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08-26-2018 06:46 PM

[Image: UAdvuZd.png]


[Image: USH-_Globe_Logo-for-_Light-_BAKGND-no-_E...02x535.png]

[Image: ntkn73I.jpg]

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the number one show on the XWF airwaves and the hands down the number one wrestling show on television today! Live from Hollywood Studios, this is PERFECTION SAVAGE!"

The video crackles out just as Jenny finishes her words.

One of XWF's scab camera crew arrives on scene of what seems to be a crowd of rednecks, bikers, and rich men in suits. Majority of the crowd waving money or booze as they cheer on what seems to be two modern day gladiators fighting for a lost audience. The scab crew leaps into action, exiting the XWF van they begin pushing their way through the rough crowd. Making it toward the front of the crowd they begin filming the scene.

A twenty foot by twenty foot sand pit is roped off with thick towing rope. Two men stand in the center circling one another, no referee, just two blood thirsty animals. One of the men stands around six foot tall and decently lean and dingy looking. His mop hair tangled and dirty. Blue eyes, a handsome smile, and a devilish grin. He is wearing a cut off charcoal grey muscle shirt that reads, "If hunting were easy it would be called your mom!" A pair of boot cut dark denim wranglers, bare foot, his left fist up guarding his jaw and head. His right dangles down below his waist loose and free.

His assailant much thicker and heavier bald headed, sloppy looking Goldberg wanna be pounds on his chest and roars like a primitive gorilla. The very relaxed obvious redneck slowly sways right and left in fluid motion as he moves forward. His foot movement swift and calculated. No sand is flung or hardly disturbed at all. Making it with in striking distance with a kick without the large barbarian looking man even paying attention as he still plays off the crowd beating his chest back towards the chill ass redneck.


The redneck lands a rib shattering rounding shin kick. Except instead of sending the large man to a knee, the man turns around looking extremely pissed.

That's right dipshit, I'm right here. Don't ever give me your back ag...

Before the cocky hick can even finish his sentence the barbarian charges in bear hugging the smaller man and tossing him to the ground like a rag doll.

Oh fuck me!

Grunts out the redneck as he rubs his back where he landed. Before the "animal" charges again, he climbs to his feet and shakes the sand off. Quickly he takes his original fighting stance and begins bouncing around a little. Before too long the "animal" charges toward the not as calm redneck. Dodging the animals wild haymakers, the redneck works his way in close enough to unleash a very fast and powerful five punch combo to the same ribs he had already damaged.


The sound of ribs breaking as the last fist connects. The larger man goes to grab the redneck but he squats and steps back just out of the barbarians reach. Before the "animal" can react the redneck delivers a devastating superman punch to the jaw of his opponent. Staggering backwards in pain the ruthless redneck charges in and begins to unleash a ten punch fury to the same ribs as earlier.

With every landed punch the barbarian grunts in agony. Until the eighth fist crashes hard, such excruciating pain causes a surge of adrenaline and rage through the "animal" causing him to be wilder and stronger than before. The large man grabs the redneck by the throat "Hollywood" style (Both hands around the throat and lifted into the air).

I guess this means you don't want to have a cold one afterwards, huh?

The redneck chokes out before loosing complete oxygen flow from being strangled. The large man shows some sign of intelligence as he begins spinning the redneck around. Making his shitty situation a little shittier. The rednecks eyes begin to close and open as he slowly is loosing consciousness. Before going completely under the redneck being a survivor and not shy to dirty tactics palms the big mans ear drums.

Once the redneck hits the deck after the popping of the barbarians ear drums. He wastes no time and delivers a "Willy Killing" low blow that the whole crowd can feel. Not stopping with just a low blow, he follows through. Lifting the man who is damn near twice his weight into the air. Cradling the big man in the DDT position, the redneck executes what will soon be known throughout the XWF Universe as the D.W.D (Dead Willy DDT). A low blow into a Cradle DDT.

The redneck quickly rolls the big man over on his back and climbs to full mount. With a sickening grin the redneck begins to finish off the "animal" with full mount bombs with his fists and elbows. Continuing the assault until he is pleased with the blood spill and violence spread, the redneck stands up and removes a can of grizzly wintergreen from his back pocket of his wranglers. He packs a victory dip in his jaw and removes a joint from behind his ear that is a little roughed up. Still smoke able thanks to the protection of his thick soft blonde locks.

Making his way out of the sandpit the XWF camera follows him as he marches up to the host of the event.

Money and if you don't mind hook a cracker up with a light. That bitch of yours in there was one tough dingle berry to scrape out of the ole shithole. If yah know what I mean.

The redneck grins cheekily as he holds out his hand for a stack of cash to be placed in it. Counting the bills before placing them in his other back pocket. He then places the joint in his mouth and sticks his head out waiting for a light. The host angrily pulls a zippo from his suit jacket and lights the rednecks joint.
Taking a few drags the redneck blows his large hit into the host's face.

Thanks for the opportunity once again to earn some hard earned money the good ole fashion American way Mr. Turner. Next time you want to host an event like this in these parts of Michigan, my family better get a heads up and a little protection fee. If not a whole lot more people could be hurt or worse and well I know that would not be good for your reputation.

Mr. Turner nods in agreement not wanting his shindig to become a blood bath.

The redneck taps Mr. Turner on the cheek and begins to leave the area down a dirt road. The camera crew begins to follow, until suddenly they are attacked from the darkened woods and thrown to the ground. Screams of fear can be heard as you can see muddy boots walk toward the camera and stop for a few seconds before the X-tron cuts to static...

Cate Indigo
- vs -
Standard Rules Match
Option 2 - 2500 Word Limit - 3 RP Maximum

And the sounds of "Nympehatmine Fix" by Cradle Of Filth play as Cate Indigo walks out with a blue-violet spotlight. She takes a pause then as she steps into the spotlight, the spotlight changes to white although Cate is still showcasing a shade of blue-violet as she strides slowly to the ring.

Well here we go! Opening contest for Savage tonight and it should be a good one!

You can say that again Pip! Cate Indigo looks poised but we have to remember tonight also marks the return of Shade to the XWF, and that is huge. Great match coming up for sure!

As the arena becomes pitch black, the X-tron shows Shade's mask entering the screen and the wording ''Death Walks Among You'' appears. Smoke begins to fill the arena and shattered glass falls from the entrances way as a crow flies out of the entrance to the stage. It then begins to circle the stage before Shade walk onto the stage with Hope and gesture a gun with one hand and pretend sto shoot. The crow then lands on Hope's left shoulder.

They walk to the announcer area where there is a chair for Hope. Hope kisses his mask around the cheek area and the crow then lays in between Hope's knees. Shade then removes his trench-coat and lays it beside Hope, He then walks up then steps until he reaches the apron. He then walks across the apron until he reaches the middle where he does the gun shoot taunt yet again. He gets into the ring but not before he stands on the apron, and fires the taunt one more time at Cate.

And what a huge response for the return of Shade to the XWF of course being accompanied as always, by Hope.

First match of the night! Can't wait! Let's get this one underway!

The bell rings and immediately both Shade and Cate circle the ring, both opponents looking at each other trying to be the first to find an opening. Eventually a collar-and-elbow takes place center of the ring with both Shade and Cate trying to push each other in a battle of strength before Shade gets the upperhand from the on-set, pulling Cate Indigo into a tight head-lock. Shade then eventually takes Cate down with an almost picture-perfect headlock takedown. Cate begins to rise up from the canvas now but she can't see Shade hitting the ropes as he races as fast as he can, rebounding off and connecting with a big Yakuza Kick rocking Cate. However Cate's resilience sees her refusing to go down so Shade charges again! Second Yakuza Kick! This time round Cate goes down straight on the canvas and Shade is fast to the count, quickly hooking the leg.




And despite reeling from the effects from two consecutive Yakuza Kick's, Cate manages to get the shoulder up, momentarily keeping the match alive. Shade knows that he still has to dish out more damage to seal the deal, and get a victory in his return match. He lifts Cate back up and Irish whips her directly to the ropes as Cate comes racing back as Shade looks for a back body drop...NO! Cate counters! Cate comes charging from the ropes and is able to prop up with a knee to the face!

The connecting of the knee leads to Shade to stagger for a bit, ultimately to Hope's concern as Cate goes for a kick to the head, trying to dish out more offence! No! Caught by Shade! HANG ON! Cate rotate's the other leg! STEP-UP ENZIGURI! THE ENZIGURI! The foot DRIVING directly into Shade's head as she sends him down! Cate Indigo now goes for the pin attempt!




What a back and a forth contest this has been so far!

And a hell of a way to open Savage, Pip!

Cate Indigo now wastes zero time whatsoever, immediately grabbing hold of Shade while they're both on the ground AS SHE LOCKS IN THE ABSOLUTE SOLE RIGHT! THE BODY SCISSOR AND CHIN LOCK COMINBATION IS LOCKED IN TIGHTLY! Cate Indigo is attempting all she can to squeeze out the life of Shade looking to end the match in a submission victory! Pulling as hard as she possibly can as Shade is trying to reach for the ropes to break the hold.

The submission is locked on tightly as Cate is looking for a tap-out WAIT! But Shade is fighting out of it as Shade is lifting himself up...slowly off the ground...WHILST CATE INDIGO STILL HAS THE SUBMISSION HOLD LOCKED IN! Eventually Shade pushes himself and pulls himself into an up-right standing position, as he flips Cate over SLAMMING ONTO THE GROUND BREAKING THE HOLD!

Brilliant counter by Shade!

I thought that once Cate locked in the Absolute Sole Right, that was going to be end of it!

With the submission hold firmly broken out, Shade takes a moment to regroup, feeling the pressure that the hold caused on his neck but after a few moments, Shade regains his ground and immediately moves back to an offensive position. Cate pulls herself back up to as the two stare eye-to-eye for a quick second before Cate comes charging directly at Shade! NO! Shade counters! Swift kick to the gut as Cate Indigo doubling over, as Shade pulls Cate in, hooks her arm over his neck AND HOOKS HER LEG! FISHERMAN HOOK WITH THE LEG! CATE INDIGO GETS LIFTED UP AS SHADE PLANTS HER WITH A BRUTAL CRADLE SHOCK! The impact on the canvas just echoing and ricocheting throughout the arena! The leg is hooked upon impact as Shade goes for the pin yet again! The cover!




And someway, somehow Cate Indigo is able to kick-out! This opening contest is still on-going with neither competitor backing down.

Suddenly the fans begin to rise to their feet and a commotion begins.

Somebody is making their way through the crowd!

NO WAIT! Make that THREE PEOPLE are making their way through the crowd!

The competitors in the ring don't notice the approaching trio of Luca Arzegotti, Morbid Angel and Shane Carver!

Shane walks calmly into the ring and tells the referee to calm down and take a break. Luca and Morbid are at ringside as if standing guard while Shane looks down at Cate Indigo for a few seconds with a sick smirk on his face, then glances over at Shade with a raised eyebrow.

ZzZzZzZzZzZAAAPPP!!! Shane's got that baseball bat cattle prod concoction he had with him last week and is shocking the living hell out of Cate Indigo! She's turning shades of indigo before our very eyes and lighting up like the 4th of July in a hillbilly town!

The ref isn't having any of it! He immediately calls for the bell!


Winner of this match by DQ - Cate Indigo!

Shane places his boot on her face and yanks his weapon away from her as if the electrical surge was so powerful that it was sticking to her body. He backs away and allows Luca and Morbid Angel to enter the ring. Morbid takes "The DON" (Dick of Nazi) from the necklace he constantly wears and slaps Cate across the face with that limp member "How you like me now bitch?" "The DON" screams at her before Luca pulls Cate up and... GETAWAY DRIVER! (Kneeling Omega Driver)

Meanwhile Shade seemingly has no reaction to what is happening to his opponent now that his match has been thrown away, but certainly is observing very closely. Shane grabs a mic and gets right to the point, as Luca and Morbid dump Cate's body over the ropes and to the outside like a sack of fried potatoes.

I promised the world that I was going to invite someone to JOIN our ranks and ride with us on our blood thirsty crusade through the swamps and piss flaps of the XWF roster!

And this invitation also comes with a test...

A test of what is more important to you... A mere victory that can be had at anytime and just as easily and quickly forgotten? Or a lasting impression that nobody will be able to forget OR REPAIR no matter how much they live in denial, or how many magic powers they claim to have that can supposedly reverse what is seen on live television?

That's right SHADE... I am talking about the here and now, and I'm wondering if you have it in you to accept and embrace what we've done here today. Next time, it can be you right along with us as we target future victims and easily subdue them, tossing them aside to rot like a burning piece of fecal matter!

The invite is clear, and it's obvious my growing army is of a very specific, dark shade already. It's only fitting that the first one to join the three of us BE none other than you, Shade.

Shade is staring right at Carver but doesn't say a word or make a move. He eventually peers out of the ring and sees the condition Cate has been left in as officials and medics check on her still smoking body.

I don't expect your answer now... but I DO expect it SOON.

We'll be waiting. I trust your values will make this the easiest choice of your entire existence. Etch your name and likeness into the filth encrusted walls of history and greatness as WE all MAKE THE XWF SCREAM AGAIN!

Shane tosses the mic and exits the ring with a disgusting shit-eating grin. Morbid Angel and Luca join him as the fans are very split right now in their reactions - some cheering and some booing in complete revulsion.

Skyler Rylee
- vs -
Elena Bellatrix
Standard Rules
Winner Becomes #1 Contender For The Bombshell Title
Option 3 - No Word Limit - 2 RP Maximum

Neon purple and white lights begin flashing around the arena as Skylar Rylee makes her way from backstage. She casually walks down the ramp, greeting fans the whole way down. Skylar slides in the ring and hops on the turnbuckle as the crowd cheers.

The song starts it's build up at the start as a series of visuals flash across the screen with words appearing such as "DREAM", "REQUIEM", "HOPE", "SOLSTICE", interlaced with black and white shots of Elena before finally hitting the 1:00 mark of the song (when the guitars and drums kick in). When that hits, the word "NIGHTMARES" kick in as the video plays as normally with Elena making her entrance.

As the bell rings, Skylar and Elena circle around the ring. Then they lock up, and Elena twist her arm. She twist it again, then she Irish Whips Skylar and she hits a Larit. Elena attempts to lock in the Disengage The Simulator, but Skylar rolls to the outside. Skylar is in the outside catching a breather, but Elena follows her to the outside.

Elena then takes her weak arm and slams it on the ring post poles, and she grabs Skylar by the hair and slams face first into the steel steps. She then rolls her back into the ring, and attempts to cover...



Skylar immedialy kicked out at one, and she starts stomping on her gut as hard as she can. Then she lift up Skylar by the hair, and and place her to the corner. She then goes to middle rope and punches her in the face.






Skaylar grabs her fist mid way, and she hits a stiff Alabama Slam on Elena and stomps on the mat to get the fans going. Elena gets on her feet to some kicks to the knees, gut, head. Skylar runs to the ropes and hits a Diving Crossbody, and hooks the leg.




Elena kicks out at 2 1/2. Skylar get Elena up, and she Irish Whips her to the ropes, and hits a Dropkick. Then she hits a Moonsualt Leg drop. She goes to the apron and waits for Elena to get on her feet.

Elena gets on her feet slowly, and Skylar hits a Springbroad Hurricarana, but Skylar stops her midway and hits a Powerbomb. Then she turn her to her back and knees her back shoulder while applying pressure to her weak arm. As she wrenches it, Skaylar manged to grab the third rope.

Elena is still applying pressure, and the ref was counting to three. Elena breaks the hold, and she started to argue with the ref.

Elena turns around she gets into a Small Package by Skylar..



Elena TURNS the Small Package on Skylar...





With all her might, Skylar kickout at the nick of three. Elena, pissed off, starts choking Skylar and banging her head as the ref attempts to break it off.

Elena breaks it off, and she lifts Skaylar to her feet and she hits a Sitout Jawbreaker which caused Skylar to stagger to the corner. Elena gets on the top rope, and locks Skylar's head.

Skylar tries to punch her back, but Elena hits the....ESCAPE FROM HELL VIEW!!! (Tornado Inverted DDT)

The places goes wild as Elena goes for the pin once more..





The bell has rung but Elena and Skyler are still going at it! Still trading right-hands all and around the ring.

And the match might be over, but these two certainly aren't! Elena Bellatrix and Skyler Rylee are still going at it! Right-hands going everywhere!

This is insane Pip! But if it means more fire for the Bombshells Division then I'm definitely all for it!

Both Elena and Skyler are trading strikes as they both eventually topple through the middle ropes. Elena and Skyler are still brawling as ELENA CONNECTS WITH A BRUTAL SNAP SUPLEX DIRECTLY ON THE OUTSIDE! The sound echoing throughout the arena here as Elena pulls herself back up ONLY FOR SKYLER TO STRIKE BACK, SPEARING ELENA DIRECTLY INTO THE STEEL STEPS OF THE RING! Both Elena and Skyler are down on the ground after those two attacks.

Snap suplex to the outside, spear directly into the steel steps...I think complications between Elena and Skyler have just begun!

I think you're right! I think things are only just getting started!

Azrael Erebus
- vs -
Standard Rules Match
Option 1 - 1000 Word Limit - 4 RP Maximum

"I Smell a Massacre" By Butcher Babies begins to distortedly play. The entrance of the ramp becomes lit by fire as a masked person walks through the flames dressed in a long black robe. Slowly, they walk down the ramp as the fire slowly burns down leaving the arena in darkness once again. Strobe lights begin to flash revealing minions of the person outside of the ring screaming in the faces of fans and emerging from the audience before jumping the barrier. The arena once again goes black once every minion is standing outside of the ring. Suddenly, red lights flash as the corners of the ring light up with fire and what appears to be a séance begins outside of the ring with Death standing in the middle of the ring.

The lights go off as a series of blue electricity beams shoot down from the room. The crowd lights up their cell phones, to emulate the stars in the endless universe, as smoke begins to billow. Az, however, is nowhere to be seen. His face flashes over the X-Tron a few times, fire in his eyes, but he never emerges. Just as the lights come back on, Az is in the ring, surrounded by a poof of smoke. The crowd "oooh's".

Death just stares at Azrael, cocking head to the side then the other. Death seems unphased by Azrael and his magical entrance. The bell rings and Azrael is trying to figure out how to approach this creature. He, we're going with he, decides to charge the masked figure. Death is ready for it and side-steps, throwing Az head first into the turnbuckles. Az stumbles back out into the middle and Death hits a snap DDT. Popping back up, Death looks down at Az with a menacing look. Az begins to stir, and just as he does, the masked figure explodes back off the ropes in a fit of speed and his a knee to the face. Az goes back down. The masked figure picks him up and goes for a suplex, but Az slides out, shoving the mysterious one forward to buy some time. Death flies into the turnbuckle in the corner, then turns and looks back at Az with that same look.

Az puts his hands up, ready to square up. Death comes out of the corner slowly. The shadowy figure also slowly puts their hands up. These two are ready to throw down in the middle of the ring!

Az throws the first punch, and Death throws another. Back and forth, back and forth, these two are landing Haymakers! Azrael seems to be getting the upper hand when Death ducks a punch and wraps arms around Az, lifting him.

Reverse Atomic Drop.

Coming quick off the ropes Death hits a knee to the face and goes for the cover.



Az gets a shoulder up!

Death cocks its head to one side then the other, before picking Az up. Kick to the gut, going for the DDT, but Az reverses and rolls up the masked figure.

Small package pin.



Death pops out. Az uses the momentum of the kickout to come off the ropes with a drop kick. Death is down and Az goes for another quick cover.



Death this time gets a shoulder up. Az is breathing a little heavy now, wondering what he is going to have to do. No matter what Azrael tries, the dead one won't stay down!

Az picks Death up by his masked head. Whipping Death off the ropes Az hits a spinning heel kick, taking Death down, but again the masked figure is quickly getting back up. Az comes off the ropes and goes for a knee to the face but Death catches him..........

Fireman's carry takedown!

Death takes a few moments to recoup. Az is rolling, holding his back. The crowd is loving this.


Death, finally caught up, walks over to Az and lifts him up. Az gets a quick punch to the head, backing Death off, then a standing dropkick sends the dead one into the corner.

Az attacks, climbing to the middle rope and raining shots down on Death. The crowd counts along.











Az lifts Death onto the top rope. He lifts him into position.



But instead of covering Az looks into the swarm of rabid fans. He points to the top rope. Running to the top rope he goes for his Swanton titled When Worlds Collide!




Death has the hells gate submission locked in!

Az is out!

The ref rings the bell!

Az has a little blood dripping from the corner of his mouth as Death FINALLY lets go of the hold!

Winner by Submission: Death

Jenny is watching that match on the television in her office. Chris sits behind her, giving her a shoulder rub, and Beau Jamison walks in and puts her iced late on her desk.

"That......ew....thing, is the same one who locked me out of the building last week! Who the hell is it! Are they one of Taylors signees? If so, their contract is to be terminated immediately!"

Beau shrugs.

"Well, go find out! Make yourself useful for once!" She shoos him off.

"We need to figure out who the hell gave that monster a contract! If this is Taylor's way of getting back at me, she is failing miserably because I am going to terminate them so qui----"

"I did" Chris said, expressionless.

"What?!" Jenny looks bug eyed now.

"I pushed the contract through HR. It was me."

Jenny pulls away from the shoulder rub and looks at Chris with dagger eyes.

"Why would you do something like that?!"

He looks at her again.

"I wanted a little diversity on Savage. Something new. It can't be all Jenny all the time."

"Uhh....yes it can, its MY show!"

Chris sighs, and pats her on the back.

"Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer, amirite?"

He pats her a little harder this time on the back and walks out of the room, leaving her fuming.

Who the hell is Death?!

Rain (and anyone he chooses)
- vs -
Shane Carver (and anyone he chooses)
Lawless Land (no rules)
Rain and Shane will do battle as Shane attempts to surgically remove Rain's very will to live, but who - and how many - will join each person's side in this revolting battle for the ages?

The fans aren't sure what to expect as the lights go out for several seconds and when they return, we see Shane Carver along with Luca Arzegotti and Morbid Angel standing in the ring.

Shane looks around the ring as if he's lost something, or is looking for something... but what?

Ah yes, probably his opponent, who is nowhere to be found even though much of last week's show was taken up by segments and attacks featuring them.

Where are you, Rain? Do I need to do a Rain dance to get you to show up for once???

Rain Rain go away, come again another day!

Oh shit that's not it. Hmmmmm, think... think...

Shane tries to figure out how to summon Rain when suddenly the X-Tron flickers to life and we see none other than the "man?" himself! Rain!

But he's being dragged by a chain around his neck??? Who is that pulling the end of the chain down the hallway and into the entrance way of the stage?

Shane's eyes light up with elation as we see none other than...


He's dragging Rain by that chain straight down the ramp and toward the ring where his destiny awaits!

Rain, rain, attached to a chain... come to me and be the slain!

Shane seems very pleased with his new song as Morbid Angel is pushing what appears to be a vat of glowing acid to ringside!

Meanwhile we see Luca pulling a huge battle axe from under the ring and he slides it in at Shane's feet, who gladly picks up the glistening weapon and examines the blade closely.

Shade pulls Rain into the ring by his brand new fashionable chain leash and throws him down at Shane's feet. Luca is now producing a large cinder block from under the ring and he enters, placing the block in the middle of the ring. Shade and Luca then smash Rain's face into the block a few times before draping him over the block with it right under his neck!

Morbid Angel is still at ringside next to that vat of glowing acid, cheering on the events that are unfolding.

At this point nobody is surprised when Shane raises his glorious axe high to the heavens and with excitement filling his eyes, swings that blade down with all his might! Rain's head flies off of his body and blood gushes everywhere!

Morbid sees this as his que to slide into the ring, grab the head, and SLAM DUNK it over the ropes right into the vat of acid!

Shade and Luca pull up the lifeless body of Rain and dump it over and into the vat of acid as well, with Shane looking on in approval.

Not a single word is needed for us to realize exactly what Shade's answer is to Shane's invitation - for it is clear his values are far beyond that of any normal competitor.

They lock up the vat and dump it into the crowd and all the fans start fighting over who gets to take it home!

[Image: coollogo_com-298171149.png]
[Image: 8K9Z08s.png]
Damon Tyler©
- vs -
Handicapable Televison Title Match
15 Minute Time Limit
Option 2 - 2500 Word Limit - 3 RP Maximum

Savage comes back from commercial and BX3 is in the ring. Due to their shenanigans and overall gross nature, Jenny told the production crew go to the solo commercial break of the show during their intro. That is what happens when you are gross on a PERFECT show.

As the three of them are jumping around all goofy in the ring, Tyler's music hits.

Damon walks to the ring, the title around his waist. He has his eyes fixated on the three monkey's in the ring. He never takes his eyes off them as he climbs the steps.

The bell sounds and away we go! Dyke rushes Tyler but Tyler ducks under the clothesline and flies towards Bilbo landing a big boot and knocking him over the top rope and to the mat below! Dyke bounces off the opposite ropes and comes racing back towards Tyler with a vengeance!

Tyler once again shows tremendous skill and agility by ducking under!

Tyler quickly turns around and lands a kick to the gut! Dyke doubles over in pain as Tyler grabs him and quickly shoves his head between his legs and sets him up for a powerbomb!








Following the match however, Damon stands tall with his retained TV Championship as well as microphone in hand.

[Image: RAW_1159_Photo_004-1991252098-1.jpeg]

"Okay cut the music! Cut that shit! Right now! I got something I have to say.

"Fixation On The Darkness" abruptly comes to a close as Damon goes on.

"Alright, alright. BX3. Sebasstian and Bilbo. I would say great match and good effort tonight but considering the fact that I just demolished the two of you and wiped you on this canvas clean, I'll skip that and just say here I am, still your XWF Television Champion. Now, I have a major announcement that I'm honored to make."

"Before I do so, I'd like to say thank you to XWF Management as well as the acting General Manager of Savage, Jenny Myst in giving permission to do this. Tonight marks my first successful title defense, and after tonight if I'm correct I have seven more title defenses until I can cash the TV Championship in for a shot at the Universal Championship. Now although I'm excited and I know I will retain this title for the next seven defenses and I will cash it in successfully, until then, I can guaran-fucking-tee, that I'm going to make this championship the most prestigious in ALL of the XWF. Which is why starting from the next episode of Savage, I'll be presenting the "Seven Deadly Sin Series". Seven matches. Seven title defenses. Seven challengers and most importantly seven...different...match...stipulations. So starting on the next episode of Savage, I will be defending this in Match 1 of the Seven Deadly Sin Series, in a...hmmm...okay let's start with something interesting...a TABLES MATCH and you know what XWF? Give me any opponent, I don't care anyone because as far as I'm concerned I will TAKE THEM. ALL. DOWN."

And Damon throws the mic down just as..........

Pink smoke billows at the entrance way as the strobe lights flash. Damon stands in the ring with a small smirk on his face, but also looking a tad bit confused. What did Jenny want out here?

Jenny has a mic in her hand.

"Ladies and Gentlemen.......your winner and STILL XWF TELEVISION CHAMPION..............DAMON TYLER!"

Jenny stands on the ramp and claps with a smile. Damon holds the belt up one more time as the two smirk at each other once more as Savage fades out.

What does this mean for the future of Damon on Jenny's show?

[Image: 8T581Rf.gif]
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08-27-2018 08:42 AM

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Seven Deadly Sin Series - Match 1 | Tables Match | Opponent: ???

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"Pittsburgh's Prodigal Son" Damon Tyler
Win Loss Record - 6 | 0 | 0

1 x XWF Television Champion (Current - Won 8/18/18)

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08-27-2018 01:48 PM

Shade and Hope walk past Tyler acknowledges, But moves on to more important matters as reporters flock from out of no where trying to get an audience with Shade about his actions tonight. But Shade and Hope pay no mind to the reporter making their way to the parking lot of the Arena, As Shade coughs out,

The Musk of California is Sickening.

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08-28-2018 08:28 PM

Last week we watched as a fella had his manhood taken from him on live TV. This week we watch as a... "person" was decapitated.

XWF Universe, I implore you, turn away from this wicked product! Cast it out of your homes and away from your children!

This is not what the XWF is supposed to be. This is supposed to be a wrestling show. Not a gathering for sick freaks to live out their horror fantasies!

I've decided that enough's enough, and I'm coming to the XWF to do something about this shit once and for all!

Shane Carver, I'll be at Warfare tomorrow night to address this little faction of heathens that you've brought to the XWF. So if ya got the balls son, I'll see you there!

[Image: E5rPROu.jpg]

[Shadow=yellow]* Raised Cadryn to be the fine man that he is today.[/shadow]

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08-31-2018 11:13 AM

Jenny, you got hypnotizing eyes.................

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