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Summertime Blues
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Mr. Ratings

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07-02-2018 08:29 PM

Hey, your Snow right? I wager by the smell of your cunt fungus that your of the yellow variety. Take some advice...Vagisil mein chica.

[Image: q9xELSp.png?1]
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07-04-2018 06:21 PM

Howdy, pardner!! XD So, I see yer lookin' tah be the first man tah take a crack at MY Federweight title. Well, seein' as this is the 4th ah July, lemme pass somethin' onto ya; Yer hereby FREE from worrying 'bout the championship I proudly wear 'round my waist, cuz it SURE ain't goin' nowhere no time soon! BTW, ya like tah sponsor shit, ya corporate tool?

Check out Wendy's. Good stuff. Better than that Quizno's shit anyway ^__^


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1x HeavyMetalWeight Champion
2x Federweight Champion
1x 24/7 Xtreme Champion

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