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XWF Universal Champion The Engineer
- vs -
Can Drezdin compete with the Main Eventers??? Let's find out!

- vs -
Johnny Sinclair
- vs -
R.L. Edgar
Triple Threat!

Jackie Peppers
- vs -
Abigail Monroe

Chris Chaos
- vs -
Kenneth "Boobie" Williams
Savage Rules Match!

The TV Title is always defended under Savage Rules! 3 RP Limit, 2000 Word Max!

Finn Kuhn
- vs -
Ghost Tank
X-Treme Rules Match!

Robert Main
- vs -


Bearded War Pig & Robbie Bourbon
- vs -
Peter Gilmour & Chris Chaos
Steel Cage Match!

BOTH Team members must escape to win!

The XWF cameras pop to life, capturing thousands of screaming fans and one very disgruntled WWE fan, in the audience tonight. Why are the fans screaming? Well because this is the XWF. The most entertaining wrestling federation in the universe, that's why. Oh and Azrael Erebus, standing in the center of the ring, might have something to do with it too. The spaceman looks fairly annoyed at this moment. Wonder why? Standing there, with the Bombshell championship over one shoulder, he snaps and a microphone appears in his free hand.

"Greetings and salutations XWF! It is I, your friendly neighborhood spaceman! I've decided to come out here tonight with a message."

Azrael tosses down the Bombshell title.

"Hey Vinnie, I've come to the conclusion, that the only way for you to recognize the fact that I'm not a woman is to do this."

Azrael proceeds to unzip his trousers and then piss all over the Bombshell title. Revealing both his dissatisfaction with the title and snuffing out the rumor that he's a woman. Obviously, he's not, since he's standing and peeing, at the same time. When he's finished, Azrael puts himself away and zips his pants. A smirk sliding into place upon his face.

"There. Now that I've cleared that up and redecorated the title for you. Why don't you come out here, so I can shove it up your ass, you washed out, ragamuffin in a knock-off, bargain basement quality suit? Come on, princess. You know you want to. I know it's not as big as some of the things that Roxy shoves up your bony ass but it'll have to do."

Suddenly, the lights lower and then quickly blast back on, accompanied by a dazzling array of fireworks as Vinnie Lane emerges, his music blaring from the speakers while the fans go nuts. Brandishing his own microphone, Vinnie begins to speak.

"You know, I would come down there, but I'm retired from the ring. Not only that, I'm management now. I can't be bothered with your temper tantrums. I mean, seriously, pop a Midol or something, if it's your time of the month. Don't come out to the ring and cry. It's okay though. I know it must be a difficult time for you. You're sensitive, I get that."

Vinnie Lane reaches into his jacket and retrieves a box of Midol and then tosses it onto the floor. From there he reaches into his jacket again and pulls out a handkerchief and tosses that onto the floor as well.

"Oh and your mascara is running, you might want to fix that."

Vinnie Lane roars with laughter as some of the fans start to giggle as well. However, the chuckles quickly cease when Azrael, snaps his fingers and Mr. Lane suddenly disappears and reappears, inside the ring. Directly in front of Azrael, as the spaceman's eyes blaze with fire.

"I don't think you understand the true gravity of your current situation. Have I not been patient? Did I not come out here and entertain? Am I not generating enough revenue for your company? Do I not draw crowds to the arenas, time and time again?"

Looking up at Azrael, Vinnie meets the fearless universe traveler's gaze with a sheepish grin.

"No, no... of course, you've done all that and then some. I'm only trying to generate controversy. That creates interest and brings people in too. I should know, we did a focus group on it."

"A focus group?"

"Yeah, you know, where you pull folks off the street and make them give their opinions on stuff. It's how we know what to generate for the public. We're doing one after the show, about Peter's addiction to chicken parm. I'm not really sure why, but we're doing it."

"So all of this was a ruse? A farce to piss me off and generate controversy? I was merely a pawn in your messed up agenda for ratings?"

"When you say it like that it sounds so lame."

Azrael looks down briefly and then raises his gaze back to Vinnie as the inferno within his eyes, intensifies. His stare, one that would put most mortals on their knees, in terror. Simply provokes Mr. Lane to swiftly speak as he backs up a tad.

"Well, now that the cat is out of the bag, I might as well give you what you want. You don't want to wield the Bombshell title, fine by me. You're a man, you can't be the woman's champ anyway but I'm not going to allow you to merely discard it. Piss on it like a urinal cake and throw it away. No way, dude. That is something that I won't permit. You're going to defend that title, right now and be bested by someone that I personally recruited, just for putting down pieces of useless, space debris like you."

With that, Vinnie Lane backs up and then quickly slides out of the ring. Slowly edging his way backwards, away from the ring and up the ramp, he keeps his attention firmly fixed on the spaceman. While this occurs the lights drop momentarily, before giving way to a flash of purple lights as a lavender mist flows into the arena. Lilac and Amethyst fireworks, spark into existence and Nyx Nephthys, appears on the scene.

[Image: 9ic59DK.gif]

Rushing past Vinnie and towards the ring, Nyx raises her hand as a swirling violet vortex appears in front of her and she leaps right into it! Reappearing, mid-air behind Azrael, her boots connect with the alien's head with a devastating dropkick, that sends him to his knees. Ceasing his trajectory up the ramp, Vinnie laughs and points.

"Did you see that shit?!?! Oh I guess you didn't, since that just put you on your knees. A position that you're no doubt, obviously very familiar with, 'eh Azzy. Hey, that fight I told you about, it's happening right now. So you should like actually make at least a slight attempt to take part in it."

As Vincent laughs, Azrael stands, pivoting around to face his attacker.

"Azrael Erebus, meet Nyx Nephthys, the girl that's going to kick your ass. She's human too, imagine that. I guess humans aren't as hapless as you like to make them seem."

Raising her hand towards the heavens, Nyx Nephthys seems to be whispering something to herself. Azrael goes on the instant offensive and charges at her but this dark warrior witch, has her own ideas and just as Azrael almost connects with her, she lowers her hand and zaps him with an orchid blast of lightening. This sends the spaceman flying backwards, crashing into the ropes, he bounces off them and drops to the canvas. Where he lands flat on his face. Nyx Nephthys is right on top of him after that. Leaning down close to his ear, she whispers something directly into it. The lights go out! There's a purple flash of light! When the lights return, Azrael is now in the middle of the ring, seemingly unconscious and Nyx is pinning him! Nyx Nephthys is pinning Azrael Erebus for the win!




Ding. Ding. Ding.

Winner and NEW XWF Bombshell Champion - Nyx Nephthys!

Nyx Nephthys jumps to her feet, looking rather disgusted at the urine covered Bombshell title and then, waves her hands over the belt as a lavender energy wave, slices through it. With a smirk, Nyx Nephthys lifts the title up and holds it high over her head as the audience erupts with excitement. Behold, your new Bombshell champion - Nyx Nephthys!

XWF Universal Champion The Engineer
- vs -
Can Drezdin compete with the Main Eventers??? Let's find out!

The action is sent back to the ring where Tigs is ready to introduce what was scheduled the first two competitors of the evening!

Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is the Engy's Curtain Jerker Invitational!

The entire arena is washed in sterile white light as the following words are spoken through the sound system:

Is Dexter ill? Is Dexter ill? Is Dexter ill Is Dexter ill today?

Introduction first!

On the main screen is a grainy image of an old television test screen. After the initial dialogue the sound slips into “Insect” by Die Warzau and his 'tron. The arena is still bathed in sterile white lights which are now accompanied by small red lights panning all over the arena that look like droplets of blood in contrasts with the white lights.

The XWF Universal Champion...... The Engineer!

The Engineer steps to the top of the ramp, and he takes in the crowd, the ring, everything. Slowly an unsettling smile bisects his face, and some black tar like liquid will spill from his mouth. He'll run his sleeve over it before stalking to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. He then picks himself up in a neutral corner, remaining there with a dead eyed stare until the match begins.

And his opponent!

From Saskatoon! Drezdin!

Drezdin stomps out to the ring with his eyes on the Universal Champion!

Look at that tall fucker there.

Luca doesn't lie. Drezdin IS very tall. He towers over everyone around him and takes a simple step up onto the apron.

Well over seven feet tall, Drezdin is here to challenge with Universal Champion in what is call the Engy Curtain Jerker Invitational, fans! Can Drezdin compete with the top superstar in the XWF? We'll find out!

Engy's title is tucked away on the time keeper's table where Nipsey Russel sits awaiting for the signal from the official of the match, Mika Hunt.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

And they're off!

Engy and Drezdin circle the center of the ring. Engy calculating his next move while Drezdin looks like the gears in his head have stopped.

Engy rushes in but gets a big 18 inch boot across the face! His back hits the mat hard, but springs back up to his feet! He backs away into the corner, but Drezdin follows and follows Engy in with all of his weight! He plants a big elbow on the side of the face of the champion then slings him out of the corner... Throwing the Engineer across the ring!

Well, I think this may be answering our question folks! Drezdin is man-handling the champ right now!

Drezdin is one big fucker man.

Engy rolls after hitting the mat. He goes under the apron and out of the ring for a breather. Drezdin doesn't hesitate and follows Engy out. Engy uses his speed to roll back in away from the big man. As Drezdin tries to follow again, Engy attacks with a drop kick right to the face! The impact sends Drezdin down to the floor, but has little effect on him! He's right back up! Meanwhile, Engy runs to the opposite set of ropes, springs off of them, and dives out of the ring through the ropes!

But Drezdin catches him! He presses Engy up over his head and drops him straight down! Engy smacks off the apron then the corner ring steps before crumbling on the ground!

Drezdin plays some air guitar before picking the champ back up and rolling him into the ring!

If Drezdin could capatalize here, it would mean a lot for his future in the XWF!

Drezdin lets out a roar before picking up the top set of ring steps and tossing it over the ropes into the ring! They bounce and nearly hit Mika, who threatens to disqualify Drezdin for being reckless! He ignores her threats and takes his single, giant step into the ring!

He walks over towards the Engineer. As Drezdin closes in, Engy sweeps the giant treen branch legs out from under him and brings him down!

When Drezdin went down, his head hit the ring steps that he threw in!

I think Drezdin just got knocked out, Luca!

Get the EMT's out here!

Engy positions Drezdin's head on top of the steel steps then runs towards the corner up to the top rope! He wastes no time and jumps off....... FUCK YOU, EAT SHIT! Double foot stomp to the head of Drezdin! The champ pins Drezdin!





Is it, Luca? There's a reason this guy is and has been the XWF Universal Champion. It's going to take a lot more than size to take him out.

Winner - The Engineer

- vs -
Johnny Sinclair
- vs -
R.L. Edgar
Triple Threat!

Next we have three dudes who can really put on a show, Pip.

That we do Luca! Tig O’ Bitties take it away!

Tig O’ Bitties
Introducing first weighing in at 230lbs, hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, Mezian!

As dim blue lights begin to flash with the rhythm of the music, smoke begins to fill the entrance ramp! Mezian begins to walk down the ramp slowly, confidently he slides into the ring and begins to wait for his opponents.

Tig O’ Bitties
The next participant in this triple threat match weighs in at 220lbs and hails from San Fernando Valley, California, Johnny Sinclair!

Burn it to the Ground by Nickelback blares on the PA. system. The Crowd begins to boo because they're forced to listen to Nickelback. Johnny Sinclair struts down to the ring taunting the fans. He's shrouded with security due to his hatred from the fans. His hired security stops the fans from engaging with him. He then enters the ring and stands opposite of Mezian awaiting the final competitor.

Tig O’ Bitties
Their opponent, weighing in at 179lbs, hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, R. L. Edgar!

R.L Edgar slowly walks down the entrance ramp as his music plays, and slides into the ring, standing opposite of his opponents!

The bell sounds and the match begins!

Immediately Edgar and Sinclair look to take the fight to Mezian charging him simultaneously. Mezian extends both arms and levels Edgar and Sinclair with a double clothesline sending them crashing to the mat.

It seems as though Mezian has something to prove tonight!

Edgar and Sinclair manage to make it to their feet. Edgar begins to take a step forward, but Sinclair grabs him from behind, locking in a sleeper hold! Edgar begins to struggle as Sinclair tries to lock the sleeper hold in completely, but Edgar is able to break free!

That dude is not trying to get choked out apparently.

Mezian charges the two men, looking for another double clothesline but both men duck underneath of his arms, sending him flying into the ropes behind them. Mezian bounces off the ropes and manages to return fire to Edgar by landing a running haymaker, leveling Edgar! Mezian turns his attention to Sinclair and begins landing blow after blow to the head of Sinclair, landing a final haymaker to send the stunned Sinclair to the mat!

Mezian is on fire here tonight!

Mezian pulls Edgar to his feet and whips him into the ropes! Edgar attempts to leap over Mezian but Mezian catches him in midair and lands a vicious powerbomb on Edgar! Mezian hooks the leg and goes for the cover as the referee slides into make the count!



is this the end?!


So close, yet so far, Pip.

Mezian begins to go to work on Sinclair who has managed to make it to his feet. Mezian grabs Sinclair and and hurls him behind himself with ease landing a beautiful belly to back suplex that sends Sinclair sliding out of the ring and to the mat below!

I'm not sure who lit this dude's fire, but damn he is killin it!

Mezian turns his attention to Edgar who has managed to make it to his feet once more! Edgar takes a few steps forward and lands a massive haymaker on Mezian sending him stumbling back against the ropes! Edgar takes off running full speed towards Mezian but Mezian ducks, pulls the rope down, and sends Edgar over the top rope and to the mat below!

Can anyone stop Mezian?!

On the opposite side of the ring Sinclair has managed to slide back in, but Mezian sees him and charges him nailing him with a spear! Mezian pulls Sinclair to his feet, manages to land a nice kick to the midsection, grabs Sinclair and hits him with a double arm DDT, leaving him laying on the mat lifeless!

I'm actually kind of tired of seeing Mezian just roll over these guys. Somebody stab him.

Mezian climbs out of the ring and grabs Edgar. Mezian grabs Edgar by the arm and whips him into the barricade! The referee finally focuses for a moment and begins to count!


Sinclair is starting to stir in the ring.


On the outside Mezian is kicking the lifeless body of Edgar, trying his best to end it once and for all!


Mezian pulls Edgar to his feet and rolls him back into the ring!


Mezian rolls back into the ring himself and the count ends at 4!

Textbook move by the veteran Mezian!

Sinclair begins struggling to get off the mat, but as soon as he manages to make it to his knees Mezian comes out of nowhere and lands a stunning kick to the side of the head sending him right back to his stomach on the mat!

Mezian turns to Edgar who has also managed to get to his knees and lands a beautiful kick to the side of his head as well! Edgar falls back to the mat. Mezian bounces off the ropes and leaps into the air landing a falling elbow to the lower back of Edgar! Edgar writhes in pain on the mat as Mezian climbs to his feet.

Mezian pulls Edgar to the middle of the ring and lays him out flat!

Mezian turns his attention to Sinclair who is still out cold and begins dragging him to the middle of the ring!

Mezian lays him out flat right beside of Edgar!

Mezian climbs to the top turnbuckle and flys off!

Frog splash!

Mezian hit a frog splash on both men simultaneously!

Mezian begins taunting the crowd and ignoring his down and out opponents!

Edgar makes it to his feet!

Mezian has no idea!

Edgar spins Mezian around and lands a perfectly placed superkick to the chin of Mezian sending him crashing to the mat!

Sinclair makes it to his feet and charges Edgar!

Sinclair mounts Edgar sending him to the mat. Sinclair begins unloading a barrage of punches to the head and body of Edgar!

Mezian begins to stir in the background, noticing this Sinair turns his attention to Mezian!

Sinclair rushes Mezian and goes for a clothesline.... But Mezian ducks! He picks up Sinclair and hits APOCALYPSE NOW!!!!!!! Wow out of nowhere!!! Mezian with the cover......




Winner - Mezian

Jackie Peppers
- vs -
Abigail Monroe

The moment the bell rings, Jackie Peppers lunges forward to tie up the smaller Monroe. Abigail has him well scouted though, and sidesteps his advances and nails him with an enziguri that leaves Peppers wobbled and dazed. Abigail grabs him by the wrist and hurls him across the canvas and into the ropes. Peppers rebounds to the center of the ring where Monroe catches him with a drop toe hold that sends him slamming face first to the canvas. Peppers tries to roll away, but Monroe is on top of him quickly driving elbows down into his ribs before grabbing his wrist and trying to lock in an arm bar!

My God! Peppers is getting mauled early!

Abigail is looking to take that arm home with her!

Peppers manages to pull his arm free just before Abigail can get it to full extension. He scrambles away to an empty corner, eyes wide as he realizes he's in a tougher fight than many expected. Both competitors climb slowly to their feet and it's Abigail that moves first, lunging aggressively only to be caught by a well times knee to her body and a snap suplex into the turnbuckle! Peppers just sent Monroe soaring into the corner, and she's crashed hard to the mat! Peppers is looking to take advantage, grabbing her by an ankle and dragging her away from the ropes before hooking the leg!



Kickout by Abigail!

It's going to take more than that to get Abigail out of here, and Peppers knows it! He lifts Abigail to her feet and hits a vicious backhand chop! Abigail stumbles backwards into the ropes and Peppers hits a heavy clothesline that sends her flipping over the top! Abigail catches herself on the apron before falling to the floor, but Peppers sprints across the ring and off the far ropes before launching himself with a dropkick that lands flush on Abigails thigh and sends her soaring off the apron and smashing into the fan barricade! Monroe crumples to the floor, groaning in pain as the fans around her explode! Feeding off the crowd, Peppers charges off the far ropes again and sprints across the ring throwing himself recklessly at his opponent!

Abigail rolls out of the way!

Jackie Peppers tried the suicide dive... and it may have been suicidal.

Both competitors are motionless on the floor, the crowd on their feet and chanting for the breakneck pace that's been displayed so far! Abigail tries to grab the barricade and pull herself to her feet, but collapses almost instantly. Peppers isn't moving at all!



The referee has no choice but to try and count the two stars back into the ring, but neither looks like they're going to be fit to compete any time soon! Abigail is still trying to get to her feet, but she looks worse for wear after that fall.



The referee continues his count.

If this match ends by count out, I burn this place to the ground.

Ignore my colleagues, folks. He's kidding.[/font]

[color=red]I assure you, I'm not.

Abigail finally rolls to her knees and crawls to the ring steps, making her way up to her feet and inching towards the apron. Jackie Peppers sees her making her way back into the ring, and knows he needs to get moving. He begins to army crawl across the floor as the referee shouts out once more.



Abigail kicks at Peppers a few times before sliding underneath the bottom rope and back into the ring. Peppers climbs to his feet slowly, rolling his neck and shoulders to loosen up after his crash and burn.



Before Peppers can get back into the ring, Abigail hurls herself over the rope with a suicide dive of her own! She lands square in the middle of Jackie Peppers' chest, sticking the landing as he explodes backwards as if hit by a cannonball! She broke the count out to keep this match going, but she could have won! Peppers hits the fan barricade again, the back of his skull slamming hard off the wall as he slumps into a heap. Abigail Monroe throws her arms over her head, celebrating as she shouts at the fans "THATS HOW YOU LAND A SUICIDE DIVE!". Peppers looks woozy, his eyes rolling around in their sockets as he tries to gain his composure.

Christ, that kids concussed.

Abigail grabs Peppers and drags him to his feet, walking him over to the ring steps and smashing his head down on the steel surface several times. She straightens him up, slamming his skull off the ring post and then down off of the apron. Peppers collapses to a knee, his head collapsing on his neck.

You're right. Those eggs look scrambled.

Abigail forces Peppers up again, but he's mostly dead weight now. She rolls him up onto the apron and underneath the rope. Abigail climbs into the ring after him, and this match is finally between the ropes where it belongs! Abigail tries to cover Peppers, and this one should be finished!




KICKOUT! HOW THE HELL DID JACKIE KICK OUT OF THAT!? He looks like he doesn't know what country he's in!

It may be in his best interest to just lay down and let the medics step in. He's going to lose a few IQ points if he keeps taking these sort of headshots.

Abigail stands and backs away from Peppers urging him to climb to his feet. Peppers does and stumbles, nearly collapsing to a knee as Abigail grabs him in a tie up! Peppers twists away and looks for a spine buster, but a well times elbow smashed into his nose breaks his grip! Abigail tries to grab him again, but Jackie drops to the mat and rolls her up with a small package!



Kickout by Abigail! All credit to Peppers, he's digging as deep as he can and pulling out all of the stops to win this! He's clearly hurting!

Abigail pops loose, knowing that was closer than she would have liked. She uses the ropes to lift herself to her feet, awaiting patiently as Peppers struggles to regain a vertical base. Peppers tries to take a step forward, but...


Abigail puts Jackie Peppers down, and rolls him up almost immediately! The referees rushes in to make his count!





Abigail Monroe has won! Jackie Peppers may be seriously concussed, though! He never looked right after that botched suicide dive! The medics are rushing the ring to tend to him as Abigail climbs the turnbuckle to celebrate with the fans! What a brawl! What an upset! What a way to ramp up Wednesday Night Warfare!

Winner - Abigail Monroe

Chris Chaos
- vs -
Kenneth "Boobie" Williams
Savage Rules Match!

The TV Title is always defended under Savage Rules! 3 RP Limit, 2000 Word Max!

The TV Title is always defended under Savage Rules! 3 RP Limit, 2000 Word Max![/STIP][/wevent]

The following contest is for the XWF Television Title and is set for one fall with 15 minute time limit!

The crowd goes nuts, knowing they will get to see their hometown hero for the first time tonight.

Introducing first, he is the challenger, from Tampa, Florida.........Kenneth "Boobie" Williams!

The crowd boos, despite Williams also being from Tampa.

Hometown boy versus hometown boy. You wouldn't know it by this crowd reaction! Williams is getting booed in his home town!

That's racist! Every one of these Florida hicks should be ashamed of themselves!

Boobie walks down the ramp with his massive jewelry on, his grill shining in the bright arena lights. He seems confident coming in. Making the belt symbol around his waist as he gets onto the apron, the crowd starts to throw things. He gets into the ring and throws his arms up.

And introducing next.......

Her voice is almost drowned out by the roar of the crowd.

.......hailing from Clearwater Beach Florida, he is the one half of the tag team champions and the reigning XWF Television Champion.........Chris Chaoooooooooooooooooos!

Words show up on the X-Tron:

The words [shadow=white]"FOLLOW ME"[/shadow] show up on the X-Tron screen as smoke billows at the entrance. Blue and white lights flicker. At the 10 second mark, he steps through the smoke wearing his jacket (Rated R Edge trench coat). Looking to both sides of the crowd.

The crowd is roaring as he throws his arms up, pyro going off behind him, his TV belt around his waist.

Love him or hate him, this is one hell of an entrance for the Television Champion!

Do you listen to yourself when you talk? He is the TEL-EV-IS-ION champion. These people are treating him like he is Jesus Christ himself!

To them, he is

Well, Jesus isn't real, so what does that tell you mmmm?

He walks slowly to the ring until he gets about 3/4 of the way down, then jogs and slides into the ring (edge style)...When he gets into the ring he gets up on the far turnbuckle and gets up on it, throwing both arms up.

[Image: cluX3ae.jpg]


Chaos gives another hands up pose to the home crowd, who roars for him, as he and Williams circle. They tie up and Chaos immediately gets the upper hand, kneeing Williams in the gut and bringing him to a knee with a club to the back of the head.

Coming off the ropes, Chaos hits a running knee to the face, flattening Boobie. Back off the ropes on the other side, he comes off with a leg drop.


Picking Boobie up by the head, he whips him into the corner.

Chaos trying to defend the title in the shortest time ever here!


He runs and slams a shoulder into the midsection of Williams. Then another, then another. Walking to the center of the ring with a cocky smirk, he waits for Boobie to stumble out of the corner.

He looks as though he is going to the spear but pulls up as Williams gets a leg up. Ducking under the boot, Chaos grabs the foot of Williams and spins him around. A chop to the chest, then another, then another, before grabbing Williams by the arm and whipping him into the corner.


Hitting the ropes and stumbling out Chaos hits a devestating spear, flattening the bigger t\man in the center of the ring..




The crowd goes ape shit.

Dominating win by Chaos! Williams never got off the blocks here. The champ wanted to prove a point with this statement win. A message to his competition later this evening?

Chaos rolls out of the ring and grabs his belt.

Tig O' Bitties: Here if your winner and STILL XWF TELEVISION CHAMPION, CHRIS CHAOS!


Finn Kuhn
- vs -
Ghost Tank
X-Treme Rules Match!

The shot abruptly cuts backstage where Ghost Tank is just popping into existence once again after presumably visiting some far flung war torn planet on a different plane of existence. Now inside his locker room, he reaches for the door handle and pulls it open, where Finn Kuhn is waiting and ready to make him regret not just teleporting directly to the ring.

[shadow=purple]"Trust me, you've earned this."[/shadow]

Finn breaks a singapore cane upside Ghost Tank's head as the referee runs past Finn to kick off this Xtreme rules match! GT stumbles into the lockers, and Finn follows him in, opening a locker up right into his face. Tank stumbles again, tripping over the bench in the center of the room which sends him ass over tea kettle to the floor. Finn leaps up onto the bench and hits a splash off of it onto Ghost Tank! He picks a leg up for a pin!



Finn muscles the big man up, but GT shows some life and shoulder rams Finn into the wall, nailing him with shoulder thrusts once...twice...thrice before wrapping a big hand around his throat and choke slamming him to the floor! Finn feels the air rush out of him and Tank follows that up with a big elbow drop. Tank scrambles to his feet, searching around the room for a weapon and spotting only the camera! GT approaches the camera and grabs it, much to the dismay of the camera man! We get a first person view of the camera smashing Finn right in the face! The feed cuts abruptly!


After about 30 seconds of technical difficulties we return to the action! By this point, the fight has spilled into the shower area! Finn Kuhn is bleeding from his forehead, no doubt from that sick camera shot! Ghost Tank is standing above Finn and he laughs as he turns on the shower, turning the water all the way to scalding hot and directing the shower head towards Finn! Finn screams and scrambles out of the path of the burning liquid, getting closer to Ghost Tank. Tank goes to pick him up but Kuhn nails him in the stomach with a punch, and then another, before sweeping his legs and kipping up into a back senton splash that squishes Tank's face!

Finn takes a moment to stomp the shit out of Tank and wipe some of the blood away that's tricking down his face. Finn walks away for a moment, leaving Ghost Tank all alone to recover, but then Finn comes roaring back with yet another singapore cane! Where the fuck does he keep getting this from!


A brutal blow to Ghost Tank's back!!


And another, breaking the skin and splitting his back open, revealing a wound with green blood. Green? Yeah, we'll go with that. GT, feeling the pain, holds a hand up to block the next blow and catches Finn's arm. Tank squeezes Finn's wrist and twists it around, causing Finn to have to release the cane. Ghost Tank kicks Finn with such authority it causes him to spiral back out into the main area of the locker room. GT picks up the Singapore Cane and goes to brain Finn with it, but Finn ducks just in time and the cane impacts off a locker with a dolorous clang. Finn shoots a quick jab to GT's midsection, and GT swings again. Finn dodges once more and retreats into the hall. Tank gives chase as Finn continues at a good clip, darting around a corner and into another locker room! The door closes behind Finn and Ghost Tank stops at the door, wary of what kind of trap might lay behind it. He looks up at the name emblazoned on the locker room door, and naturally it's Finn's own locker room. A trap no doubt!

Ghost Tank sighs and closes his hand around the handle, using the singapore cane to nudge the door open. When nothing happens, he peeks inside and sees that all the lights are off. Apparently Finn doesn't know that Ghost Tank can see in the dark. (Can he? We'll give him the benefit of the doubt again).

Tank stumbles into the room, pretending to be unseeing, and when he gets sufficiently inside, a pair of night vision goggles activate behind him! Finn goes to attack GT but GT had him scounted and he turns around and smashes the kendo stick upside Finn's head! The referee runs into the room and promptly trips before managing to find the light switch, which does not work! Finn must have rigged it!


But the referee can't count what he can't see! With an annoyed growl Ghost Tank drags Finn back out into the light of the hallway, taking a moment to rip the night vision goggles off his head, before dropping down on him for the pin!




GT punches the floor in frustration, no doubt the dawdling gave Finn just enough time to recover! In a rage, Tank picks up the night vision goggles and smashes them into Finn's face, causing them to shatter! Tank goes for another pin!




Ghost Tank looks flabbergasted! He grabs hold of Finn by his hair and wrenches him to his feet. Draggining him over to the wall he goes to smash his face into it, but Finn kicks a foot up against the wall to put on the breaks and lashes out with a back elbow to GT's face. GT stumbles back and Finn wipes some blood away before drop kicking Tank's right knee out from under him! Tank goes down to one knee, and Finn then smashes Tank in the face with a brutal running enzugiri! After that, Finn drags GT over to a nearby table, leaps on top of it, and hits a moonsault off it! Finn pins Tank!




Now it's Finn's turn to look frustrated! He slowly gets to his feet, probably a little woozy from the blows to the head. He grabs the table he just leapt off of and upends it on top of Ghost Tank! Tank throws the table off of him and staggers to a vertical position where Finn proceeds to lay down some closed fist blows to Tank's face! Tank tries to put some distance between himself and Finn and Finn follows him! Ghost Tank finds a garbage can and throws it at Finn, but Finn catches it and whips it back at Ghost Tank, catching him in the chest. Tank catches it, but Finn surprises him with a big time running drop kick to the can, smashing it and sending Tank skittering onto his ass!

Finn then starts looking towards the heavens again, seeking a high point....and he finds one in a large container for XWF ring equipment! Finn scales some smaller boxes next to it to reach the top, and he finally does so!

Finn takes flight off the top of the container with his TO THE SKIES FROG SPLASH! It hits!!! Finn pulls the leg..........




Winner - Finn Kuhn

Robert Main
- vs -

Robert Main unstraps the title title from around his waist and hands it over to the referee as be backs into his corner and eyes Pestalance down. The referee rushes to the ropes and hands the Hart championship over to the timekeeper before backing into the center of the mat and shouting a check in to each competitor. Pestalance nods his head. He's ready. Robert Main nods his head as well. It's time!




Pestalance rushes out of his corner immediately, taking the fight to the champion and smashing a stiff forearm into Main's jaw. Main stumbles backwards into the turnbuckle and Pestalance charges after him slamming several more forearms into the face of The Omega. Pestalance grabs Main by the wrist and irish whips him across the mat into the opposite turnbuckle. Main bounces into the corner chest first, groaning loudly as he stumbles out to the middle of the ring and turns around to face his opponent. Pestalance dives at the champions knees with a beautiful shoulder block, chopping Roberts legs out from underneath him!

Wow! Pestalance has really started this match out on the right foot! This is arguably the best he's ever looked in an XWF ring!

Pestalance leaps on top of Robert, throwing several right hands into the champs face before grabbing a fist full of his hair and dragging him up to his feet. The Omega cocks back and unleashes a wild right hand, but Pestalance ducks underneath it and bounces off the ropes behind Main, charging up behind him and diving with another shoulder block to the same knee! Main collapses, his knee buckled and a howl of pain from his lips as Pestalance leaps on top of him again and grabs his ankle, dropping back and locking in a tight knee bar! Robert Main uses his free foot to kick at Pestalance's face, but Black simply locks the kneebar in tighter and adds torque to the champions joint! Robert gives up with the kicks and rolls as far as he can to his side... stretching for the bottom ring rope!





He got it! It's a rope break! The referee is urging Pestalance to release the hold, and eventually he does!

Pestalance rolls to his feet, backing up and putting his back against the ropes to take a quick breather. The fans aren't happy to see The Omega being worked over so thoroughly, but Pestalance shrugs his shoulders indifferently. Robert Main rolls slowly to his hands and knees, then uses the ropes to pull himself slowly to his feet. Pestalance waits for Main to turn, then bounces himself off the ropes and sprints at the champion!


Robert Main drills Pestalance with an uppercut! He almost took the mans head clean off!


Pestalance stumbles a few feet before collapsing limp to the canvas. Main takes a step towards him, but his knee buckles underneath him and he topples over a few yards short of his victim. The crowd gasps, but Main doesn't give up and army crawls across the canvas towards Pestalance and eventually manages to drape an arm over his shoulders. The referee slides into place beside them and begins the count!



A kickout by Pestalance! He's still alive in this one! Main rolls over to his back, frustrated and clearly in pain. Pestalance begins to stir, and the two mean climb simultaneously to their feet. Main uses the top rope for support, Pestalance taking a few careful steps towards him so as not to get caught with another haymaker. Sensing weakness, Pestalance unloads two heavy muay thai leg kicks, digging into the thigh and the back of Main's injured knee. The Omega nearly collapses but clutches the top rope desperately. Pestalance grins to himself, blood in the water, and charges forwards... but Robert Main drops to the mat, pulling down the rope and sending Pestalance toppling over to the floor outside! What a fall!

The crowd cheers loudly, The Omega gaining himself a chance to swing the momentum in his favor! He rolls underneath the bottom rope, joining Pestalance outside the ring and using his right leg to hold nearly all of his weight as he lifts Pestalance to his feet and hurls him into the ring steps!


The top level of the steps slides out of place and clatters to the ground as Pestalance slumps to the floor, Main stalking him slowly and nearly hopping on one foot. The referee urges the two men to get the action back inside the ring, and soon has no choice but to begin the count.





Main lifts Pestalance up again, grabbing him by the back of the head and driving his face forcefully into the steel ring post. Pestalance nearly falls, but Omega holds tight to his head and brings his knee driving up and into Pestalance's nose!

I think Pestalance has been busted open! HE HAS! Blood is dripping down his nose and into his mouth!




Main, still hopping on one leg, rolls Pestalance underneath the bottom rope and into the ring before pumping his fist confidently to the delight of the fans! He follows Pestalance into the ring and avoids the risk of a count out, slowly and gingerly climbing to his feet to continue his assault when suddenly Pestalance grabs him by the tights and rolls him up with a small package! The crowd screams in horror as the referee slides over, caught off guard as was everyone else, and makes a quick count to make up for his delay!




Kickout by The Omega! He's holding onto his title for the time being! Pestalance throws another heavy leg kick, a sickening thud echoing through the arena as Main clenches his jaw but holds his ground. Pestalance tries another shoulder block at the injured knee, but The Omega won't fall for that a third time, and leaps into the air and lands a flying knee straight into the temple of the diving challenger! Pestalance gets knocked silly, flying backwards and getting himself tangled in the bottom rope!

Robert Main scrambles across the ring on all fours to cover Pestalance, making sure both shoulders are covered and shouting for the referee to do his damned job. The referee complies, sliding over and beginning his count.




He stops, pointing at Pestalances foot which has been underneath the bottom rope the entire time! It's a rope break! The Omega is irate! He pounds the mat angrily again and pulls Pestalance to the center of the mat, dragging him to his feet and hitting a snap suplex that sends Pestalance skidding into the corner. Pestalance is trying to recover his senses and gets groggily to his feet, stumbling out to meet Robert Main only to be smashed with a heavy clothesline! Pestalance flips backwards, his legs folded over his head as he lands! Robert Main rolls him over and pins him again, doing his best to win this Hart title match!



A KICKOUT BY PESTALANCE! He refuses to give up here, desperate to claim this XWF championship! Robert Main rolls away from Pestalance, climbing to his feet in the corner and trying to stretch out his knee.

That leg is still bothering the champion! He's having a hard time planting it to land any real offense!

Main continues to stretch and doesn't notice as Pestalance gets up slowly! The fans scream loudly as Pestalance charges at The Omega, and their cries alert the champion of the incoming attack. He sidesteps Pestalance, sending the challenger crashing into the turnbuckle! Main pulls Pestalance out of the corner!




Robert Main connects with his patent technique, rolling atop him and hooking the leg. The referee slides into position and there's no doubt about this one!



KICKOUT!!!!!!! Pestalance will JUST NOT QUIT and Main can't believe it! As Main questions the official, Pestalance manages to roll outside of the ring! Main turns around and sees his opponent has vanished and chases him to the outside. Pest has managed to pull a steel chair out from under the ring, and as Main approaches him jabs him in the gut! Main stumbles back and takes another one do the dome!!!! The official warns Pest to put the chair down or the match is over, but Pest ignores him and fires another shot to Robert Main's head!!!!

Main falls over, motionless on the outside of the ring, but that doesn't stop Pest from continuing the onslaught with the chair!!! The officials comes out of the ring now and tries to stop Pest from doing anymore damage, but it's doing no good and he finally has to call for the bell!!!! Pestalance has been disqualified!!! What a close on this was, though.... There's not doubt that these two men will meet again, and surely, Robert Main will have something to say about this ridiculous assault during the title match!!!!



Bearded War Pig & Robbie Bourbon
- vs -
Peter Gilmour & Chris Chaos
Steel Cage Match!

BOTH Team members must escape to win!

Three XWF officials stand outside the structure that is known as the steel cage. The fans are excited for this one.

"It is time for the Main Event, Luca..."

"Pip, the Tag Team Championships are up for grabs in what should be a truly, epic battle."

"And it'll ALL be decided inside a steel cage."

"Oh and Pip, did you know we have a special guest ring announcer for this contest?"

"Huh? Who?"

"Oh, you didn't know?"

The familiar theme music begins.

"Your ass betta call somebody."

The Road Dog Jesse James emerges from the curtains with Mic in hand.

The Road Dogg gets a warm reception from the loyal, forever noisy XWF fans.

"One half of possibly the greatest Tag-Teams in wrestling history is here...."

"Part of arguably the best stable too... DX."

"Oh Hell Yeah!"

The theme music continues as Road Dog swaggers to the ring in his usual manner and then gets the crowd even more hyped.

"I'm a happy camper, cuz we're here in Tampa.."

The fans in attendance erupt in cheer for the Road Doggs mention of the place hosting Wednesday Night Warfare. Eventually the theme music stops as the Road Dog stays outside of the steel cage...

"Tampa, Florida.... Welcome to the Dogg house"

The fans cheer. The next part, the fans try and say the majority of the words along with the Road Dogg...

"Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages.
D-Generation X proudly brings to you, one half of it's former WWE Tag Team Champions of the world. The Road Dogg Jesse James, one half of The New Age Outlaws."

"The fans are like putty in his hands... This is great!"

"It's gonna take more than dropping this poodle on his noodle to count me out. Too bad my good friend, "The Bad Ass" Billy Gunn couldnt make it, tonight. Anyway, the following contest is for the XWF Tag-Team Championships of the World...

Introducing first the challengers.....

One is big and one is a pig. One weighs a tonne but they're tonnes of fun.....

He'll snap you like a twig, its sum bitch, Bearded WarPig....


He wears a mask, not a turban, it's y'all man, Robbie Bourbon.

The Motherfuckers!

Excuse my language.."

"What an introduction for the challengers from The Road Dogg!"

The Motherfuckers, Robbie Bourbon and Bearded WarPig enter through the curtain, side by side. Bourbon is waving an U.S.A flag and WarPig is crunching his knuckles as the fans cheer for them. They walk through the aisle tagging the fans and giving them attentiin. Bourbon grabs the steel cage and shakes it. Pig slaps the steps as he walks up them to enter the opened door. Robbie follows and waves his flag in the middle of the ring. The challengers look at each other and then give each other high fives.

"The challengers look ready, Luca. I don't think they came to play."

"Well they be ready for the... Champs."

The theme music fades and The Road Dogg gets back on the mic.

"Now for the champs....

Introducing first...
Don't y'all stutter or you'll receive a Gilmour Cutter...
He likes a man whore, one half of the tag champs, its Peter Gilmour!"


"Hahahaha. Did he really say that?!"

The lights in the arena dim, then go to full black. We then hear the eerie sounds of a bell being tolled and then an explosion of fire emitting from the entrance ramp. The beginning of DADDYS FALLEN ANGEL by IN THIS MOMENT begins as the heavy guitar riffs kick in and red strobes dance around the stage.

As soon as the verse kicks in, we see Peter Gilmour and his wife Maria Brink come out to the ramp. Gilly has his tag title hung over his shoulder. They smile at each other before going down the ramp hand in hand. Peter bobs his head to the song. He ignores the fans and just stares daggers at his opponents. He stands at the end of the ramp with Maria as he awaits his tag partner.

"His partner....

The other half of the trash, he's also the TV Champ and his wife gave him a nasty rash.

They should pay us, to watch Chris Chaos!"


The words "FOLLOW ME" show up on the X-Tron screen as smoke billows at the entrance. Blue and white lights flicker. At the 10 second mark, he steps through the smoke wearing his jacket (Rated R Edge trench coat). His tag title is around his waist. Jenny is holding his TV Championship. She stands behind her man, clapping. Chaos receives a hometown welcome.

"Chris who is from Tampa, Florida and he has the fans screaming like girls at a Backstreet Boys concert."

"Been to many of those?"


Looking to both sides of the crowd. He walks slowly to the ring until he stands side by side with his partner. Gilly and Chaos smile at one another. The challengers still staring at their opponents and taunting them to "Come on." Gilly kisses Maria on the lips and Chaos kisses Jenny. The ladies make their way up the ramp, leaving the scene. Gilly pulls a chair out from under the ring.

"Looks like Jenny and Maria won't be sticking around."

"That's A pity!"

The Road Dogg is casually walking past to make his way out when Gilly suddenly nails him over the head with the steel chair. Gilly smirks as blood drips from Jesse James forehead. Gilly drops the chair. Chaos lifts Road Dogg up and throws him into the barricade. The refs plead with the tag champs to stop but they continue to beat him down with kicks and vicious stomps. The challengers suddenly attack the champs. Bourbon begins punching Chaos and Pig attacks Gilly.

"All hell as broken loose!"

"Its meant to be a cage match!"

Bourbon grabs Chaos by his hair and throws him shoulder first into the steel steps. Pig throws Gilly into the cage on the outside. The officials are ordering them to get into the steel structure but no one is paying attention. Meanwhile EMTS are attending to Road Dogg and he is helped out of the arena. The fight continues on the outside, it escalates around the otherside of the ring. Chaos gets his head bashed into the barricade, Pig elbows Gilly to the back of the head and throws Gilly body first into the cage.

"The champs are in trouble and the match hasn't even started!"

The Tag titles are somewhere on the outside and Chaos has finally lost his coat. Bourbon carries Chaos over his shoulder and walks with him to the cage door, he rolls Chris into the ring. Pig fireman carries Gilly and pushes Peter into the ring too. The challengers smile at one another, some of the crowd approving, some not so. Chaos is still the hometown favourite of course. Robbie and WarPig enter the cage and finally the door is shut.


The bell is rung and this match has officially started with the champs at a disadvantage. Robbie walks over to Gilly this time and.... Low blow.

"Gilly kicked Robbie right in the grapefruits!"

Pig was just approaching Chaos when he noticed his partner get a shot downstairs. He turns around and receives a.. Low blow too.

"Ouch! Pig got an armfull."

The champs have got some much needed time to get their heads in this match now. The challengers are down in pain. Gilly and Chaos wink at one another before pulling themselves up and recovering from the outside attack. Gilly begins stomping Bourbon who is laying on his back. Chaos stomps Pig who is face down. Gilly with a big leg drop and Chaos nails a knee to the back of Pig. The champs are in control.

Gilly lifts Bourbon to his feet as does Chaos with Pig, the champs nod at one another. Gilly throws Robbie head first into the steel cage as does Chaos to Pig, both simultaneously. The challengers are on the floor again. Gilly mounts over Robbie, Chaos mounts over Pig and the champs begin a beat down with their fists. Robbie is taking shots to the face and his head, Pig receiving the same treatment.

"This is what you call.. A beatdown, my friend."

"How will the challengers recover?"

Two BIG headbutts from the challengers. Bourbon catching Gilmour right on the nose, busting it open. Pig headbutting Chris's very long chin. It's enough to cause the champs to back off for a moment. Chaos runs at Pig who flicks his boot out, knocking Chaos down. Robbie is now on his feet and he runs at Gilly... He squashes Peter into the cage... Ouch! The challengers throw their own punches now, getting the upperhand and the match has changed into The Motherfuckers favour. Momentum is on the other foot now. Now it's the champs turns to be launched into the cage at the same time.

"I hope they like the taste of steel!"

"I'm sure they've tasted better!"

Twice..... Three times. A fourth? BOOM! The Motherfuckers are manhandling the champions and repeatedly throwing them into the steel cage. Chris and Peter are down on the mat, hurting. They are looking up at the lights in sky. Robbie climbs one turnbuckle, The Bearded one the other..... They look at one another and a big grin emerges on both of their faces. A huge SPLASH from The Motherfuckers at the same time on their opponents. Gilly felt the worst one as Robbie landed with his 290ib belly. Pigs had more flight though. The challengers pull themselves up slowly and make their way up to their feet, they give each other high fives. They nod at one another. It's time to escape the cage. Bourbon climbs up one side of the steel, Pig the other.

"We're gonna have NEW Champs, Luca!"

The champs stir and Chaos is up first, he runs over and jumps up, grabbing Pigs leg, pulling on him. Better to stop the quickest one of two first. Gilly is up too, he shakes and rattles the steel causing Robbie to lose balance a little bit. Robbie loses his footing and falls down, bouncing off the ropes. He is on the canvas and Gilly is down to his knees. Pig is trying to kick Chris off him but Chaos won't let go. He is punching Pig with Freehand and is also on the cage, he sweeps Pigs leg causing Beard to fall hard in between the ropes. Chris also loses balance and falls down on to the canvas.

"These men are destroying eachother."

"I love it!"

Eventually the four men are up after much struggling. They're in the centre, face to face. Gilly and Pig beginning exchanging as does Chaos and Bourbon. Just as it looks as though the challengers are getting the better of the champs, Gilly ducks a clothesline and nails Pig with a belly to belly. Chaos hits a DDT on Robbie. It's the champs turn to try and escape. They go either side off the cage but are prematurely stopped. The champs are nailed in their backs and both receive huge...... POWERBOMBS off the cage. Robbie got Gilly and Chris went down from the Pig.

"This is great, Pip!"

"What A match, Luca!"

The Motherfuckers are up and are taunting that "It's Over!" Pig and Robbie choose Gilmour as their target. They're signalling for a double team manuever. Robbie is makinf his way to the turnbuckle and Pig is nearby. Maybe we're gonna see the Vicious Motherfucker? Bearded War Pig has Peter Gilmour positioned for an overhead belly-to-belly but.......

"Gilly Cutter! Outta NOWHERE!"

Robbie is surprised and jumps down from the turnbuckle.

"Wrong side of the tracks!" Bourbon walked into that superkick."

The challengers are seeing stars but the champs are struggling to recover. Eventually Chaos and Gilmour are back on their feet. They make their way to eitherside of the cage and begin climbing, slowly.

"Chris Chaos and Peter Gilmour are going to retain their gold!"

Eventually they're at the top. Chaos has a leg over and so does Gilmour. Chaos is over and begins climbing down. However, he looks up....

Holy Shit! Bourbon throws his weight into one side of the cage causing Gimour to plummet down to the canvas.

"He's dead! Oh fuck!"

"Peter Gilmour just fell from the top of that cage!"

Gilmour is left motionless in the ring and Bourbon is back down. The incident caused Chaos to stop in his tracks in disbelief. He was nearly down but his partner had a huge fall. Bourbon leans on the ropes with a grin. Chris shakes his head drastically and begins climbing back up. If he escapes now, his partner will be left in a 2-on-1 situation. But wait.....

Pig charges at the cage knocking Chaos flying and on to the floor.

"Chaos is out..."

"The Motherfuckers are stupid. One half of the tag champs are out! Chris Chaos has escaped meaning only Gilly needs to get out now to retain."

"Or are they? Gilly is now on his own with no where to go."


Chaos isn't moving on the outside, that fall was hard. Gilly is hurt too after that BIG fall and The Motherfuckers are in the drivers seat. Robbie and Pig realise and they both smile at one another. They signal that they can become the NEW tag champions. Peter Gilmour is coming to and the champions immediately rush over to him. Gilly crawls and grabs the legs of the challengers, trying desperately to pull himself up. He looks up, realising he's in no man's land. He tries to throw punches at the challengers but they overpower him with punches off their own.

"I think we're gonna see the Vicious Motherfucker!"

"They tried this earlier but this time Gilmour is all alone!"

"Its not fair to Gilly!"

Bourbon is climbing the cage. This going to be bad. Meanwhile, Bearded War Pig picks Gilmour up and delivers an overhead belly-to-belly to Peter Gilmour. Bourbon looks down and takes off from the top of the cage with a flying split-legged frog splash (Lo Down).


"Gillys insides are gonna be crushed."

Robbie also put his body on the line so he is also feeling the effects. Pig checks on his partner to make sure he's okay. Robbie is hurt badly. Pig looks to the door and looks down at his partner. It's time to escape.

Pig grabs Robbie and yanks at his arm, pulling him slowly towards the door. The official opens the door, holding it ready for someone to exit. Pig falls over as he struggles pulling the weight of Robbie. They finally reach the door and Pig pushes his partner out towards the floor, slowly but surely. Robbie body is hanging over the steps and Pig uses all of his remaining strength to push Robbie out.. Bourbon rolls to the floor as Pig falls back from exhaustion, ending up in the corner of the ring.

"Bourbon is out and now Pig just needs to exit."

"Pig used all his power to get Robbie out. Gilmour still hasn't moved."


Pig takes a deep breath and pulls himself up using the ropes. He goes to climb out of the cage......


"Chaos swung the cage door into Pigs head. Pig is out and bloody!"

Chaos shoves the referee out of the way and climbs into the cage.

"What's he doing? He escaped?"

Pig is holding his head and Chaos looks poised. Chaos grabs Pigs head, picks him up in an F5 pose, spins him like an F5 and then catches him into a DDT for impact on mat.

"The Equalizer!"

Chaos gets back up and drags Gilmour by his arms towards the cage door. Chris slides under the bottom ropes and pulls Gilly helping him to the floor.


"They did it! They kept the GOLD!"

"That was Unbelievable, Luca. What a match!"

Winners and STILL XWF Tag Team Champions - Chris Chaos and Peter Gilmour

Tune in next week when we will see two teams battle it out for the right to face the champs for the titles! Have a great night, fans! What a way to end Warfare!

The champs, Peter and Chris, celebrate outside of the ring with their titles as the show comes to a close.

[Image: ZPrmNMt.png]

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Special thanks to Jenny Myst and Chris Chaos for all their hard work getting this show together.

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OOC - Amazing show! Great work guys. Kudos to everyone that made it happen. Thanks for an awesome match, Jackie. It was fun facing you and you put up some phenomenal material.

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still the champs BITCHES!

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Though I got screwed, gotta give the champ credit I've haven't been knocked out like that in a very very very long time. The champ got lucky this time

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