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Tales of an immovable boulder in the shape of a girl and the Empire State building
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08-09-2018 11:49 PM

David Davids The Fourth, hated his name and despised his job even more. Security guard for the Empire State building. How pathetic! The security guard business was in his blood though. It was a family operation. Every generation of Dave before him, had been a security guard. How could he turn his back on that sacred tradition? He was Dave The Fourth, after all and his wife was pregnant. She was due to bless him with a son. David Davids The Fifth. Next in line and his successor, the torch would be passed and the holy tradition would press onward. It was truly humbling and occasionally, brought a tear to Dave's eye. Still, David Davids The Fourth was unsatisfied. The flashlight and walkie talkie just didn't interest him. What Dave really wanted to do was dance. Classical ballet, jazz fusion, tap... he loved it all. The heat of the lights and the excitement of the crowd. Oh how Dave The Fourth, yearned for them both. Yet that would never come to be. For he was born into the security guard trade and being a security guard, was all that he was ever destined to become. Now, he had to help Anders, with some drugged out lunatic, on the observation deck. Why did Dave always have to deal with the drugged out lunatics? Just once he'd like to handle a nice group of lost seniors or heck... even some rowdy teenagers. No dice for Dave though, as usual he gets called in to escort another hop head, hippy back to the safety of the street. This made Dave so mad, he could punch Anders right in his giant, oversized head. No joke. Anders had a really, big head. He looked like a living bobble head doll. It didn't help that he was always nodding, for no apparent reason either. Anyway, Anders would just report him and then, he would become the only Dave in four generations, to be fired from being a security guard. It would bring disgrace upon the house of Daves. No, Dave would have to take his frustrations, out on the junkie. And Dave had so many frustrations.

Meanwhile, on the observation deck, Cate Indigo continued to sit and stare straight forward into nothingness. With the book of Siran gone, she was at a loss. A standstill. It was like someone found an invisible controller for the Cate Indigo video game and put it on pause. It wasn't her fault though. She had devoted her life to following the teachings and wisdom of the book of Siran. If the book went missing, surely that was some sort of test of devotion. Perhaps, Siran sent her to the sky... to the heavens, to have her demonstrate how strong she was in the face of adversity. If she passed this test, she would surely be bestowed with the answers that she sought but should she fail... no! Cate would not fail! No matter how many times the skinny twit, shone a flashlight in her face and waved his hand around, Cate would not fail.

"Hey, miss! Yoo-hoo! Earth to the space case! You are clear to land your spacecraft! Do you copy? Over."

Anders sighed and straightened his position as he glared at his watch. Holding its face directly up to his face, he sighed again and then dropped his arm. Where was Dave? What was taking him so long?

"Space case? Don't you know that term is offensive to some beings? You wouldn't like it very much if I called you an Earth bound, flesh sack, now would you? Besides, she's not even from space or any other planet, for that matter. She's from... well, I'm not quite sure where she's from but I definitely know, that she isn't from space."

Anders turned around abruptly and came face to face, or rather face to chest, with an alien. Standing at seven feet tall, with long, black hair that billowed in the wind, pale, white skin, that seemed to give off a sheen occasionally, in the moonlight and dark eyes that smoldered with an ancient touch of a star's fire, the man standing before Anders was clearly, not of this world.

"Greetings and salutations, I'm the spaceman but you can call me - Azrael Erebus."

"We're closed."

"Yes, I gathered as much. Though if I'm completely honest, I've perched myself up here on this very spot, at all hours of the night, with absolutely zero regard for the place being closed. Splendid view of the city. Comes in handy when I'm navigating around at night. Anyway, it seems I happened along just in time. My... friend? Acquaintance? Associate? Yes, that'll do. My associate, seems to be stuck, so I'll escort her off the premises."

Azrael walked over to Cate and allowed his focus to fall on the girl, still stationed on the floor. Empty box of matches, firmly gripped in her hand.

"She's on drugs."

"Right. I can see where an idiot would assume that but rest assured, she's not on drugs. In fact, she's probably more sober than anyone. Especially you."

Azrael briefly placed his attention on Anders and laughed.

"Oh most definitely, way more sober than you."

Turning back to Cate, Azrael crouched down and tilted his head as he looked at her. Cate merely blinked. With a slight nod to himself, the spaceman swiftly popped back into a standing position.

"I think we'll be on our way now."

"But I already radioed for Dave."

"That is a conundrum. Unfortunately, you'll have to tackle that one, all on your own cause the two of us, are leaving. Now."

"HEY! Hold it right there!"

"Oh bother, what now?"

Azrael glanced towards the source of the sudden exclamation and was greeted by the sight of the shortest, smallest, angriest security guard, that he had ever seen. On Earth, anyway. Standing at three feet, seven inches, both flashlight and radio in hand, that security guard was David Davids and he was ready for action.

"You must be Dave."

"That's right, infiltrator of the law. I'm David Davids The Fourth and you're going down."

"Oh wow. I'm going down. Really? I'm going down? For what?"

"For your crimes against justice."

"My crimes against justice? I'm only here a few minutes after closing. I didn't try to cover Gotham City with toxic, laughing gas or terrorize Central City by absorbing the powers of a bunch of meta-humans, to use in a plot of global control and mass domination. Geez. Lighten up. I mean, don't get me wrong. I appreciate the energy but dial it down there, buddy. Save that intensity for some real... criminals? Do you actually get criminals, here... at the Empire State building? You know, besides The Hobgoblin. Since I'm sure Spiderman gets all the credit for his capture."


Dave was tired of messing around. He meant business! Dammit! So he screamed something intangible and charged at the spaceman. Running directly into Azrael's shin. Dave crashed into it and immediately, fell backwards. It was like rushing into a brick wall! Dave groaned and attempted to sit up, only to drop back down again. With a shake of his head, Azrael sighed and looked at Cate.

"Ready to go?"

Cate rose her eyes to meet Azrael's gaze. Go? She couldn't go. She hadn't passed her test yet. What was this foolish man from the stars talking about? With a defiant shake of her head, indicating that she was in fact, not leaving, Cate crossed her arms in front of her and did her best impression of an immovable boulder. At least, that's what she envisioned to aid in her desire to stay stationary and not permit anything to change that status. Watching this display, brought a chuckle out of the spaceman. Such silliness. She still thought that the rules of this world governed him somehow. Only one way to learn the truth, right?

"Gentlemen. It's been fun. We really must be off though."

With a simple snap of his fingers, Azrael vanished from sight, taking Cate right along with him. It seems that immovable boulder was quite movable, after all.


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