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I HATE The Cocaine
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08-09-2018 05:47 PM

We open the scene to a hot and humid day in the EPIC city of Los Angeles, California. The sun shines down on the city as we see people of all ages and sizes frolicking on the sand or in the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean. They all seem to be having fun. The camera then shows cars and buses roaring down the highways and roads of the city at a moderate to fast pace. Seems like another great day in LA.

The scene now shifts to the mansion of Peter F'n Gilmour. Peter's lavish cars are all out in the front yard being waxed by his attendants and we see his lawn being mowed by a Mexican man. They probably get paid handsomely. We all know Peter is loaded. But we digress. We move on to the pool area where we see our fearless hero Peter Gilmour in the pool doing some laps. He does about 4 laps then stops and shakes his head to get the water out of his eyes. He gets out of the pool as we see the water dripping off his God-like physique. He's wearing black swim trunks just so you know. Peter goes over to one of the chairs by the pool and lays down trying to dry off and get himself a nice tan. There is a cold glass of iced tea right next to him. Peter grabs the glass and takes a big gulp from it. He then licks his lips and then turns to talk to us.

Peter: I know what you're thinking. How can I get a body like the great Peter Gilmour? Well it's simple. You can't. As much as you losers train and go to the gym, you will never have a body like mine or get a woman as hot as my wife Maria. You see I am a KING while all of you are mere peasants bowing down and sucking my SUPER DICK. But yet you cheer when I get my ass kicked. You fans can all stick it. I didn't need you then and I sure as hell don't need you now.

But since we're talking about me getting my ass kicked, let's talk about LEAP OF FAITH. I was in a match where the objective was to get to the X-tron and get that 24/7 briefcase almost guaranteeing a shot at the Universal Champion. I was all ready to get that case, but as always someone had to ruin it and who should ruin it for me? The same guy I SUPER DICK PUNCHED out of orbit, DOC D'VILLE. This piece of shit decides to come back from outer space to screw me out of getting that case. He attacked me, then he uses some dark magic and sends me to the PHANTOM ZONE. What the fuck man? Sending me to the Phantom Zone? This isn't SUPERMAN you stupid idiot.

Now I know what you're thinking. How did I escape the Phantom Zone? Well while I was there I saw ZOD and we had an interesting conversation. He basically told me Doc used him to give him the powers to send me there. Me and ZOD came to an agreement and I promised him that I will destroy that piece of shit the next chance I get. So Doc, you better look out because I am not a happy demon. I'm going to get my hands on you and get my revenge and I will break your fuckin' neck and then I'll SUPER DICK punch you again. But this time I'll make sure you don't ever come back to the XWF or Planet Earth. FUCK YOU!

Peter's eyes narrow as he grabs his glass of iced tea and gulps the rest of it down his throat. He then throws the glass clear across the pool as we hear it smash on the other side of the mansion. Peter sits back in his chair and then begins to speak to us once again.

Peter: Now, aside from talking about that pussy Doc D'Ville, let's talk about this week on WARFARE. Well, that little back to the US tour didn't last long huh? I mean I barely got time to be here at my mansion because this Wednesday night, the XWF goes back on it's WORLD TOUR as we all go to South America. Not a big fan of South America, but it would be nice to go to Brazil. I know all the ladies will want to get a chance to suck and fuck this bad boy down here. You do know they all love it in the pooper. That's ANAL for you idiots at home. But I digress. It'll be nice to get a little R&R and some action while there. Just hope we get there soon.

But this week on WARFARE, we go to Columbia, the home of Juan Valdez, and the supposed home of that fine drug named COCAINE. Speaking of that, I am forced to compete in a match where cocaine will surround and be in the ring. I say in the ring, so it can be used to give me or my opponent that needed boost. This match will also be in the parking lot. It's going to be a brutal match, but I'm going to have fun with this one because my opponent is the world famous douchebag himself DREZDIN. Oh how I'm happy to face the guy who barely shows up to his matches and loses al the time. Oh Drez, I feel bad for you in this match. Ok, maybe I don't.

You see Drezdin, you talk a lot of shit about me but I'm sure you won't be able to back it up. You're just mad I didn't want to be on your stupid SHOVE IT show. I'd rather be fucking some hot Asian bitch and then my wife, or both then facing you in this stupid match. But It is what it is.

I heard what you had to say and I just yawned. You put me to sleep bro. Thanks for the nap though. But I'll address your little promo. So, it seems you got to do double duty as you're in a match to open up the show against two other losers much like yourself. I could care less if you win or not because you won't be at 100% for our match. That's bad news for you pal.

You go on and talk about how I'm not showing up. HA! Keep thinking that. I've waited so long to shut you the fuck up and rid you from the XWF. I'm going to be there, ready to put you in the hospital forever. I hope you like drinking from a straw, assuming the hospital still has straws with this whole thing with getting rid of plastic straws. Fuck that shit.

Anyways, I'm going to be in that ring ready to end your career. So you better show up. But I know you won't because you're a pussy and you're scared of me. Don't hide the truth Drezdin. You fear me just like everybody else here does. Like I said, I'm going to enjoy whipping your ass all over that parking lot. But if you continue to talk shit, I'm gonna throw you threw the windshield and make sure you don't wrestle again.

So let me end this EPIC promo by saying this.. Drezdin.. get ready to get your ass kicked. Try to snort all the yayo you can. It's not going to help you and I sure as hell don't need it since I'm straight edge. I don't do drugs and never will. So you can continue to talk shit but it won't help you because I am going to end you in that parking lot and I'll get back on the winning track as I make my way back to a Uni Title shot.

Drezdin.. go fuck yourself and get ready to be taken.. TO THE XTREEEEEEEEEEEEEEME! See you in that parking lot.. CABRON!

Peter laughs wickedly as he gets up and leaves the pool area. We fade out to a shot of the lavish mansion in all it's glory. The scene then begins to FADE TO BLACK!


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