Robbie. The Great Robbie Bourbon. A man held in such high regard and a man that has a definite legacy that every single person in and outside of the XWF know exists, and are definitely, highly, respectful of. A legacy that is definitely untarnished and you think that with every single accolade you've accomplished thus far in your career, and every single achievement you have thus put forth to your name, I should be eternally greatful and fired up to face you this Wednesday right? Right!?...Well you're half-right. Half-right, in this particular situation. Now look at the facts here, don't get me wrong...I'm excited to face you, let's get that straight. But greatful? Well I mean, why should I treat you differently from every other person I've faced here in the XWF so far? I've faced so-called “legends” and so-called “veterans” during my brief tenure here. Rain...Azrael Erebus...Cate Indigo...Sebasstian Dyke...Abigail Monroe....Bilbo Bampkinz...Sebasstian Dyke well...again. And yes my tenure has been short. Yes I haven't been for a long time, but in that short amount of time, every SINGLE person on that list has had their own personal falls from grace from when they faced me as I utterly and truly decimated and destroyed them. Every. Single. Fucking. One.

“So the way I break it down Robbie is that you're just my next target. My next victim. Simple as that. You can try and unnerve me and you can attempt to get my brain in a situation where I start to doubt every move I make or I begin to doubt every single decision I make in this upcoming match because I'm supposed to what, fear your veteran nature? I'm supposed to be scared because I might be stepping out of my depth? Bullshit. All of it. That stuff doesn't matter to me, because as of right now and this exact moment, I have walked into my personal Temple Of Malice. Temple. Of. FUCKING. Malice.

“And let me enlighten you with something Robbie. The temple? Oh, it's beautiful. It's absolutely stunning. A total, desolate wave of eternal shaded darkness just rippling through the seams, undeniable consequences and contexts of evil and chaos, reigning everywhere it stands. The only thoughts running through here are being nothing short of the most primal aggression ever executable on people around you and the most inane destruction that you could ever humanly thing is possible to ravage on people of any existence”

“I'm going to keep this as short and sweet as I possibly can there Robbie. I'm in my personal Temple Of Malice, and you right now are about to be put to the mercy of a swift act of destruction so malicious and so reckless that it's going to make you definitely regret coming face to face with me in the middle of that battleground that you and I refer to as a wrestling ring. I'm going in guns ablazing and I can absolutely guaran-fucking-tee you that the second that bell rings, this Temple Of Malice here? The very temple that my brain is currently swimming and swarming fucking circles through? It WILL awaken...and the second it will devour you. It will engorge you. It will swallow and shut off whatever last dreams or hopes you've fucking had. The darkness and the hellfire will swallow you whole because as far as I'm concerned as I said earlier Robbie, I don't see you as a veteran or a legend...I'm just seeing you as another FUCKING. HUMAN. TARGET.

[Image: Image1.jpg]
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