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Ghost Tank's balls are really big you guys
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I'm here for the bitches.

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07-31-2018 08:58 PM

A shaky camera feed pops open trailing a motorized scooter as it tracks its way through a front yard. The grassy patches (there's a lot of spots where it's just dirt) are brownish yellow, and dozens of piles of dog crap are all over the plot of land. Well, hopefully it's from dogs. Who knows, right? Sometimes people shit in their own yard if they happen to be afflicted with rare life-threatening medical conditions such as Claustridium Difficile, or C. Diff, which WebMD defines thusly:

But I digress. It's Bilbo in the scooter and he looks back towards the camera with a cheeky grin showing off his shitty teeth that have a bunch of brown stuff between them and he has one of those shit piles in his hand that looks like h bit into it and holy shit he at it didn't he? Oh fuck.

"Hurry up!"

His little nasty ass says, smiling wider and showing bits of corn kernels in there Jesus Christ I might puke but what if he eats that too? What if this freak eats my puke and I puke again and he keeps eating it? Holy shit am I in Hell?

"Come ON! We're gonna prank GT so hard right now it's gonna be EPIC!"

Oh wow this really is Hell. We're at Ghost Tank's house and I had no idea. What a shitty house. It's like the septic tank has never been emptied. There's an old sink out here. Why? Who just throws a bathroom sink into their yard and LEAVES it there? And what about this big hole? Like someone just dug a hole real deep next to the driveway and never filled it in or marked it or anything, someone could definitely twist an ankle or tear up their knee if they weren't paying attention. No way insurance would cover it either, that's pure negligence.


Shit, I forgot to follow the little crippled goblin. Okay. Alright, Jim, focus. You can do this. You need this job, filming weird gay cripples and narrating over their fetish scenes for them. If you don't make back that money you lost at the track then Allison is leaving for sure. Just... go with the freakish troll. These are never that long anyway.


The scene follows Bilbo as he rolls up the handicap ramp to the front door – what the fuck? They have an old sink just rotting in the yard but they also have a brand-new ramp? You know what, I'm letting it go. Bilbo opens the shitty screen door which is actually missing the screen because of course it is and then opens up the regular door too OH MY GOD

Okay sorry. I dropped the camera. There were like six big ass dogs that ran out of there, it was ridiculous. Why have SO MANY DOGS? And they were filthy. Fuck it, let's just go. I can sell plasma or some shit. I'll jerk off on a webcam for some old rich . This isn't worth it.

"Dude if youdon't get in here right now before Ghost Tank gets done with his 3 pm shit I'll have Dyke rape your mom. You know he knows where she lives."

He does.

Okay, so, Bilbo rolls into the house that barely smells like a dying raccoon at all and thankfully goes right past the snoring fat woman on the couch because I CAN NOT RIGHT NOW. Oh great he was serious about the shitting because we are definitely right out in front of a bathroom door now and the raccoon stink is intense.

"Okay... ready? On three, you open this door and I'll rush in there and slap him all over his fat titties while he shits. This is gonna be awesome."

Wait what?

"One... two..."

Wait wait wai


Ahhhhh I've got no choice that sick freak will DEFINITELY try and rape my mother, and the nursing home staff doesn’t have good security! Fuck! FUCK!!!

The bathroom door flies open because I kicked it thinking like a normal person who doesn’t live alone and maybe also has a plethora of huge asshole dogs that maybe just MAYBE Ghost Tank would lock the god damn door when he drops a deuce but NOOOOOOOOOO it was barely even shut! Plus it's like one of those tiny half baths like you'd see in a mobile home and the door just NAILS GT right in the forehead!

"OW! What the... HEY! BILBO WHAT THE FUCK?!!"

Bilbo is ON HIM, just slapping the shit out of those moobs. Like he doesn't even smell the rotten meat stench or whatever... maybe that's why he put that dog shit in his mouth? Is h actually a genius and knew how bad it was going to reek in here so he desensitized himself to it? It really smells bad... maybe... maybe I should... here, lemme grab a bit from the pile Bilbo left in the chair when he jumped out to start slapping Tank...


"Sup. I'mma fuck Cadryn in the mouf and then nut in Gravy's ear while Seabiscuit squeezes my pocket from behind. Why? Because I'm sick of how gay they are. I don't mean gay like stupid or gay like funny either, I mean actually homosexual. And the only way to get rid of a gay is to bat him at his own game, so before I beat these two particular gays at wrestling and take their title belts, I'm gonna gay rape them in their loosy goosy buttholes like you do in prison to show who's boss. I'm gonna rape their gay bungs so violently with my hard as fuck straight man dick that they might even think for half a second that I might be gay myself, because how else could I possibly rape a man ass so well if I didn't have loads of experience, right? Wrong. I'm way straighter than the straightest guy you ever even tried to imagine. I'm even straighter than 1976 Olympic Gold Medalist Decathlete Caitlyn Bruce Jenner, who is one million percent straight even though she isn't CIS. You can be straight and be trans, get more woke you stupid faggots. I'm straighter than Freddie Mercury before the AIDS. Everyone knows the AIDS made him gay. That's what AIDS does. If I wasn't straight would I have been able to blow my load all over Ghost Tank's naked man tits while he was twisting a biscuit in his hitter earlier? Spoiler – NO. No way a gay man would have been able to cum with all those dogs watching. Gays are way too sensitive for that shit. Only a straight man with nerves of steel could have worked themselves up to a full chub and nutted all over them glorious gentleman jugs like I definitely did no matter what Tank tries to lie and say happened afterwards. So anyway yeah I'm winning the tag titles. Graves and Tybes are queers and I'm not. BX3 bitches. Bye."

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