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08-27-2018 01:11 PM

It's funny how that four short years yours truly was approached by the boss him self Vincent lover boy lane and was given a contract to work for xwf, signed the contract, and was put on the main roster of the xwf.

But in those four short years that I've been here and been on the main roster, there was one person that stood out, that one person that stood was out such that it wasn't so much he was a god send, it was more along the lines of I wanted to learn from him so I can see how he did it, how I can apply, if I can apply how can I use it to my advantage combining with my style, among other things.

a young age my first of six goals was to meet him.

The second one was of course kicking his ass for a win letting him know that I ain't backing down nor was I going to lie down.

None the less, When i saw that i had a chance to meet him and ask him a few question, I honestly thought that he was the same person that he was twenty plus years ago.

I was having a serious holy fucking shit moment....well, it was more along the lines of a geeking out moment actually, but still.

In the back of mind I was like I can't believe I was going to say hello, ask him a few questions, this and that, that and this.

It wasn't obviously Vincent or Shane, met them I was at my first scheduled event as a wrestler, it wasn't Robbie bourbon, it wasn't Luca azergotti, it wasn't scully, nor it wasn't the other guys who was there shortly before me, it was mister xtreme him self, the of thee most decorated xwf wrestlers Peter fucking Gilmore.

but for what ever reason when I saw him how he acted, conducted him self, treated others, and his wife/ other women, and his additude towards others, boooy I tell you what, me wanting to say hello, shake his hand, ask some questions, and learn from him went away real fast.

What people were saying about him then and now was vastly different then what I had thought and what I had pictured.

What I got was not the sweet, kind, humble twenty plus years veteran, but instead i got was the cocky, ungrateful, don't care about others, aditudish, think he's all that, piece of grabastic amphibian shit for brains.

And I know what you are thinking, your thinking of course he's that, I mean after all those years and ofter all those years of accomplishing what he has done in those years, if you were him you would be the same thing.
To be honesty with I wouldn't be.

Think of it like this.

there is a main difference between putting on the xwf Peter fucking Gilmore character when working and being Peter fucking Gilmore in real life.

I just feel that not only how he was conducting him self was wrong as hell but I thought he was thee biggest ass whole known to human kind.

As a matter of fact feelings of disgusted, distain, and hatred were so strong that wanting to say hello, shake his hand, ask him a few questions, and learning from one of the best didn't mean shit any more.

The experience of being on the same roster with him, being in the same place, muchless saw who he actually was, for four years all I could think about was getting my hands on him, vanquish him, and kill him.

But the problem was that even wanting to just simply kick his ass proving to him that he wasn't shit then and nor he ain't the shit now while my ass was just signed to a contract and being a rookie, I knew in a instant that all I can do from then on to all the way till now was to chill, relax, just do your thing by working your way up, and when the time comes then you'll have your chance and giving him the quote on quote reality adjustment that he needs or should of had have.

And what four years went by and I finally had gotten by chance to get my hands on him in the very first ever Colombian narcotics parking lot brawl match.

Proving to him that he's just a shell of his former self was in reach..litterally.

Finally after four years.

But unfortunately the out come was I ended up loosing the match, bruised ego yes, but knowing that he at least got the reality adjustment that he got was good enough.

The funny part though was that was as we were kicking the ever living shit outta each other we so happened to stumbled in the locker room of the reigning xwf tag champs locker room.

And there all of a sudden it went from battle each other after the bell to battling them.

All of a sudden after the four years went by, after the four years of hating each other, after the war of words, and after having the shit kicked outta of us in the first ever Colombian narcotics parking lot brawl, our general manager Darius shortly after the match he came to us and said to us because of the brawl between us and the reigning tag champs, that we were to face them for the tag team titles.

When the people heard that, they all knew that there was know way in hell they were to see thee xtremist Peter Gilmore and the destroyer Drezdin as a tag team and go after the tag team titles, hell no way no how.

Especially after four years of hatred of going after one another, and the war of words.

At one moment we looked at one another when we walked up to one another as if like taking the tag title will be a sinch.

One man has faced one twice, the other has faced them many times before and held the tag titles.

Not to mention that we also knew that the amount of shit that they are in, is in such that it's not so much that it's thicker, deeper, and stingier, that they have only two choices.

One, with their heads bowed down on one knee forfeit the titles over..........

Or two, play their music, with the the titles in tow walk their asses through the curtains, walk their asses down the aisle, stepping through the ropes, and get their asses kicked.

Either way we don't care.

I can tell you this that in twenty four hours and counting despite the shock of seeing us getting along, and acting as a tag team, the xwf tag team titles are comming home to their rightful owners.

And nothing will stop us from getting them.

[Image: FSYLxSs.png]
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