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08-24-2018 06:30 PM

Stipulation Four:

If the retriever dies before obtaining one thousand souls, their soul is sent to hell and ownership of the body reverts to the thing that created it.

In Addition:

If the souls are returned in the given amount of time, the exchange will be made.

Mythical powers given to one who wishes to use them for good can save an entire universe. These heroes feel content in knowing that when they meet death, they can rest in paradise at the hand of a being more powerful than creation. However, what happens when paradise is not given to them in the afterlife because they didn't meet the requirements? Revenge.

What begins as a static-covered screen shortly cuts to the following words:

The screen abruptly cuts to black before a bright white screen flashes and Death is revealed.

"Azrael, it appears you have become irritated with me. Is that what happens when you do not understand something? You feel rage? How mortal. Instead of attempting to understand me you choose to belittle me. It was my impression that a man like yourself would have asked questions in the face of adversity to grasp a better understanding. I was mistaken."

"You also seem to have lost interest in me. Something common of humanity, they do not understand something, so they become disinterested in it or fear it. Thou does protest too much. You say you do not fear me, yet your actions and words prove otherwise. Perhaps you feel comfortable in calling me these things you feel the presence of someone whom you used to know? When I spoke about this match being poetic, I said there were more reasons than one to consider it such. We have met before Azreal, even came face to face in the ring, worked together outside of the ring."

"Let me correct you on me being the very embodiment of death itself to help aid in your intellectual journey to understand me. I never claimed to be the death, the thing that takes all living life forms for the universe. I am not a demon, angel, devil, god, or even the grim reaper. I am a mere product of death, that is why I am also able to take on its attributes. Over these past few days, you have read over the contract that binds me to another being, made me its possession. You spoke of this being, and no it is not death itself. My lake of feeling or taking in any pleasure this world presents is also not a gift but meant to be received as a curse. Therefore, I do not feel the need but have a need to do the things I do such as mimicking. Like a robot, I have a creator who made me to do a job. A puppet with someone else pulling strings. Has this enlightened you?"

"Since I mentioned your example, allow me to bring you back for a moment when you used the example of a robot. When a robot is programmed to do a desired set of tasks for its creator it does it because it is programmed to. It is emotionless, yet it still performs the tasks it is created to do. Similar to a robot, since you understand this example of your own better than any I have given you, I have a creator that expects me to complete a task and I have been programmed to do whatever it takes to complete that task. What has been stripped of me such as feelings and the needs of this world is not meant to aid me but remind me of what I do not have. Useless in a sense, isn't it? Being opportunistic is one of these functions. Let's use the ring as a place of example for this. When someone has aided you by distracting your opponent, did you think or feel before you decided to act on the opportunity at hand? Presumably not, you leaped into action since you are highly impulsive. The action of opportunity takes little than, taking it. Also, again, the use of a psychopath as an example was to possibly help you understand things more clearly. As I stated, I'm aware they have emotions like their healthy counterparts just not as influential or dominate."

"I've also come to realize that my observations of your weaknesses, physical weakness, are rarely addressed by you. Instead, you are so antagonized by being unable to provide proper information on why I am not who I claim I am that you have not stepped back long enough to examine your own faults. You refuse to admit defeat when I have blatantly told you why I am the way I am and do the things I do. You have yet to move on from my emotions because you lack the capability of finding other inconsistency with me. The only evidence you have that I am fake is that I can easily mimic emotions. If you had something of valuable use to use against me, you would have used it instead of targeting something so...irrelevant. I have mentioned how you don't understand what you are facing, how you don't pay attention to surroundings, how you use these camera grumblings as an excuse when someone catches you in a lie, and yet your focus is on my...emotions. Might I mention that I have not seen these grumblings mentioned nor shown in other promotionals aside from your own? It seems strange that they are at the appropriate places for you to speak to your opponent but when it is an inconvenience to what you have shown others, they are the scapegoat. If you were as powerful as you play yourself to be, you could rid yourself of them. They are a ploy."

"At our match Azreal, you will rest in pieces."

The screen cuts to the following before the cut of the promo.

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