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Fill the void
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"Dark Warrior" Micheal Graves

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08-08-2018 05:19 PM

When we last saw Micheal Graves, he was busy losing the tag titles to BX3 when his partner Cadryn put on one of the worst showings of his career. While being a successful tag team generally means that both partners pull their weight, it only takes one to screw the pooch.

Now Graves has bet his career that he can defeat BX3 and that he can do it with ANY partner. Now he finds himself paired off with Vita Valenteen. An unproven commodity in the XWF, but one that BX3 are counting on to shit the bed.


That’s all that surrounds me.

An empty void that I’m left floating in...


Maybe it was me that entered the Phantom Zone and not Peter Gilmour.

How else can I explain losing my tag titles to BX3?

There is no explanation.

Not one that’s good enough anyway.

There are a great many losses throughout my career that I was easily able to pick myself up from and say “at least I lost to the best”.

Chris Chaos before his fall from grace.

Robbie Bourbon during his Hart title run.

Engy just a few weeks ago.

Do you know what name could never be added to that list?


If anything, BX3 would go on an entirely different list. One that states, if you lose to them, you don’t belong here.

That’s exactly how I feel right now.

That’s why I went so far as to put my career on the line in order to get a rematch at these clowns. Because if I step into the ring with these guys a second time, and I don’t walk out with the gold, then I truly don’t belong in the XWF.

The fact that I’m being paired with a green as grass rookie doesn’t make a difference either and let me tell you why.

Cadryn, for as great as he can be, hasn’t lived up to his own legend since returning to team with me. His efforts both in and out of the ring left a lot to be desired, but despite that, I managed to carry him past Paragon when they were placed in front of us like a roadblock to the tag titles. After that, I managed to carry him into becoming a champion when we defeated Empire for the gold. So trying to use the excuse that he was the reason that we lost the gold to BX3 holds as much water as trying to say that VV is a handicap that may cost me the match.

A world doesn’t exists where I shouldn’t be able to defeat BX3 on my own.

It just doesn’t.

I’m a former World Champion, Xtreme Champion, Tag Champion, Superstar of the Month, My name is listed prominently on the Top 50 Best of All Time.

What do all of those accomplishments amount to if I can’t beat these guys that never win?

Obviously Im taking this loss hard.


More than that, I’m fucking pissed off!

I’m pissed that Cadryn ate that pin.

I’m pissed that I wasn’t in position to stop it from happening.

I’m pissed because this isn’t the end that I had envisioned for myself, but one that I will accept if I fail to rise to the occasion again.

In a world where Robert Main and The Engineer are gearing up for a war over the Universal Title, I’m slimming it up in the opening match, desperately trying to even the score against two guys who if they didn’t have luck, wouldn’t have anything going for them.

So at Savage. I’m coming into this match with one singular goal. To systematically deconstruct BX3 in that ring. I’m going to break them down to their bare components and expose them to the world for the brainless losers that they really are.

They think that they’re living high on the hog right now. Gold around their waist and a win over a Top 50 member to boot, but come Savage, I’m going to deliver one Hell of a reality check. Those guys are going to realize right quick that the biggest mistake that they ever made was stealing my belts.

They think VV is going to hamper me, hold me back and create an opening for them to slip a win like they did with Cadryn. Well I promise you this, that isn’t going to happen because VV doesn’t even need tagged into this match. I’ve got this all on my own. That’ll make it all the sweeter when I grab Bilbo by his limp legs and beat the shit out of Dyke with him.

I may feel like I’m in a void, but I’m going to fill that void with the blood and tears of BX3...
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