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06-17-2018, 06:12 PM
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As the newest member of the GM team here in the XWF, I’ve been asked to take a moment and introduce myself to the XWF Universe. My name is Arnold Fletcher, but my friends call me Chubby. Now, the number one question that arises whenever a new authority figure comes into the picture is, what kind of experience do you have in this business? In other words, what are my qualifications?

Well, I’d like to assure everyone that this isn’t my first go around in this crazy business that we all love. I’ve held backstage positions in a few companies in my day, and in each case, helped them grow their brand to heights that they never thought possible.

Most recently I’ve spent the last few years co-developing a reality show that would see your average Joe train for and compete against professional athletes. Unfortunately that project never quite got off the ground.

Fortunately Vincent Lane called me looking for an extra set of hands to help with the day to day operations here in the XWF, and I figured hey, what not?

I look forward to working with each and every one of you with the single minded goal of making the XWF the biggest and most successful wrestling promotion on the planet!
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