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After my match that I hacey
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08-09-2018 12:35 PM

(the scene opens up as we see Drezdin parking his rental vehicle in the designated space. Wearing his $1k tommy hilfigure sunglasses steps out locks the doors opens the trunk getting his ringer while thinking that his match in twenty-four hours will a cake walk.)

Interviewer: Drezdin! Drezdin!......

Drezdin:one moment please!
(After Drezdin grabs his ring gear and walks over to the interviewer ot realizing that the interviewer is someone he hasn't seen in a while.....his cousin.)

Drezdin:you gotta be freaking kidding me, speaking of the devil her self. thought it would never be the day that I see a family one of my cousins purse this line of work. I mean it's been sssooo long that I've heard that you've always wanna do some thing in this line of work. And Now here you are.

Interviewer:what you expect? I mean you graciously helped me in terms of if the world of wrestling is the right thing. You are my biggest reason, and you are my biggest influence, and personally my main reason why I got into this line of work.

Drezdin:***sssiiiggghhh*** fair my dearest cousin what are you curious to know and what do you want my fans and the fans abroad want to know.

Interviewer:basically it's this. In twenty-four hour or so in counting youLl be in the match of your life, you versus Peter fucking Gilmore. But before that a threat match against a newbie and against a person just two weeks ago you face, a person you are facing for a fifth strait time in random. Your thoughts.

Drezdin:you mentioned ole gillypoo, as far as he is concern, that fat puta ain't goin to show at all. Trust me I mean I know he's not goin to show in that if he's not then it's outta the fact that he is too damn chicken shit to face me/show up. Or the more obvious reason.......

Interviewer:that would be?

Drezdin:that would would be he's trying to get the taste of male dicks outta of his mouth after after having eating to much cock meat sandwiches. Still none the less you just gotta trust me that I am the last thing on his list. Though for me him not showing it means that he doesn't have it any more and a win. Now as far as my triple threat match that I have to night is goin to be the easiest win that any xwf wrestler can have and get. I we aaaaaalllllll know that random ain't goin to show, he's probably getting drunk off of his ass. As far as this king person who is goin to be in his first match, a person who just got recently got signed to a xwf contract, do you think cousin that he has a chance in hell of winning muchless of surviving this match knowing that it'll made be his last? HHHHHHHEEEEEELLLLLLLLLL NO!!!!!!! All I will say about the no showing shit for brains random and this king person goes is that the ass kicking that they will receive they won't know what happen. As far as Peter Gilmore is concern...............well.....Peter you stupid whit fat fucking Albert after im done with the two I'm Goldberg would say...YOUR NEXT!!!!!!!!

(The scene fades to black as he hugs his cousin and walks off to the locker room)

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