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A Colombian narcotics Parking brawl
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08-10-2018 01:03 PM

Drezdin:*****sigh!!!!!*****really?...Really Peter? Do you actually believe in your own insignificant dribble that one of the supposed reasons why I'm mad is because you didn't wanna be in my show, a show that I must embarrassingly admit that it didn't go in the way that I wanted to go.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but no you dumb fuck, that wasn't the reason why I was mad.

The only delusional reason why you think that I am mad is because since I've joined this company, time after time after time your ass for what ever reason is compelled to spew bull shit that know one will give a shit nor care much less about.

Hell, Peter, even you know for a fact that every time you decide to spill your endless amount of bull no one in the world of pro wrestling including the xwf roster believes you.

Why don't they believe in what you are saying you may be asking? Well it's because it's the mere fact that aside that you are aaaalllll talk but know mouth, that you have a horrific case of diarrhea of the mouth.

Meaning that every time you get challenged by someone who's a newbie to the company or someone with more experience whom wants to be better or further enrich their career to be better, you hide into if that they don't mean shit.

The amount chances of you proving/ telling them that if they wanna pursue this line of work that to be the best that they have to go through you is just absolutely pure disgusting.

Apparently telling them that your still got it don't mean jack either.

And As far as my show that ever really got off the ground you speak of, so you know that I Drezdin knew for a fact that you didn't want to be in it and I NEVER WANTED your fat ass to be in it even if you wanted to.

I just wanted to see you act upon your bull shit that you are spewing, and see you prove what ever worth you are

You see, Shane was the one that wanted you to be in it, Shane was the one that called your ass put and wanted to kick your ass.

All I said was if there's anyone that you wanna take revenge on that you couldn't take revenge one the first time around, opt in and call the person out for the show that I am trying to do, and hence Shane.

Get it straight gilly.

And last but not least as far as this Columbia narcotics parking lot brawl is concern, this of you saying that you'll will get rid of me from the xwf, how on earth are you going to do that when one when I will be the one that will rid of you from the xwf that I will be the one to prove to you that will you are the shell of your former self.

That since the beginning that all you are is hype, all talk but no mouth, and have a horrific case of diarrhea of the mouth.

When it's all said and done when literally when the dust of the white powder clears, you Peter fucking Gilmore will be sssooo filled with the white stuff that you'll end up in a hospital in a enducded coma thus ME NOT YOU getting rid OF YOU from the xwf.

And Peter, when I do defeat you, the place we call the xwf will be better and flourish a hole lot more knowing that you are gone.

You think else other wise, as Chris Benoit would say, prove me wrong.

When it's all said and done, you then you now can be my ass whole bitch!

(The scene fades to black as Drezdin roles his eyes back, chuckles evilly, and looks into the camera)

[Image: FSYLxSs.png]
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