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They Forgot About Steve
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08-08-2018 07:25 PM

[We see a grainy quality of film of Tommy’s past matches in the company, leading up to his convoluted pin attempt on Snow for the X-Treme Championship about weeks ago. Then after a ten-minute intermission, the same grainy quality film plays into Jessalyn’s promo she cut before his. Within the footage, the promo got chopped and screwed, reversed, you name it.]

[Then it stops, with her saying “LOSER” repeatedly on the film.]

[Image: 9XPh.gif]

[The entire scene randomly shift to Tommy standing inside the XWF studios, dressed in his jean shorts, “I Heart Jessalyn” pink shirt, and boots standing next to Steve Sayors, who’s dressed in his finest suit in the garbage. We see them prep for this interview, and Sayors holding his ten-pound silver of X-Tremeness. Then the cameraman signaled to three, then they started.]

Sayors: Hello XWF, I am the forgotten man of this interview steez, Steve Sayors. Looks like I am the NEW X-Treme champion! You see, just last week I—

Tommy: What did you do last week?... Where you the one who set me up with NAZI in the backstage?

Sayors: Uh no, he came out and chokeslamed you on his own premonition. I had no involvement what so ever, Tommy.

Tommy: Fair enough, Sayors.

[Sayors hands back the ten-pound silver of X-TREMENESS, to Tommy. Then Sayors fixes his tie, and continues the interview.[

Sayors: I see that you are now the champion of the X-Treme division, how does it feel to know that you are the most wanted man in XWF?

Tommy: Well Sayors, it feels good to be the man. The man that every degenerate ring rat wants to fuck in those seedy motels like if is the 80s, and being among the greats who held this title with such honor and distension.

[Tommy crops at the camera.]

Tommy: FUCK NO, do you know how much I have to deal with on a consistence basis with this title?

Sayors: Uh no I don’t know… is it that bad?

Tommy: What the fuck do you think, is it all rainbows and sunshine with you? If it is, be my father time and strike me from my misery with the title!

[Tommy then motions Sayors to clock him in the face, but Sayors doesn’t on account he will get slaughtered by Tommy.]

Sayors: ….. moving on then, how do you feel about having your first defense on Savage against Jessalyn Hart?

Tommy: She’s the type person who I would love to defend it against, I mean, she remembered me from some type of previous encounters in the company.

Sayors: You seem like a guy who would be willing to risk it all, what is going to take for you to bring the title of X-TREMENESS, back home with you?

Tommy: What’s is it going to take? Well it’s the fact that it’s going to be X-Treme rules for it. Hell, you might even see some blood dripping in the ring itself.

Sayors: Who’s blood?

Tommy: It could be me, or Jessalyn my baby doll, the ring underneath where all the past champions rest in. For all I know, Carrie can send pigs blood flying to Universal Studios.

[Sayors then smiles a bit.]

Sayors: That sounds fun, do you honestly believe you can overcome Jessalyn, and remain in your so called “miserable” run with title of X-TREMENESS?

Tommy: It all depends; I know she wanted to take this title away from me at one point. She even dragged me from my “house” behind some fast food place, and knock me out in here. So now, I am even more ready to pay the piper so to speak. I am going to overcome the evens so I can be the odd man standing.

Sayors: Preach on, I hope you keep that focus in mind… oh snap, we’re running out of time, do you have any last words to tell these people about this coming Saturday?

[Tommy then pulls out his Barbie Stick aka Barbwire Kendo Stick, and poses it towards the camera with a evil grin.]

Tommy: Listen up Savage fans, this match isn’t going to be any old plain match. It’s going to be something that will be remembered. Someone will be getting punished, and that someone is Jessalyn Hart.

If you are either hearing or watching this broadcast, I have to say you have whole lot of nerve to proclaim that you will spell out my name in blood, well that isn’t going to happen. Also, for you to tell me my reign is a Short, Shriveled, hard to look at? Well I can take that as HUGE complement coming from you. Pls, oh Pls, tell me I am worthless more so I can jack myself to—

No no no

I already caught a case for being too graphic, so I’ll move on. If I was fired for the shit I do to women, I should be in jail right now. These fans could care less if I was fired, so unless they riot for Ruby Jess, then I am still a nobody here. I like it that, word to Cardi B.

So Saturday Jessalyn, you’re going to experience a what a werido like me can do in the ring. You’re going to wish you didn’t call out my foot lovers group members on fetlife, and on top of that…

You’re not going to be safe with a Lonny Bastard, like me.

See you in the ring, baby doll.

[Tommy then walks off with his Barbie Stick, but before he goes, he takes off the shirt, and hand it to Sayors. Then walks off in the corridor, signaling off this broadcast.]
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